Pirate Treasure Hunt

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    Arr, me mateys! Listen well. For here ye find a list of ages. Treasure known through heaven and hell, a reward of painted pages. To find the treasure that you seek, twenty-four hours ye shall have. The fasted one to find their way--and yes, just one, ye shall not halve the work or booty ye shall seek-- the clues given aren’t for the meek. Fifteen clues, each in succession will lead ye through twisting progression. Each clue matched within a post, a blog, a challenge, or a boast. Without each clue and post ye need, be guaranteed, ye won’t succeed. So should ye be of honorable greed, get started now. Proceed with speed.

    The Rules and Guidelines:

    1) You will be given a list of clues. Each clue will direct you to a part of a page. Pages in this case can mean RP post, other post, blog, wiki, challenge, section of the forum, post ON that page you found the last turn, etc. You aren’t limited to just posts. Nothing will be in a mature section or Insanity.

    2) The section of the page will give you a hint to find the next page. The next clue on the list will tell you the part of this new post to pay attention to in order to find the next page.

    3) You must work alone. No teams, no posting of tips, no partners.

    4) The first person to find the final page must copy and paste the link of the page into this thread. They will be declared the winner and receive a digital art prize.

    5) The first page link is a freebie. The first clue will be to find the part of the first page that will lead to the second page.

    6) NO CHEATING! Do each clue in order.

    7) You have 24 hours. That is to exactly 11:13 AM on the 19th. This starts now!

    Special hint: Sometimes, you will not find a link to the next place and instead will just be told where to go in a riddle. Pay attention. This can happen.

    Here is the first link:


    The clues!

    1) To locate the area you must find, you have to read between the lines. Between line seven and line eight, find the next step of your fate. You’ll see the pathway that will show, and this show is where you shall go.

    2) Within the page you now are seeing, names and numbers you’ll be reading. Find the angel’s interview but disregard where it leads you. To find the next place you are going, hunt for display of tell and showing. And though their author might seem jaded, look to where he’s clearly shaded. Further back you might now seek, to find these words of treasure deep.

    3) Now that you’ve found the knowledge here, seek the path that the moon finds dear.

    4) Once you’ve found the chosen gender, seek words of Deific splendour. Find the one whose title’s shared and look to find this person’s lair. If further hints are still required, remember just to think of fire.

    5) Now that you have arrived in style, you might just linger for a while. For here the clues will get much tougher and now the path, it gets much rougher. When you realize you see a lady of society, look to where she journeys often in a list best not forgotten. Now you’ve noticed all the ways that you can go on this fair day. Concentrate upon the one that involves helping just for fun.

    6) Now that you’re not suffering shame, remember, pirates love their games. Venturing to this discussion may have amusing repercussions.

    7) I simply remind you all the same how much most pirates love their games. A further clue you are denied for here it should be simplified.

    8) Now the clues are getting tricky, again you might find them sticky, but a momentary note will help to keep this hunt afloat.

    9) Here upon this page you’ll find the bearer of a purple line. A special girl of royalty who makes her place upon the sea. Hidden above her contribution is a word of rhythmic motion. This word is similar to a group that gathers those solo or troupe who move the same way as the word to things that you maybe have heard. Find this gathering of motion if you are to find your next notion.

    10) Here among the movers, shakers, twisters, shouters, and heart breakers, find the talk that speaks of tech and shows us all how to kinect.

    11) Within these talkers, one was daring. Seek out now her place of sharing. Tis hidden amongst the clever, those who make artsy endeavors. You have sought similar before, come on now, just a few clues more.

    12) On this page among the kind, one will find a brilliant mind. But royalty can lose its mind, and it is he whom you must find.

    13) What he once was is shown so clearly, and it is what some seek so dearly. Find the place those who remain what he once was are clearly named. This is the place where we will see pictures of the seventeen below the three.

    14) So you’ve come a long long way, but here we have to pause and say that you might be far off, it’s true. But if you see a shade of blue, components of some previous clues, descriptions that educate you, and first, a Notacat, too, you might be in the right place, now. But, before you stop to bow, you must continue on your quest. We’re nearing now the final test. Look to the first below the three. Follow the link you surely see.

    15) A final clue will lead you there, and reward you for all your care. For you see now on the screen the subject of her mastery. If you can find this final place, with stories shared in cyberspace, you’ll know the link you must declare to find the treasure hiding there. Be sure it’s one that all can see. This final clue’s your final key.

  2. Nope! Keep trying!
  3. We have a winner! Congratulations, Ozzie!
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  5. I tried to do this yesterday but I couldn't even get past the first clue xD I shamefully gave up T-T

    Congratulations Ozzie x3