Pirate RP for anyone interested?

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  1. I'm looking for someone to play a male character to go along with the following plot:

    Hester Tate's story was like that of a fairy tale. At least at first. She was the daughter of blacksmith, the eldest of five and but a mere sixteen years old when she met the noble/lord/duke/etc ______ (your character) in a marketplace by chance. As if fate had brought them together, the two had fallen in love. She of humble background was to be married to someone she would never have dreamed of meeting. They were perfect for each other, they got along great and when they talked it felt as if they had known each other their whole lives instead of just a few years. She was eighteen on the day of their wedding. The ceremony was small, taking place in the garden of ________ 's grand home.

    Just as they were about to say "I do", the canon's could be heard in the distance and shots rang out in the courtyard. Fate had other plans for the couple that day for the infamous ship, The Maiden's Shadow, could be seen on the horizon. Pirates pillaged the coastal Caribbean town that Hester had called home her whole life. The port city was on fire, being destroyed by invading pirates. It didn't take them long to reach the place of the wedding, and despite the soldiers and militia, no one could hold the pirates off. Hester tried to reach for her husband-to-be but before she could, she was yanked away. Her dress ripped as she tried to fight back and one of her shoes fell off. She managed to knock down one man with a well-placed punch but another man charged her with a knife. She tried to dodge, but not before the knife got her in the eye. Howling in pain as blood welled up in her right eye, she fell to the ground and with her one good eye, could see the horrified face of _________ as she was carried off, bloody and beaten. ________ swore on that day that he would go after the Maiden's Shadow and find his fiance. But alas, the Maiden's Shadow is one of the fastest ships on the sea and not all is what it seems. Before long, five years had passed before _______ spotted the legendary ship once more. He didn't know where his bride-to-be was. Maybe she was still on the ship as a hostage, prisoner, or slave. Or perhaps they had sold her to a whore house by now. Maybe... Maybe she was already dead. Either way, _______ would find out. But wait, who's this young captain? And why does she seem so familiar?

    My character:
    Name: Hester Tate
    Age: 23
    Biography: A blacksmith's daughter who fell in love with a noble/duke/lord/whatever, her life was what one can only determine as perfect. At least until she was taken away. The pirates on the Maiden's Shadow was well-known for kidnapping villagers of the town's the pillaged, though no one knows what happens to them. She lost her right eye during the invasion on her home and was taken from the man she had come to love and held as a prisoner on the ship. At first, the captain was going to hold her for ransom and return her when their needs were met and kill her if they weren't met, but upon finding out that she was a blacksmith's daughter, Hester became more valuable to the crew than any amount of money. A woman who could forge weapons and repair guns and canons and refine knives and swords was incredibly valuable on the ship, so against her will, she was kept alive in exchange for her services. As time passed, she came to consider her fellow crew like a family to her. They drank together, fought together, and sailed the seas together, how could they not become like a second family? On the Maiden's Shadow, she was seen as an equal, treated with respect. The day came, four years later, when the captain decided it was time for him to step down from his position and retire. His choice as to who should take over was clear, and the crew celebrated their new captain, Hester Tate. Captain Tate has been living up to the pirate traditions since, her old life far behind her. Or so she thought.

    Personality: Hester didn't gain respect on the ship for being gentle. As she came to fear the people around her less, she also became less afraid to tell them off, yell at them for messing up, or ordering them around. She always had a bit of a bossy personality, even before she was taken from her home. And with no social pretenses to keep up, Hester showed her rude and crude side. She could take any man or woman in a drinking contest, and became a bit frivolous when it came to who lied in her bed when they docked into port. She almost always wears pants and never goes anywhere without a flintlock pistol and a sword. Her skill with a sword grew and her fingers calloused as she made and repaired weapons. She's elusive when it comes to getting away from bounty hunters and naval fleets, as well as evasive when it comes about talking about her personal life. She's be lying if she said she didn't miss her family or didn't think about where she'd be now if this all hadn't happened. But one look in the mirror and the black patch that covers her right eye and the scar peeking out from under it, and she's reminded as to why she is where she is now and the fact that that life is behind her. Hester can seem merciless when it comes to fighting and killing, but oddly compassionate at surprising times, sometimes unexpectedly taking mercy on people. She has a short fuse and explosive temper, and when put on the spot, she knows exactly what to say to make someone snap. Danger thrills her, and she can often get in over her head when she wants something, but she loves a challenge.

    Sooo yeah! That's the story I've come up with so far and there's my character. The story is up for change and adjustments if there's anything you want to elaborate on, change, or fix. I have no qualms with changing my story around a little to make the roleplay more enjoyable. There are a few things I've been undecided about as of yet, such as whether or not we would add a supernatural element to the roleplay (like how Pirates of the Caribbean has mermaids, Davy Jones, skeleton people, and curses) and that we would need to discuss, and whether we want for one of the arcs to be treasure hunting or not.

