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  1. In the darkness of the night, the moon was the only light, besides the few fires that were still smoldering among the tents. Sneaking quietly out, the soldier walked quickly down the man made path to that was made to get to the lake where they were told to clean themselves. Once arriving, and looking around, the soldier hid behind a tree, undressing. She unbound herself, so that her breasts were not pressed to her body for dear life. She pulled her hair down, and long locks to a smooth, and silky black fell down her back like drapes. She was a women, hiding in an army of men.

    Once Sayomi was undressed, she jumped into the cold water. Even though it was warm out, the water was still bone chattering. She let herself swim around, and float on her back. Everyone else in their right mind would have been sleeping because of training the next morning. She had taken a small nap before, but was still very tired. As her body ajusted to the cold water, she began to drift in and out of sleep as she floated in the water. She finally decided to close her eyes, and open her ears, making sure that there was noone coming her way. She knew she would get into trouble, but here she was.

    Sayomi had joined the army, for no better words then her father forced her to. Her father was very disappointed in not having a boy. So growing up, Sayomi looked like a boy. Until she reached puberty. Then it was harder for her to hide. But her father decided to find ways. He forced her to wrap her body, force her voice low, and wanted to cut her hair shorted. She fought that, and he agreed, but she had to promise to never take it out. If others saw how long her hair actually was, then they would know that he was actually a she.
  2. Alex Moore wiped his brow, the dirt was almost seeping off of him. He'd just finished playing a friendly flag football game with the other guys. He had to play to relieve the stress his job came with. All of the other guys preferred staying dirty and why not? Freshening up was for men that needed to impress women and there was no need for that here. So he snuck off to avoid being made fun of by his fellow soldiers. For some reason he had to be clean, thats just how he was. He strolled down the path to the lake where they were allowed to wash up. ON the way he struggled to take off his dust now brownish t-shirt( It was made difficult because of his muscly physique). Alex was a pretty big guy. 22 years old, 6foot4 and ripped all over, he had light brown eyes and a standard military buzzcut. He slowly approached the lake when he stopped dead in his tracks. He saw clothes that shouldv'e belonged to another soilder... A MALE soldier. But floating in the lake he saw..."A girl?"
  3. Not noticing the person on the shore, Sayomi Just laid in the cold water. She had been here for about half a year now. Though she could play with the guys, She was not muscular like they were. They always made fun of her small figure. Calling her Gay, and weak. only thing was, that with her slender body, was that she could out maneuver them. Since she wasn't as big as them, she was quicker and harder to hold onto. So in hand on hand training, she was the best at it. Sayomi laughed softly at how she imagined they would react if they knew she was a girl. But she stopped. If they knew she was a girl, she would be killed on sight. She never understood why the army didn't allow women. But she wasn't going to be the one to try to stand up. She wasn't going to risk her life, for women who might not even share the same interest.

    As the soft breeze picked up, Sayomi decided that it was long since time to get out. Her skin goose bumped as she stood. She was only 5 foot 9 inches. So where she was, she couldn't reach the bottom without being under the water completely. When she looked to the shore, her piercing green eyes saw Moore. One of the other soldiers. Though on the inside, she was freaking out. on the outside, she was calm and collected. like it didn't phase her. She swam up to him, hiding everything. She figured she could play it off some how.

    "Are you looking for Micah? Cause I am too. Him and friend ran off, and I can't find them any where. I thought we were going to be doing a three way, but they just left. I was thinking of just heading back to town. Unless... You wanted a partner for the night." She wanted to slap herself for saying that, but she couldn't think of what else to say. When she spoke, she smooth and natuarly sultry voice echoed, and her piercingly green eyes never left the much bigger man.
  4. Alex couldn't help but smirk, He'd already seen her girlish features and the thoughts of what he'd seen had barreled around in his head. The images of her floating in the lake had already settled down in his mind. Her slender body, the curves in her waist, her thin legs and everything else. There was no mistaking that she was a girl. And her voice, her voice was so appealing to Alex. He thought about it and racked his brain for a moment. "Micah? Nah but hey, your right that might be fun. Lets be partners tonight" He decided to just go with the girls sharade. Alex thought that this might be interesting. Until he could decide what needed to be done this was the alternative. He took another look at the girl. Even though her features were hidden under the water she was appealing. Alex never had a soft spot for anyone but...
