Pirates of the Everyocean

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  1. I've had this idea a while ago. The setting goes like this:

    Setting (open)

    A large alien spaceship hovers over Earth. The humanity is scared, ready to fire at them at any second. A diplomatic representative gets down from the ship to communicate with the UN. They offer Earth a seat on the Galactic Union, to make humans a part of the most sucessful nations on the galaxy and to let them take and share technology with the other planets that were a part of the Union. The earthling people are suspicious, thinking that it could be a scam to take over their world. After several months deliberating and seeing as the alien still hadn't attacked them, the governments of all the world agreed to join the Galactic Union. Some special islands are given to the variety of aliens as a gift.

    Aliens have started to travel to other places besides the chosen islands, spreading across the planet. Most of the humans don't like them and still think they're up to something. Earth starts to share its technology with the Galactic Union, and also start to have access to the technology shared from other civilization, except weapons, because according to the deal, only a planet with over a hundred years being a part of the Union can have access to galactic level weapons. The governments take a particular interest in a massive machine capable of producing water. They start to make a deal to get all the blueprints and tools to make the machine. At the end of the year, a few interspecies relationships begin to pop around.

    Thirty years after the start of the deal, all the civilizations involved with the making of the "Pure H2O Machine" finally agreed to share every single tool and give all the blueprints to Earth. Scientists from everywhere start to work on the building of the project. Product of the interspecies relationships, several "crossbreeds" spread around. They're targeted by several racial factions. About ten thousand aliens are living on Earth, but the number of "crossbreeds" are reaching the fifty thousand mark.

    The machine has just finished being built. It is ready to produce drinking water enough for everyone on the planet, and will carry it through several "delivery pipes" set in strategic points on Earth. The government covered the machine with an almost indestructible shell, as to hold on against attacks from several extremists factions from Earth. The machine starts. Ten minutes later, it goes out of control, producing an absurd quantity of water. All the possible measures are taken, but due to the strong shell built with alien tech, apparently no earthly weapon is capable of destroying the machine. After a day of activity, the machine has swallowed entire cities by raising the tides. The Earth begs the Union to destroy the machine. They ask for time to deliberate. Impatient, the government launchs a giant missile over the machine, destroying it along with most of its surrounding. But some of the alien material in the machine evaporated, creating a seemingly everlasting rain that just kept the tides going higher and higher. The Union breaks its bonds with Earth, stating that the humans "should have waited for the appropriate measures and shouldn't have rushed in such a serious matter".

    The rain finally stops, but it's no good. Most of the planet has flooded. Only fifty percent of the humans are still alive. People start to build makeshift harbours in the last thousand islands remaining on Earth. Most of the population are living in ships built with alien and human tech. The ones with more money live on the islands, building more houses for those who can afford it. Due to the contact with the organic alien compounds who fell underwater, the plants and animals start to evolve quickly to adapt to the new environment, all of them becoming amphibian or simply underwater species. Although the Union has broken its bonds with Earth, it left a small space station hovering over the planet, saying that the Earth could join the deal once more if it were to become an economic interest again.

    The plot is about a crew of pirates who survive by making scams, heists, doing mercenary work for the rich or searching for alien tech to sell. Everyocean is the name of the massive sea that now goes all over the Earth. The crew can be of aliens, crossbreeds and humans (although aliens are very rare now). So, who's up for it?
  2. Sounds interesting but I'm confused about what the main genre is supposed to be. Is this a science fiction roleplay or is it something else entirely? There's pirates on a huge ass ocean that covers Earth but there's also alien technology and stuff. Which element is expressed more? Science fiction or a high seas/pirate novel-type genre?
  3. It's hard to define, but it would be a mixture of genres and themes. Although the science fiction is present, it acts more like a macguffin through most of the time. It's there, but it's very rare (like magical elements in the first seasons of Game of Thrones). You can call it a high seas/pirate novel with science fiction elements here and there.
  4. Gotcha. That does sound very interesting indeed. I'll keep it on my interest list. (:
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  5. Thanks :bsmile: the RP starts as soon as the crew is assembled
  6. Looks like fun! I'm in!
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