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    [BCOLOR=transparent]The captain heard the yells of her crewmates, but she could only stare at the creature that emerged before them. She heard Nolan's questions, but even she had no answer to it. Runali had no clue what that was and no clue how to stop it. There was nothing she could think to do. But she was the captain, she couldn't just stand there in fear. Something had to be done. And something had to be done fast. "Danny, on your feet! We have to go!" [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The navigator had been paralyzed with fear. The only thing she managed to do was stand to her feet. The boat rocked this way and that, and as she swayed each way in order to keep her balance, her eyes never left the beast before them. "They aren't suppose to be real... That- That can't be real!" Her attention snapped to Luro when all of a sudden the sound of his rifle rang through the storm. "Are you insane!? You're only angering it more!" Danny was frantic, not knowing what to do! She nearly jumped out of her skin when the captain came and put a hand on her shoulder.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]"Danny, Luro is insane. We've established that. He's more rum than person probably. But that's not important. I need you to stay calm and steer us out of here." She kept her cool as the tentacles lashed out. "I trust you."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The navigator's entire body trembled, but she moved closer and closer to the wheel to steer. The captain ran off to help protect the ship as best as possible, even though they were facing the impossible at the time. "I can do this." She rushed towards the wheel once more, while the other crew members heaved the cannon to the main deck and prepared to aim. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Runali let Luro and Ray call when it was time to fire. They were used to manning the cannons, and good at it. After the third time the beast was hit, it screeched out again. It’s large body sank lower into the ocean in order to stare directly at the crew. It’s eye landed on Danny first, causing her to freeze and stumble backwards. Another attack and the boat nearly capsized. “Hold on to some-!” She started to yell out, if it wasn’t for the scream that pierced the air. “DANNY!” Runali let go of the side of the ship, sliding after the girl that was hanging on the edge. “Hold on! Don’t let go! Someone toss a rope!” The captain kept her feet on the side on the ship in order to stand. She reached her hand out as far as she could without falling into the ocean herself. “C’mon, grab my hand!” [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I- I can’t! I’ll fall!”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Trust me Danny! I will grab your hand, and I won’t let go!” The ship teetered and Runali had to lean against the ship in order to keep her balance. When she could, she reached out once more. “As your captain, you should trust me!” [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I- I do trust you!” The navigator looked below at the crashing waves and tried to hold tighter but she could feel her grip slipping. Danny’s heart pounded in her ears. Above, she could see the tentacles thrashing and attacking the ship. She reached out, and Runali quickly grabbed the girl’s hand. The captain slowly pulled her up, until she stumbled forward and her life threatened to end as well. “Captain!”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“It’s okay! I won’t- I won’t let go! As a captain, I will not leave my navigator behind.” The angered beast made her look up. It managed to push the ship upright but in the process, Danny’s hold slipped. “Danny!” She tried to catch her. She even tried to grab part of her clothing, but the ship was pushed and caught the captain off balance. When she stood, she ran to the edge of the ship and looked around, trying to spot their navigator. Her heart raced as she searched, but there was nothing but the roaring sea. She hit her fist against the Coral Pearl, swearing under her breath. She promised Danny...and she couldn’t even hold on. ’What kind of captain am I if I can’t keep a promise?’[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]In her moment of grieving, she barely realized that infuriated beast grabbed the ship and practically tossed it into it’s mouth. [/BCOLOR]

    The StarDusk Pirates had been eaten whole.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]* * * * * * * * * *



    [BCOLOR=transparent]A small groan escaped the captain when she awoke from unconsciousness… Wait, woke!? Runali’s eyes opened and she sat up quickly. All around her there was nothing but sand, and their damaged ship. The sky was clear and it was warm as if any normal day… But it wasn’t a normal day. The last thing Runali recalled was being eaten alive by that sea monster!? But...here she was- along with- She turned, counting the unconscious bodies. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luro Makachi. Nolan Fischer. Alicia Tashigi. Raymond Skalter… But where was Danny? Danielle Wickens wasn’t with them! Of course she wasn’t with them...She had fallen off the ship... But where were they…?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“A-Are we dead?” It was more of a silent proclamation. Runali had seen with her one good eye their end. She had seen Danny fall to her death as well.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]And yet, here they were.[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Silver skies surrounded them...
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Although the Captain would be the first to awake from the cold slumber she was in, the entire crew faced the same fate. They were stranded upon what, at their first waking moments, appeared to be nothing more than a island wasteland. Broken pieces of Coral Pearl were scattered around them, cool sand beneath them and what seemed like an endless ocean of sand and sun for an infinite stretch in every direction around them. Even worse was the sense of dread. The sun bore down on them, sure, but there was no heat from it, nor any scalding wind. The air was dull, dry and chilled, as was the sand they stood on and the broken pieces of the Coral Pearl that surrounded them. This world was shackled by a bleakness, a blight, that no creature once-living could ignore.
    Seconds after awaking, the world changed. The skies reddened by the sun were the first to die down in hue. The brightness of the sun seemed to stretch out and swirl into the sky, as if a bleeding paint seeping into a thin, elegant gown. The skies became an even color of dull silver, stretched endlessly with no variation. After the new sky converged at the horizon - as far as mortal eye could see - another alteration returned from it. The sand paled white and raced towards the crew with such force sand was kicked into the air as it was recolored. Even if time had slowed and the viewer watched close, the world died for them in little over a mere minute. In every direction, the white sand converged on the remnants of the Coral Pearl now, leaving a veil sand too fine for mortal beaches to permeate the air. This sand. It was cold, like chilled glass. Everything was cold...

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The thick, white clouds of sand died down quickly, blanketing the ground and the new surroundings in an even garment of thin sand. Almost as endless as the sand were the new companions of the pirates; countless thousands of marble statues, lifelike an their captured images of horror and despair, spanning on so far the statues seemed like an army in the sand before they ended. The Coral Pearl was gone from this world and in its place was something even more horrifying. People, frozen in space, standing petrified in their last moments alive. From their boots up, you could see it. The marbling. These faces, captured moments before their death, beginning to turn into the lifeless marble husks that made the eerie army that surrounded them.
    At second glance, this group of unfortunate sailors was far more familiar. Some faces were complete mysteries, save the terror on their face. Others, however, were far from it. Each member of the crew was frozen in place, slowly being petrified. This wasn't unique, either. The Captain could see her crew, but the crew would see their captain and fellow crew. Each person, each sailor stuck in this abysmal wasteland, was stuck alone and forced to watch their crew turn solid. It was a slow process, sure. In minutes of watching, there wasn't a noticeable difference, but one could feel it. One could feel this world. It's odd chill. It's lackluster illumination. The feel of this world wasn't just bleak... this world was numb.
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  3. Everything happened so fast Luro was still trying to process everything that occurred in the last few minutes, he had been on the Coral Pearl fighting a giant sea monster, much as that seemed like the dream part of his recollection it was very real he remembered fighting the creature with cannons, swear words and other physical objects. Then the ship was nearly flipped over and he grabbed onto a piece of rope barely avoiding falling into the water himself.
    Then there was the captain and Danny...he remembered Danny falling into the sea and now the ship was being lifted and put into the monsters mouth.
    Having caught up to the current situation Luro stared into the endless darkness of the creature, a small grin forming on his face as the ship was devoured.
    Being eaten by a giant sea monster...well at the very least his death wouldn't be a boring one.

    Luro eyes twitched a bit as he stared at darkness, yet he could tell there was light nearby. It took him a moment to realize his eyes were shut and he opened them before his gaze landed on...a sky.
    Luro blinked a few times and closing his eyes again started to wonder if he had died, however he could still feel traces of pain in his body which meant he was still alive.
    Luro sat up and looked around to see endless sand around them and his fellow pirates, he stood up and brushed some sand off his bottom before picking up his rifle which was in the sand next to him and after brushing sand off the gun put it on his back.
    He was pretty sure they were just eaten alive, he didn't really get eaten by giant sea monsters all that often...or well ever now that he thought about but he was pretty sure he'd see a stomach, or organs or something not...sand. Also it was surprisingly cold in this place, which made him wonder if they were still in the creature.
    Luro eyes moved to everyone else only to see Danny was missing from their group, his eyes narrowed a little wondering why but after a moment the vision of Danny falling into sea echoed in his mind.
    Luro brought his hand to his mouth and closed his eyes, he went still for a moment multiple thoughts running through his head and his chest tightened but with a small shake he dispelled them.
    "Man that was pretty intense," Luro said chuckling a little. "Good thing we...ah!"
    Luro cut himself off as he noticed the Coral Pearl, he ran towards it putting his hands on the wood before frantically looking at the damage.
    "Oh man...what did that monster do to you? It's okay thankfully we got the wood to repair you...I mean I don't know how we're going to get you to sea but you'll be okay. Thankfully the rum's okay too."
    Luro smiled and pat the ship, however just as he started to turn and return to everyone he noticed the sand was moving...wait no that wasn't right sand didn't move.
    He was staring right at it however and watched as it seemed to fly every which way, Luro raised his arm closing one of his eyes as the sand danced around them, when it finally subsided Luro lowered his arm only to see a white wasteland replace the seemingly endless red.

