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What would you like most out of this roleplay? (pick 2)

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  3. Um, some savage snowboarding action. Obviously.

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  4. Gore! Crazy snowboard crashes! Exposed flesh! Buckets of blood! GOOOORE!

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  5. Let's get fluffy!

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  6. Not gonna lie, I kinda wanna see some sex go down.

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  7. How about those gaybies?

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  8. High octane competitions, brah!

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  9. Fight! Fight! Fight!

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  10. Stupid teenager stuff!

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  11. Actually this roleplay looks really dumb...

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  1. :raven:[This is not a jump-in role play. Please visit the signup thread if interested]

    Felix Bergfalk, having bid his father good morning, sat down in the commons to a cup of hot coffee - with too much cream. Just as he liked it. The snow was falling hard that day, as he could see through the wide lodge window. Hopefully, the bus driver wouldn't have any trouble reaching the lodge. Days like this made him want to hit the slopes and not come back until sundown, just him and his board. Prior to the Academy season, that was just what he would do. But today was a special case. It was Academy season, day one, and the bus was on its way up the mountain, full of teens born with one foot strapped to their snowboards. Just as he liked it.

    The bus would be pulling in any minute now. Driven by the memory of all his return students, he guzzled the rest of his coffee and took up a position just in front of the entryway. He found himself brimming with excitement - soon, he'd be telling that same "wipe your feet" joke like he always did at the beginning of the season. Soon, he'd be the center of all the practical jokes a teenage boy could muster. Soon, he'd be rejoicing with old students and welcoming new ones. Soon, he'd be on the slopes with them. Soon. Felix smiled, ready to receive them.
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    Serenity Angelique Jones

    The air was cold as it blew past her, the sound of the snow crunching beneath her feet as she exited the bus with other students her duffel bag hung right on her shoulder as she approached the place she'd be residing at. A excited smile crept onto her face as her cheeks became a rosy color from the gelid air that surrounded her. White flakes danced softly towards the ground. She headed towards the entrance with the others of the first group that arrived, only for her to begin to wander off away from the group curious to see what else the outdoors had to offer. The sudden buzz of her phone awoke her from her daydream. She quickly scrambled to remove her phone from her pocket her mothers name flashed across the screen. She slid her finger across the screen to unlock her phone before placing the screen next to her ear.


    "Hey Serenity!! Did you get there yet? How's the academy?"

    The energetic voice of her mother rang out as she answered the phone realizing she'd wandered off as usual.

    "Hey mom I just got here, Umm I'll call you back as soon as I'm done unpacking. K?"

    "Ok! But remember you promised!"

    "Yess. Bye Mom."

    Her conversation ended and Serenity quickly ran back to where the others of the first group were. Everyone that was on her bus was from NY like her. She missed the city already but wanted to explore the unknown world of nature a bit more. She followed the crowd into the building with a ecstatic smile upon her face.
  3. As Felix awaited the students, Malakai quickly readied the beds and his supplies, bustling about the room.

    He counted and recounted the amounts of bandages, gauze, slings, and everything else he needed for what seemed like the hundredth time. He was nervous and excited about the newcomers and oldcomers. Maybe he'd get to meet the student Mr.Bergfalk always talked about.

    He glanced out the window in time to see one of the buses pull to a halt releasling the swarm of students. He noticed a young girl who in his opinion was very pretty.

    He hoped he wouldn't have a visit from her, he hated to see girls hurt and in pain.
  4. Ooh, there it was! The bus! Nah, Felix couldn't do it any longer. He rushed to the front door and flung it open to the barrage of incoming students. "Welcome, ski bums!" he called out joyously in his very slight Swedish accent, just barely prevalent. God, he loved the kids. He was pretty much a kid himself at twenty-one-and-a-half, but he had started his career as head instructor early at the age of eighteen after his father retired from the mountain for good. He knew a lot of these kids, and was eager to meet some more. But first... "Alright, little'uns, wipe your feet before you come inside..." Yeah, that was his season kickoff joke. All of the return students who knew about it giggled as the first years began to wipe their feet. Felix was compelled to laugh along - falling for the "wipe your feet" was a sort of preliminary initiation that all the firsties went through. Stupid and hilarious.
  5. Serenity Angelique Jones

    As the instructor spoke her eyes and mind explored the cozy interior of the building only to snap back into reality as some students erupted into giggles as others began to wipe their feet. Serenity wiped her feet upon the mat by the entrance as well before removing her boots to avoid tracking in any snow into the building. She raised her hand and asked,

    "Hey! Wipe you feet guy when do we get to find our rooms and when do our lessons begin?"

