Pirate Brothel in St. Kitts! (Need male pirate)

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  1. I've been watching way too much Black Sails. This will probably be the smuttiest rp I'll tolerate, but I'm really craving some pirate action. I only want one thread of this, so I am going to be really picky on who I take to write this with! I want someone who will mesh well with me so we can write something we will both enjoy.

    What I am Looking For (open)

    -Minimum of three paragraph posts. Everyone on here loves the mantra "quality over quantity" and I agree. Doesn't need to be giant but I do love reading if you can manage a little extra length. ;)
    -Posts minimum of once a week. Please understand I am in the end of a master's of science program and applying to PhD programs. My posting schedule is erratic, so be able to handle that. I can usually managed once a day but sometimes it's once a week. I expect you to manage at least once a week.
    -This plot will require us to double up on characters. In my experience, it makes forum posting much easier and more entertaining if we have more characters to play. You will need to play a few brothel girls/pirates and I'll play some pirates/brothel girls. That way, when the characters aren't in direct contact with one another, they can still be developing with our secondary characters.
    -Yes, it involves a brothel but let's try and make it a bit more plot oriented, okay? A couple more fade-to-black and summaries, sprinkled between the more detailed stuff.

    About Me (open)

    -My post lengths vary from ginormous to three paragraphs depending on what is going on. I love reading and writing, but I know that long posts don't always do the job.
    -I like to think I'm aggressive when it comes to plotting but half my partners end up blowing me out of the water! I want to write this with you, so you need to be fairly aggressive and contribute. I'll add where I can.

    Here is an example of my finer work. You'll notice my starter is gigantic but later on my posts vary from long to short. Again, depends on what is going on.

    And now, if you're still interested in pirates and whores (who isn't?) here is the plot!!

    Arrr! The Plot! (open)

    The island is Saint Kitts in the West Indies. It's been settled by the Spanish, the English, and the French at different times but right now, it's currently under the dominion of England, though England doesn't play a huge role in the ongoings of the island. The year is 1718, in the middle of the Golden Age of Piracy. That, folks, is about as historically accurate as this might get!

    There are several brothels, inns, and taverns on the islands. Pirates and privateers visit the island to sell and trade cargo to seedy merchants who will accept their goods. One of the seedier brothels is the "Golden Hind." Hind, behind, it's often called the Golden Arse. Arrrse. Get it? I'm so witty. :P The brothel is owned by Mr. Norrel, who I will play. His madam who works with all the girls is a younger woman, my main character Ms. Jessica Smith. She was one of the girls in the brothel but she uncovered one of the whores cheating out Mr. Norrel's profits and he realized she was a bit smarter and more useful running things than just being run through by things.

    So here's the gist of the story. Your character is a pirate - be he captain, quartermaster, etc - and while he visits this brothel he is more interested in someone who isn't for sale. Ms. Jessica. Now, he might sit Mr. Norrel aside and offer him something he can't refuse to have a special arrangement with the Madam, he might just torment and tease her, we can figure that out as we go. But that's the main bit. I'll play one or two girls as needed, plus Jessica and Mr. Norrel. I'll also play some of your crew as needed, and I expect you to do the same. It'll help develop our characters more and give us more to work with.

    Once things get rolling and the Madam and Pirate are hashing things out, we can add drama as we see fit. Quarrels with other crews and captains, quarrels with the government, jealousy with other whores, bloodshed, war, etc. It's a bloody pirate island! We can do whatever we want.

    If you're interested but not thrilled about some aspect, let me know. This plot isn't set in stone and we can make something we both want.

    Now, please PRIVATE MESSAGE me if you're interested. I would like to see examples of your writing. I don't have a lot of time in the week so I really want whomever I choose for this roleplay to mesh well so we can both really enjoy it. The plot's got a ton to work with. And it's got pirates! What more could you want?

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