  5. In her head Sayomi Groaned. She was not sure how she was going to try to do. She just needed to preoccupy him enough, or to even just to suck it up, do what he wanted just so that she could stay, and stay alive. She got out of the water, acting like she wasn't embarrassed about him seeing her. She just went over to her clothes, and she just grabbed the shirt, knowing the wrap was hidden under her pants. There thankfully were both men's underwear, and her normal lacy ones. She still was not used to the men's ones. She had to have hers to make it just feel like she was wearing shorts under the pants. She grabbed them and slid her legs into them, and pulled them up. "I'm not sure where my clothes went... Or if I even had them" She knew that her breath smelt like alcohol because she did have some earlier with all the guys. She had learned to hold her whiskey. She was hoping that maybe he Would think that she was drunk.
  6. Alex couldn't help but stare when she got out of the water. It was a blank stare like he was abit stunned rather than excited, but that too was going through his head. He struggled to hold back a laught shortly after grasping what was going on. He watched her walk over to her underware, they seemed abit thick for some reason.He started to look the other way. The sight of the girl like that excited him but they were more important things on his mind. The girl shortly spoke afterwards and he smelled the liquor on her breath. But Alex was no fool, despite his young age he was skilled in most aspects of being a soilder. Seeing through a falseity like this was nothing. It was true she had been drinking early but it wasn't nearly enough to daze her. He threw his shirt at her watching land softly on her face. "Cant have my partner getting a cold on me right? Its okay you may not need them" A small laugh escaped his lips as he held his breath. Alex caught the gist of the situation but how long would he pretend to be oblivious? He parted a sly smile and thought of how interesting this night could get.
  7. Sayomi Watched him carefully. But with the straight face she was sure he thought something was up. She wasn't sure what it was. As she was lost in her thoughts, a shirt was thrown at her. It hit her in the face, which caused her to jump. She put the shirt, shuddering under her skin at what he said. Then the words sunk in. If it was just a one night thing, why would it matter if she got sick. She turn, bending down, the lace of her underwear light blue, and see through, hardly covering her butt. When she grabbed something off the ground, she turned around, throwing the rock at him. "God Damnit Alex! Why did you come here?" She asked him, her voice still fairly calm, but her features told another story. She was scared about what was going to happen. She knew he wasn't as dumb as some people had thought he was. She knew that like everyone else. He was aware of the consiquinces of her actions. He was suppose to take her in and tell them about everything. They wouldn't hear what she had to say. It would be the end of her right then.
  8. Alex found it shit cute when the girl jumped. He couldn't stop staring when she bent over either. Suddenly a rock was thrown his way and was of course caught with ease. Alex simply laughed. " Aww Ms. Are you angry that you've been found out? " He joke while acting cool and calm.when in truth he was racking trying to decide between the right way "and his way. A choice he always had to make. "Well? Explain yourself now... Before I decide what I'm going to do with you." His tone grew deep and serious while he tapped his foot impatiently" And I better like what I hear girl." Alex k waitedept a fixed gaze on her while waiting for a response. In the mean time he looked her up and down somewhat adoring her petite frame.
  9. Sayomi just looked at him. She didn't know how to react. She was both angry, and on the verge of crying. There was nothing that she could think to say. She didn't know what he wanted to hear. She didn't know what he expected from her. If he wanted certain things, then she might as well just be turned in. It probably would kill her inside. She just wanted her dad to be proud, and at this point she didn't know anything else. "I am not hurting anybody. What damage have I caused? Who have I hurt? I have trained, and been through all the same shit you have. But I am not allowed because I am a girl. It is unlawful. I am breaking the law, by just doing something a man does. I proved I can do it. I didn't get any special treatment throughout all of this. Yet, I will still be sentenced to death the minute you turn me in." She sighed and looked down. She ran her hand through her long hair, closing her eyes. She didn't really have much to say. "I don't want to die. I really don't that is honestly the last thing that I want. It is the thing I am most scared of. As it is for a most. But honestly, I don't think that I deserve to die, but now, that is not even my decision right now. That is yours..." She only looked at him for a few minutes at the end of what she was saying.
