Pirate Month!

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  1. Ahoy me hearties!

    As many of you know, August's theme month is Pirates and I have offered to be the head of the festival of the month,
    and helping me this month will be my staff sponsor, Celestialis.
    Together we plan to make pirate month awesome for not only us, but for everyone on Iwaku!

    Though we have some good ideas already such as the pirate lore and different ways to bend the pirate genre.. but we're always open to having more!
    We know you guys surely have some good ideas or RPS you'd like to get out there for the month of August.
    SO! We are looking for volunteers and secretaries who are willing to devote time and want to work on this with us.

    If you're interested please stop by or join the
    Iwaku Theme Festivals group and post in the Pirate Month thread.
    And if all else, just send me private message.

    Get ready to set sail!

  2. Just putting out that we're still looking for people with RPS and suggestions and volunteers!

    Contribute! Share your ideas!
  3. Pirate Month is just around the corner!

    Many people have been contributing and it's looking to be a great month.
    If you want to add your own slice to August, stop by the
    Festival Group and post in the Pirate thread.

    And if you're looking forward to our events..Don't worry! Celest is working getting the calendar up.
  4. So last minute announcement! There shall be a meeting in the conference box tomorrow at 5 pm Iwaku time. For anyone who can't make it Juku or I shall post a recap in the group of what we went over ^.^
  5. SO Fantasy month is around the corner! I have signature that is lame! I'll post a couple more. Come on guys! Make signatures with me ^.^



    OH! And also....

    calendar (open)

    This calendar is subject to change before the start of the month!
  6. Tossed a couple together ^^;
  7. [​IMG]

    Something for all the space pirates.
    And something a bit simple

  8. I made two sigs, but they need to show up first. Stupid Photobucket editing. ._.
  9. Is anyone making avatars? I humbly request someone make me a pirate avatar!
  10. Yar, I already be in the piratin' mood, and I already pirated my TF2 profile, yar.
  11. ELY. I CAN MAKE YOU ONE. :D Just give me a picture you like and I shall make it. <3<3


  12. I actually kind of suck at finding pictures is my biggest problem, but thank you! I'll do some searching tomorrow and get in touch. <3
  13. ...I love all these <3