    Luro looked at the new land and when his attention landed on the frozen people he ended up tilting his head at them, he reached his hand out to touch one but retracted it as something far more important intruded his thoughts.
    The Coral Pearl was gone.
    Luro promptly turned and started looking all around for the ship, however all he saw were the endless statues around him, and looking closer these people looked pretty terrified, it wasn't a pretty sight but neither was the whole ship being missing.
    "Coral! Rum!" Luro yelled continuing to look around. "Wait that's not going to work. Where are we, where's the Coral? Why is the rum gone?! None of this is good!"
    Luro turned towards the crew only to see that they were albeit slowly about to join the fate of these other frozen men, it took him a moment to notice but it was definitely happening and he wasn't sure how to stop it.
    "Oh...uh guy's you're turning into statues," Luro said pointing over at them. "Not really sure how to stop it but it doesn't look good."
    He still wore the same small smile on his face as his brow arched but if they turned into these people it would be pretty bad. He wasn't sure how to stop someone from being petrified though, maybe he could try to destroy the stuff encasing them, but that would mean attacking his fellow cremates which he'd rather not do.
    "Hope the captain's got an idea...cause I can't think of anything and I'm starting to worry a bit."
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  4. [​IMG]
    Suddenly, things got colder. Everything started to change around them. No, everything was changing around her. In the blink of an eye, the ship was gone. Not a trace of it was around. "Oh man, Luro is going to be upset-" She turned to look at her friends, only to realize their fates. "Guys!" Runali scrambled to her feet and went over to each forming statue. "I won't let you guys go too!" But there was nothing she could do...

    "I'll figure this out. We'll get out of here..." She grimaced and looked around. It took her a moment to realize the other statues around, only to freeze in shock. Why wasn't she frozen as well? Was she doomed to walk this empty world alone? But, why? Why not just petrify her as well? Why did Runali deserve such a terrible fate? The captain nudged the familiar statues, attempting to keep them close together. "Don't worry...I'll figure something out." She continued to repeat, as if needing to reassure herself- which in any case, she did. She had to convince herself to keep going. As a captain, she had to be strong for the sake of her crew.

    Where the Coral Pearl had been, she drew a large 'X' in the sand and then dragged her foot all the way to where her crew had been. Runali circled them, planning to have some way to know where they were. If she planned on figuring anything out, she'd have to move from where she was. She'd have to search for something.


    Nolan gasped and sat up. His head whirled left and right when he realized he was alive. "B-But...I saw the beast. It ate us!?" The word 'us' made him whirl around to search for the others. The ship was no where in sight and his friends were a few feet away. "Guys! What happened-" His eyes widened at the sight in front of him. All of his friends were frozen! Well, all except one... He remembered seeing Danny fall, and the captain trying to save her. He tried to help, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

    "What's going on!?" He called out to no one in particular, but panicked nonetheless. What was there to do? What could he possibly do? The place he was stranded on was completely deserted, save for the petrified statues. Things only got worse in his mind as he thought of possibly never seeing his crew again, and not only them, but his loved ones back home.
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  5. Ray gasped and sat up, waking from what seemed a nightmare. He felt the chills of terror melt away as the jolt of fear receded. The memory of the sea beast devouring him seemed more and more distant, though never fading completely from his mind like dreams do. He took in his surroundings. The crew, sans Danny, were sprawled across a desert, some distance from the Coral Pearl. He picked himself up and meandered towards the ship, thinking water would be everyone's first priority once they woke, or maybe they needed some in order to wake. Danny might be in the ship with a barrel of water. Ray thought foggily.

    He stood and shuffled towards the ship before he realized that he, in truth, wasn't thirsty. And then, other things began to dawn on him. “Wait, where am I?” he asked himself as he looked around. The sun had begun to die with an alacrity undue its nature. The Coral Pearl disappeared and in its place, a myriad of statues, or people frozen in time becoming statues. A chill passed through his spine, part from the cold of the world, and part from the dread of a terrible thought.

    “I'm dead, aren't I?”

    He sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes, “Figures. Lords of Lendria wouldn't bother inviting a murderer.” He wanted to shiver, but felt too numb to bother. “So is this it? I become another statue in this... menagerie of lost souls?” He sat, clutching his knees futilely for warmth. “Well, shit.”
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  6. [​IMG]

    His friends were turning into statues and the coral pearl was gone. This was it, wasn't it?

    Nolan was on his knees, his knuckles pressing into the cold sand. He was drenched to the bone, but none of that mattered. Nothing mattered. A cold chill ran down his spine and he bit down on his lip as he felt his eyes burn. His friends we're turning into statues for God's sake! He couldn't even do anything about it and Danny, there was a possibility she was still lost at sea.

    He had never felt as useless, as pathetic, and weak. If he were as strong as Kai, could he have done something.

    The usually composed cook, let out an angered howl. He dug his fingernails into the palm of his hands and tried not to break down. Why...why wasn't he frozen. He would have preferred going down with the ship and the his friends, but if he could do anything to save these people then he would. They weren't just his crewmates, they were his friends.

    It was this thought that gave him strength, that allowed him to stagger to his feet. "It'll be alright," he was crying now, but he didn't care. "I...I'll find help, then we can find Danny and we'll all get out of this alive." At this point Nolan had begun to blubber, "I'll buy Luro Rum and give the captain a new hat...maybe some colored ink for Danny and a coat for Ray and Alicia."

    Silence greeted him and he wiped at his tears with his sleeves.

    "What if you die, Nolan? You're not a pirate you're a cook."

    "I won't die, Annie, don't be silly, okay? I'll come back, with souvenirs and battle scars."

    Nolan wasn't stupid...this, this was the end of the line. "I'm sorry." He didn't know if he was apologizing to his family, to Annie, or to his friends. He figured he was apologizing to everyone. The cook wrapped his arms around himself and shivered, "I'm sorry."
  7. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "All of you," said a monotonous voice from behind Luro, "seem to be nothing without that one little girl."

    Upon looking for this voice for the source of this voice, whether one would turn around, look over their shoulder or look anywhere, it would not appear. The voice itself was gritty, but androgynous. It told Luro nothing about the speaker aside from exactly what it wanted to, and then lacked a reply to him afterwards - regardless of what he might have said. But, this voice was the only sign of life in this barren wasteland of ivory damnation.

    "One in a thousand," the voice said, "wake up before being made marble, Luro Makachi. One in a thousand, you petty little ingrate, get a second chance. Were those nine-hundred some-odd-others in vain because grown-damn man can't think for himself without a one-eyed girl 'round?" The voice this time started out ominous. One in a thousand. Was Luro that one? He had to be that one, surrounded by this army of marble statues. Was he the only one? Even his friends were being glazed over in the white stone.

    Then, the voice berated him. Still androgynous, but now aggressive. It had explained what was happening, it even knew his first name. Then it called him petty. It called him an ingrate? A second chance? Is that what this world was? His chance to escape death? Were his friends dead? Was his fate to be separated from them? Would their deaths be in vain if he wasn't? If they did die, was a second chance even worth being grateful for? The words of this faceless inquisitor created more questions than they answered, and at that they didn't answer Luro to begin with.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "No, you won't," said a jubilant, somewhat effeminate voice from beside Runali. The voice came from a small black cat laying on its back, as if a pet to be praised, but with its head looking straight at her, eye to eye. The animal was no ordinary cat. It lacked the cute, domestic qualities it should have, instead radiating the intelligence of man. That, and it spoke.

    "Miss Runali, there is nothing you can do to help them," the cat explained, its mouth not moving, instead the words simply filling her head. "Those that are fated for this marble courtyard must escape it on their own - all alone," the cat added before rolling over, its head defying all anatomy and remaining in position as it rolled. When the cat sat upright, its head merely floated back to its body before it let out a meow.

    "It's rather sad for the rest of your crew," it added before lowering its head to begin grooming its inner leg. "They all have this miraculous amount of faith in you, but you're powerless to help. Whether or not you escape here is up us," it told her before returning to the silence of grooming itself, barely audible licks being the last thing the girl could hear.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Basically, yeah," someone told Raymond. It was a masculine voice, obviously, and it seemed directly in front of him. Almost as soon as it spoke, a statue fell over and shattered, revealing a young man in a long, dark brown trench coat of sorts. It was the kind you saw cityfolk wear when they had to bare through rougher, colder whether, not the kind you saw actual men like a sailor wear - it was too pretty for that. That, actually, would be the best way to describe this individual - a prettyboy with a gruff look to him.​

    The guy took a swig from his flask, then wiped off his mouth while approaching Raymond. "'Cept, you got a shot at goin' back. Goin' home, Ray." As the man stood in front of Raymond now with a grin, one could see his eerie, yellow eyes and unshaven face. He had no beard, but the stubble made him appear as if he never groomed whatsoever - that and his long, unkempt hair. Not to mention, the man smelled of stale booze, as if left out and allowed most of the alcoholic content to evaporating, making it nothing more than a bitter drink in a numb world.​

    "Bright side is, Ray, you seem to be the only one this go 'round not taking death like a 'lil bitch, so ya got that goin' for ya," the man told him. "Oh, an' call me Shaw," he added before taking another swig from that flask. He had confirmed, likely, all the thoughts Ray might have had. Was everyone else dead? Was he dead? Who the Hell is this guy? What did he mean? Did he know where the rest of the crew was? There were no real mysteries solved by him aside from his name.​
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "They can't hear you," said a voice, although it had no discernible location. "But, it doesn't seem like you care," the same voice added. Several of the marble statues began to move, but not towards Luro. About a half-dozen of them moved in almost perfect synchronicity a couple yards away from the handful of marbling crewmates. After a brief minute or so, one could see that the marble statues had grouped together, pressing back to back and hunkering over to create a throne of sorts. A throne made of people made of marble. A throne of six souls.

