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    [ GM: Capt. Blu | Genre: High Fantasy, Comedy, Tragedy | Status: Closed ]

    May 26, 2014 - The day it all started.

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    I'd like to make it clear that this idea is influenced by the anime One Piece, but is not a One Piece roleplay. Also, this is an Intermediate to Adept level roleplay. Novels aren't needed, but the minimum of 3 paragraphs are. And the post cycle is one post every 1-4 days (from my post of course)

    • Don't Godmod. It's as simple as that.
    • Be friendly in OOC, keep the drama in the IC
    • Follow Iwaku rules!
    • RPs with a lack of communication die, so I'd appreciate it if we all got to know each other, besides it's more fun to RP with someone you can call friend.
    • If you vanish for a week without warning I'll send a PM and give you three days to respond. If you don't then I'm sorry. If you ask in advance though then that won't be a problem.
    • Don't be afraid to add to the story! But if it's something major, please PM about it first.

    This Golden Age of piracy is among us.

    "We shouldn't worry about being able to achieve our dreams, as long as we have the desire to do it because a man's dream never dies!"

    Pirates band together for a common goal: The search for wealth, women (or men), and to accomplish whatever personal troubles they have. Problem is, if you really want to call it as such, the life of a pirate isn't an easy one, especially not for the StarDusk pirates. On their journey they will meet many trials and dangers. The very act of travelling the seas under the pirate flag requires skill not many have. Some will require a strong fist putting someone in their place, while others may need a bit of persuasion with pieces of silver or favors. In the midst of all their adventure, their journey circles around one main goal - find the Black Compass.

    Why's a compass so important? Can't you get one anywhere?

    Well of course you can. But it's a little less likely to find a compass that directs you straight to treasure for gods. It is every pirate's dream to get that treasure, but the only way to get there is with that compass. Despite the many who search for it, people still doubt if it is even true. This Compass could simply be a myth that had been and passed from generation to generation. What better way to find out, than to go searching for it? This is a tale of adventure, of bonding with fellow outlaws, and seeing just how far this crew is willing to go to get what they want.

    This is, the Age of Pirates.

    If you want to read the story from the beginning~

    For all those interested, PM me your CS so I can approve of them.

    CS sheet (open)

    Name: [Everyone's got one ya know!]

    Age: [We don't need any young ones on the ship. 17-30]

    Gender: [If only for the sake of knowing so we don't offend ya.]

    Appearance: [As a member of the StarDusk pirates, you must have your star somewhere on you whether it be a tattoo on your arm or a bandana you always wear, you must have the symbol.] It can be any style as long as this star is in the center and the most prominent thing. (It would be much obliged if it were either a detailed description or a picture and description.)

    Position: [Where do you fall in this crew? You're not the captain so what're ya?]

    Personality: [How will you act around everyone else? We need to make sure you'll at least tolerate the crew.]

    Special Skill: [You have to know how to protect yourself. No, you don't have magic powers, but you can still be cool without 'em.]

    History: [Sure you can reveal extreme stuff during our journey, but we still need to know something about you.]

    Why did you become a pirate: [Out of everything in the world, you decided to defy the law and find treasure. Why?] (This could coexist with your History.)

    Captain - Runali Lev

    Name: Runali "Runa" Lev
    Gender: Female


    Runali stands around 5"7 with medium length dark blue-black hair. She has a black hat that normally covers it, like the picture, but without the decorations. Her left eye is covered by a black eyepatch (unless she or a crew member gets another every now and then) so the color is unknown, but her right eye is an odd golden color.

    Her StarDusk symbol is on her right arm. It's the original symbol of a star and ribbon encompassing it. The symbol lacks excess designs, symbolizing that she is the captain, and the first to have the symbol printed on her.

    The symbol is usually visible due to her wearing short sleeves most of the time. Her attire normally consists of tan capris pants that stop right at her knees and some type of short sleeve shirt whether it be plain or loose button up.

    Position: "Somehow, I convinced enough people to believe that I'd be a good captain. Boy are they in for a ride. Captain of the Coral Pearl, and the StarDusk Pirates."

    Personality: It would be hard to make out a specific personality profile for the girl. Her demeanor changes like the wind. Often, Runali is seen as a lazy lump, always dozing off on the ship as they're sailing the seas. If one is lucky, you might catch her sleep through a meaningless fight. But this side of her is only when she is around the people she is most comfortable with, meaning her crew. Normally, Runali is a fairly stoic person. Many believe her stoic personality holds an air of mystery or they may expect her to be some cryptic person with riddles and have a highly serious attitude. This is not the case. Runali just doesn't show many emotions.

    The girl sometimes displays emotion when under extreme stress or in other highly emotional situations, but her usual repertoire consists of mild boredom and detached interest. Often times, during fights Runali is seen yawning in boredom, especially to long monologues. Her crew, and extreme situations are the ones or things that manage to elicit many emotions out of her.

    Being a two sided coin, if one doesn't catch her being lazy, then they are bound to see... a stoic character, but one with more motivation in her eyes. She can be very perceptive, something she may demonstrate by providing important and logical decisions at critical times and by evaluating the situation from an objective point of view. There's a shift in pattern where it seems like she is only motivated during extreme periods of time, and then she'll so happen to switch it up and no one knows what to expect.

    And despite all this, Runali considers herself fairly boring...(which in the narrator's opinion, she might be.)

    Special Skill: Runali is extraordinarily agile. Even at a young age, she was able to execute mid-air somersaults and cartwheels that surpassed natural human talents. Because of this, she was very fast and agile in battle, able to outmaneuver almost any opponent she came across and jump exceptionally high and far even from a stationary position. She is also very limber; able to twist and bend herself into positions nearly impossible for an ordinary person to achieve. These abilities also grant her impressive parkour and freerunning skills, allowing her to scale almost any surface or terrain very quickly and squeeze through most barriers and small spaces.

    Runali's most defining ability is her mastery of pressure-point martial arts. With her extensive knowledge of the human body, she can strike sequences of pressure points, immobilizing her enemies to various degrees. She has the ability to paralyze a single body part or an opponent's entire body, if she can get close enough.

    History: Runali was born to a tradesmen and a store merchant. So, her life consisted of a lot of travel. While her father took business in trading, often times she would visit the different islands with him, which proved to teach her a quick tongue, making her a great bargainer. If she wasn't doing that, then she was helping her mother organize the fruits and vegetables she sold. There was nothing too extraordinary about her life. Runali was a normal cloud gazer, and if not, there wasn't too much she would do. The kids that didn't think she was weird played with her on occasions, but normally she preferred to observe than to join in. Her quiet nature comes from being told to speak when spoken to.

    One day, when she was traveling with her father, Runali encountered a woman training in Tai Chi, and various meditative martial arts. Before long, she trained with the woman as well, often staying on the island and returning to her home days later. This is how she learned her agile abilities. It was all fine and peaceful until a band of thieves raided the two females. Yes, they were able to fight back, but not without the price of a few injuries- one being how she got the eyepatch. No one is sure exactly how she got injured, whether it was an explosion or she was stabbed, or something of the sorts. All they know is that she... well, got injured.

    Being young, her story is still in full effect. Only months before she had started her journey sailing the seas, and now she decided to become a pirate.

    Why you became a pirate: Unlike many, she has no traumatic experiences or no need for revenge. Runali just wanted to know what freedom was like. At home, she was forced into such a routine life, that normally left her cloud gazing. As a pirate, she can experience frequent change and constant adventure. Even if she doesn't show it, Runali enjoys it.
    Shipwright - Luro Makachi

    Name: Luro Makachi
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male

    Luro stands at about 6’9 and has bit of muscle tone needed for his job, due to his long sleeves it doesn’t show, his eyes are hazel. He has a tattoo on the right side of his face put there by natives he encountered during his travels. The StarDusk symbol rest on his chest slightly on the left a little over his heart, it remains the original with the cloth circling around it and since his shirt is normally open slightly revealing the top of his chest it always shows.

    Position: Carpenter

    Personality: Luro is a carefree guy that would rather sleep on a beach then go pillage a village; he seems too relaxed a majority of the time especially in times of conflict. He’s a friendly guy who is more than willing to share a pint with his worst enemy at a moment’s notice. However underneath his easygoing exterior is a violent man more than willing to use force to get his way. He’s a loyal crew member who does have a personal code of honor, however he believes anyone that’s willing to attack him should be ready to lose their life over it.

    He loves nothing more than brawling and taking a nap afterwards.

    Special skills: He’s been in enough fights to hold his own when it comes to bare knuckle brawl but his true skill is his obsession for firearms. Luro’s love for firearms extends to his usage of them especially his flintlock rifle. He’s spent years combining the usage of his rifle and his brawling into a style that can lock with any hand weapon, it’s a stylish close combat style using his rifle and hand-to-hand. He can reload his gun with inhuman speed (though it is still a flintlock rifle so it won’t be in five seconds or anything like that) and he’s just as deadly at long range as short but his skilled use extends only towards his rifle as pistols are more inaccurate, this doesn’t stop him from keeping one on his person. He doesn’t like sword or cutlasses so he never carries any.

    History: Luro’s past seems to change each time it’s brought up in conversation making his history sketchy at best with even his current name being made up. What is known about him is that he got into trouble with the law and instead of getting imprisoned and eventually hung he decided to run away. Luro became a stowaway on a ship and to his misfortune that ship got caught in a storm. Instead of waking up in another city he found himself on a beach on some island. Very few people survived the wreck but the few that did tried to adapt to the best of their abilities. Luro met a carpenter during that time and he taught him what he knew when Luro agreed to help him in getting off the island.

    The two succeeded enlisting the help of anyone that could help and made their way off the island, unfortunately when Luro returned to land he found a wanted poster of himself up in one of the port towns, knowing he couldn't stay he left on the dingy that got them to land. Unfortunately he ended up getting stranded again and met some natives during this time, his story after that is a mixture of random adventures and possibly an endless supply of lies.