    If you want to know more about me, then you can access my RP Resume on my profile. Just know, that this is one of the more elaborate stories I've created. I'd like for it to be long-term because I have a lot of ideas in mind as to how it could go and I'd like for whoever is interested to write at least a paragraph per post.
  2. I'd like to see where the RP is going. Is it going to be a sort of "OH HEY YOU. LET'S BE IN LOVE AGAIN." "OH OKAY, SOUNDS GOOD TO ME."?

    I think the trauma of being taken from your family and lover on such a momentous day should give you amnesia, and you conveniently think you've been a pirate's blacksmith the whole time. Otherwise I don't see how in any reality someone would be so adapted to a life like this in 5 years, and I think it would make the RP a lot more long-term in terms of story. Whether he recognizes her or what I dunno. It's completely up to you though, because I have no clue what your future plans are. In any case, I always wanted to do a pirate RP, and being someone of high social stature is a great idea for my character I had in mind.

    Essentially, a sea sick pirate. I become a "pirate" of sorts, determined to find you and rescue you like you said. However, I'm kind of a wimpy guy who's never had a thing for adventure. I have a much harder time adapting and rely more on my crew than personal skill. However, with my funds as a noble, I'm able to hire excellent teachers. Obviously his skills he obtains in the 5 years aren't comparable to natural talent, so he still wouldn't be able to hold a sword to Hester. He's a man that frequents the bounty boards in port towns, the horrifying image of the pirates stabbing his soon-to-be wife in the eye and kidnapping her on their wedding day fueling his righteousness and his search for his love. His crew has amassed quite a bit of money off of bounties.

    Hope my character is acceptable.
  3. I absolutely adore the character you came up with. He's so well done and the thought you put into him is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing! Whether or not you want him to remember her is completely up to you! What I can say though is that it definitely won't be a "Let's fall in love again!" "OKAY!" type of thing. I can see the characters having been truly in love at one point, but not necessarily perfect for each other which is an idea that would be reinforced by the fact that he doesn't remember her. I can see their relationship being like a cat and mouse type of thing. It's almost like a game they like to play before Hester slips through his fingers and gets away. Perhaps at one point they grudgingly ally with each other under an extreme circumstance.

    I think you're right about her having had more trauma though I don't think I'd like for her to completely forget where she came from because it has a huge influence into how her character was developed. I think part of it might have to do with a stockholm syndrome type thing where because they have been treating her kindly for the most part, and hadn't killed her, she became almost grateful. Though I think she's still in her right mind and at first she starts off with an ambitious determination to get home, playing nice and befriending those on the ship she can rise in the ranks but as time goes on she begins to feel more and more that she can't return home the way she is now and figures it's better for her family and fiance to think she is dead. She finds that several others on the ship were also taken from their homes both willingly and unwillingly and she finds she can relate to these people who have gone through the same trauma as her. Though I can still see her holding a grudge and one of the first things she did as captain was execute those that decided to kidnap her years back. It garnered both fear and respect for her. Though I think her bitterness didn't remain only to those on the ship. Though she never really admits it aloud, she's also bitter at her family and fiance for not doing more to try and get her back, a part of her blames them for letting her be taken away.

    As far as her skills with a sword, I had imagined that she comes from a family of five girls and as her father and mother get older and Hester's suitors are unable to take over the family business (after all, they're supposed to learn their own fathers' trade not the trade of their potential wife's father), and with no apparent male heir in the near future, her father begins to teach her how to smith. As a result, before the kidnapping, she already had a rough but decent amount of knowledge on how to use a sword which only grew once she was actually on the ship with the help of some of her mates and her own experience.
  4. So I thought I sent a reply hours ago when I was at work, but I fuckin' guess not. Ugh. Here's pretty much what I said, except more clunky and awkward to read.

    Hahaha, I love it. I like the changes you made in regards to her adapting to pirate life. It's more realistic and in my opinion, makes for a better finished product. Also, I decided that my character wont be a total pushover. Due to his almost insane drive to save his fiance, he takes a level in badass against huge odds and has a crazy pain tolerance. "THIS PAIN IS NOTHING COMPARED TO THE PAIN HESTER IS GOING THROUGH!"

    He fails to recognize her when he sees her because his view on the way she used to be has been brewing nicely inside his mind for the past 5 years. Every hardship and tough time he goes through makes him think about how much he misses her. Eventually his version of her is a flanderized her, meaning that the way she grew and the way she grew in his mind go opposite directions. I dunno if it makes sense the way I'm saying it, but oh well.

    I also like the part about her growing to hate him. He'll be convinced that she's being "brainwashed" by her crew, and that she needs rescuing. Basically my character is a naive romantic whose adventures are taking a toll on his sanity, lol.

    Well, I'm ready to start when you are. I'll even start it if you want.
  5. Sounds good!
    Also I wanted to mention this before but I thought that Hester would get a lot of migraines as a result of the damage done to her eye when she was taken and because she's got quite a drinking problem too due to her past and how easy it is to get ahold of booze with her lifestyle

    and I adore your character! Kind of liking that naive trait he has
    I'm excited to do this role play!
  6. So that was a yes to me starting or what? xD
  7. Hahaha I guess a yes to you starting xD