    "It's been so long since I got one of you," the voice carried on, "that I forgot how odd you creatures are." The voice now echoed out an absurd chuckle that made it seemed more effeminate than ambiguous, but for the most part, it was a complete unknown. "You see, monsieur Fischer, I was once like you. Like you all, actually. My life depended on a flesh and food, my mind was as meddled and unclear as yours is now. What I think of as mundane, you must believe is utterly insane..."

    Then there was that chuckling again. It wasn't just effeminate. It was playful. It wasn't exactly female, either; it just lacked any sign of masculinity to it. It was childlike, if anything. This childlike entity utilizing a disembodied voice spoke with such confusing intricacies that it could only have made the situation worse for Nolan. "So, monsieur Fischer, why don't you make sense of it yourself? You see, here, you are matched with a spirit, and through that spirit you can regain your life. Of course, its not free. If I let you live, I have to live with you until you die. That's how your spirit will have the strength to go back. That said... why, monsieur Fischer, would you be matched with he whom represents purity?" the voice - the spirit, apparently - asked the cook.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    "Ohh, well if my azure eyes don't deceive..." slipped from what sounded like a sophisticated echoing off the statues beside Alicia. "I would boldly say it has been centuries since a mortal as fair as you, miss, visited me, but I'm no mortal and the only cause such boldness is the.. desire to bed the focus of carnal affections." The man, now obvious, speaking these eloquent words to Alica chuckled. He added, "and, miss, it has been a thousand lifetimes since I suffered from carnal desire."

    The source of this voice, oddly enough, was that of young man peering into a flower, specifically of white petals stained red through their interior. His hair was long - longer than Alicia's or Runali's - and of an almost white tint with a literal silken sheen. Just a few inches thick was a strip of dark red hair that fell down over his face as sprayed locks. His face was gentle. Serene. Handsome, even, with a strong chin and smiling dimples. He smiled, as gentle as the serenity of his face, as he appeared picturesque while peering into the flower.

    "I'm not terrible for sure how heart broken I would be if you were left a statue, miss Tashigi... I might find you the most attractive marble sculpture in this abysmal place."
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  8. [​IMG]

    Alicia exhaled a breath as she awoke from what she wished had been a nightmare, her hands digging into the sand before she pushed her body up into a kneeling position. She squinted her eyes as she tried to focus in on her surroundings, blinking her eyes a few times to gain focus before she eventually stood up. She winced just as she'd stood, a hand reaching to her her side for what she suspected was a cracked rib from the fall she'd sustained back on board the Coral Pearl. Exhaling again she took it slightly more easy before straightening her posture, standing straight as she continued to glance about for any sign of her friends. The first thing she noticed was the destroyed ship, causing her eyes to narrow before the sky began to change, statues seeming to appear as if from nothing.

    She reached to the hilt of her sword as they appeared, not quite comfortable with the situation which eased as she realised she was in no immediate danger. "What is this place..." she thought to herself as her eyes settled upon the faces of the statues, silently observing them in all their horror. Looking around again she noticed her friends were with her now, except they were now slowly being turned into one of those statues. At first she made a quick step as if to rush to their aid, but then stopped as a look of uncertainty crossed her features. "Why aren't I turning into one too...." she asked herself, causing her to question the reality and even her mental sanity. It was strange, as if she were caught between a conflict of her inner judgement of her situation.

    It was impossible for her to hide that she was upset from the sight of having to witness the death of her friends. However a part of her refused to accept this reality, unable to believe that this was something possible even after everything she'd witnessed leading up to this moment. Perhaps she'd been killed and this was her punishment, or perhaps this was the waiting room, purgatory if you will. Maybe it was something else entirely. Alicia let out another long breath before she looked away from the statues of her friends, looking off into the never ending horizon. "Cogito ergo sum" she said allowed to herself before she took her swords from her waist band, taking them in both her hands before she sat back down, laying them across her lap. She closed her eyes and merely began to think. There must be more to this than is presently obvious, something.... anything. Please....
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  9. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Runali had finished circling her friends, making a deep enough imprint for it to be noticeable. Just as she turned to start her route, a voice made her head snap to the sound. Her eyes fell on not a man, nor a woman, but a cat. "Now I know I'm probably dead..." She mumbled before eyeing the creature. Towards the next statement the black cat made, she huffed. “I could have at least tried…” She commented more to herself. The captain looked back at each one of the statues, and sighed. There wasn’t any reason to deny the strange black cat that appeared. It obviously was some sort of guide to explain why she was dead. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“They have to face their fates alone…” She turned again, watching the cat prove that she had been dead. “So that means they are alive? It means that somehow, someway, they are alive…” Runali’s face scrunched up a little, in thought as she listened to the cat. Hearing that they had faith in her made a sad smile spread on her face. They had faith in her. Even through death, they had faith in her to lead them as their captain. “I believe in them as much as they believe in me.” Runali once more looked at the statues, as if reassuring herself that they wouldn’t disappear. “You guys pull through. You can do it. I know you can… We’re getting the chance to get out of here, and we will.” Her voice was soft, yet still loud enough to be heard if the cat cared to listen. Though she doubted the cat couldn’t hear her.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]With a sigh, Runali faced the cat, now with her full attention on it. “Alright. Who are you anyway? And what do we- or I have to do in order to get my life back?” Runali didn’t want to waste any time. Her crew might have already started their tasks, and she didn’t want to keep them waiting. The fact that they still all had a chance to live was enough to motivate her, until she thought of the word all... “One more question. Before we get started...What happened to Danny?” Runali was afraid to know the answer, but she had to know. Danny was their navigator. If she died as well, shouldn’t she have a second chance too?[/BCOLOR]
  10. [​IMG]

    Luro turned and looked behind him hearing the voice only to find nothing there, he arched a brow looking all around him only to find more of the statues his attention eventually settling back on his crew mates who were still slowly turning to marble.
    The voice spoke again mentioning something about numbers and Luro's mind started to drift off a bit as the voice faded in and out between distant rumblings and clear sentences.
    He couldn't see a voice anywhere so did that mean it was in his head? It wouldn't be the first time he heard voices in his mind, and he was on a combination of rum and little sleep, voices and hallucinations weren't that far off.
    He thought of the events that happened bringing a hand to his chin as he dug in his memory, giant sea monster, ship eaten, desert, not desert, crew turning to marble in front of him and a voice without any kind of gender speaking to him.
    If he wasn't drunk then he had gone insane...well insane again according to a few priests and a drunken sailor.
    This place was very real though he couldn't deny that, and what was happening was very real something in his head told him this situation wasn't a dream, in his dreams the rum would never be gone and that was enough of a reason for him.

    Luro came back to the voice looking at the sky wondering if that was where it was coming from, he lowered his head however and pat his body as the voice continued Luro making an effort to at least try and listen. After a bit of searching he found a small leather flask like object before popping the cork off and taking a drink out of it.
    A content sigh escaped from him as he felt his thirst quenched just a little as the voice seemed to finish speaking, at least he figured so as he put the cork back on it.
    "Emergency rum always carry some," Luro said holding the flask to the sky before lowering it. "I keep some just in case I get stranded somewhere again. It won't last forever though so let me know if you know where any more is."
    Putting the flask away Luro looked back at the crew seeing they still were moving and the marble was creeping ever higher, it seemed they'd become statues if this kept up.
    Luro fell backwards lying on his back in the white sand, he moved his arms and legs making a sort of sand angel as he stared at the sky and at the voice if it wasn't all in his head which he assumed it wasn't this voice at least understood what was happening. His voice didn't ask a bunch of questions, except where anything to drink was which this voice hadn't said once.
    "Sorry I kind of daydreamed through most of that," Luro said standing up brushing some sand off his behind. "Anyway Mr. or Mrs. Voice that one eyed girl is my captain, a fine lass with quite the behind if I may so, I don't know if you can see but Tashigi's isn't too bad either...and Nolan's too but I wouldn't say it to his face. Don't really like Ray's that much...not that I should."
    Luro tilted his head slightly wondering how far gone he was now his thoughts were going to dangerous places, he had been in his own company for a little less than ten minutes and he was pretty sure he was already descending into madness. Actually now that he thought about it that made a whole lot of sense.
    "Not really sure why these guys died, don't really care either. If my friends die they die, if they live they live it's that simple, the in-between isn't important to me."