    Why did you become a pirate: Freedom is Luro’s reason. He loves the idea of being his own man and doing what he wants whenever he wants. So long as he can enjoy his freedom he’s content with whatever lies in his way.
    Musician - Raymond Skalter

    Name: Raymond Skalter
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male


    5' 10'', Blonde ponytail, brown eyes. (He looks like Edward Kenway from AC4 in the above outfit minus the hood, and physically slimmer, less muscular and no facial hair, scars or tattoos.) Wears a red scarf bearing the StarDusk Pirates emblem in the center and a small family crest in the corner tied to his left arm. Prefers more expensive clothing.

    Position: Gunner/Musician

    Personality: Among the crew, he is friendly, garrulous, laid-back and affable. When in the presence of anyone outside the crew, he becomes proper and formal, the spitting image of a gentleman pirate. He has a tendency to flirt with women, even with female crew mates, though in that case its usually meant as friendly banter, though he doesn't flirt with the captain. He likes singing and playing the fiddle for the crew, and leads the crew in many shanties and tavern songs. He values loyalty above all other virtues and is extremely loyal to the Captain and crew. He despises disloyalty and traitors.

    Special Skill: Fencing/Dueling. Though he uses a saber or a cutlass more often than not, he carries a rapier with him at all times which he is expertly skilled with. On the rare occasion that he draws it, the fight he is involved in usually ends within seconds. He also carries a small concealed pistol for emergencies.

    ~During the trip to Yula Fei, Ray managed to eat a Devil Fruit- more specifically the Ice Fruit
    Devil Fruit Abilities:

    Ice Time
    Can freeze a circular iceberg up to 100 feet (~33 meters) in diameter into the ocean (just under 8000 square feet or under 900 square meters) for up to a few hours. As he is learning how to use his power, this number is bound to increase over time.

    Ice Rapier
    Using a rapier or other long thin object as a core, Ray blows on it to form a rough blade, then runs his hand over it to shape it into a proper weapon. (Later improvements will allow him to use this skill without a core object.)

    Ice Pistols
    Ray makes pistols of ice materialize on his person, which can fire ice shards. They are largely ineffective against armor, but the ice shards may shatter on impact, causing greivous wounds against unprotected flesh. It takes several seconds to form each pistol, and Ray's skill with firearms far outstrips his ability to reload or make replacements, so he often makes a dozen at a time. (Later improvements will increase his crafting rate to the point that it catches up to his skill with firearms, allowing him to shoot without switching pistols after each shot.)

    Ice Time
    Ray believes he can use this ability, but has had neither the opportunity nor the cause to test it.

    Ice Time Capsule
    Ray can use this ability, but the ice travels rather slow, and is ineffective at catching fleeing opponents. Instead, Ray uses the ability to catch enemies off their guard.

    Ice Block: Cold Shot
    Ray Crafts a cannonball or cannon shell made of ice with a center of supercooled air in the center. The projectile is designed to shatter on impact, spilling the supercooled air around the target and freezing it. When used at sea, it can create small icebergs, and can cripple or immobilize enemy ships. However, he hasn't had the opportunity to test this ability, so it remains theoretical for now.

    Ray turns his body into clear ice, which is see-through, making him partially invisible. It looks something like this. and makes him hard to detect visually. However, he still makes sound normally and he requires a bit of concentration to use, making it impractical to maintain in combat. He also may inadvertently leave behind clues that might give away his presence (ie. wet footprints or puddles from melting ice). Physically it offers no defensive or offensive abilities.

    Weapon Skills:

    Point-Blank Firing Squad
    Ray takes a moment to center himself before launching a flurry of rapid rapier strikes upon his opponent. Some witnessing the ability have likened it to a version of Soru performed with the arms, and believe it might be blended with techniques like Ranyaku and Shigan in order to strike at range.

    Physical Abilities:

    Through his experience as a deulist, he also has trained his reflexes, agility and accuracy to thoroughly above average levels, and can reliably hit targets within 10 meters with pinpoint accuracy. Any further than that and his accuracy takes a significant dive, due to the natural range of pistols and his inexperience with any other form of firearm.
    Ray also possesses the physical strengths and weaknesses inherent to all Logia-Type Devil Fruit users. In regards to his particular fruit, the Hie Hie no Mi has given him an intolerance for warmer climates and an increased tolerance for colder climes.
    Beyond these, Ray possesses no particularly exceptional physical abilities.

    History: Raymond clearly was a man of breeding, in the way he dresses and carries himself. He prefers not to talk about his past, but he has admitted that his musical talents and swordsmanship came from his wealthy upbringing.

    Why did you become a pirate: The way he tells it, Ray was press-ganged when the ship he took passage on turned out to be a pirate ship, though whenever pressed for details, and then only when drunk, all he'll say is that he fought a duel over a woman and lost, though sometimes he says he fought a duel with a woman and lost.
    Swordswoman - Alicia Tashigi

    Name: Alicia Tashigi

    Age: 22

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: The black star will be added after she is recruited and declares her loyalty to the captain.

    Position: Fighter/Swordswomen

    Personality: Alicia is very calm and gentle in nature. She likes to maintain a composed and relaxed sense of self and portrays this in the way she'll speak and act in situations. She enjoys having deep conversations, especially about philosophy or topics which provoke deeper thinking. She also carries an appreciation for art in all forms and enjoys beautiful scenery. Alicia proves herself useful in crisis situations, often remaining calm and putting her mind into solving a problem rather than focusing on the problem itself. That isn't to say she doesn't know fear, Alicia can become fearful and even intimidated if she's presented with a situation she can not win. This will usually result in her faltering in how she presents herself which will be when she looks for friends and those close to her for guidance. Despite her young age, Alicia appears to be wise, often reciting words of wisdom or thought provoking sentences in order to aid the minds of her friends. Some could say she is a little mysterious in some ways, although she makes no attempts to hide herself from those who seek answers from her. Lastly to note is Alicia's temper, while hard to provoke she does have the capacity and will usually lecture or scold the individual who has made her upset. Of course that's providing it's an obvious fault on their part. If it's a difference of opinion she might simply walk away to calm herself down if it becomes heated.

    Special Skill: Incredible with the sword, Alicia is a masterful swordswomen who takes great pride in her skills. She is staggeringly fast and impressively graceful as each stroke from her sword is handled with the same delicacy as if it were a paint brush. Multiple opponents who challenge her in battle usually give her a wide birth when engaged with her, giving her room as to not fall prey to her sword style and technique.

    History: Alicia was born to a family who owned a dojo which taught the art of the sword, so it came as no surprise that she too would learn how to fight with one. Growing up her father was far stricter on her than the other students who trained from other families in the town of her birth. Every one of her movements had to be precise, measured and perfect to the standard of her father, failure being nothing short of unacceptable. She was conditioned growing up, spending hours of her day in the garden training when she wasn't being home schooled by her mother. She would be asked to perform tests of skill, such as silencing the flame of ten candles with a single cut without harming the wax. Failure was usually met with a piece of bamboo to the back of the legs, or at least it was once she was at a level in her training where to fail was to not be focusing hard enough.

    For years this was the way he father raised her, training her in everything from how to predict attacks through the movements of the feet and how to look out for incoming attacks using the periphery of her sight. Every part of her mind and body was specially conditioned to create the best possible swordswomen possible. Eventually, on her final test her father ordered that she fight him and use what she'd learned. The fight was brutal and went on for an hour before Alicia found her opening, stepping inside of her fathers reach and bringing the blade to rest against his neck. Her father couldn't have been happier in that moment and once the test was over he finally told her the words she'd longed to hear since the very beginning. He told her he was proud to call her his daughter.

    Shortly after being awarded the title of master she was gifted with a sword made especially for her with her initials embedded into the metal of the hilt and her family sigil embedded into the metal on the blade itself. Shortly after she assisted her father in training students as some day it would fall to her to take over in her fathers place. However, Alicia confessed that there was allot of the world she wanted to see before taking on that responsibility and asked permission to leave so that she might live her life before she would take over as the grand master of the dojo. Her father gave her his blessing and after some heartfelt goodbyes she left her home town in order to seek her adventure.

    Why did you become a pirate: She feels it is the best way to see the world and feels that if she can find treasure, she might be able to provide her family with a better way of living.
    Navigator - Mikchail Arcadius

    Name: Mikchail Arcadius

    Age: 28

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: 175cm tall, with broad shoulders and somewhat thickset body. His face is round, with short black hair and murky green eyes.

    When on a ship, working as a navigator, he's wearing his green longcoat, a mark of navigators in his homeland. Being right-handed, he's wearing his sword and pistol on the left side, both marked with his family crest of lion and eagle clashing together in eternal combat.

    His Star Dusk symbol (should he be accepted) would replace the needle inside his compass, one of the few possessions he brought with himself from his home.

    Position: Navigator

    Personality: Coming from a land where humans used to not be the top of the food chain, he tries to approach any situation with phlegmatism that in rare cases borders on fatalism. Being from a fairly wealthy family, and thus never really lacking for anything, he doesn't put large value in materialistic things, as his parents always taught him that you can buy things, but never wisdom and knowledge, and that those are the real currency of the world. This partially fuelled his frustration that lead him to leave the known shores and strike for lands where unknown lingered.

    From practical standpoint, this created a person that was lighthearted, never was able to hold a grudge for too long and easily forgave wrongs, but also one that was easy to distract and had tendency to give up on things far too easily if they showed little promise to bear fruit of success.

    Special Skill: Decent with flintlock and sword, but so far untested in actual combat, and of course, talent for navigation and cartography.

    History: What is there to say about me that would not leave you sleeping from boredom after first three sentences...

    I was born to a family that was one of the lesser branches of the ruling bloodline of my homeland, a distant place several months worth of a fairly perilous journey by ship, around many tricky shores and treacherous reefs. A place with long and boring history, where fat, slow merchant cogs travel between small city states and merchant empires. Where old castles, abandoned because noone needed them anymore, look down upon thick forests and dark valleys that once used to be filled with nameless horrors, but now the forests have roads cleared through them and the valleys have been cleared and became fertile farming land.

    A place where, it seems, all the history has already happened.

    At least that was my feeling when I got out of maritime school and served on one of those merchant cogs, named after the owner's wife. I wondered what drove those people to name them as such. Perhaps all of them were fat, boring and never ventured very far from the place they were born. I wondered if that would be my life as well, get together enough money by forty to buy my own cog, name it... Martha or some other incredibly boring name, and die by eighty, surrounded by family, in my own home I bought from my own wealth.