    She asked feeling pretty excited to learn how to snowboard and finding out who her roommates would be.
  6. Felix couldn't help but smile at the girl's enthusiasm. "I'm getting to that," he snickered. As he waited, the rest of the students filed into the entryway, most of them not wiping their feet, much to the distress of the first years. "Alright!" He boomed, raising his hands. "Well, kids, we won't be doing any boarding today. Your bus showed up a bit late due to heavy snow, so we're gonna have some din-din and send you off to bed. But first, I'd like you all to join me in the commons for a little debrief." At that, he led the way into the commons and took up a position in front of the crackling fireplace. The students filed in , sitting around the many tables that filled the common area. From the massive lodge windows, Felix could see the pounding snowfall, the growing darkness outside. Lots of fresh powder for tomorrow, for the newbies to learn on, for the returners to come home to. Excellent. Looking up, he realized that all of the students were in attendance.

    "Welcome, welcome, everyone! Now, we have a lot to go over, but first off, I'm Mr. Bergfalk, your head instructor. You can call me Felix," he grinned.

    "Tomorrow, we'll hit the slopes, but tonight, we have a few things to go over. The Pine Crest lodge is a pretty nice place, but we have a few rules around here. Rule one - did you see that hallway? The one next to the door to the commons?" Felix gestured towards the commons door. "The first door down that hall is the bathroom, and that's as far as you're allowed to go. The rest of that stuff is not yours - staff lounge, staff bedrooms, staff offices, staff everything. All your stuff is up the staircase next to the fireplace. That's your bedroom, your lounge, and access to the infirmary. Also, do stop in to meet Mr. Kirkland, our medic. He's nice. He's smart. He's British. You'll like him. Anyways, on go your gear - all those racks in the entryway? That's where everything 'gear' goes. Your board, your coat, your helmet all have a place. All other clothes can go in the trunks under your beds. Now, you may notice that there are no boy and girl dorms - just one big dorm. Now, I don't care what goes on. You're all mature young adults. But the rules are such: No one loses sleep, no one has to call the janitor, and no one gets pregnant. Capiche?

    "Alright. Tomorrow, we'll be hitting the mountain in groups by skill - beginner, intermediate, advanced. We'll figure out who gets who later. During lessons, make sure you're staying within sight of your instructor and listening to what they have to say. After lessons, we'll have FB - free board - for a couple hours, every day after lunch. You're free to go out and have some fun with what you've learned. If you don't think you're ready to board on your own, that's fine. You can chill in the lodge and have first pick at dinner, or grab an open instructor for a little tutelage. Ask nicely! Now... who's hungry?" As if on queue, one of the academy cooks wheeled in a cart of various soups, pastas, breads, and veggies, along with a stack of plates. "Help yourself, little'uns!"
  7. Serenity Angelique Jones

    The man had answered her question and soon caused her to lose interest in his verbal tour of the academy. She began to wander around through the house for a few minutes before returning her attention to the instructor. Hearing him talk about the sleeping arrangements caused her face to become a bright red, never had she seen such a carefree adult that has only a few rules, one of them involving pregnancy. Her blue eyes looked at the man in mere disbelief before the sound of the wheels rolling along the wooden surface of the floors announced the food carts appearance. She didn't want to eat after hearing the insanity that left the instructors mouth. She left the common area and wandered off to the dorm area to search for her room instead of standing around doing nothing.
  8. [​IMG]

    "Your leaving again aren't you?" Her mother sighed, looking over her with an almost lost expression. "What's so fun about that place anyways, why can't you stay here for a winter sometime?" The frown that had replaced her smile suddenly made Dakota gain goosebumps on her arms, and a pout came to her lips. "One can't simply not go to their job ma. Besides I'm a grown woman, Felix is probably already gonna be confused when I arrive a little late to the party" Her job had been something she had come to know as one of the best things to happen to her. An exciting little venture it was, a place where she could let her love for snowboarding shine.

    Arriving on one of the shuttle buses up here, she was quite amused to see that the group of kids had only just gotten here moments before. Adjusting her beanie, she enters in with the group of students, kicking off her boots and hanging up her coat. "Felix. Sorry I'm a little late, mom wanted me to stay a little longer. Sheesh. She knows how much I love it here, why can't she let me be happy" A playful pout crossed her features, and she headed into the room with the rest of the group. Smelling the tantalizing scents of the food drifting through the air, she hops up from the couch. This girl could eat, she was starved.