    Luro pat himself and pulled out a small flintlock pistol, he inspected it for a moment glad he put a little extra in them to help keep water out, learned his lesson after that incident with the fish.
    "You're pretty boring Mr. Voice if I may say so, if I'm stuck here in this place and you're my only conversat....conversate...the only person to talk to till I starve to death I'd rather just end it now, no offense to you of course."
    Raising the gun to the side of his head Luro pulled the trigger only for an audible click to resonate, he pulled the gun away and checked it again before noticing the blasted thing wasn't loaded.
    "I must have made thousands of these things, figures I'd grab the one that's not loaded," he said. "What are the odds?"
    After a small pause Luro burst out in laughter falling face first into the sand before rolling onto his back once more, he set the gun down and put his hands behind his head and let out a small sigh chuckling to himself.
    "Sorry sorry I couldn't help myself hearing you use numbers and stuff, I'm just kidding well not on the gun part I really didn't know it wasn't loaded but I didn't put bullets in multiple ones so I suppose it wasn't a one in a thousand thing but who cares anyway. Life and death's part of the job, it's never easy but I don't really care why I'm not frozen, I'd just prefer my friends not be. They don't seem like the kind of people to just roll over and die so I'm not really worried for them. I've seen defiance in it's finest form, being at the border of death's just one of many."
    Luro stood up and stretched his arms towards the sky before leaning on one of the statues resting his arm on it's shoulder, he offered a small thanks to frozen gentleman before speaking again.
    "Well I say that but in reality I'm quite afraid right now," Luro said grinning at the endless nothingness. "It's also really really funny though, I'm talking to a random voice that may be insanity closing in on me. It's great hahahahaha....ahhhh anyway Mr. Voice who are you anyway? You know who I am, if you don't have a name I'm going to call you Eden, you know cause of your place here...I'm trying to be ironic but I don't think it's working."
    Luro rubbed his head for a moment before grabbing his flask opening it again.
    "So Eden you got to ask me a bunch of stuff I get to ask you things now right? You know how to free my friends and leave this place or are you going to call me weird names again cause unlike yourself I'll eventually die cause of bodily stuff so I don't have an infinite amount of time. Actually do you converse with people anymore? I mean there's no way you do since all that's here are statues, must be nice to talk to someone again right especially someone so handsome...unless your a guy which I assume you are then never mind that last part. You got any hobbies or anything? A lass...or lad you like. You can answer all these in any order you want Eden."
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  11. [​IMG]

    She opened her eyes slowly as the sound of the voice touched upon her ears, her hands curling around the three swords which lay upon her lap. She observed him for a minute as he spoke, curiously watching as he looked down into the flower held between his fingers. Had circumstances been different she might have found him as equally attractive, though with the prospect of death looming in the air between them such thoughts would never reach her conscious mind. By the time he'd finished his words Alicia had risen from her seated position and had tied her swords to her waist like before. "You flatter me" she replied, maintaining her usual soft tone, "Though you must know that even the most colourful bird will grow dull when trapped in a cage" she said in response to his comment on having her made into one of the many statues which surrounded them.

    "As a being of immortality I suspect you might know this already" she said as she walked closer, moving between the statues of Nolan and Ray before coming to a stop. She had many questions, questions about him, about where she was and about why she was here and alive while her friends had been reduced to stone. But while these many questions circulated her mind, none of them had yet left her lips as she was content to curiously observe him for the moment. Of course this could be a mere figment of her own insanity, or perhaps the being who ruled over this plane of the afterlife. She figured she'd learn the answer to this in due time.

    Alicia took a glance at some of the other statues which surrounded them, wondering who they might have been and how it was that they'd came to end up here. "You appear to have me at a disadvantage, you know my name but I have yet to learn yours" she said after remembering he'd mentioned her family name, further causing her to question everything which was happening around her. She felt like she wanted to ask why she'd been spared while her friends had been reduced to stone, but she decided to wait and allow him to answer to her responses before she would proceed to question further. After all it didn't seem that she was able to go anywhere and for all she knew she would be spending a long time here.
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  12. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Hear a few words, girl, an' that becomes all you focus on," the voice that emanated from the cat said in reply to her questions. She focused on her crew. Not one bit of consideration for herself. The cat, whom had just told her that her friends would have to face their fates all on their own, found itself somewhat annoyed by the fact that Runali had not consider she also had to face her fate alone. She would have to. She couldn't get out of this test nor pass this trial with anything less than her own personal strength and passion, and focusing on the rest of her crew wasn't going to cut it. In the land of tbhe living, one might preach about the strength of friendship, but here? In this world? In a world numb to feelings of friendship and warmth? In this world, that wouldn't cut it.​
    "You best be for worryin' 'bout yourself, Runali. You're not a captain here. You're nothing here but a lost soul until you prove otherwise, so stop pretending your considerations will change things," the cat told her before it leaped off the marble statue it was on to pounce at Runali as if it were her prey. Although, much like one might except from a magical cat in the world of the dead, its black body became little more than a spectral haze as it floated through the air and began circling around Runali, circling her entire body in the same haze and saying little else. It was changing her. The cat had all intentions on showing her what she could be if she focused on herself more instead of her crew.​
    It was only a few brief moments, but once the haze cleared, Runali was different. She was taller, stronger, her dress was more regale in a formal captain's uniform. What she felt, however, was the numbness of this world go away. She felt the lives of thousands upon thousands of lost, captured souls. She felt their sorrow. Her covered eye tingled, as if it was granting her this insight, as if she saw without seeing. She saw the weaknesses in all those other people. She saw why they were here, why they were dead. It was as if being told ten thousand stories at once with a single common denominator: their weakness.​
    Runali was in fact taller. She was more muscular, too. On her side, the small blade broken by Shouta, had turned into a magnificent cutlass of gold-ordained steel. Her hat was a thick, black-leather brimmed moniker of a pirate queen. She felt in touch with this world, sure, but she also felt in touch with everything she once took for granted. The Coral Pearl, its sailing spirit. Her crew, how she relied on their strengths with leadership seemingly her only one. She, aside from her presence, gave nothing to her crew. In combat, she was arguably the weakest. In tradeskills, she had the fewest. In fact, if not for making decisions, she was pointless to her crew, but now. Now as this strong, tall version of herself, she could understand the stars and the currents. She somehow understood the energy Shouta used, if only briefly. Her mind whirled at million miles per hour reviewing more minds and memories than her imagination had to offer. If she had lived like this, she might not have died as she did.​
    "Do you understand, girl, what you could be? Why you died?" the cat asked as it floated in front of her, breaking the trance of her new found capabilities.​
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "You may be the most annoying excuse for a mortal I have met in centuries," the voice replied to Luro before manifesting as a storm of black fog in front of him. The figure in a long, black cloak that seemed to blend fabric into fog siezed Luro's throat in an instant, rendering him speechless, and forcing his body limp. In this world, these spirits were gods, and no amount of struggling could stop that. "You like the poison, do ye?" the voice said after letting out a light chuckle.
    In moments, Luro's mind began to haze. Far more than he ever did with any booze. This was taking it further. This was the line most men blacked out on after a night of drinking, but Luro was being forced through it. There was no pain or suffering, though. In fact, there was a drunken sense of euphoria that clouded his mind. This was almost pure pleasure. Ecstasy in the form of faux intoxication. If his heart could pump golden streams of jubilee through his veins instead of blood, then that would only begin to describe this state. Time slowed, maybe it didn't even exist. In this state, ten years could have been a second. A second could have been a lfie time. What this spirit showed Luro is that his mortal efforts at drinking were pointless to the dead and damned.
    Then, he took it all away. Not just the euphoria he granted for a few moments, but the buzz from his flask, too. He left Luro painfully sober. So sober that no amount of alcohol might ever appease him again; at least, not nearly the way the hand of death could. Luro was more aware of the world than ever. He was no longer numb or cold, he could feel. And, that was good. The spirit tossed Luro onto the ground like a ragdoll, then slammed a cane into his right hand's index finger, snapping it in half. He allowed this pain to pour through Luro before pulling a blade of out his cane and using it to pin Luro to the sandy ground by stabbing it through the left side of his chest, right below his heart. The spirit did not stop here. He wanted to see the pain. He enjoyed it. He slammed his cane into the finger beside the one he had just broke, only grinning more. A malice this pure had to be masculine, even if the figure was androgynous at best.
    "You're a pathetic drunk, mortal. Your crew will be best off without you," the voice told him as he leaned over his helpless body. "Maybe, if they get their second chance, they'll live a bit longer without a useless excuse for a sailor like yourself holding them back. You might not be afraid to die, but you're definitely afraid to live."
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    The gentlemen holding the flower waved his hand over towards a set of statues. As he did, life returned to them, and they dropped to the ground panting. Mumbling and murmurs escape from them before they glazed back over as marble, and the marble statues creaked and cracked as they stood up tot heir original positions. He allowed them a few brief moments at life again. Different people, too. A couple men, a young boy, and what looked like a mother holding her daughter closely. The fact was, they were all dead regardless. All those here from all walks of life were. Ten thousand untold stories. Ten thousand souls damned.
    "If I want color, Alicia, I can have it. Those trapped here are not trapped by me, but by themselves. After they fail to leave... they just become more pieces of art in my marble courtyard," the voice told her. These spirits were, of course, gods within this realm. This world. This transition between life and death. Was this the bottom of the ocean floor? The watery gravy? Was the silver, silken sky nothing more than a metaphor for being below the ocean itself? Was every wave of light just a beam of sun filtered by thousands of feet of water? Was there no light in the bottom of the ocean? Was there no escape?
    The man sighed, then dropped his flower, allowing it to float gently through the air. Its petals, white as they were, fell from its red inner bloom. As the flower hit the ground, the man disappeared, reappearing in front of Alicia. Just as the others had been rendered helpless, so was Alicia. She could only stand still as the warm hand of this individual, as poetic as he was cold, caressed her cheek with the only source of warmth that had ever emanated from this place. He smirked, his gentle face almost as smooth was the marble around him. "In my life, they called me Antoine. You are far more beautiful up close, if I may add..." he told her. Here, he seemed human. He seemed, if not for a bit of an Adonis, mortal.
    "You have spent your entire life training, honing your body and your spirit to fight others. I can even see inside your eyes," he told her, "a hate for a man named Shouta. We know of him here, but you have such an intense drive to avenge yourself. Yet, you appreciate him as he has pushed you further in your goal." He said to her, holding her cheek as if she were his and his alone. "I stand here to tell you that there is more. You have overlooked so much of life that you are wasting it... Alicia, I cannot grant you a second chance if you will dwindled it away, holding back this beauty of yours, all over again."
    Unlike the other spirits, Antoine did not end his retort to her with a powerful quip. Instead, he pressed his gentle lips to Alicia's and allowed her to feel the warmth of his body erase the cold numbness that this world had set in. He held her close, as if she were his and this was life, and he showed her an aspect of life the warrior of a woman had seemed to never even consider. Into her mind, through their lips, he showed her the love of a mother as she held her scared daughter. He showed her the men whom had lost their lover, and how that feeling could easily overwhelm a warrior spirit. Maybe most of all, he showed her how a single kiss could feel, even it was only because she was rendered powerless to stop it.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Monsieur Fischer, seek no security for what you ought not know. If I am here to give you, an' only you, a opportunity for redemption, then so be it. You, sir, are the pirate - if that is what you think you are - that broke down an' cried," the childlike voice replied. In fact, it was somewhat irritated - as most of the spirits obviously were - that this small crew were more focused on its others than themselves. It was become more and more impossible to assess them as individuals. "You're a dead man, Monsieur Fischer, an' so are your friends. You can't help them, but you can yourself," the voice added to its speech.