    I wonder what led my steps that night, whether alcohol or frustration, but I suppose both are close brothers that can often be considered one and the same. I strode from the harbor pup, across the pier and right into the only ship in the harbor that wasn't a cog. I was drunk by the time, so my memory is somewhat hazy, but I vaguely remember asking the captain if he was sailing “to a place with no more fucking cogs”. The captain recognized a hansa navigator's green longcoat, and as my luck would have it, he was desperately searching for a replacement. He was a warmhearted man who made his living by taking furs from my homeland to the far lands, and returning back with precious spices.

    Next day, I woke up wrapped up in my longcoat, in a longboat, and the sun was shining on the open sea. Not a forest, an abandoned castle or a damned cog in sight. The captain understood my plight, and said that he himself has done something similar back when he was some twenty stone slimmer. He said he left a note for my family that I was leaving with him on a trade mission, and that, if I'd wanted, I'd be back home in a year. I wasn't sure I'd want to be back in ten, as I was walking down the gangplank into a port that looked nothing like the one back at home.

    Why did you become a pirate: One impetuous decision, and a search for life that actually feels like living.
    Doctor - Jemima Bentham


    Name: Jemima Bentham (Former Name: Regan Hodt nee Boliver)
    Age: 27
    Occupation: Doctor in Training


    “Boring? I value my skin too much to have it sloughed off by some broom-up-the-ass Marine.”

    Reaching a mere 5’6” Jemima is just tall in enough to look you into the eye. Her deep brown eyes are so hard and cold that they appear almost black. The only time they betray a spark of emotion is when someone lights the end of her very short fuse. Complimenting her harsh stare is head full of wavy brown (almost black) hair. The colour is so intense that light seems to disappear once it falls on her head. Remaining true to her practical nature, her hair shoulder length hair is often swept back into a bushy ponytail to keep stray strands from annoying the heck out of her, while she does her day-to-day activities. But when particularly stressed or harried, Jema will pin the wretched bunch to the back of her head with a crimson butterfly clip. The bright red provides a startling splash of colour to her otherwise dreary outfit.

    Her outfit of choice these days are plain high collared ankle-length dresses in various shades of blacks, greys and navy blue. It isn’t due to any modesty on her part, as she is capable of being lusty when she wishes to, but as precaution to hide the tattoos adorning her arms and back. Mementos of her bygone youth on the high seas. Even her choice of footwear reflect a more grounded persona. She would select flat highly polished black leather shoes with a gleaming gold buckle in the summer and a black calf length black leather boots for winter. The only hints of her flirty nature are her crimson woolen shawl and alluring floral perfume. As a man, you definitely know when she has her eyes set on you, because that’s the only time she’ll ever put on her signature ruby red lipstick. The rich colour is oddly reminiscent of blood.


    “Get real love. That itsy bitsy cut ain’t gonna kill you. Better shut that yap of yers or I’ll stitch it close.”

    Kind doctors out here in this godforsaken wasteland? You must be dreaming. Jemima is the embodiment of the tough spirit you need to survive in this place. This certainly is no place to be a wimp, because you are asking to be the next on the slaughtering table, when the famine hits. Clever and resourceful, Jemima has her heart set out to be the best doctor possible without going through the proper channels. That means learning on the fly. Being trained as doctor in a fancy schmancy school is for youngsters who have a few years to squander. It’s not just about the number additional years she’d need, but also the money and being born the right sex. They can keep that flimsy cert. Real world experience is what counts at the end of the day.

    Special Skill

    “Living as some broad aboard a ship teaches you a thing or two about self-defense.”

    Knuckle to the face, kneeing a guy so he lands up a whimpering mess or shooting a flintlock pistol? Easy. That’s pretty much the basic for anyone wishing to survive. The one skill that catches her opponents by surprise is her prowess with a light weighted pole (preferably metal rather than wood). That weapon keeps most enemies at bay. Anyone straying too close will be in a world of pain.

    Weapon (Another Memento of Her Former Life)

    A black metallic rod (approximately 6 ft) that can be disassembled into three parts (kept inside a 'herb' pouch). The weapon isn't fully hollow on the inside, so it can be unexpectedly heavy. There is a discreet number etched at the top of each smaller part to indicate where it should fit.

    [Extra Notes: Jem's weapon resembles the rokushakubō.]


    “Daddy was a legal pirate. My first husband a rebel. Same difference. Both were thieves.”

    Born on a ship out in the open seas, no one had ever doubted what the baby girl would be when she grew up. After all her dad, Captain Rafael Bolivar, was an infamous privateer sponsored by the Monarchy of Almeida. Although her father had long retired by the time she was five, he knew that he still had many enemies out there, so he made sure each of his children knew how to defend themselves. It was the least he could do to atone for the bloody legacy he passed onto them.

    Living and working in a tavern run by a former pirate captain meant their doors were always open to such folk whenever they passed by the quiet town of Papageorgiou located at the southernmost border of Almeida. It's the last port of call before any ship sails off into no man’s land. On the eve of her 18th birthday, Regan met her husband, the then first mate Larson Hodt. With only her father’s reluctant blessings and no ring, the gutsy girl left home and joined her husband’s crew.

    Their passion for one another waned after five years due to her displeasure at her husband’s growing ambition. He was no longer the passionate, disciplined and loyal man she married. Instead he had become self-centered, ruthless and overly shallow. Regan finally broke things off with Larson a good three years after he became the Captain of the Red Peregrine. The last time she spoke to her former husband was at the harbor town Motomura before his ill-fated journey. She just stood calmly on the pier with her arms crossed as she watched the ship disappear into the horizon. Several days later, following a particularly violent storm, she received the news that the Red Peregrine along with her crew had disappeared under the sea. Taking 2 weeks to grieve for the man she once knew, Regan then travelled along the coast before finally settling down in Sumiyosi.

    This was the place where Regan found her calling to be a doctor, whilst enjoying life as the coy mistress to the newly married Dr. Bentham. He was so infatuated with her that he actually made her his assistant. Following the death of his wife during childbirth, the unrepentant man proposed to Regan, and the couple moved north to escape the malicious gossip going round. It was during their hurried wedding onboard their northbbound ship that she finally dropped her former name, Regan Hodt, and took on the name Jemima Bentham.

    Why you became a pirate?

    Captain, I was never no pirate. Hire me and you won't regret it. I ain't no pushover that's for sure. Canonfire, stormy seas ... I think I saw enough.


    A flash to the past (open)

    The Tale of StarDusk has expanded pretty far, so a summary seemed necessary not only for nostalgia but to help the new people settle in. So without further ado here’s a recollection of some of StarDusk past. (I won’t be getting everything; just covering the basics so there’s some understanding, here’s hoping it at least clears up a few things and brings a smile to those here) Side note: I’m just covering the people here today, there were more they’ll get an honorable mention.

    How the crew came together.
    Runali Lev(Captain)- Supposedly to break the boredom of her normal everyday life the Captain of the StarDusk Pirates became well…a pirate. For a while she rode without the jolly roger until three days passed and she started meeting her crew, their stories are written below
    Kai(Captain bodyguard)- A man known as The Leviathan who was staying at a tavern named the Crimson Dragon, Runali who happened to wander in recruiting was attacked by one of the men inside. Kai to his own surprise protected Runali at inhuman speed and ended up joining her crew.
    Nolan Fischer(Cook)- While working in a tavern with his family Runali happened to come in to order a meal, meeting a pirate in person the two spoke and when she spoke of needing a crew Nolan ended up telling her of his desire to sail the seas. Soon after he was saying goodbye to his home and his love Annie before he left become a StarDusk Pirate.
    Raymond Skalter(Musician/Gunner)- Ray ended up joining the pirates after being saved by Runali, being hunted for a crime he didn’t commit in his home of Lendria, his memories are faint on the matter but it’s true Runali helped him and dragged him onto the Coral Pearl. She asked him if he was truly innocent and after Ray told her his story he was taken on as a StarDusk pirate.
    Luro Makachi(Carpenter)- After being stranded (again) on an island for a few days after a drunken escapade the Coral happened to pass by in the distance. Luro raised his rifle all for getting off the sandy prison…though instead of shooting Runali he shot the area next to her hand, and getting her attention and saved he joined the StarDusk pirates.
    Alicia Tashigi-(Swordswoman) (See Utsukushi for more details). After winning the fighting tournament in Utsukushi Alicia met with the StarDusk pirates once more, and received an offer from Runali to join the crew. The full reasons for her joining was unknown, perhaps curiosity, maybe because the next ship out wasn’t going to be for months, whatever the reason she was named a member that night under the fireworks.
    Danni(Previous Navigator)-(See slave ship for more details)- A stowaway and bundle of energy who ended up joining as the StarDusk Navigator, having lived on an island most of her life she wished to see the world and all it had to offer and did just that…by sneaking on the ship after they stocked.
    Marcos-(See slave ship for more details)- A former slave who joined StarDusk temporary after they incidentally freed him. He traveled with the group for a while

    Hara Island- The crew’s adventure here was rather simple but necessary, firstly the captain got into a bit of trouble at the tavern, accompanied by her bodyguard at the time Kai. The matter was easily resolved…but the rest of her crew was surprised to see a gang of angry people chasing after her when she returned. Fighting off the gathered enemies (during which Runali got shot in the shoulder) the crew got away from Hara Island treating Runali afterwards.
    Extra notes: Ray and Kai clashed during this moment it would be the first and last time they would.
    It was here Luro’s promise to the captain not to randomly kill came forth.
    A fellow pirate named Carmen departed at Hara Island.
    The crew travels, Ray singing tunes, Nolan cooking, Luro drinking and the captain being…the captain. During this time they speak of the Black Compass, going over its legends.
    The one below is the legend Luro knows.
    “It's said that one pirate found the treasure but his crew started turning against him on who should have it hearing of what it could bestow upon them and believing it could only be given to one person. The Captain made a tough decision and in the dead of the night went to get rid of the treasure, if only to stall an eventual mutiny. However he was lulled by the treasure and kept it all to himself taking a small dingy and putting as much in as he could throwing the rest into davy jones locker so no one could have it, others say he only took one piece with him but that seems absurd to me. Anyway he gained immortality but his heart wrenched at his betrayal against his crew who were like family to him. Unable to live with himself he made the Black Compass so that his crew could find the treasure he hid away and threw himself to the bottom of the ocean in repentance. Some say it's a cursed treasure and the Black Compass never made it to his crew, it's said that any captain who is in possession will see the original captain standing on the waves watching the captain with a sorrowful expression. He just stares every night in silence but occasionally he'll point in a direction, which is where his old crew his supposedly at. He does so in fear of another betrayal for those who possess it wishing it returned to his crew."

