Pirate Chat RP?

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  1. Just looking for a few people who would like to do a chat RP for pirates in Cove today.

    Captain Kanata Reffeld is looking for a new crew after his previous one had mutinied on him.
    Needless to say they be sleeping with the fishes.
    He himself had ended the life of sixteen navy captains and held their medals as a badge of honor on his own coat. The colorful items pinned up and down the left side, some even running out of room and roaming over onto the right.
    Now he was at port and requesting new members to seek him out at the local tavern and prove their skills with both sword and tongue.
    Those who wish to sail with the infamous Navy hunter best bring their strongest weapons and whits.

    No character sheet needed.

    Any ideas welcome, any type of pirate and or character related to such is fine just no god modding~
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.