    "Each of us here are spirits, selected to represent an aspect of life," the voice told Nolan. The voice had been darting around the marble statues, changing between them as if the voice were theirs. "I asked you once to make sense of it, an' you couldn't e'en make sense of yourself. Now you ask such petty questions, such as if your friends get this same chance. I shall tell you, but only because I want not another word from you about them, Nolan," the voice said. It was as if it had changed its mind mid-sentence. In fact, it did. The spirit refused to deal with Nolan in such a frantic state, and it had no choice but to deal with him regardless.

    "One is lost forever to the abyss. Their spirit was for naught; too weak to even make here. One was shown what she could be, and how if she fulfilled her potential could have saved you all. The other has kissed death himself to understand what she lacked in life. One was thrown into a drunken haze, then beaten and broken to be taught a lesson. The last, I believe, lives in delusions of grandeur regarding where he believes he is. As I said, you are all such odd creatures... so inconsistent," the spirit explained to Nolan. It's tone had changed. It had forfeited its childlike tone for a more masculine one, as if one could hear the frustration within it.

    "Now, I'll you again, Monsieur Fischer. Why would a frantic man like yourself be paired with the Spirit of Purity?"

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Shaw only sighed when he heard the lamenting of Ray. He might not have taken death like a bitch, but he sure had a lot to bitch about in general. Shaw lifted his hands and out from a brown, stale smoke materialized a hunk of wood and a small knife. Shaw meant no harm with it, in a few moments it was obvious what he was doing. He was whittling away at the piece of wood, sculpting it into something. The wood was dark, almost purple, unlike anything Raw had seen before. Coming from the aristocracy of Skalter Manor, too, he likely could tell the difference in the grain of cedar, oak, spruce, etc., not to mention its color. This was raw, as well, no stain. Then again, nothing in this world was as expected to be.​

    "Boy, lemme jus' tell you somethin' that I don't believe ya'll undahstan'. All yo friends done the same damn thing when we talked to them. They drone on and on and on about you other guys, all worried an' shit. But lemme tell you what our jobs are, as spirits. Ray, my job is tell what kind'a person you are and if youz deserve a second chance up topside. Now, bein' concerned for yo friends is fine an' dandy, but you eat our time by jus' goin' on about. Lemme tell ya, I'm only responsible for you. I don't give two shits about Runali, I don't give a damn about Luro, Danny's fuckin' gone, and aside from a little bit'a envy over that there Antoine mackin' up on Alicia, I'm not the slightest bit interested in dem either. I'm here fer you an' you alone," Shaw said. He didn't make eye contact with Ray, he only peered as his carving as he continued with it.​

    "I am Shaw, they dubbed the Spirit of the Woods. We got paired 'cause somethin' about yer soul drew in mine. That means right now, ain't no one in this worl' as important to you as I am. I choose whether I give you a portion of my spirit an' you go right back home, or whether you stay here ten thousand years 'til you shed your marble skin and ascend to that place sailors do," Shaw added after reintroducing himself. Among the spirits, Shaw was the most forward. A moment later, Shaw sliced his finger on the carving, letting a few drops of his blood stain it. "God dammit! It's hard to concentrate when I hear the voices of all you fuckwits. Go on, Ray, tell me why you ought'a go back, I'm gettin' tired of hearin' all those moanin' and groanin' here," Shaw said, nursing his cut as he healed over unnaturally.​
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  13. [​IMG]

    She couldn't hide the sombre feeling within her as she was made to witness the life and death of just a few of the thousand statues that stood around them, watching as they turned back to stone before returning to their original position. Alicia, despite everything she had endured up till this moment, could only take a step back as she felt the sharp sting of fear strike against her chest. The young women had fought in battles favouring the odds of her enemies, fought countless opponents and had even attempted to strategize against a giant beast of the ocean itself. But this wasn't like any of those times, situations where she could overlook the prospect of death through concentration and focus. No, she was being presented with death itself, a possibility for her future should she fail to understand what it was this... being, this immortal soul was trying to show her, and she was afraid.

    This wasn't something she could overcome, something she could cut down or defeat with a demonstration of skill or greater will power. She was at the mercy of something which wasn't human, yet understood what it meant to be human to a greater extent than what she even knew herself. When he appeared before her she moved to draw her blade, only to find that even her staggering feats of speed meant nothing in this world, only the warmth of his hand against her cheek enabling her to feel while the rest of her body refused to listen to her. She wondered if this would be the moment she'd become like the others, encased in stone for all eternity, another face in the collection of the thousands which cast empty shadows across the white canvas of nothingness.

    She could only pay attention to his words as he gave her his name, a Latin name which echoed the peripheries of her consciousness as if she'd heard it before but had long since forgotten it's meaning. She could only listen on as he spoke about things that had happened in her life, from her past up until the recent where Shouta had set her upon her new path. She could only stare as he told her there was more, captivating her attention as she sought meaning to what he was trying to tell her, the questions inside of her desperately wanting to be answered as emotions stirred within her chest, much like that of a reader fumbling through the pages of a book trying to seek the answers from the next chapter of the story.

    But then, he kissed her and the world seemed to melt away as warmth embraced her from her body down to her mortal core. Her eyes closed before images began to emerge from the darkness, projections of lives long gone from people without names who had loved and lost, suffered but had also enjoyed what it was that existed before the empty feeling had struck a hole in their hearts. The mother and her daughter, the men and the others who had embraced love in their lives while accepting the risk of loss, of which some had unfortunately suffered. These images shattered the veil over Alicia's soul, causing a single tear to leak from the corner of her eye before it travelled down the soft skin of her cheek, falling to the sand which sucked up the moisture until only the dry sand remained.

    Was it this that the spirit wanted her to understand. That at some point during her life she'd become so consumed by her goals to become great like her ancestors that she'd forgotten the joys of life, to feel, to love and to experience that which made the world beautiful, that made life itself beautiful. There was more to life than honour, than the sword and the noise of metal. More to life than living up to a name and attempting to replicate the lives of those who had long since departed the world of the living. Not to say she shouldn't pursue her goals and her desires that she truly wished to achieve. But not at the cost of missing out on what made life worth living. All of these thoughts travelled the mind of the swordswomen and by the time it was done she could only give a small sincere smile to accompany the tears which brimmed the edges of her eyes, an expression of silent understanding and enlightenment.
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  14. Luro blinked a few times hearing the voice speak to him once more not answering his question either before he seemed to manifest in front of him, though Luro was still confused whether he was male or female. However before he could press the matter any further Eden asked him yet another question and one Luro was more than happy to answer.
    The opportunity was taken from him as the man grabbed his throat, Luro went to remove his grip but found his body wouldn't move, a small grin forming on his face as he came to realize Eden had an advantage on him, at this point he wasn't even sure if he could kill him even though he had taken some kind of physical form.

