Pirates in a new place then just the belly of the sea..

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  1. Hey guys...yea I'm back with something new..hmmm anyway
    I was thinking about something for a while now
    Though I'm not sure if anyone else this yet or not oh well

    You like adventures, yes? Of course you do!
    You like Pirates, yes? Of course you do!
    You like the internet, yes? OF COURSE YOU DO!

    So was thinking about something that have to do with Internet pirates and what not maybe a bit different
    Cause I like the Pirate days and would have steam punk kind of thing but who haven't already did that? Sinbad and Treasure Planet and whatnot

    So what do you guys think so far?
    I have more info later but you know.....
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  2. Ohhh my gosh this seems like it would be so much fun! I'd be up for something if there's any more interest!

    Is this going to be actual steam punk? Or more like... future/hover tech and stuff? Kind of like Treasure Planet (like you mentioned)?
  3. @UnsafeSpaces

    More like futuristic cyberpunk type thing
    Yea kind of like Treasure Planet with the jet used ships and stuff
    They most likely not use actual swords, but more like saber like blades and beam like ammo for guns and the such
  4. Ohhhh!! That sounds like such a blast!

    So there'd be plasma guns and cool high tech buildings and stuff! What would be the goals for the pirates?? Like what would they be stealing money or some kind of special ore? Or is there more to it??
  5. I was thinking maybe something almost like piracy vs the law inforcement/peacekeepers type deal
    we can bring up some type of special ore later
    First they steal things and bring recuse like pirates do in hubs and what not
    Then probably they hear about the special ore
    While the peacekeepers does the opposite and try to keep the ore safe....well most of them would that is ouo
    There's more to it, of course, that welcomes other ideas to put in
  6. A lot could be done with this idea. Ancient curse glitches, sea monster bugs, fire wall fortresses, a great freeze, world ending viruses, email trading ships, occult-revered hackers... Sorry got a bit lost there. Anyway I'm in!
  7. No no keep the ideas coming
    I was just thinking about those firewalls and blue screen the other day
  8. Oh man this all sounds really awesome, so count me in. Big fan of all our lovely pirates, so how 'bout the treasure hunting? Coded treasure maps, hacking into info banks, modified compasses, lighthouses that serves as server beacons, losing the keys to the ship... Or maybe some slang? Sirens could be like a term for ways the peacekeepers lure pirates. And not to mention gear like fancy feather hats, sight giving eyepatches, a stump with a gun, and snappy boots ovo
    The possibilities really are endless
  9. Hmmm, interesting. Vague idea that just came to mind:

    What if, on this world, "the internet" was more like Tron or The Matrix; people have cybernetic implants that allow them to access a stylized virtual/augmented reality, and that transfer of information is done by acting things out in that world, rather than typing on keyboards (i.e., much higher bandwidth). On the "outside," people have ordinary jobs to get by, etc., but if you want to send encrypted data to someone, you've got to switch to cyberspace, get into your Blockade Runner with translucent microchip-circuit-veined butterfly wing sails and try to slip past the Enforcers. So, the server at your local restaurant could be a feared and renowned pirate captain, and you'd never know...
  10. All of these ideas sound awesome
    Glad your interested as well
    For some reason I laughed about the fancy feather hats lol
    Too late at night for this
    Everyone's ideas are wonderful and bring more to the rp
    There's going to be a lot of interesting things going on in this roleplay
  11. IM IN!

  12. asdfghjkl
    Yes, I am up for this.
  13. So down
  14. Certainly an interesting idea...I'll have to see if I can fit this RP into my schedule
  15. So @Muno ?
    You have quite a bit of people interested in this.
  16. @Crono

    I know I've seen and excited to start
    I've been working on the plot and stuffs
    Gotta make it good
    hopefully I have it done soon
    don't have to wait anymore
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