Pirates! - A Tale of Danger & Adventure On The High Seas

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a. One who robs at sea or plunders the land from the sea without commission from a sovereign nation.
b. A ship used for this purpose.

[size=+1]Welcome to the the Caribbean at the height of the 17th Century.

The ocean is literally awash with the opportunity for riches and the spoils of war; hidden treasures, buccaneer crews and undiscovered islands. You are one such individual who has answered the call of this opportunity, pledging yourself to a pirate flag as you sail the waters of the New World.

This lifestyle has, regrettably, just got you in a spot of bother.

Currently you languish in a prison cell in the bustling Port Elizabeth, the centre of British activity in the Carribean. Maybe you got clumsy and made a mistake that got you caught. Maybe Lady Luck simply turned the tables on you, or you angered the Gods of the Sea. Seems fairly irrelevant now; you and your fellow prisoners are due to be executed for the crime of piracy soon enough.

Though fate, it seems, has bigger plans for you all.

A terrifying and deadly evil approaches the Port, and soon you will find yourselves caught up in an ancient race for the ultimate treasure; do you have the daring and skill to survive it all?

* * *

'Pirates!' is a Chat RP set in a fantastical version of the Caribbean in the 17th Century, influenced heavily by the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' series. In it you take the role of a pirate recently captured by the British Navy and held in the fictional Port Elizabeth, where you are due to soon be hanged for serving in a buccaneer crew. Events of the game will lead the characters across the ocean, into the dark unknown of the undiscovered parts of the New World in search of treasure and glory.

* * *​

[b]My Name is...[/b] (What is your character called?)
[b]And I am...[/b] (What do you do/how do you define yourself? This can be as straightforward as your occupation ((ie. "And I am a Pirate")) to something a little broader and explanatory ((ie. "And I am a former slave who managed to escape my captors and have been serving in buccaneer crews since")). Be as descriptive as you feel the need to be.)
[b]My skills are...[/b] (What is your character good at? Shooting, knife-fighting, making insane leaps of faith. These can be as strange and out-there as you like; just try and keep it balanced and don't go overboard with it)
[b]I am carrying...[/b] (What do you have on you? Weapons, armour, supplies? Please list everything you're carrying, even if it's hidden; it helps prevent meta-gaming. If you have a hidden item upon you, simply have 'HIDDEN' in brackets next to it so the other players know that their characters won't be aware of it, at least initially.)


A Chat RP is in many ways very similar to the regular roleplays that occur on this forum; people play the roles of characters in various situations described by a Game Master, and so on.

The difference between a Forum RP and a Chat RP is that the latter takes place in the Roleplay Chat-Box; players post the actions of their characters and how they react to the unfolding situation as the GM guides the world they all inhabit.

As such, a Chat RP is a faster-paced form of roleplaying; games and stories can be played out in a single night. Character interaction is greatly increased, as is player involvement in the plot. All in all, it's a unique experience in terms of forum roleplaying; you should really give it a try.

Yes, you.

  • Follow the rules of Iwaku
  • One character only
  • Don't act like a prick to fellow players
  • Don't meta-game; nothing kills a Chat RP faster
  • Be prepared to run with what's thrown at you

The game will take place on WEDNESDAY 28TH SEPTEMBER, at around 21:30UTC. Here is a time converter that you can use to figure out what time the game is at where you are, so you know if you can play.