    Danny joined shortly after this having been a stowaway on the ship.
    The slave ship- After the capture of Danny (who Luro released shortly after with permission from the captain) the StarDusk crew went to take on the slave ship, engaging in heated combat. Cannons fired, bullets rang out and the slave ship was torn asunder, though the Coral Pearl suffered damage as well. However after being harpooned by the slave ship and boarded StarDusk started physically fighting back, after firing a few shots into the ship of course. Runali and Luro ran below deck to rescue the imprisoned people while the others (Kai, Danny, Nolan, Ray) fought on the ship, taking out the slavers on the Coral and beating down the ones on their own ship. During this time a slave named Marcos joined in the fight having been free due to one of the many holes in the ship.
    The battle ended in victory for StarDusk, the slaves freed, children saved, Captain Pars defeated (with Marcos help as well) and after taking all their treasure and leaving Pars to go down with his ship(which he didn’t sadly) the slave ship was sunk and StarDusk continued forward.

    Waterdeep- Ah the place where StarDusk’s name started to become well known.
    The tale here starts as a favor to their fellow pirate Kai, they went to Waterdeep to retrieve his flag. Kai had a bit of a vendetta against a group known as the Kraken Skull pirates who ended up killing his men after a hurricane damaged his ship leaving them weak and battered. Wanting a remembrance of his lost ship and his legacy he sought to return to Waterdeep and StarDusk agreed. To Kai’s surprise when the captain received news the following morning hearing the city was at an all time low, a city in the dead center of all Major Trade Routes, named the ‘City of Splendors’ he was surprised to hear the state of the city. The matter was quickly put aside however and the captain’s plan remained the same which was to retrieve the flag and enjoy the city. However things didn’t go as planned, instead of a simple search, restocking and a taking in the sights, they approached to see pirate and trade ships taking up the dock, and when they approached were stopped by pirates to go meet the new pirate king of the city. Apparently a pirate known as Captain Fenn had taken over the entire city of Waterdeep, otherwise known as the captain of the Kraken Skull Pirates. The King, Queen and royal daughter had been taking hostage, and Captain Fenn had taken up in the palace itself as King.
    Giving the option of joining or dying by Fenn’s men Runali ‘decided’ the former to meet the ‘king’ himself up close and personal. Ray was the only one within the crew who got away without much difficultly, with one guy on the outside and the rest of StarDusk going to meet Captain Fenn the fate of the StarDusk looked pretty slim being surrounded on all sides with cruel pirates. After meeting captain Fenn within the royal place and declining his invitation to join his crew, Runali gave the order to attack throwing the pirates into complete disarray.

    Kai and Nolan went to save the royal family as Fenn tried to escape, Luro, Danny and Marcos ran back to the Coral Pearl to stop the retreating pirates. The captain chased after Fenn and Ray was on a mission to free the guards in the city locked away by Fenn. Luro’s team made it to the Coral only to see Fenn’s man had occupied it, not wanting to rouse suspicions Luro devised a plan to get the ship back without violence. Sadly in his drunken stupor Luro forgot to lie and ended up informing the pirates they had killed their friends, which made him take the first kill and fighting alongside Danny and Marcos make their new objective to kill everyone. Kai and Nolan had escorted the royal family to safety and went off in search of the princess, while Runali kept up her case for Fenn. At first everything seemed to be going to plan, up until Fenn got away and set off a flare which called all of his pirates to him, so he gained a hostage wrapped literally in chains (the princess) and StarDusk was about to be surrounded by a literal army of pirates while all of them were divided. Adding that Fenn tossed the princess tied up and in the water didn’t help matters. Runali dove into the water to save her as Kai and Nolan dealt with the approaching pirates. Thankfully Ray had managed to free the army and they came to Luro, Danny’s and Marco’s aid, though they almost got arrested themselves since guards generally don’t like pirates. Thanks to the free royals however, and the queen’s anger they were saved and the army charged at the pirates who had already surrounded Kai and Nolan. (Wiseria as well which was an npc, and a friend of Kai’s but we won’t go into that).

    The captain saved the princess, the soldiers saved the captain afterwards, the pirates were taken to prison and Kai chased down Fenn capturing the man who ruined years of his life. Instead of taking his life he turned him over to the royal guard and joined the crew as they celebrated their victory. After getting medical attention the crew was treated for a celebration in their honor at the palace having saved the city of Waterdeep, a huge feast, plenty of drinks along with dancing and general merriment for the crew. A day just to wind down and enjoy being heroes’ just this once. It was here perhaps by divine fate that a flyer smacked Runali in the face, as she walked out into the night air, mentioning a tournament in the land of Utsukushi; StarDusk’s next destination was already decided. Kai and Marcos chose to stay behind as StarDusk sailed to Utsukushi, leaving as heroes…and before the navy came.
    Extra notes: The crew’s large bounties came from their actions in Waterdeep
    Kai requested Nolan, Ray and Luro protect the captain in his absence.
    Luro’s throne chair came from the throne room in Waterdeep, yes he did steal it.
    Ray’s broken saber was repaired at Waterdeep by the father of a ‘lady friend’ he made there. He swore to the captain upon his new sword, with his oaths broken similar to his once broken sword, they had to be reforged. He swore a new on to Runali pledging his life and service to her.

    Utsukushi- A Tourist Island filled with stalls and items from all across the sea that StarDusk went towards after WaterDeep, here a fighting tournament was held, with a prize of $20,000 and Luro decided to join for the fun of it. While on the island Ray and Danny left on their own to take in the sights, Runali left to watch the tournament and Luro dragged Nolan with him as he tried to find the tournament. It was here that Alicia Tashigi made her appearance, being a participant in the tournament herself she took on a ‘strong’ swordsman, taking him out with ease and gaining the interest of Runali in the process.

    Alicia apparently carrying the name Bow Black as well continued to move up in the tournament and Luro did the same until the final round of the tournament. Here a free for all occurred between, Luro, Alicia and Ikaros Ryu who was a fishman, while the rest of StarDusk watched the fight. Luro requested that Alicia wait as he had a one on one with the fishman Ryu which she agreed too. Though Alicia stepped in when Luro was almost backstabbed by Ryu after what he thought was an earned victory. Alicia and Luro fighting together easily took down the fishman and turned towards one another, here the very sky seem to tear asunder as two powers came together for a fight for the centuries, the honorable skilled Alicia and the drunk fighter Luro, the world seemed to stand still as their spirits filled the air causing everyone in their seats to feel the heavy atmosphere as sparks exploded between the two of them, their very aura’s visibly leaving their bodies each one ready to end the other’s life without a moment hesitation…okay it wasn’t that intense for the most part they stared each other. Anyway before the fight even truly started Luro ended up walking away since he ran out of rum, which left Alicia the winner of the Tournament. Shortly after Alicia approached StarDusk to give Luro half the prize money for their combined effort in defeating Ryu, it was here Runali offered Alicia a position on the ship and that night, as the fireworks flew over Utsukushi Alicia boarded the Coral Pearl accepting the young captain’s invitation.

    Brass Cape-A city with advanced technology, which carried a steam punk environment to it and the destination StarDusk headed towards after Utsukushi. A young inventor by the name of Risa ended up crashing into the Coral Pearl from the sky when her makeshift wings failed as the Coral Pearl headed towards Brass Cape. A resident of the city she met StarDusk and became their guide as they approached the large island. After seeing a bit of the sights, including an Airship StarDusk noticed a fight at the harbor; being an rare sight at least according to Risa they approached it. Here they noticed a brawl occurring accompanied by body parts flying into the harbor before a man was literally thrown into the distance and pinned to the ship by a sword. It was there they met the man known as the Rookie Judge, a famous pirate who passed judgments on pirates and could strengthen or ruin one’s reputation immensely with his word. At the whim of their captain StarDusk went to the tavern where the Rookie Judge had departed towards after leaving quite a mess at the harbor. At the tavern the Rookie Judge also known as Shouta demonstrated his power and broke Alicia’s prized sword when she failed to cut his flesh with it. The sword handed down for generations in her family destroyed gave her new purpose and an honor to restore. He judged StarDusk as a whole, breaking Runali’s dagger given to her by her mentor as an example as captain before doing the same to Ray’s who offered his out of honor to his captain. The StarDusk crew left Shouta’s presence shortly after his opinion was made clear. The members of StarDusk seemed to have a few things to think about as they wandered around Brass Cape taking time to think inwardly, Runali eventually found Alicia who had run out of the tavern after her sword was broken, having only spoken to Nolan who chased after her. Luro not wanting to leave Risa’s side stayed near her and Ray wandered on his own for a bit. Each person seem to have their own thoughts towards not only themselves but StarDusk. At the end of it all StarDusk left Brass Cape and moved onto their next destination, multiple thoughts stirring in their minds.

    Extra Notes: There was a lot of development here so…here’s a few tidbits though it won’t do it full justice.
    Ray- Ray’s loyalty to Runali is especially shown here, with him even going so far as to say Runali gave him hope.
    Alicia- Acknowledged that arrogance and eagerness clouded her judgment against Shouta, which not only broke her sword but hurt the StarDusk pirates honor along with her own. She becomes an official StarDusk here for the purpose or restoring their honor as well as her own.
    Runali- Touched on her own inexperience as a captain and the impulsive decision to lead a crew viewing her own significance. Alongside Alicia however the two acknowledge that they can only get stronger.
    Nolan- Seeks to become a stronger person, a better crewmate and put aside his own grievance to work better as a team, his desire to travel with his fellow pirates show no sign of retreating even in the face of danger and doubt.
    Luro- recalls the word of a man in his past on understanding things, and comes to comprehend a bit more of his casual interest/homicidal intent towards Runali.
    Danny-…I got nothing here sorry.

