Pirate Adventure!

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  1. This is a private RP about pirates.
  2. A man would have been thrown into the brig of the vessle ruffly in what speared to be cowboy boots and a leather duster though both would seem a bit scuffed up with a few visable blood stains on the dark red shirt beneath his coat. He would have had longish curly light brown hair that was mussed up from whatever the crew had done before he got below deck. It could have been seen that he had a black fire tatto in more of a tribal style coming up from his collar on the right side and up the side of his neck as he collected the wide brimmed hat that was thrown in with a chuckle after him.
  3. Lilly heard the sound of another prisoner being thrown in with her. She coward in a corner, not looking. Her purple dress was torn and tattered, as was her hair from weeks of neglect. "Heh-Hello?" she said in a soft, waivering voice.
  4. Kaine groaned as he collected himself leaving his destroyed hat on the ground as he propped himself up and took stock of his situation and the woman with him. "Hello." he would say a bit gruffly as he slowly got to his feet trying to salvage some of his hat or at least put it into a condition where it was wearable.
  5. Lilly shivered. "I guess you weren't sent to save me, were you?" She looked around. "I'm Lilly Le Fey. I don't know if you've heard of me. Who are you?" She hoped that they could figure out some way to escape.
  6. Kaine looked over at her quizzically and said "No I haven't heard of you should I have? My names Kaine by the way." looking over at her a bit more closely now. "No I wasn't sent to save anyone. Just ran into a bit of bad luck with these buggers is all."
  7. Lilly raises an eyebrow. "I'm kinda the heiress to the Le Fey fortune. You never heard of my family? Whatever. These guys kidnapped me and I gotta get out of here. Any ideas?"
  8. Kaine would have said "No never heard of them." seeming to have a slight hint of disdain for her attitude at this point "I might have one or two, but what makes you think your coming with me? You seem like you would be more trouble than your worth." as he settled down by the metal grated gate of there shared prison now.
  9. Lilly smirked. "Because if you get me out of here, my family can give you anything you want. Besides, I can handle myself. They just took me from my bed while I was asleep." She raked her fingers through her hair, trying to look more presentable. This comforted her.
  10. Kaine would have chuckled and said "And what if all I want is to just get out of this cell eh? feels like cheating anyway if I just get something for opening a door." in a somewhat sarcastic tone at this point. He was clearly unimpressed with her wealth at this point or just thought she was acting way to privileged given where she was.
  11. Lilly shrugged. "I'm getting out and going home one way or another. You can either help me and get rewarded, or stay here and rot. It's up to you." She didn't like this guy. If he knew what she could do, he'd be jumping at this chance. Frankly, she was surprised that no one else had been thrown in with her that had come to her rescue.
  12. Kaine would laugh at this and said "So is that me getting a reward for you saving me then if you are getting us out of here?" being a tad bit sarcastic now as he pulled out a hardtack biscuit and started gnawing on it a bit absent mindedly.
  13. Lilly shook her head. "No, it's you getting a reward for helping me get out of here and helping me get back home. But it's your choice."
  14. Kaine would have sighed and said "Well I don't have much better to do and if the pay is as good as you say...." not entirely wanting to take the job as he suspected it would have its hidden strings attached.
  15. Lilly smiled. "Good. Now, what's your plan for getting us out of here?" She hoped he had a good one that they could put into action quickly.
  16. Kaine would have said "My plan is to wait. Its much to busy on deck right now you can hear them all thudding around up there. If we tried anything now we would get caught immediately." as he tipped his hat down over his eyes.
  17. Lilly nodded. "Understood. I'll follow your lead when the time comes." She sat down and made herself as comfortable as she could.

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  18. "sounds good to me." he said casually at this point not bothering to move at all as he added "So what exactly am I expecting you to do for this? Anything I should know about so i can take that into consideration? were lucky the let me have a bit of a tour of the ship while I was on deck."

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    Lilly thought for a moment. "Just that they're going to try to keep me on this ship at all costs. I'm sure they have big plans and an equal ransom for me."
  20. "sounds good. I need my deck of cards before we leave though and one of the crew members took it." in a casual tone of voice at this point giving a bit of a yawn at this point as he settled in to wait for later.

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