Pirates of Ocean High

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  1. Hey Iwakuvians, Omega here. Here is a CS and a brief explanation of what I want out of this RP. Signups are open but I'm only taking one partner for this plot. Thank you for your consideration.

    In the year 2022, the planet was suddenly flooded completely. Nobody could explain the sudden excess of water, since there wasn't ever that much water on the planet. Reports were released about a bright light shining from somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, bright enough to shine high above the clouds...

    Ocean High, located in the Tokyo area of the Japan Sea, 200 leagues above where the island country of Japan once was. Students enjoy a large curriculum of classes ranging from long-distance swimming, to Captains Education (How to drive a ship). In the flooded world, there are plenty of unsavory activities, including Pirating. Pirating is an illegal sport that involves a captain, his crew, and a ship, which competes against other crews, winner takes the loser's loot.

    Kaizen Masazuka

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    Name: Kaizen Masazuka
    Age: 18
    Eyes: Left eye was cut out, Right eye is blue
    Hair: Bleached Blonde
    Kaizen is a student at Ocean High. The most prestigious school in the region of the Japan Sea located in the Tokyo area. Since he turned 16, Kaizen has been the star of the ‘Pirating’ ring. Pirating is an illegal sport using old fashioned Pirate Ships. Ever since the world was flooded, this illegal activity has become extremely popular. Kaizen lost his left eye is a pirating battle, which goes to show how dangerous the illegal sport is. Kaizen is an ace student, and passes all of his classes with top marks. He has an attitude but he's actually a good guy.

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  2. Desperately want to do this one.
  3. Only thing. She couldn't have grown up before the flood, because that was over 200 years ago.
    And hopefully her manipulation is natural because magic isn't brought in until later.
    Also. Her name. If she grew up around Japan, wouldn't she have an Asian name?
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  4. I changed it. I love the name Raven :) everything is physical, no magic.
  5. I need a new partner for this RP.
  6. Still looking for a partner.
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