    More Notes- Just a little more
    Haki was first seen at Brass Cape. Ray, Alicia and Runali all got new weapons at Brass Cape. Luro has an obsession with the inventor Risa interested in her inventions among other things, though the extent of this obsession is unknown. It’s shortly after Brass Cape that Luro formally mentions everyone’s ‘reputation’ in a letter. Alicia dreamt of her homeland after Brass Cape, a battle against pirates on the shores of Yula Fei. This is of course important to know as it occurs once again.
    Finale- After leaving Brass Cape StarDusk gets caught in a storm and its here they encounter a huge hulking sea monster that though they fight it with vigor and bravery are eventually swallowed by the creature. It is after this matter the current story picks up.

    Hopefully this summary is enough to have at least a simple understanding of what’s going on.

    Credit for nice recap goes to @Mizos.​
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  2. Important Information

    Places Coral Pearl has docked

    • Hara Island
    • Waterdeep
    • Utsukushī
    • Brass Cape
    • In Limbo
    • Yula Fei
    • Yakone
    • Cerula (City)
    • Nyiri Desert

    Bounty System and Bounties (open)


    Evaluation of Newcomers (A One-Time Bonus)

    Background: 0 - 8,000* (Nobles = 1,000 max; Notorious Criminals = 2,500 max)
    Skill Level: 300 - 8,000* (Everyone is an asset to the team)
    Weapons: 500 - 2,000** (Depends on Your Weapon; No Weap = 0)
    Conspirator/Traitor: ??? (Based solely on Intro Arc)

    * 8,000 is reserved for Legends/Deities. -cough- Gary Stus/Mary Sues -coughs-
    ** 2,000 is a very exaggerated amount. Most probably won't even reach 1,000.

    Successful Recruitment Bonus (A One-Time Bonus)

    Captain of the Ship (Runali, Chap 1): 2,550 - 3,100
    Early Bird (Chap 1 Only): 1,500 - 2,000
    Subsequent Recruits: 500-1,000 (Based on Background/Intro Chapter)
    Active Recruiter (Runali Only): 150-900*

    * Depends on who she recruited. She might get an additional bonus if the person is revealed to be famous/notorious, but even for Jem/Luro/Ray, she'd probably get 650 max? So realistically speaking, the Recruit Bonus, for most, should be no bigger than 700-760.

    Additional Rewards

    IC Rewards

    Skill Upgrades [Tier 1: Basic to Intermediate]: 500 - 1,000
    Skill Upgrade [Tier 2: Advanced to Grand Master]: 1,300 - 2,900
    Skill Upgrade [Tier 3: Legendary to Semi Godly]*: - TBA (More so based on progression of skill as a whole)

    Master Navigator
    0-5 maps stole - Marine Alert 1 Suspected Theft: 800-1,200
    6-15: Marine Alert 3 Investigate: 1,500 - 1,900
    16+: Marine Amber Alert Suspected Espionage: TBA

    Map Reader [Novice to Intermediate]: 700-1,200
    Master Navigator [Advance]: 1,800 - 2,200
    Renown Cartwright [Authority of the Seven Seas]: TBA

    Weapon Upgrade [Tier 1: Basic to Intermediate]: 500-750
    Weapon Upgrade [Tier 2: Advanced to Grand Master]: 1,250 - 2,600
    Weapon Upgrade [Tier 3: Legendary to Semi Godly]*: - TBA (Based on progression as a whole)

    Devil Fruit Acquired: 500 - 1,500
    Devil Fruit User (Novice) - Marine Alert Level 1: 500-1000
    Devil Fruit User (Master) - Marine Alert Level 2: 1,300 - 2,900
    Devil Fruit User (Grand Master) - Marine Alert Level 3: TBA
    Devil Fruit User (Legendary) - Marine Red Alert: Kill on Sight

    * Hardly anyone is in the upper limits of Tier 1 yet. So, Tier 2 is a long way away and Tier 3 is a pipe dream at this point.

    Pirate All Stars/Hall of Fame

    Legendary Status Attained: TBA (no one is that cool yet)

    GM Given Rewards (aka an additional Bonus)

    Captain's Headache (Runali only): 3,000 - 5,000 (thanks guys!)* (The crew gets into trouble without Runali's knowledge- causing her to become more infamous)
    Trouble Maker: 1,000 - 8,000** (cause trouble for Marines/World Govt)
    Heroic: 1,000 - 2,500 (opposite of trouble maker)
    Death: 0 - 99, 999***
    Beyond Prince: [sum can't be found]

    * 5,000 - I think Runali had a heart attack. Oh, no, she's just sleeping. And sleeping. Let's wait for her to wake up.
    ** 8,000 - Why haven't they hanged you yet? -face palm-
    *** 99,999 - You're a Walking Legend, A Hero, Forever Remembered!

    Player Rewards

    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 200 - 999*
    Arc Complete (Participant): 50- 110**

    * 999 is given for an uber/earth-shattering arc that leaves everyone speechless, aka impossible to achieve unless you are Batman or DeadPool or a fan favorite.
    ** Depends on the events of that chapter and your contribution. No Participation Bonus is given if there are other Chapter Rewards awarded to you/your character.

    Summary of Chapter Rewards

    Chapter 1:
    Hara Island - Hoist Our Colors High

    Captain of the Ship: 2,550 (Unknown in every aspect)
    Background: 0
    Skill: 450
    Weapon: 0
    Active Recruiter - (250, 350, 150, 550, 150) (going down the list of the crew)

    Early Bird: 1,500
    Background: 400
    Skill: 600
    Weapon:(Various guns) 700

    Early Bird: 1,500
    Background: 800
    Skill: 900
    Weapon: (Swordsman) 700

    Early Bird: 1,500
    Weapon: 0

    Early Bird: 1,700
    Background: 2,000
    Skill: 1,000
    Weapon: (Swordsman) 1,000

    Early Bird: 1,500
    Skill: 300
    Weapon: 0

    Chapter 2: Coral Pearl - The Road to Freedom

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk: 350
    Active Recruiter - Marcus: 150

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk: 350 (for saving the kids)

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk:300

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk: 300

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk:300

    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk: 300

    Righteous Fury: 100
    Successful Mission - Nearly Sunk: 250
    Marcus Recruit Bonus:150
    Background: 0
    Skill: 300
    Weapon: 0

    Chapter 3: Waterdeep - It's Us, the Stardusk!

    Exposé: 4,700
    Evading the Marines: 2,100

    Exposé: 4,550
    Evading the Marines: 2,200

    Exposé: 4,550
    Evading the Marines: 2,200

    Exposé: 4,550
    Evading the Marines: 2,120

    Exposé: 4,600
    Evading the Marines: 2,100
    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 300

    Exposé: 4,550
    Evading the Marines: 2,100

    Exposé: 4,550
    Evading the Marines: 2,100

    Chapter 4: Utsukushi - A Pirate-y Vacation

    Active Recruiter - Alicia: 550

    Tourney Finalist: 500

    Participation Bonus: 100

    Participation Bonus: 100

    Particpation Bonus: 50

    Tourney Finalist: 500
    Alicia Recruit Bonus: 550
    Background: 800
    Skill: 1,000
    Weapon: (Swordswoman) - 900

    Chapter 5: Brass Cape - Meet the Passanos

    *No Unique Chapter Bonuses Earned*

    Participation Bonus (GM): 150

    Participation Bonus: 110

    Participation Bonus: 110

    Participation Bonus: 110

    Participaton Bonus: 0

    Participation Bonus:110

    Chapter 6: In Limbo - All Pirates Go to the Locker

    Surviving Hell: 750
    Pact with the Devil: x2 of Surviving Hell

    Surviving Hell: 450
    Pact with the Devil: x2 of Surviving Hell

    Surviving Hell: 450
    Pact with the Devil: x2

    Surviving Hell: 450
    Pact with the Devil: x2

    Surviving Hell: 450
    Pact with the Devil: x2

    Chapter 7: Yula Fei - Bringing Honor to Us All

    Active Recruiter - Arcadius and Colt: (250 and 550)
    Runali Skill (Upgrade) Bonus - Reaper Eyes (Tier 1): 700
    Participant in Battle: 650

    Participant in Battle: 500

    Participant in Battle: 550
    Devil Fruit Acquired: 600

    Alicia Skill (Upgrade) Bonus - Spirit Essence (Tier 1): 650
    Down the Boss (Alicia and Colt): Bonus 800
    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 700

    Participation Bonus: 100

    Kadi Recruit Bonus: 250
    Background: 200
    Skill: 500
    Weapon: 300
    Participant in Battle: 450

    Down the Boss (Alicia and Colt): Bonus 750
    Colt Recruit Bonus: 550
    Background: 100
    Skill: 800
    Weapon: 800
    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 600

    Chapter 8: Yakone - Let Us Freeze!

    Active Recruiter - Jemima: 550
    Red Pirate Encounter: 100
    Battle on the Mountain: 150
    Runali's Headache: 3,200

    Destroying Yakone: 650
    Red Pirate Encounter: 250
    Battle on the Mountain: 300

    Destroying Yakone: 600
    Ray Devil Fruit User (Novice) - Marine Alert Level 1: 550
    Red Pirate Encounter:250
    Battle on the Mountain: 300

    Destroying Yakone: 500
    Red Pirate Encounter:250
    Battle on the Mountain: 360

    Destroying Yakone: 1,000
    Colt "Prince" Bonus: 99, 999, 999, 999*

    * Indescribably beyond what is expected at that time, but the cool factor was neutralized upon death.

