Pirates and Fairytales Retellings (With Bonus Japanese Mythological Pairing)

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  1. I'm sorry, I suck at titles...​

    Hello again, my fellow writing addicts. Tinder is back with more ideas that have been haunting my brain.

    A short introductory note about me. I’m a night owl and recent college graduate who’s been roleplaying since middle school. I have a tendency to play around with new plot ideas whenever I come across an interesting song or story, which causes them to pile up quite often.

    I've returned with some plots and a few unformed ideas that I'd just love to try out if anyone is willing.

    First things first, the partner matching information! Here we go.

    Friendly Guidelines:
    • Length - I would like you be able to post 2 paragraphs at minimum. As a rule, I prefer quality over quantity, but with that said I like a decent amount of detail in posts such as what’s going on around our characters, what your character is thinking or feeling, etc. It makes reading and responding more fun. I can post anything from two paragraphs to a small book depending on the point in roleplay because I’m longwinded I mean I like writing detailed posts as much as I like reading them...yeah that's it.
    • Grammar - I would like you to have a good understanding of grammar. Mistakes will happen, I’m not looking for perfection, but I would like to see some effort here. Please be able to write in the third person as well and stay in the correct tense.
    • Activity – I’m a slow writer, I admit it. My personal speed is a post a week or every other week, sometimes longer than that for the bigger posts. I can work with all kinds of posting speeds, but just know going in I'll need to take my time. You’re always free to send me a reminder if it’s been awhile, just don’t make it every day.
    • Dropping – Yep, we’re going there. It is perfectly okay to drop a roleplay with me whether it be because life got in the way, your dog ate your post, or you just lost interest in the roleplay. I only ask that you be willing to tell me you’re dropping out. You don’t need to tell me why if that makes you uncomfortable, just don’t leave me hanging. I won’t be angry or bitter. Maybe a little sad depending on my investment in the plot, but that’s okay. I promise to do the same for you.
    • Plotting – I have an addiction to plotting. Why else would I appear here so often? I love to world build and brainstorm scenes in advanced. I’ll also comment on my characters, your characters, the npcs, and their dogs because that’s how I get myself invested in a plot. I know that some people prefer to just start the roleplay and go (it’s not impossible for me to do so), but it’s just in my nature to try and plan out the next step and keep building the background material as we go. So I would love it if you would be willing to chat about our ideas ahead of time. We wouldn’t be making a comprehensive outline or anything, just bouncing ideas back and forth while we go.
    On to me, because you ought to know some more about my insanity before agreeing to engage in conversation with me.

    Warning Label:
    • Chatting – Getting to know my partners is half the fun of starting a new roleplay, so feel free to chat about anything with me. Got a new obsession, a ridiculous story or two, dreams, plots to dominate the world? Go ahead and share away. I’d be glad to listen and share some of my own.
    • Characters – I enjoy playing both men and women equally, though which one I play usually depends on the plot and my mood. Recently male characters have been my focus so probably more of those for now. Regardless, I will always add in a colorful cast of side characters to flesh out the story and would ask that you be able to do to the same.
    • Romance – I don’t do smut. Kissing and actions with clothing still on (more or less) are fine, but nothing explicit. I'm willing to do fade-to-black if you're a red star and the plot calls for it. What would make me especially happy is someone who is willing to get the romance going a little faster. This isn't to say I want our characters proclaiming their undying love for each other after a day, but I'd rather not have to wait for several weeks’ worth of conflict to pass before there's even a hint of a relationship. I have nothing against slow burns, I've just been doing a lot of them. If we could meet somewhere in the middle, that would make me very happy.
    • Violence - I'm not bothered by violence or gore, so bring on the bloody stumps and what not. If you've got any issues with it, please let me know. I can get a little carried away at times…
    • Language – Swearing is totally fine, so long as it’s not every other word out of your character’s mouth. There is a difference between punctuation and cursing.
    Any additional questions you have are probably answered on my profile or you can just ask me! Anyway you survived the boring stuff so we can move on to the fun bits.

    Note: My preferred role in bold. Struck-through ideas are claimed.

    Unfortunate Entanglements in the Name of Research


    • Merman x Wizard (Male or Female)
    In another world filled with magic there is an ancient race of merpeople that have lived in the ocean for centuries. No one has seen one in years however, and thus they are commonly thought to be extinct. That is until a fisherman comes across one tangled in his net. News spreads of the amazing find to a wizard who rushes down to the humble village to buy the specimen for study. The research begins and the pair slowly bridge the gap between them until their relationship begins to turn into something more than a quest for knowledge. That’s when things begin to get complicated.
    Because why it sounds like a fun idea and I still have a merman character I’d like to play around with. I’m looking for someone to play the wizard (your choice of gender). Other species outside of merpeople may be discussed so long as we don’t go overboard with them. This prompt could serve as the whole plot or just the beginning but it will probably be a little slower going with lots of character interaction as opposed to action. As per usual, I’d be glad to hear any and all ideas you have to add in and I’m very flexible with my plot.

