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  1. Hi everyone! I'm checking to see if anyone would be interested in doing a pirate roleplay. I would be fine with this being either a group or single partner roleplay. This could have more of a fantasy element or be more historical. Anything is fine with me. I have a few plot ideas that could be used if I get enough interest, but I'd also like to hear the ideas of anyone that this sounds appealing to.

    One is a where the crew is running low on funds, so they kidnap an upper-class girl for ransom. The story revolves around the attempts to get the ransom from the girl's parents without getting caught by the navy and the girl's learning that just because they're criminals doesn't mean that their motivations are all bad.

    Another idea is about some guys who, due to being chased, accidentally sneak onto what turns out to be an all-women pirate ship. All the women have a reason to have wanted to get away from the men in their lives and don't particularly like men in general because of it. When one of these men saves the captain's life, the crew begrudgingly allows the men to join. Meanwhile, they look to take revenge on the enemy who dared attack them first.

    Last idea is one about some pirates who are searching for a legendary treasure, but the only person (read enchantress) who knows the details isn't exactly cooperative. They'll have to imprison her aboard the ship, in shackles specifically designed to drain her powers, in hopes of getting the information out of her and finding what they seek.

    If you're interested, please let me know.
  2. I TOTALLY AAAAMMMMM!!!! I was actually creating a small group for roleplaying pirates!! You can feel free to join, if you'd like, and if you feel comfortable, be a Co-GM~ :3
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  3. Ooh! Sounds like fun! I'd love to!
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