    Destroying Yakone: 450
    Red Pirate Encounter: 250
    Battle on the Mountain: 300

    Jem Traitor/Conspirator Bonus: 700
    Jemima Recruit Bonus: 550
    Background: 800
    Skill: 500
    Weapon: (Staff) 550
    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 750

    Chapter 9: Cerula - Those That Remain

    Arc Complete (Participant): 110

    Arc Complete (Volunteer Co GM): 650

    Arc Complete (Participant): 100

    Arc Complete (Participant): 100

    Arc Complete (Participant): 100

    Arc Complete (Participant): 100

    Chapter 10: Nyiri - She Who Owns the Desert

    Made an Ally: 1,100
    Arc Complete: 100

    Made and Ally: 900
    Arc Complete: 90

    Made an Ally: 900
    Arc Complete: 90

    Made an Ally: 1,000
    Arc Complete: 90

    Made an Ally: 900
    Arc Complete: 90

    Made an Ally: 1,000
    Arc Complete: 90

    Chapter 11: From Sea to Startford- Give up and cry "Uncle"

    Current Crew Members

    Captain Runali Lev the Melancholy Queen/ Wielder of the Reaper's Eye
    Total Bounty: $22,160

    Shipwright Luro Makachi
    Total Bounty: $15,600

    Gunner/Musician Raymond Skalter the Fallen Scholar
    Total Bounty: $15,900

    Swordswoman Alicia Tashigi the Maiden of Misery:
    Total Bounty: $10,260

    Navigator Mikchail Arcadius the Degenerate of Nirvana:
    Total Bounty: $3,790

    Doctor Jemima Bentham Mortality's Quietus
    Total Bounty: $5,040

    Past Crew Memebers

    Firstmate/Captain's bodyguard Kai Keelson the Levianthan:
    Total Bounty: $13,000

    Total Bounty: $7,350

    Chef Nolan Fischer the Crimson Monarch:
    Total Bounty: $10,430

    Navigator Danielle Wickens+:
    Total Bounty: $8,800

    Total Bounty: $4,600 (+ 99, 999, 999, 999)

    + means their souls have been reaped by Davy Jones.

    Enemy Bounties:

    Captain Pars - Slaveship Owner - $45,000

    Red Pirates: $3,000,000
    Will Carabis (Captain)
    Rin Goodwin (First Mate)
    Stella Flor (Sniper)

    Legends and Highest Bounties:

    Legendary Pirate - Henry Olanis (Owner of Compass): $!?!?
    Davy Jones: $!?!?!?

    Places in the ship (open)

    Rooms in the ship:
    Nolan's Domain aka the kitchen/galley
    Treasure Room
    Book Room - Navigation Supplies
    Sleeping Quarters (Split into two rooms)
    Captain's Quarters
    Rum Room
    Shower Room
    Doctor's office

    Places on the ship
    Main Deck
    The Helm
    Crow's Nest

    Communication (open)

    Most ships have this. Currently, StarDusk does not because we have no one to communicate with. They work in said of ways:
    1. If your crew has more than one ship there is a way to keep the lines connected.
    2. Calling the Government- because not just pirate ships have these.
    3. Transmit to other ships and the likes.
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  3. Current Crew







    Credit to @Fox of Spades

    Wanted Posters (open)

    Credit to @Winter

    All who have helped the StarDusk crew in some way or the other
    Kai Keelson
    Former StarDusk
    Age: 30
    Hometown: ???
    Last Seen: Waterdeep
    His father James Keelson started a pirate crew and allowed his son Kai to come with him on many of their adventures although he was no more than eleven at the time. His father was a fantastic pirate, always knew when to pick fights and when to back down. Kai learned all he needed to know to survive in the world thanks to his father. Naturally when his father died as a result of a royal navy ambush, Kai was devastated. By the age of 17, Kai had already founded his own pirate crew and by age 21, he had created his flagship. A massive 4 mast galleon a slow moving fortress on the water which he named “The Leviathan.” With this ship and a crew that neared 300, he quickly established himself as one of the worlds greatest military powers. However, this was not to last for longn Almost two years later, The Leviathan fell under attack by other pirates who’d grown jealous of Keelson’s fame. It was ambushed when they pulled into port after sailing through a hurricane, the storm ravaged ship was bruised, but not yet defeated. Unfortunately several ships from another pirate crew seized the opportunity to attack. It was on this day that his loyal crew met their demise, and his precious Leviathan was sent to the bottom of the sea. Only Keelson hiimself was skilled enough to escape from the ambush alive and slip away. After that Keelson disappeared until after he’d turned 30, and was asked by a young girl if he’d wanted to join her pirate crew. Something about her stirred something within Kai. He took a liking to the girl and decided he would protect her, and her dream of freedom, for so long as his blades remained sharp, and his legs allowed him to stand.
    Lillian 'Lily' Jones and Mary
    Ages (respectively): 18 and 8
    Hometown: ???
    Last Seen: Utsukushi
    Lily is a past friend of Luro’s apparently a part of a gathering of children Luro watched over. When they all separated Lily went her own way and by what she believes is a miracle was taken in by a kind family shortly after, it was there she learned how to fight with a sword from her mother and was taught literature from her father who wished to pass what knowledge he had onto her. She lived a comfortable life for a few years and she was happy but as time went by her life seemed…empty. After being taken in she had stopped thinking about what she wanted believing she had already acquired it and didn’t know what exactly she wanted to do with her life, she didn’t even have a dream to pursue. After some thought she decided to broaden her knowledge and travel hoping to find something that would fill the sudden void she felt. Roughly a year later Lily arrived in Utusukushi, and met Mary as she walked the town. While staring into the broken eyes of the young girl Lily decided then to do everything she could for the child and decided to enter the tournament. She made the promise on a pocket watch she keeps on her person.
    Mary originally came from nobility and if certain circumstances hadn’t occurred she’d still be considered one.
    Her father was a well known merchant who had an eye for quality and intuition that helped him move up from common man to the noble class, Mary was his first child and expanded his empire wanting to provide more for his wife and child, however he found that his shipments kept being taken by pirates perhaps due to his known wealth, he decided to counteract this by using pirates to transport his material paying them more than he did the merchant ships, this worked for a bit but unfortunately the decision came back to haunt him when the pirates returned wanting a bit more for the supplies they had delivered, when Mary’s father declined and sought to break off their business relationship they decided to take it instead killing Mary’s father in the process. Mary’s mother escaped with her and getting Mary to a friend of the family’s got her put on a ship and thankfully out of the city.
    Mary got away but her parents did not and the pirates pillaged the village in the process destroying her home and everything she had come to known. The ship docked at Utsukushi and Mary was helped by her mother’s friend for a little while but the man couldn't care of her and his own at the same time, knowing this Mary left not wanting to be a burden on the kind man, a few days later he left town and Mary was alone telling herself she made the right decision. Months passed and eventually Mary met Lily who is the first person she’s come to trust since she’s arrived.
    Risa and Simon Passano
    Ages (respectively): 20 and 19
    Hometown: Brass Cape
    Last Seen: Brass Cape
    Risa is an "Amateur Inventor" while her younger brother Simon is an engineer. They work alongside their father who never seems to be around and rebuild anything that comes in from something as simple as they ever growing popular radios to airships. Their business is small and family oriented, but they are the best in business.
    Satia Tashigi
    Age: 19
    Hometown: Yula Fei
    Last Seen: Yula Fei
    The younger sister of Alicia Tashigi, Satia is much like her older sister in the way she conducts herself and the way she expresses herself, favoring a more gentle nature. However Satia appears to have a stronger temper than Alicia which is suspected to be partly due to her younger age. Satia as a swordsman is incredibly adept with a sword as is expected of all descendants of their mother Sakura Hikari, favors speed during her offensive attacks. Satia isn't as experienced as her older sister, however she still appears to be a formidable force when a blade is placed in her hand. As expected of a women her age Satia also has a more fun and playful nature, almost seeming naive in certain situations where she lacks experience. She is extremely loyal to her family and friends and looks up to Alicia as a role model even if they're only separated by three years.
    Nolan Fischer
    Former StarDusk
    Age: 23
    Hometown: ??? (Works at The Anchor)
    Last Seen: Yula Fei
    The son of Maria and Caleb Fischer, Nolan's parents own a vineyard and a run a small tavern by one of the ports. Their tavern is call The Anchor and there they serve meals and sell their homemade wine. His dad works as a waiter and the cashier while his mother was in charge of all things food related. The business has provided for them for many years and has been their main source of income. Nolan is the oldest child, and has a sister who was born three years after and a brother who was born seven years after he was. He adores both his younger siblings and is very close to them. All three of them grew up in their little house (their house is on the second floor of the tavern) by the port and somewhere along the way Nolan fell in love with the sea. He would help pirates load their ship with cargo and would sometimes borrow tiny fishing boats so he could fish out in deeper waters. Everything about the ocean fascinated him and lured him in like a siren would an unsuspecting sailor. However, he knew the life of a pirate wouldn't be the kind of life for him. Someone would have to take over The Anchor and as the oldest son, it would have to be him. Aside from that Nolan also met the love of his life by the port, a spunky girl named Annie who ran the bakery nearby. As much as he wanted to sail the seven seas, he also had a life he didn't want to give up. He thought things through for several months before finally making a decision. Nolan would see the world and sail the seas then he'd come back, marry Annie and give up on the ocean for good.
    Age: 20
    Hometown: ???
    Last Seen: Cerula
    Nura was the original leader of the orphans before Luro came along; she protected the children and helped them along helping them to get away when they needed to commit crimes.
    Once Luro took over she became his right hand woman helping in hatching plans, taking care of shelter, acquiring food anything Luro needed help with, if Luro was in the area Nura was right there with him. The two are very close and trust each other more than their outside attitudes would show, and when Luro left their company Nura couldn’t deny missing his company. Nura as she got older went from orphanage to orphanage never staying with one family for too long and eventually just walked the world on her own. She’s now settled into life as a single mother.