    She wouldn't take a lot, after all the students came before everyone else. Getting herself a bowl of soup, and two slices of buttered bread, she takes a seat again before turning to Felix. "Soo how you holding up since the last time I saw ya?"

  9. Ah, Dakota. Felix couldn't lie - he was happy to see her. Dakota was lovely, and a great instructor at that. Honestly, she was quite pretty, too. But you'd be hard pressed to get Felix to admit something like that. "It's all good, Dakota," he replied warmly, helping himself to a bowl of spaghetti and some bread and sitting down across from her at the table. "Things have been holding up fine. Enrollment has paid off all our bills for the year, the snow conditions are looking good - I even got to take dad out snowboarding a couple times last week. He was ecstatic." Talking about his father brought on pangs of passion and sadness. Most of the staff understood quite well how old and frail his father was getting. Changing the topic was a relief, even though he was the one who'd brought it up in the first place. "Ready for the season? It's gonna be wicked out there."
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  10. Serenity Angelique Jones

    She had a bit of difficulty finding her room but she had finally succeeded after searching for what felt to her, a lifetime. She dropped off her bag before heading out the room. The thought of contacting her mother slipped her mind as she explored the academy. She found herself back in the common room and she approached the medic room. She knocked on the door before peeking into the room and smiling at the academy's medic,

    "Hi I'm Serenity! Serenity A. Jones."

    She cheerfully introduced herself to the man by whom was seated by a window.

    (@That0nePasta )
  11. She'd been helping out in the kitchen when the kids arrived. In fact, she was the one who wheeled out the cart of food, Burton swirling between her legs as she waited for each kid to take what they wanted before she would make a move to get some herself. Once the herd of chattering kids cleared out she carefully made her way to the front of the cart, being sure not to step on Burton, and grabbed a bowl of spaghetti and buttered bread, other hand clutching a fork and several napkins - she'd need them. Spaghetti wasn't something you ate gracefully without mess, or at least that wasn't the case for Chiara. Even now, an adult, Chi still got spaghetti all over her face, sometimes managing to get it on her forehead even. Despite how messy the pasta was she loved it anyways. It was, hands down, her favorite food of all time. It built up carbs and energy she usually spent out on the slopes..

    Not any more... She thought to herself with a wrinkled nose as she took a seat by Felix and Dakota, offering the two a bright smile in acknowledgement. "Did you two make sure to wipe your feet?" The joke, as overused as it was, would never get old. Burton let out a loud meow by her feet under the table, obviously not happy that he wasn't getting her attention any more, circling through them before padding off with a yawn, probably to go find a quiet place and curl up for a nap.
  12. feliiiiix.png feliiiz.png

    Felix gave a comical groan. "Aw, ya got me, Chi," he said, pointedly banging off his boot on the leg of the table. A small pile of snow formed where his boot had been. Yeah, Felix loved his job. All the girls were pretty. All of them. Maybe this would be the season he'd finally make up his mind about dating - or let one of the girls make it up for him. That seemed like the easier option. With a chuckle, he watched Burton depart indignantly, his coal-black tail mounted like a sail. "We've got a rowdy bunch this season, it seems. Think we can handle them?" The question was directed at both of them, really. An instructor had to deal with teenage antics before something went wrong. Medics dealt with the aftermath. Neither of them got off easy. Ever.
  13. Malakai turns when he hears the young lady introduce herself. He felt his face heat up with a mixture of excitement and embarrassment.

    "Allo, Ms.Jones...I'm Malakai Kirkland, and pleasure do I have being in such a fine lady's pressence?" He said grinning.

    He hoped he hadn't come off as creepy most found him odd for the way he spoke, was outdated.

    "My, pardon me...would you like to come in?" He asked remembering his manners.

  14. Elana was beside herself with excitement as she double checked everything at the ski patrol base, making sure that all the equipment was fully functional and easily accessible. The kids came today, and the redhead couldn't wait to see all the new and familiar faces. Last year was a blast and she had made so many great memories. Lana couldn't wait to see what this season would bring.