  10. Alex sighed and scratched the back of his head. Why was he the one who had to deal with this. He looked at the girl again, she seemed genuinely scared and afraid for.her life...Afraid to die. Alex understood this feeling all to well. Dammit why was he the one getting dragged into this. If anyone found put he was harboring a girl in the army he'd be sentenced to death aswell. But deep down he knew from the moment he saw her floating in the water she wouldn't let her get hurt. Alex knew this was wrong but even so he spoke again, this time his voice low and caring. "I... Look its our secret now okay?" That was the best way he could put it without showing any emotion whatsoever. " I won't tell anyone but you have to make me a promise in return." He thought about it for a moment. Sadly, Alex always has a spft spot for women, you could even call it a weakness. "You." He pointed at her as if he was taking an oath. "Have to promise me that you'll stay alive no matter what. Prove to me you belong here and they'll be no reason for me to say a word to anyone." Alex thought it as a dumb promise but he truly meant it. He wanted the girl alive and... To be with him. "Stay with.." He immediately cut himself off. This wasn't the time or the place to think.about things like that. Alex just looked away awaiting the girls response
  11. When Alex told her that he would keep her secret, Sayomi hugged him. "Thank you so much. And I promise nothing will happen." She pulled away from him, and looked at him, a smile of relief on her face. She kept looking at him as she spoke. "I have lasted this long. What makes you think something will happen now? So don't worry." She told him, trying to blow off all seriousness before he changed his mind. She took off his shirt, throwing it at him. "No offense, but your shirt smells something horrid." She went back to the water, taking off her bottoms. She figured he had already seen it, so what's it matter. She then went into the water. She had not even cleaned herself yet. And she was here. She dove into the water, the thing last visible was her long black hair, that floated more then her body did.
  12. "Yeah, Yeah" Alex retorted. "Just be careful, okay?" He pretended to shrug it off but in truth he was abit woried. I mean if he found her out by accident couldn't someone else? Alex was taken from his thoughts when his rather dirty shirt landed on his face causing him to smirk. " Hey! It doesn't smell!" He took a whiff. "Well.. Not that bad anyways." Alex thought this girl may be some fun after all. Sticking close to her maybe a pleasure. I mean yeah she dressed like him but underneath all that, which he was staring at now... She was kinda sexy. He watched as she dove into that nice, cold, refreshing water. Being too lazy to get undressed he just lazily unlaced his standard ground boots and dove in aswell.
  13. Sayomi swam around for a bit under the water. With all the training that she had done, she learned to hold her breathe for long period of times. She came back to where she was, only to run into him under the water. She kinda gasped, bubbles coming out of her face. In the water, the make up that she used to make her skin look more blotchy and to make her rose colored lips look paler and more like the color of her skin. She knew that she wasn't the pretties of girls in the world. But she knew that most girls would kill for her body. She was fit, but not creepy fit. She was slender, but not just stick and bones. Her skin was honey colored cause of all the time that was spent outside, her legs were long, and the few times that she showed up, pretending to be 'Micha's' Date, only to find out that he didn't show up, looked even longer in heels. Though she had spend a lot of time pretending to be a guy. She always promised not to get too lost in it. She knew that one day, she wanted to go back to being a girl. Just right now was not the time. But when she went back, she didn't want to be lost in the ways of girls.
    As she ran into him softly, she used her feet, and pressed off of him.
  14. Alex wasn't that great a swimmer. Swimming was something he only excelled at when absolutely needed. But outside of that he liked the water and he could swim around just enough to satisfy himself. His arms were big and long enough that he didn't need much energy to swim, meaning he had a pretty good amount of endurance. Sooner or later he ran into the girl that dove in before him. Bubbles filled and blurred his vision, most likely from her being surprised. I mean it wasnt like he cpild announce his presence down here. There was a slight pause as Alex stared at the girl, something he found himself doing a lot recently. Then she used her feet to push off of him. Even underwater they felt pretty soft, her feet pressed against the cased muscle that lined his stomach. It caused him to smirk abit. And again thoughts of the girl started to fill his head. This wasn't the time for that. Alex convinced himself this was wrong and that he was being stupid. To avoid a mistake he slowly surfaced and left the water.
  15. as Sayomi surfaced, she saw Alex leaving the water. She sighed and decided to just go back to her tent and sleep. He obviously didn't want her around. She climbed out of the water, and got dressed in all of her clothes. She didn't bother putting her hair up or anything. She decided to just let it dry down while she walked back. Her tent wasn't that far. She looked at him for a moment, before she turned on her heel and went start to walk back. What was she suppose to say to him? Sorry that I am just like doing all sorts of things you don't like? Or that she was just going to quit the army because she was found out. If she would have done that, then there would be no reason in even have explained anything to him. She could have just told him that she would leave if he didn't turn her in. She was not going to do that. She walked in silence to her tent. Thinking about everything.
  16. Alex was already on his way back to his tent. He didnt bother putting his shirt on being much to trapped in thought. On his way he thought about a lot, the look on her face, her reactions, her body. Alex didn't know much about girls or this girl in particular. All he knew was that he was way too interested to let her get away. Alex had never had time for girls back home, he was too serious. Many girls approached and complimented him, a bunch even asked him out. But he turned them all down. He was always working out, tratining, or hanging out with the boys. So what was it about this girl that was so different? What was making him crazy? Alex made it back to his tent lazily throwing his shirt boots and socks to the floor. The tent was dimmly lit by a candle in the center of the floor. There were conplimentary shelves that Alex stocked with ammunition and books pertaining to the human anatomy. Also there was a worn out mattress in the corner. It was big, even to bog for his muscular frame. Alex plopped down and stared up to think some more. ". What will you do now hero..". When talking to himself Alex always referred to himself as the hero, that's what he truly wanted to be. And now he was trapped in thought.