    A few notes on what I have planned already. I’m basing the culture/behavior of my merpeople more of the behavior of sharks (which is fascinating if you’ve never looked into it). Basically they’re more or less solitary creatures who may form groups to tackle bigger problems or threats, though some of their behavior differs due to their higher intellect. Also toying around with the idea that they either communicate telepathically (because talking underwater is impossible) or through a physical language similar to sign language which would open up an initial commination barrier between our characters. If you're interested, we can discuss that further.

    To Break a Curse

    Pairings: Doubling Optional
    • Witch Doctor’s Daughter x Pirate Captain (Male)
    • Pirate First Mate x Captured Nobility (Male or Female)
    It’s a world of pirates with a touch of magic. Many years ago, a pirate crew stumbled across a legendary treasure rumored to grant the masters of it incredible fortune at great costs. The crew, not being one to pass up an opportunity to gain wealth, took the treasure and ended up cursed. Each was given one supernatural ability at the cost of one horrible consequence. They continue to roam the seas in search of an escape.

    Character A is the captain of this sorry crew. He continues to lead his men on raids, always hoping their next path will lead them closer to freedom. That is until the day they captured a passing ship and come across Character B (and potentially Character C). Character B is the daughter of a witch doctor who claims she can help them break their curse and is willing to do so in exchange for her life. The crew strikes a deal and sets off to free themselves. Along the way, sparks begin to fly between Character A and B, resulting in an increasingly complicated relationship as the adventure goes on.

    …Not the most original plot, but it sounded like fun anyway!

    I’m looking for someone to take Character A for me and, as I said, I’m willing to double. I have a first mate character planned who could easily act as a love interest for another captive alongside Character B. The curse should give your character one heightened ability along with a crippling side effect. For example said first mate has incredible physical control over his body, but little to no control over his temperament.

    Live Like You Know the Day You're Dying


    • Cursed Prince x Monster Hunter (Male or Female)
    The land of Ireatall is a land full of magic and monsters ruled by a plethora of royal monarchs. The people exist in walled settlements locked in a constant struggled against the many beasts that plague their world. Monster hunting is a dangerous but lucrative profession that many take up in their youth to make their fortunes.

    Character A is one such adventurer, starting out or already having made their name in the business. In their travels they come across Character B, a prince from the settlement of Hwen in the west. A curse was placed on him as a child that proclaimed he would die on the night of his twenty-sixth birthday, the day he would become eligible for his crown. The king and queen mourned and offered up a huge reward Icreatall for any who could break the curse, but after several years Character B decided to head out and enjoy life while he could. That was when he discovered a peculiar side effect of the curse. It had made him effectively immortal until the appointed day. With little to fear and a desperate need to cram a lifetime of living into the little time has left, Character B asks to join Character A on their adventures. Could a cure still be found? And what are these feelings the two begin to feel for one another?

    Because why wallow in self-pity when you could be living the high life? I’m looking for someone to play the monster hunter for this one (gender of your choice). Outside of their profession, everything else about the character is up to you. I’d love to throw some romance in, but we could also stick to a good deep friendship with this one if you’re really not feeling the romance angle. The plot will probably be a little episodic based around the life of hunting monsters with the overarching plot of our characters potentially find a way to break the curse on my character. Just a note on my character, immortal does not mean all-powerful. He is going to struggle just like any other character. He just can’t die when he screws up badly enough, a fate potentially worse than death depending on what happens. I’m open to ideas though if you’ve got some others to bring to the table.

    The world for this is one I’ve semi-developed from a short story I’m still working on. Basically a world fully of dangerous mythological creatures, none of which have intelligence beyond an animal. So werewolves here would act like an actual pack of wolves rather than a piece of beefcake with an allergy to shirts. The human magic I haven’t developed yet so that’s still up in the air for debate. Again I love to hear ideas from my partners and I’m very flexible in terms of setting and plot so don’t hesitate to lay your ideas on me.

    Fairytale Retellings
    • The Swan Princess
      • Pairing:
        • Cursed Princess x Childhood Friend (Male; Royal or Other)
    • Thumbelina
      • Pairing:
        • Woman x Fairy (Male)
    Mythological Pairing
    • Japanese Mythology
      • Pairing:
        • Human Woman x Tengu (Male) - Possible Plot-ish Thing
    PM me if you're interested!
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  2. Updated and back on the prowl in a new fandom.
  3. Updated my plots with some extra story tidbits (aka I put more effort into creating an actual idea to build off of) and also put some more information into the guidelines and warning label. Come on, lovies, let's have some fun.
  4. I like your Cinderfella idea. Wondering what the political intrigue surround the royal might entail...
  5. Updated with a new plot. Still looking if anyone likes either of these ideas. The amnesiac one in particular would be a lot of fun.
  6. I am very interested in your ideas for Once Upon a Time; Neal was one of my favourite characters too. If those ideas are something you would still like to pursue please let me know, thank you.
  7. A day may come when I stop coming up with new plots and focus on the hundred and one other projects I have to work on...
    Yeah really old (by internet time) reference! I'm so clever...

    Seriously though, back with some new ideas. PM if they catch your eye. Now that those are written down, I'll go back to catching myself up on replies.
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