Pirates of the Caribbean

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  1. I've got a bottle of ideas I've got a bottle of ideas.... And guess what's inside it?

    So I've been getting back into a need to watch Johnny depp since my rps have been going dry. If you couldn't tell from the beginning I have an idea for a Pirates of the Caribbean RP. I will allow the first person to say something about it be the character they want. If the character you want is taken you will have to make an OC. I was planning on making it after the fourth movie if that's not ok with someone we can have a vote about where it should take place.
  2. I will post a thread of the RP when we have enough people.
  3. Cool.^^ I'm interested for sure. I love Pirates of the Caribbean. I only have the first one on dvd, but I've seen all 4 the movies, so the RP taking place after the 4th one is fine with me.
    And I'd like to be Elizabeth Swan if I can, But I also thought up an Pirates of the Caribbean OC that I'd like to rp too. Is it okay if I do both of them?
  4. Yeah doubling is fine. All I ask is that people keep track of their characters. You can be Elizabeth
  5. Okay cool^^ Thanks^^