  17. When Sayomi got back to her tent, she walked in, and threw herself on the bed. It was small compared to others, but to her dainty figure, it was perfect. She wasn't sure what to do now. She sat up, brushing her hair as she thought. She didn't know what she was suppose to do now. She didn't want to get in trouble. She didn't want to die. She just wanted to be here. To show that she was not just some weak woman. She was not sure. She was so confused. She just brushed her long silky black hair. Once it was all done, she pulled it up, bobby pinning it like she usually did so that it didn't look as long. It looked longish for a man, but not a girl. She wasn't going to sleep anymore. She got up, and put clean clothes on. She decided that she would go for a run. Someone else would be up in about an hour so that she could train with them. She left the tent, and then started to run. She ran only for about half a mile, before she saw another member of her team. "Yo! Danny!" She yelled out in her 'normal' voice. Since he was on a different shift, one starting earlier, he was up while most people was asleep. "What are you doing right now?" She asked him. He explained that he was just out for a morning run. "Want to spar? I can't sleep. Maybe you can wear me out... If you think you can handle me." She said with a laugh, only to be tackled. She got up, and they began wrestling in the dirt.
  18. Alex sat in thought for about another half an hour. Thinking was started to agrivate him. All the time he wasted thinking didn't help anything. He still didn't have an answer, he still didn't know what to do." Fuck it" He said before springing out of his worn out mattresses and moving towards a shelf in the tent. The shelf would be heavy to any regular man due to it being truck full of different ammunition for a variety of weapons. But Alex easily shoved it aside to pick upa rifle. It wasn't just any rifle, it was an AR-15. A compact accurate weapon that rarely jammed or faulted and was completely mobile. Most of all it was one of the only things keeping him sane. It was a souvenir from... Well he didn't wanna think about that right now. He was trying to kill stress not pour more on. A little time at the firing range would do just that. He grabbed the rifle and a small ammo cartridge before leaving the tent. A few rounds at the range and his head should be cleared, unless of course he ran into her. But what were the chances of that. Most everyone would be sleeping in and reserving strength. They would have a mission either today or tommorow and would set out soon. He set out towards the path to the range.
  19. They continued to wrestle, Sayomi being flung against the ground and pinned, only for a moment. She was able to get him off of her, and she was able to get on him on the ground, then on his back. The man was able to easily stand with her grasping onto his back, trying not to fall on her butt. "I swear to God Micah, you are like a women. You weigh nothing at all. You are tough for your size though. Only thing is that you can't fight someone that can actually probably bench press you." He grabbed the girl, and started to physically bench press her. At first, she could feel the wrap over her chest moving, and she squirmed, trying to keep it up. "Less wrestling, more hand to hand. Be smarter!" She said with a fluid throw of her body to being on the ground. She was able to adjust and tighten her wrap without it looking like it was more then fixing the tank top under her shirt. He laughed, and they started with Karate. Sayomi had been in it all her life, and was a third degree black belt. They stood there, playing sticky hands for awhile, before he looked at her and sighed. "I overheard something this morning... Mike... I think we might be going to war. Down in the amazon. Or some shit like that that rains all the time... Things apparently got really hot last night." Without meaning to, Sayomi stopped blocking and ended up getting hit hard in the face, her nose dripping blood. "Wait... What?"
  20. After a couple minutes of walking he arrived at the range which was of course empty for this time of night. Alex walked over to his favorite point. A corner spot at the end of the range. He had always pretended that the planks being aimed upon were real people. It helped him focus and this particular point gave him a perfect view and kept him hidden. Alex didn't bother with any protective gear. He never did. Alex loaded up the AR and fired off rounds at the planks. He never missed a target, completely destroying the heads of a couple planks in the front. Then he aimed father supposedly out of the range of assault rifles but not for Alex. By taking short braths he fired in burst maintaining his accuracy at a distance. Alex had been at this for at least an hour. By this time every plank in a 200 yard radius of the 500 yard wide firing range had been taking out. "Shit" Finally Alex had to stop. The kick the gun gave from firing this long sprained his wrist. He was out of ammo anyway. While his wrist began to swell he wrapped it with a small cloth from his pocket. But it was worth it. This was the last time he was gonna use this range anyway.