    These thoughts were pulled from Luro as a sense of intense rapture filled his body, something beyond anything he had ever felt before in what short life he led. No amount of drink, or lasses could imitate this feeling and he found it harder and harder to think as this feeling threatened to consume his entire being.
    There were no words that could explain the pleasure flowing through him and just as quickly as it came it was taken away, a bit of sadness showing itself in Luro at it's passing but it was quickly replaced with confusion as he realized he felt...sober...extremely sober almost as if he had never touched a drink in his life. That was a tad disconcerting to him he wasn't sure what to to think about this, but he didn't like it he confirmed that easily enough as he felt a strong desire to down the rest of his flask just to try and get rid of the feeling.

    Yet another opportunity was taken from him however at the possibility of trying to drink as he was hurled to the ground, it was only at this point that Luro realized the blank feeling inside him seemed gone, there was a warmth there once more it was very small but he could feel it and things felt more alive which was unfortunate as felt the pain of his finger being snapped in half by Eden's cane.
    It hurt.
    A wide smile formed on Luro's face as the pain from his finger spread throughout his entire body, he was pretty sure his body trembled just a little at it.
    He bit his lip and was too lost in the moment of his current mini euphoria that he only saw the blade as it pierced him.
    His eyes dilated at the pain as a toothy grin slid onto his face as his body screamed in agony, it had been a bit since he felt this much at one time, he started to worry at getting a bit too addicted to this.
    Without the drink there was no numbness, he could feel it all and he watched as Eden's attacks continued grinning at the pain came one after another his heart pining for more before Eden stopped and spoke to him.
    He felt a bit saddened he halted but he made sure to listen closely since he couldn't really go anywhere else after all and Eden had been nice enough to provide that feeling.
    His words stung and he hated to admit it but they struck a familiar chord in his heart, his smile shrinking into a small one as he closed his eyes taking Eden's words to heart. At the very least he confirmed that he was more than likely male which was a bit of a shame he was hoping for a lass's company seeing as he was alone and his friends were turning into marble, some female companionship would be nice right now.
    Yet as he stared up at Eden something escaped from him that he had been holding in, something he couldn't now that his mind was in it's right place. Now that he was forced to look at the world without his drunk goggles of sorts.
    It came out quickly and he spit a little in doing so before it exploded from him as his blood stained the sand underneath him staining it as red as his own hair.
    "Ahahahahahahaha! AHAHAHAHAHAh that's great I love it! Hahahahahaha!"
    Happy tears ran down Luro's cheeks and he let out a small content sigh as he closed his eyes once again.
    "Afraid to live, you sound just like the father," he said. "Been a while since I've had someone preach to me, it's actually kind of nice."
    Luro opened his eyes and stared at the strange sky above him, he seemed content with whatever pain was coursing through his body now, though he was painfully aware of the sword in his chest it was kind of hard to miss.
    "You're right actually, I'm not that good a sailor, I barely do my job as carpenter I don't really offer much to the crew aside from drink. Nolan cooks, Raymond lightens the mood with music and he can work the cannons, the captain brought us together in the first place, Danny...was our navigator and Alicia has this way about her that's just dependable, kind of like Kai but not at the same time. I get drunk and shoot things...that's about it really. So yeah I suppose I'm not much if you look at it that way. I could care less about that or the opinion of a stranger though you could call it selfish I suppose."
    Luro gaze went over to Eden or at least what he could consider him and with a small smile he spoke again.
    "I'm not afraid of living, I'm not afraid of dying either. I'll tell you what I'm afraid of Eden since you feel fit to observe me this way. I fear man more than anything else in this world Eden, the kind of monsters they can become makes everything else seem like child's play, even you."
    Luro closed his eyes and let out a long sigh missing his drink already.
    "I'm just a murderer without the Stardusk Pirates and with them I'm a Pirate and murderer. Even now I want nothing more than to shove the barrel of my gun down your throat and pull the trigger just to see what happens, to see if you bleed like a normal person does. Shame I can't move though I can't test it."
    Luro chuckled to himself just a little at this before he looked towards the sky once more, his thoughts were a bit too clear now, being without drink was rather inconvenient.
    This was what he didn't want to show his friends but he'd run out of rum eventually so it was inevitable, it was easier to keep this hidden when he numbed his thoughts a bit.
    "Makes me wonder though, if I'm really this one in a thousand then someone made the wrong decision, I just kill people and drink for the most part. Kinda funny actually."
  15. [​IMG]

    "Oh, no. I know I have to get out of here as well and I'm all alone doing so. I just hope they know that as well. Dead or not, I'm still going worry." Runali corrected, before listening to the cat. It really thought she wasn't worried about herself? Oh, she would've been terrified if she wasn't in her right mind. It was clear that she would be alone on this venture, but she couldn't freak out about it. If she freaked out, nothing would've gotten accomplished. When the cat jumped, she flinched expecting it to hit her. Though, opening her one eye, she realized it turned into nothing more than smoke...which she should've expected from a cat in the land of the dead. Runali eyed the haze quietly, wondering what was about to happen. She did realize that despite knowing she her own fates, she may have been worried about the others more.

    The fog cleared and Runali looked down at herself, noticing the changes almost instantly. The young woman tugged at her uniform and hat and gave a small smile. It was a cool trick, but Runali presumed it wouldn't last all too long. She focused more. Her hands opened and closed when she realized she could feel things. The numbness from before vanished and something else washed over her. Stories of people, all that died here and how they died ran through her mind. But it was more than that and she knew it. Her eyes closed, and she half expected to see everything she felt, however, she didn't and she didn't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. There was so much more to the life she lived and so much she could have done- if she hadn't been dead.

    When Runali opened her eyes, she moved the eyepatch she was wearing to rub at her blind eye after the tingling sensation died down. The black mist had vanished and now it was just the ghost cat floating in front of her. The captain, former captain at the moment, crossed her arms and looked at the empty world around them. The statues were still there, putting something of value to the world though...

    "I could be of use to them. A better use I should say. I'm not much, but I do have the potential to grow- as you just showed me." Runali stared at the cat for a moment and then nodded. "It makes me wonder what I could've accomplished if I knew all this before. Y'know, with the idea of what an actual captain could be." Runali decided to sit in the sand and watch the cat float above her. Despite not having the cat's influence, her mind still whirred with thoughts from the beginning of it all to the conversation she had with Alicia at Brass cape. "I thought it would be easy. But I learned that it wouldn't be already. I learned that from him."

    Those words echoed for a moment before she recalled the sea monster that killed them. "And so, long story short, I'm almost 100% sure that I died because of, well you know, not using my potential." There was a moment of silence before she added on. "Also, because we weren't prepared to face a sea monster. One that is said to be a legend at that...if you want to be technical and all. But yeah, I get it. Unless I'm wrong and you had something else in mind..."
  16. [​IMG]

    Something was speaking to him, and it spoke in a childlike voice that swirled around the inside of his skull. Nolan's mind was still reeling and he found himself unable to comprehend the entity's words.

    His friends had been turned to stone. His friends had been turned to stone.

    It was the same thought over and over again, and the outside world, it felt as if it were nothing but a backdrop. Nolan continued to stare emptily at the cool sand and the numerous statues, the marble prisoners that had once been flesh and blood, that had once had friends and family just like they did. He wondered what sort of lives they had lived, wondered if they had a family, friends, or maybe a lover, and he would have kept wondering if not for the few that had begun to move.

    They formed a throne of marble. The oddity snapped out of his thoughts, and once more reality came crashing down. Sights and sounds and feelings all started to make sense again.

    The entity's words started to make sense too.

    —forgot how odd you creatures are."

    He felt his shoulders shake and looked around, but no one was there. Nolan wanted to ask so many questions, but his heart felt heavy and he didn't want to end up crying. What kind of pirate just stood there and cried when things got difficult? Nolan closed his eyes and listened to the entity speak, he'd take the time to breathe deeply and gather his wits.

    The entity talked about spirits. About second chances.

    He swallowed hard then mustered up the calmness to speak, but he didn't answer its question, there was still so much he needed to know. "So," his voice was thick with sorrow, "my friends and I, we really are dead, aren't we?" Speaking to a spirit...this was crazy. "I don't know what you mean, but you mentioned second chances." He clenched his shaking hands into fists and the next words he spoke had a determined spark to them. "Will my friends get a second chance too?" He stared at the marble statues with burning determination, and memories of the last month came rushing back.

