Pirates in Space



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2 days ago or something, there was a talk about a pirate roleplay and I've decided to make a pirate adventure in space. If you've seen the movie Treasure Planet, then you've got a good idea of where my ideas will be drawn from.

I'm working on how the story will go. I'll pull out some pieces from the roleplay I did on LQ's forum a long time ago, it just won't be a comical ship of lesbian space pirates. :P

So while I work this out, I guess I'm looking for who all is interested AND PLANS ON JOINING. Gosh, it sucks when a bunch of people say they're interested and then no one joins. e.e; Aside from that, I'm open to ideas for enemy ships and space monsters we can encounter.

This is going to be fun, silly, adventurous and all sorts of other characteristics you find in pirate stories. I don't plan on this being some high tech, military thing that people don't understand. ;) It will be open to many races, also. I'll probably make up a list of acceptable ones to make things easier. :3 That element comes from a pirates RP I did on Iwaku a long time ago; it died twice due to inactivity/me leaving.

That'll be all~ Hoping to have something up this week. :3 GIMMIE IDEAS~ Will probably be rated ARR. 8D
CRAP! I was just considering a pirate character concept for Frosty's "Pantheon - Mortal" game. I can't have TWO pirates...

*ponders conundrum*

Also, comical ship of lesbian space pirates sounds AWESOME.

At any rate, if you ask me nicely, I'll join. <3
I'll join once I have caught up from my illness with my other RP commitments. <3
I'll think of something.
Commitedly in. I was just jonesing for a pirate rp, now I don't have to make it myself!

Idea contribution: what about tracking down a legendary pirate vessel said to have suffered a no survivors mutiny but still floating somewhere... laden down with treasure...

XD You can totally be a cook, AI. <3 Seiji has agreed to be my first mate~

I figured out the plot idea and all that jazz. I do like your idea though, AI. We can have more than one treasure destination. >:3 Or we can come across is along the way but the ship is full of beasts that are all like "NUU DIS IS MINE SHINY STUFF". I dunno. XD Main destination is a golden planet, though. Full of..gold.
Well of course we'll need more than one idea, I just thought i'd throw one out.

Can we have space krackens? Oooooh and energy sirens?
XD Sure, Ocha. That would be amazing.

AI: *Writes down ideas* >:3 Let me know if you wanna introduce any of these beasts in the story! Space Kraken sounds awesome. XD

And here's an update~: I've made some good progress because I've been bored all day, so I might even have an OOC up tomorrow. All depends on how well my homework goes; I'm a good student and finish everything before the due date so I often get lots of time later. :P
Once you get an IC up, I'll improv something.