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  4. More Important Information
    Information about the Navy:


    - Admiral: The highest ranking naval officer.
    - Vice Admiral: The Naval equivalent of the First Lieutenant of the Admiral.
    - Rear Admiral: A Naval Leader often left to lead defending fleets.
    - Captain: The majority of the navy. They own their own ship fleets and crew.
    - Commander: The first field Officer rank which is the equivalent to the First Mate
    - Ensign: Leaders of certain parts of the ship, i.e. an ensign over weaponry, ensign over navigation, etc etc
    - Midshipman: A simple cadet
    - Pirate turned Privateer: Pirate group used by the government to stop other pirates
    Vice Admiral
    Rear Admiral(s)
    Two Groups

    Major Royal Families:

    Four Royals of Trade
    There are four royal families who originated and control the trade system between the islands. They all have immediate connections to the Government. There are other islands that may trade as well, but these four have a heavy impact on the trading community.
    Hallister Family

    Waterdeep's kingdom is one of the four trade families, their most prominent trade being tea, coffee, and cocoa.

    King Richard, Queen Natalia, and Princess Viviane are benevolent rulers towards their people. The people consider their king (age 48) to be a great decision maker and has been keeping the peace for over twenty years. Queen Natalia (age 40) is looked at in the same respect, however she can be a tad strict and scary. As the king always says, "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn...so listen to what she says." The people hope for them to live long and healthy lives and are eager to see just how princess Vivi develops. At the moment, she is a lively and curious child at the age of seven always with her trusted dog companion, Koi, at her side. There is also the royals Personal Servant, Haru who forsees everything and makes sure everything stays in order. He is also a lifelong friend of Richard and is the closest to the family.
    Kirkendall Family

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name:[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent] House Kirkendall of the Sinter Islands[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Homeland:[/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent] The Sinter Islands archipelago (warm climate)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Trade: [/BCOLOR] [BCOLOR=transparent] Lumber and ores, material associated with ship construction[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sinter Islands short description:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Archipelago made from islands of islands of varying sizes. Volcanic origin, hence very fertile lands, suitable for forestry. Most of the islands are dedicated to lumber production. Capital and major port located on Sinter Island. Active volcano island, Father Island, next to Sinter Island. Volcanic activity keeps Father Island rich with mineral deposit, but causes occasional ashfalls across the archipelago. Islands are officially ruled by the Kirkendall Corporation, who ousted the previous government and established feudal-capitalist society.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Short history of the Kirkendalls:[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Early history of both them and Islands is lost. Legends hint at a Father figure, who made the islands by summoning an active volcano at the Father island, and rules the island from beyond his grave. Kirkendalls deny any allegation. Kirkendalls rose to power, when the World Government accepted them as major supplier of wood and metals for their Navy. Later on, made a coup on the Sinter Islands, with silent agreement of the World Government. Business and profits flourish after the takeover. Kirkendall Corporation established and becomes a real global player. Many smaller business sell their products through their supply channels.[/BCOLOR]
    This Kingdom's most prominent trade is textiles and dye
    This Kingdom's most prominent trade is agriculture

    Non-Government Affiliated Places:

    Yula Fei:
    Notorious Pirates:

    Notorious Pirates
    Pirate Lord is the term given to the strongest and most powerful pirate (and crew) in the world. They have conquered the seas and spend their days doing what they like.

    The Worst Generation is a term that refers to the 5 top rookie pirates, with bounties over $1,000,000.

    Pirate Lord

    The crew is segmented into divisions, instead of all under their captain's direct command. There are 16 division commanders and the captain herself and her crew, each division commander commanding 100 men. There was a grand total of 1,617 men in her crew.
    1 of 4 W.G
    Cutthroat Pirates jolly roger: Skull with lizard in the left eye
    Name: [BCOLOR=transparent]Alcinoe Basco [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]33[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Female [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She's the definition of radical feminist. Occasionally her beliefs of women empowerment can be a bit demeaning for men. She sometimes looks down on them, thinking less of them. She means well though, only wanting women to know they're worth so much more. She sees all her crew as family, so messing with them will reveal a wrath one doesn't want to mess with. Typically, she's cordial with all she meets however she can be a bit brash and stubborn. There are times when she jumps into action without thinking, fortunately she has her crew to organize and devise a plan. Their organization and attention to detail is one of the main reasons Alcinoe managed to become number one of the Worst Generation.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Skill: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Years of stealing has made her into a great thief as a pirate should try to be, so she’d say. Her swordsmanship is remarkable for someone who had to learn through trial and error and watching others. All of her skills have developed from survival, especially her leadership skills. The women she rescued- most fell under her wing so she had to learn quick just how to lead them and provide for them. People wonder how she managed to get to the top of the worst generation without being super powerful or with powers, but in truth her secret lies within just how well her crew functions as a unit. Contrary to believe, Alcinoe has also accomplished learning Observation Haki which allows her to sense the presence of others, even if they are concealed from view or too far to see naturally.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]History: [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She was raised in a shelter for women and children because her mother was too poor to take care of them both. She watched her younger sister gradually get weaker and weaker until she died from poor living conditions. Despite such, she didn't quit. Alcinoe knew her life was way too valuable to give up. So in order to save her and her mother she began a life of thievery. There was no choice, so she thought. One day of bad luck ended with her being captured by pirates along with other women. Alcinoe figured out how to escape, taking all the enslaved women with her and killing the pirates who kidnapped her. The women convinced her to be a leader and long story short she began her life as a pirate. Her recruitment style is quite different from most. She 'steals' and saves women from other pirates or slavers and convinces them to join her. Some do, but the ones that don't are sent on their way with food and a little money. They may be a charity to women, but they're still pirates, stealing, raiding, and all that jazz.[/BCOLOR]

    Name: Saffron 'Saff' 'Catastrophe' Lagarde
    Age: 25
    [BCOLOR=transparent]At first glance, Saff can appear to be a scatterbrain. She carries an excess of trinkets and gadgets- some souvenirs while others are weapons. They have a weapons specialist on the crew, but as the first mate she found that having skills in each practice would be beneficial. Despite her appearance, Saff is far from scatterbrained. Her disorganized appearance is more like an organized chaos. As she typically says, “Everything has a place and I know where everything is.” To her pirate family, she is a relaxed and loveable like the rest. To strangers, she tends to be a lot more intimidating. Looking into her goggled eyes doesn’t help with the intimidation factor. Saff, when carried away, can talk a mile a minute. She even has a tendency to repeat herself. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She took it upon herself to learn the skills of each crew position. Saff felt that as a first mate she had to be reliable in all subjects. She’s not the best at all of them, which is why she is in a crew. Beware Saffron’s Kusarigama- or sickle and chain weapon. She is a deadly force with the long ranged weapon and equally as deadly with it short ranged. She uses various other weapons that she can get her hands on, but that is her number one option. Not only a master with that weapon, Saffron is an amazing tactician. She aids Alcinoe with all of their tactical missions and plans. She is also most of her captain’s impulse control when it comes to fight or flight.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shipwright: Veera Chappell[/BCOLOR]

    2 of 4 W.G
    3 0f 4 W.G
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Red Pirates jolly roger: Skull with three red streaks going diagonally downwards. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Will "Red Death" Carabis[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 27[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Gender: Male[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] [​IMG][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Position: Captain of the Bloody Barrel and the Red pirates. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Whether he has some hidden emotional secrets or not, Carabis has a high superiority complex. He doesn't think he's better than everyone, he knows he is. Will is not only a flirt, but he's a manipulator as well. Everyone in his crew owe something to him whether it's an impossible debt or their life. In a sense, they sold their soul to him. This pirate cares for no one that holds no value to him. Carabis will kill without a second thought and without discrimination. There are only two people he would even remotely begin to care for and that was his first mate. Even though he can't say the same for the rest of his crew, Will wouldn't hesitate to protect them. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames. Although Will enjoys conflict, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it. He does this to find the opponent's weakness. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Special Skill: Will is an observer. His keen eye spots weakness and opportunity. It's rare that one sees him in a brawl, unless it's something major like a Captain vs. Captain fight. He is also a trickster and defies the laws of "cheaters never win". This is proven by the many Davy Back Fights he has won in order to strengthen his crew. With each fight he won, he gained another flock of crew members. Currently, the Red Pirates have three ships in command. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He earned the name Red Death not only due to his bright red hair, but also because of his unnatural speed. A skilled swordsman, Carabis is extraordinarily light on his toes. So, as he rushes to his opponent, if they're unlucky, all they see is a red blur as they are killed. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]History: "Wouldn't you like to know." [???] (All will be revealed)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Why did you become a pirate: "Because being a pirate is symbolism of conquer. I'm going to conquer the seas and be the strongest there is. Along with being the richest. Wealth and power is what gets you to the top in this world."[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Stella Flor[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 24[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]She'll always wear something fairly provocative as well. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Miss Flor is the sniper of the Red pirates. She's is a flirtatious and mildly inappropriate woman, making dirty jokes or innuendos. She tries to get the attention of her captain, but Carabis has bluntly turned her down more often than once. Occasionally, she'll play the helpless damsel card because she loves the attention she gets when she's helped. She'll lure men with her seductive charm and end up stabbing them, much like the siren she is. She's often seen in revealing clothing unless it's cold, and her mark of the Red pirates is her red bandage that goes from her left thigh to her ankle.[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Rin Goodwin[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 25[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent] [​IMG][/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Goodwin is the First mate. He's the person everyone goes to when the Captain is away which shows how much trust the captain has in him. He is the true definition of a first class first mate. Rin makes sure he is up to date with everything, informing the captain of the latest news whether it be with the government, or any major activity on an island. Just like his captain, he observes his prey in order to take them down. The one difference between them is that Rin has a much shorter temper and won't hesitate to kill someone if they annoy him. He is pretty quiet around most people, but around his crew one will hear him having conversations or yelling at crewmates. His mark of loyalty is the red headband he wears.[/BCOLOR]
    4 of 4 W.G


    Henry Olanis


    Legendary Pirate Henry Olanis

    Most consider him a mere myth, a simple story to tell the restless or even to scare children. What few expect is for him to have actually been the second person to claim the Black Compass as his own- the first being the unknown creator of the Compass. Henry Olanis was very real despite the many rumors about him and the fact that pirates seem to be chasing after dreams trying to find the key to a treasure for gods.

    Olanis had it all. A crew, a ship, a family. The Sea Terrors was what they were called. His group had been a well known batch of pirates. In their time, the crew had been one of the strongest crews on sea, one of the Worst Generation even. He strived for Pirate Lord but the feuds between the top four of the worst generation left that spot empty. His generation never had a Pirate Lord.