    Nolan thought of Luro's goofy ramblings, Runali's leadership, Ray's songs, Danny's energy, and Alicia's determination. He thought about the adventures and troubles they had gotten themselves into and soon the fear was gone. Nolan raised his head and stood his ground. "They get a second chance too, don't they? I...I don't know what you are, but what do I have to do? I'll do anything."
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  17. Ray struggled to locate the source of the voice in the dead air of the graveyard, though the shattering statue helped immeasurably; the echoes of this place were so alien, Ray would be surprised if he could pinpoint any sound here. Even when the unknown man stood in front of him and introduced himself, he sounded like he was everywhere and nowhere, all at once.

    Ray wasn't shocked when Shaw knew his name, but he was suspicious of his wording. He cracked a wan smile. “Home? By home I hope you mean 'the Coral Pearl with all my friends' and not Manor Skalter, because that place is no longer any home of mine. Might as well keep me here, save yourself some time, if that's the case.”

    He shook his head, “Eh, doesn't matter. So, what's this about getting out of here?” Ray felt strangely at ease around Shaw. Maybe he was one of the less illustrious Lords of Lendria, maybe whatever deity that held sway here chose someone relatable. Or maybe he was just some other lost soul who had lost his opportunity at escape, yet somehow evaded the apparent inevitable decay of this limbo. “and just to be clear, this way out is a ticket for one as opposed to...” He looked back at his motionless friends, “...five?”

    Ray let Shaw talk, sensing the gravity of the situation grow. He didn't know his timber very well, but the strange chunk of lumber Shaw was whittling definitely did not seem familiar, or natural for that matter. Then again it could just be some extremely exotic wood from the furthest reaches of the world. Ray shoved those thoughts out of his mind in favor of Shaw's ultimatum: why did he deserve to live?

    He sat silent in thought for quite some time. Well, it certainly isn't because of my virtues, otherwise I'd already be in the halls of my forefathers. I could try to challenge him to a duel for my life. Maybe. Probably not. I doubt he'd let me out-sing him either, so there goes sticking with my strengths. I have always acted with honor... except with all the pickpocketing. I should probably stop taking people's money... nah. I could tell him about Lisset and my unfinished business with her, but he may know about it already. And then, it occurred that he had no idea what Shaw would want to hear. His previous virtues had apparently failed to take him the the Lords, so maybe it was something else that Shaw wanted. Only one way to find out what that was without giving a wrong answer.

    “Before I give an answer, I have a question.” Shaw gave an impatient look and Ray raised his hands defensively. “Hey, my life is on the line, I can't rush this. My question is, what do you want to hear from me? Hear me out; when begging for one's life, and I am under no illusions I am doing anything but, one should be either entertaining or useful. Since I'm not much for joking around with my life in the hands of another, I wanna be useful. You say you want to hear why I should live, I'm asking what you want to hear. A list of my achievements and accolades or how I'm such a moral exemplar? A tearful recanting of my past sins and promises of better behavior as if I were a child receiving a stern lecture? An offer of a wager or challenge for my soul? What do you want?” Ray tried flashing a charming smile, but couldn't bring himself to fully pull it off, for fear of what may come next.
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  18. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Antoine allowed a real smile to creep along his lips, the first since he had met Alicia. In his smile, his dubious little smirk, she could seem the warmth of this spirit. It became easy to understand why he was a spirit and far easier to understand why she was brought to him. She might not be able to piece it together yet, but with just half the knowledge the others had Alicia would understand that she found life in death. Antoine, however, wasn't one for letting a moment like this go. As the thoughts and ideas he poured into her head faded, Antoine wrapped his free arm around her waist and pressed her body close to his. In this cold world, there was an intense warmth, and it came from this spirit. It also came from her. Still speechless, Antoine let her take in the moment. She would need to.
    Antoine let his sapphire eyes peer right into and even through Alicia as the world around them began to change again. The cold stand turned into warm earth. The marble statues darkened and warped into long trees. The air was filled with the scents of life and foliage, and the warm sun poured down on them. For the first time since Alicia had arrived here, she heard more than just another voice. She heard the thousands of living things in the woods that now surrounded her. This moment was real. This moment was alive. It was made real by a perfect sunset or falling cherry blossoms, nor any perfect poem. It was made real because Antoine willed it, but more importantly, because Alicia allowed it.
    A few moments of sunlit silence...
    Antoine sighed contently, then let out a chuckle. "You may return upon answering a simple riddle, Alicia. That is the rule. Although I hate to see you leave me, I would not let such a beautiful blossom die in these cold gardens. I want you to bloom into something legendary, and with more vibrant colors than I can describe. But before I do..." Antoine pressed his lips onto hers one more time. It was becoming obvious Antoine was somewhat the spirit of the paramour.
    "If a man has a dream, regardless of how notorious or noble, what does he truly lose if he is willing to forsake everything to achieve it?"
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "You're a pathetic excuse for a human being, Luro," the voice replied to him. It left its blade inside him, piercing his chest and pinning him down as he began to walk away. "You're a murderer regardless, Luro. You will always have that urge. That itch to pull a trigger. That desire to end a life and bring them here to see me," the voice added while walking away. Out from its black cloak outstretched two, black-feathered wings as it began to flap them, pushing itself into the sky with life. "By whatever God you believe in, Luro, I will not grant you a second life. You don't deserve it. You are nothing to those pirates; one of them already passed their test. One of them understands and admits what they did wrong in life. But you, Luro? You're so deep in denial you'll spend the next few decades sobering up and realizing the piece of shit you are," the voice exclaimed as it began to fly again.​
    From the silver sheet of the sky that indiscriminately glowed above them fired a spear, piercing straight through the Spirit called Eden and pinning him down beside Luro. "THAT IS NOT YOUR DECISION TO MAKE, SVILLE!" screamed a voice in gleaming armor as it floated through the silver sky as if it were a pool of mercury. "You know as well as I that these ones are willed to live. They are not like those in the Garden. They will live again regardless of if they deserve it or not, and you will give him the test. That is the only way he can fail," this new individual shouted at the Sville, formerly Eden. The black winged spirit had its wings broken beneath him, pinned beside Luro in a slight bit of irony.​
    Sville at this point only growled. Both of these spirits seemed violent and final in their beliefs. The gleaming armor of the first didn't make him a white knight as much as he seemed like an emissary bound by a strict code, the armor just there as a symbol. Sville, to this man, seemed nothing less than a dog. An executioner in black dressed to intimidate as that was his job. The contrast between these two was powerful, and the fact the first had pinned the previously omnipotent spirit Sville with a single spear only emphasized this more. The spear began to twist and tear into Sville, causing black spew to cover the ground and spill from his mouth.​
    "Luro Makachi... Man is beast. But, what keeps men from being beasts, if that is what they are?"​
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    This feline spirit purred at the reactions Runali had to her transformation. It was as planned, in all reality. The girl had a few arguments about minor issues, but that was mostly her youth. The spirit was in complete belief that Runali understood she was far from what she needed to be if she wanted to call herself a pirate. The realization might be able to turn this crew around, which was the goals of these spirits all along. Aside from Danny, each member of this crew had a strong enough spirit to withstand this place long enough to be assessed. That alone marked something. When several spirits come together, it is almost magnetic. When it happens, great things follow. Their deaths now might mean nothing in the grand scheme. If anything, their deaths might just be another chapter in their journey.
    "This is not all, girl," the feline spirit added as it roosted back onto a marble statue. At this point, the effects on Runali were beginning to diminish. Her body was shrinking, her toned muscles returning to what firmness they had from working the ship. All of her new talents and senses vanished. "You could be far more than what I showed you; even I don't know what secrets life has ahead." The feline then put one of its transparent paws over its eye, and from it pulled out a yellow gemstone, leaving a gap in its eye, only to regrow a green eye where it once was yellow. Similar to a tigerseye crystal, this gemstone was yellow and hard as well as see through, like amber.
    "You have to be more, Runali," the cat said, leaping off its perch again to begin circling Runali. "The world you lived in its cruel, unforgiving and full of powerful, sadistic people. You won't live long on sheer luck," the spirit told her. As Runali finally returned to normal, the spirit waited for her to come to. It would be a dizzying experience. A whirlwind of confusion and vertigo, but it would pass. The Spirit said, "I believe you can be more, so I will ask you one riddle. Your answer will determine if your fate, Runali, is to be a statue or a captain..."
    "If a man can best he who holds up the world, what power does he have?"
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "You don't understand purity, Nolan. You think purity is innocence? Virginity? Never spilling a man's blood?" the spirit asked with a subsequent scoff. It was obviously a rhetorical question, but condescending nonetheless. "Let me tell you who I was in life..."​
    "I was a man named Kriss. I don't remember any other name. I have been a spirit for longer than civilizations have been alive. But, in life, I was flesh and blood, just like you. The world below the Grand Line was ran by a powerful colonial empire, far before whatever runs it now. The empire took over with its vast navy, and they abused their power time after time. I was a wee boy, maybe even a little dull, but I saw a captain just stealing rum from a market boat for no reason other than he was thirsty and no one could stop him. But, I tried. I tried to stop this theft and I argued with that captain. I couldn't have been as high as your chest, monsieur Fischer, but I felt like a brick wall. An', when that Captain aimed his guns at me, I told him that killing me would only prove he was wrong. I told him I wanted him to shoot me in front of all those people because he was wrong, and doing so would be admitting it...​
    ...but he didn't...​
    ...he laughed and said the world wasn't fair, Monsieur Fischer. Even now, I can remember those words. That injustice. He didn't shoot me, he didn't touch me. He knocked me aside because I was powerless. I spent the next decade of my life hunting him down, becoming a sailor, becoming a man known for justice where it was due. When I found him, I didn't punish him... or torture him... I didn't do anything to him. I asked him to shoot me. I asked him to kill me. I asked him to do what he didn't because he had to be wrong, Monsieur Fischer. It was not enough to know he was wrong; I had to die for him to admit it. I was fanatic about it.​
    But, in a decade, the world changed. He wasn't a captain anymore. He was just a shit-sailor making a meager living. The empire had a civil dispute and had ushered in an era of prosperity and justice from the militant empire it had been. My actions had been duly noted by a police force, I was sent through the system for my supposed crimes, but instead of punishment, they allowed me a place on the first Grand Council of the New Empire... I eventually became the first Great Judge of a line. I don't know what your world is now, I don't, but I lived a life seeking out to punish the wicked, curb the corrupt and preserve the pure. I wasn't made the Spirit of Vengeance or of Justice; they do exist, Monsieur Fischer."​
    After the story, not exactly brief, but nevertheless insightful, the spirit manifested. Unlike the others, it wasn't a mortal body. Instead, it was a masculine body of pure white. Not like the marble, no. This was not porous rock. This was almost a metallic sheen. Skin of glazed ivory, if anything. No distinguishing features, just white form.​
    "Purity, Monsieur Fischer, is not just good and bad. Purity is that if you were to refine something over and over, to take away the unneeded, to take away the extra, that you would have a single, consistent point. I obsessed in my life over being correct. I was pure in the sense that all I ever cared about was being right. I never had a lover. A child. I never even had a friend, Monsieur Fischer. I just wanted to be right, and I lived until I died being correct. So when I ask you, Monsiuer Fischer, why you would meet up with the Spirit of Purity, it is not a question if your innocence."​
    The voice echoed from the form, but hardly anything else. The form did not move. It was lifelike, somehow, but elsewise it was just an off-color marble statue. "I have spoken a lot, but I feel that you can comprehend it. So... I will ask one question. I was a judge in life, and I am judge in death. The trial to determine your verdict, Monsieur Fischer, will be determined by be through your answer:​
    If a man has accomplished his greatest dream, what does he do next?"​
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    "Well, Ray, dats a good question, I won' lie, but, but..." Shaw trailed off in silence for a moment. "Youse used a whole lotta words tah get there. You gotta stop doin' dat, boy. All you had ta ask, was, 'Well, Mr. Shaw, what da Hell do youse wanna hear?' and dat'd be fine!" Shaw explained almost chuckling. He found the amount that Ray said to be silly for a simple question. The other spirits did it, too. Ray had the tendency to become fairly irate at the spirits that droned on and on with some story or nonsense, but avoided the point.​
    "Teh point was gonna be dat I don't care about why youse think ya ought'a go back, Ray. Dat's ain't how this game works, ya see," Shaw explained. Simultaneously, he was whittling the miniature statue down fairly quickly. It was merely a bear, of all things. He shaped it down to an easy figure to make out. Just big enough to fit in the palm of your hand. "But, ya beat me to it. You ain't got a single reason in yer head that makes yer life worth a second chance, but chur still clingin' to reason. That's the way the worl' works, Ray. We wanna live, we all wanna die an' go to some heaven, an' ain't no one wanna be anythin' short of'a hero. Dat's nature, Ray..."​
    Shaw may have rambled, somewhat like what he was complaining about, but his thick accent made it make sense. It all flowed from him eloquently. Shaw sighed for a second, then said, "so lemme tell youse about nature here. In teh worl' of the dead, Ray, nature says that yer spirit was strong enough to keep its spark in this place. We call Limbo, since you ain't passed over yet. Ya died in the ocean, Ray, so yer Limbo is here. If ya die on land... well, I don't know those specifics. Nevertheless, the rules are as such. If you get stuck livin' in Limbo, you have the chance to convince a spirit here to give you part of their power. They go dormant here, a sleep if ya will. But, you can travel back to the worl' of the livin'. I don't know the details from there, honestly, but I do know we don't get tah wake up 'til ya die again. Needless ta say, boy, it ain't easy to convince us. So, to be fair, we give youse a riddle. You answer to our likin', an' we give you that second chance. You don', an' well you can see what happens to ya. Even I 'ave a riddle, Ray. It goes like so:​
    If you kill a man in the forest, so far away from people that his body can't be found and his spirit can't linger, who knows who killed him?"​
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  19. [​IMG]