    The most well known of the stories about Henry Olanis is that he and his crew found the Black Compass buried deep in the northern ice and soon after finding the treasure with it. To celebrate, the crew rejoiced for days and nights. Soon after, they began collecting as much as the treasure they could. As they all realized just how much they had, how many things they could own, greed started to take over. It started slowly. Paranoia started to build. Trust began to shatter amongst lifelong friends. And then the worst happened. The crew members began to kill each other off in order to take more treasure for themselves. After seeing his family killed, Olanis began to realize the horrors of what they had found. The Compass was no treasure, in fact it was curse.

    Being the last of the Sea Terrors, he sailed in a ship full of corpses for a full week nonstop, back to the icy prison he found the Compass. Olanis tossed it back into the ocean and crashed the ship into an iceberg, going down with his ship.

    But what happened to the treasure? Did it sink to the bottom of the ocean with him? Did he store it away somewhere? That part of the story has been erased and lost in history. No one knows...but every pirate wants to find out.
    Davy Jones

    Davy Jones is the Captain of the warship Albatross. Some consider him mere myth, and he abuses that to remain an enigma whose name alone, if one would believe it, is enough to inspire fear and hope alike. Davy Jones is a very duplicitous individual as he portrays himself as cold, cruel and relentless, known as the King of Locker and Tyrant of the Sea Floor. Davy, known more affectionately as David by those closer to him, is far different from the image he portrays. Although he is arguably the definition of two-faced, he is often compassionate for many causes and sympathetic to those mourning their fallen. He abuses his name and has no remorse for what is associated with it because he knows what he has actually done and only plays his name for theatrics. David, in this sense, is one of the more kind and considerate pirates, arguably not even a pirate in the sense he never actually pillages, steals and has no bounty on his head, granted the latter is most likely because few believe he actually exists. In any case, David is far more than his legend, having a personal goal of his set and having stayed true to it for centuries.


    David Nicholas Jones was born centuries before the epic journeys of most recorded pirates. At a time, he was merely the son of a sailor lost at sea, raised by his mother, two younger brothers and youngest sister. His life was during a time of war, how he lost his father, and where he as well as his brothers were bound to go when they were of age. David, however, refused this. As he grew older, he jumped ship and left home before he could be recruited into the military, for whatever war was fought then. He left his family behind and attempted to leave behind the ravages of war, but it was a fruitless attempted. No matter where he docked, no matter where they went in the world, he saw the destruction and despair caused by war and humanity.

    As the years past, David became more and more curious about the family he left behind. It became clear to him that leaving didn't secure his family nor even himself. War, piracy, plague, famine - it was everywhere, and running from it was truly impossible. Despite his best efforts, David had already killed several men by this time as it was impossible to completely avoid it at the open sea. Eventually, the curiosity became too much and he returned home. He found his mother and sister, but his brothers... they met the fate he ran from so long ago. His mother could only hug him tightly, but he hadn't the strength to keep from breaking down. In a moment of tears and despair, David refused the world he saw.

    As David broke down, his mother and sister could only see that a war-torn man such as himself, so much like his father before him, had the same heartache as those that stayed on land. It was with conviction that his sister, Lilianne Jones, wished to join him in the seas, refusing the world that the land had to offer and hoping to escape with David. Despite his attempts to keep her from it, promising her that with his own eyes, it was no different, she insisted she join him. At this point, David was already the first mate of a ship known as the Red Chief, and with a little convincing, she was allowed aboard and taught the ropes while also being made an 'untouchable' to the crew. With that, the siblings set off, with little goal other than to outrun a world that had already surrounded them.

    Years past, David took on the title of Captain and Lilliane became his first mate. The Red Chief was mostly a smuggling ship, small and capable of moving precious goods faster than most other ships, but at the same time, far less safe than larger ones. Years of luck kept the two afloat and even put bounty on their heads, but no one could catch them. The only force that stopped them was the sea itself. A horrendous tropical storm tossed their boat like a ragdoll in a tantrum, and when all seemed lost, the sea settled. Standing at the Crow's Nest was Lilliane, her eyes white and body glowing, the sea itself listening to her, her mind and her heart.

    Although confused at first, time and testing made it clear to David and his crew. Lilliane had became one with the sea itself, manifesting its power, its haki, its life energy. Lilliane was so in-tune with the sea that after years on it, she had nearly became one with it. She could hear it, as if it was a living, breathing thing. She could feel all the creatures within it. She could harness it to do amazing and otherwise impossible things. This power, not of David, but of his sister began the legend known as Davy Jones.

    Lilliane became more and more aware of the power of the sea. All those sailors that died on it were different from those of the land. They became part of the sea as well, cycled through it to become on with the water instead of degrading on the land. Lilliane could use her control over the sea to save the souls of fallen sailors, she could even bring some back if she caught them in time, or she could save those bound for Hell by making them live life again as purgatory. This began the true legend of Davy Jones. The Red Chief was hardly enough for his crew, but with the sheer power of the sea making David and his crew immortal and Lilliane controlling the nigh-infinite haki of the sea as well as the waters and currents of it, it was no hassle to plunder the materials to make a ship worthy of a goddess of the sea.

    Years of plundering and a crew of immortals and lost souls working tirelessly to construct a ship so large that it could be mistaken for a small island gave birth to the giant warship known as the Albatross. Unlike any ship before it, the Albatross was built so that its masts and ropes could fold under and be stored in an airtight second deck while the ship itself dived underwater, making the Albatross a submarine that Lilliane used her power to guide through the water. It was large enough to house the hundreds of lost souls she guided to the light or helped find peace. This became their mission.

    The sight of the Albatross at wreckage or wars gave it a horrendous name. Davy Jones became associated with the death and destruction wreaked, but the truth was, the Albatross only showed up to save the lost souls that the sea would have otherwise had no remorse for. At times, all it took to save a soul was to set it free of the sea itself. Othertimes, a soul had to be put into forced labor on the ship, cleansing it on the sea as a form of purgatory before it could be released to go on to whatever afterlife the world had to offer. That answer was left unknown to both David and Lilliane, but it didn't matter as they felt righteous in the work the work they had done.

    For hundreds of years, and still to this day, the Albatross and Davy Jones still scour the seas, searching for lost souls to collect. They maintain the ship, which would have otherwise decayed. It is said that the Albatross has the remnants of souls from thousands and thousands of sailors within its wood and metal. Its ropes are like chains, its hull like steel, all because of the years of effort and put into the lost souls of the ship. The Albatross itself never docks, nor does Davy, as his life at sea is eternal. Himself and all those that sail with him are bound to live forever at sea due to the power of Lilliane, thus he makes it his personal mission not to change the world, but at least make those that live and die in it better off.
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  11. Yula Fei
    ~"The resolve of our nation comes not from politicians or leaders with flawed ideology, but from the souls and spirits of our people. As long as we remain as one, we will stand unwavering until the end of time itself"~

    Yula Fei is perhaps one of the oldest nations, having existed since the days when those with Devil Fruit powers roamed the free world. Despite it's age however the nation appears to be scarcely known to the world beyond it's waters and this is likely because of the inhabitants reluctance to travel beyond Yula Fei's boarders. There is allot of speculation for why this is, but it's commonly thought that a large reason for why this could be, is because Yula Fei is very rich in resources which allow it to self sustain without needing to rely on import export trade which means the people aren't required to leave. Unless of course they want too, which has of course happened and is why rumours of it's existence have appeared in various places around the world.

    Yula Fei according to rumour is a land full of beauty filled with mountains, valleys and wide expanses of natural beauty. It is known for it's peculiar and consistent architecture as well as being home to some exotic plants and animals unseen in other places around the world. The people of Yula Fei are very welcoming to outsiders and the nation is reported to sustain a very low crime rate due to a cultural discipline which is taught to children through schools and traditional home values.

    Despite the low crime rate Yula Fei does have a national guard in service of the Princess who watch the streets and keep order in the various towns and cities. They usually wear heavy sets of armour and carry large spears and shields as well as a sword just in case a situation calls for it. These guards are highly respected by the people and are looked upon as protectors, they're often seen helping the public if they're lost or require some help in other ways other than keeping the peace.

    Sovereign City (open)

    Xiao Měinǚ (open)

    Temple of Róngyù (open)

    House Tashigi (open)

    The River Jīnsè (open)

    Pilgrims Rise (open)

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    Side note looking forward to Winter's home, seems like a plethora of places to explore.
  16. Thanks I'm glad ^^

    We're a long long way from visiting that place since there's the whole being unable to return home till her blade is fixed problem. But by then I should have something really fun and in depth in store.

    Just to clarify, are we being petrified, like we can actually see it happening?
  17. The most effective way explain it is to tell you that every pirate exists in a.different, but identical version of this world. In each world, they are the only things moving. But they see copies of the rest of the crew being petrified. Essentially, each person has their own unique world that happens to be exactly the same - for now.
  18. Hey, guys, v.v I'm dropping by to apologize and toss in a heads up.

    Tomorrow, I'll be running around the city from 9-ish in the morning till late-ish tomorrow night. Group mates and I are gonna be filming landmarks for a documentary. Sunday might be spent doing the same thing, so the next few days are gonna be packed.

    Hopefully my posting sched will go back to normal after that, but I'm not too sure. At best my posting sched will be wonky until finals are over, at worst, I'll have to go MIA during the last week of Nov or the first week of Dec.

    I'm really really sorry about this :/ I hate being inconsistent, ugh.

    Once again, I apologize and I hope you all have a great weekend. Sorry if there are any weird typos, I'm currently on my phone >_<)/
  19. Good luck with your work Fox! And have fun because that actually sounds like a fun school thing. My school things are never fun like that.

    Thanks for letting me know. I'll put a post up for him as well.

    Also! I think I should point out that my posts won't technically be transition posts at the moment. Prince's will. Because of the arc and how it's set up. I still expect the four day rule though and it ends Saturday.

    Thank you, that is all.
  20. Where is everyone?

    So far there's only one post and today is the last daaaay.

    I have no choice but to wait before letting Prince move on, since there aren't many things to react too. Annnd, I'll have to put up a post for the reaction as wellll.
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