    Runali looked up at the cat with a curious gaze. There was more? "I didn't just have a life long lesson bestowed on me? Hm, and here I thought I learned all I needed to make that first step to a new life." Sarcasm laced her tone, but it was light and playful so it didn't come off as rude. Before she could ask 'What was next?' Runali could feel all of those new and improved features of hers disappearing until she was back to her regular old self. It wasn't her best but she could proudly say it wasn't her worse. For one, the captain was glad to be sitting, due to the dizzying effects of it all. She heard all the same, but her focus wavered and her sight wasn't too great either. Her hand went to her head and her eyes closed until she could be sure the world stopped spinning around her.

    "More? More than...More than what you showed me?" She slowly came to and then looked at the cat again. With a simple nod, she continued to listen. Runali was pretty sure the cat of all creatures in the current realm of nowhere, as if there were anymore, would know what it was talking about. She was in no place to argue considering she was dead and had no idea how to gain her life again. So, why not just listen to the ghost cat?

    "Luck won't get me far- I'm pretty sure my luck ran out when I died. But, yeah, okay. Got the memo. Besides, I've already learned that there are many people- many, many people who are stronger than I." Runali decided to stop rambling about things the cat already new, and listened to this riddle she was given. Still seated, she leaned on her knees and sighed. "If a man can best he who holds up the world, what power does he have? Hm..." She echoed the question more than once, contemplating just how to answer it. Her life was at stake, so she couldn't get something like this wrong. It was definitely nice to know that the cat felt that she had potential. It gave her hope that she wasn't going to die like the statues. But there was still that question... "I don't know. I mean if anyone could best a person with omniscience, I'd say they were pretty damn smart..."

    She tapped on her legs and stared into the sand. "Someone who can best the one who holds up the world sounds pretty wise. I suppose they'd have the power to make a difference whether it's chaotic or orderly. Unless you want to be technical...then the answer is probably omnipotence." She shrugged and glanced up at the cat. She wondered if she thought too hard into the riddle. Sometimes, the more obvious answers could be correct...
  20. [​IMG]

    She recognised this place as it materialised around them, filling the empty canvas of nothingness with light, colour and warmth. Her face expressed her recollection as she looked around, the way the trees stood around them as they shed their beauty in the form of small flickers of pink and white, a warm gentle breeze carrying them towards the rich coloured grass which tilted, bowing to the gentle wind that licked against the earth. She could hear the birds as they sang their beautiful songs, pulling at her heart as they took her back to her childhood, back when she could be found sitting under these trees with her mother who would read to her stories about these amazing places which laid far beyond the boarders of Yula Fei. Alicia could almost see herself as she looked at these trees, a little girl, laying in the arms of her mother who smiled down with warm affection. The memories, this place... it over powered her in an instant, causing her to almost break inside as her hands trembled. The spirit must have known, he must have known that her mother had departed her world, this place having been one of the last places she'd spent with her before she'd left.

    Since that day, Alicia had never come back to this place and it'd been left to her memory, locked away to push away the pain the loss had caused her. Now the wound had been opened again and it was now that she knew she hadn't ever truly recovered from it, having ran from it instead by focusing on her training. But she didn't want to run any more, she couldn't and in all honesty she didn't want too. The memories, no matter how painful, were still beautiful moments in her life that she wouldn't trade for anything the world could offer her. Alicia silently allowed these memories to circulate her mind as the cherry blossoms fell over them, catching in her hair and her clothes while others continued on their path as the wind took them again.

    She focused back on Antoine when he spoke, breaking her thoughts and returning her attention to him as she listened to what he had to say, taking in a deep breath before he pulled her in again. Had she not been overwhelmed with emotions, she might have been uncomfortable with him being so close to her and on her. And in truth she did feel an element of this, but with the understanding of where she was, what he was and what it is she was doing here, she could forgive it this once. "If a man has a dream, regardless of how notorious or noble, what does he truly lose if he is willing to forsake everything to achieve it?" he had asked her, causing her to look away into the gaps between the many beautiful trees around them as she thought about it. She looked back to Antoine, "He loses the very reason why we live, and perhaps even himself. For a man who chooses to forsake everything will have nothing, only to destroy himself upon realising his mistake" she replied, "For what is a dream without others to share it with".
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