    Looks like everything is good, Lana noted to herself. Once she was sure that everything was in order, she left the base and made her way towards the main building. The walk wasn't too far -- 8 minutes at the most. She took a deep breath of the sharp air and smiled. It was good to be back. She was met with a frigid breeze as she walked, but it didn't really bother her under her abundant amount of layers.

    Elana arrived at the main building, smoothing out her ski patrol jacket before entering. The red jacket was something the girl was rather proud of, and she didn't hesitate to show it off to everyone. A smile crossed her face as she entered the building. There were so many new faces; more than she expected. It was a bit overwhelming, but she was glad they were here. She took note that there were also plenty of familiar faces, which was reassuring. She then spotted Felix, Dakota, and Chi. Lana waved, happy to see them, although she wasn't sure if her co-workers had noticed her. She wiped her feet off in an exaggerated manner before making her way over to the table they were sitting at.

    "Hey, guys!" she greeted, taking a seat next to them. "Plenty of new faces this year, huh?."

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  15. Serenity A. Jones

    Serenity giggled as she saw the man become a bit red in the face. She smiled and replied,

    "Nice to meet you Mr. Kirkland! I came to check out the medic room and see what I can discover before I head to bed this evening."

    She didn't find him creepy at all, although his word choice was probably as old as time itself she didn't really mind.

    "And thanks for inviting me in!"

    She stated before entering the room and seating herself on one of the chairs in the room.

    "Mr.Kirkland, how often do people get injured on the slopes? How long have you worked here? Do you know how to snowboard? Do we have a curfew here?"

    She shot so many questions at ounces that she may as well asked why is the sky blue, as curiosity found it's way to her eyes, shining brightly through her ocean blue eyes.

    ( @That0nePasta )
  16. Ready for the season? Of course! She was more then ready to be honest. She hadn't had time on the slopes since last winter, and surely her moves would be a bit rusty but she was still pretty great at what she did. Holding passion for the sport very close after a multitude of years. Sending Chi a quick smile and then directing it over to Felix, her eyes widened a fraction of a size and a mocking gasp emitted from her "Caught me red handed" She mused, banging her feet against the floor to show the point. Spotting Elana, her eyes lit up and she waved the red head over. "Grab some food and sit down and chat with us El, we have a lot of catching up to do"
  17. Asbel had been snowboarding down the mountain in haste when he saw the shuttles come in. His face must've been frozen the whole way, because he didn't stop smiling! This was great. New faces meant more fun.

    He had arrived before the kids could descend from the vehicles. He got rid of any snow from his shoes and snowboard in the drainage area, and put his equipment up.

    He had joined the usual group; Felix, Dakota, and Elana. "Hey guys. Who else is excited to pummel these kids?" The instructor cracked his knuckles, grinning as he looked at the teens getting their food. He was kidding of course, and he knew his fellow instructors were used to this. It was nothing new on his part.
  18. A soft chuckle left her lips at their reaction, obviously playing along with the joke. Unlike the other two, who had snow falling from their boots, Chiara opted for plain old converse, as she had no immediate intentions to go outside in the snow. She was a medic this year, which meant she could stay in and laze around - injuries were rare, coming down with something was common though it was a quick fix. After twirling noodles around her fork, Chiara brought the forkful up to her lips and placed it into her mouth, chewing happily as another instructer came in, Elana. Bright red hair; Chi would never be able to pull something like that off. She returned the wave and quickly swallowed her food to reply. "Tons of them. Looking forward to get to know them, preferrably not in the medic room..." With her own experience with injuries, Chi was far more nervous about them, the back of her knee throbbing in rememberance of her own mishap on the slopes.

    Shortly after Elana showed up, Asbel walked in, joining the group after stomping off as much snow as he could. "See, guys. He remembered to wipe his feet." She chimed teasingly, letting out a quiet giggle before putting another forkful of spaghetti in her mouth, nodding her head in greeting to Asbel.
  19. "Yup!" he pointed to his vans he changed into. "Ya'll should follow my example and- Ah." he looked at Chi. There she goes again, stuffing her face with pasta." He grinnedand sat in front of her while pretending to hold a microphone. "Here we have a very rare specimen that is obsessed with the food called 'spaghetti'. It seems that the specimen is looking at us." he talked as if he were in a T.V show, and the camera was filming Chi. "Let us ask it's thoughts and feelings on this everyday ordinary food." He pretended to put the microphone in front of her face, stopping the oncoming forkfull of pasta to her mouth. "Well?" he tried to make his face as serious as possible, but the corner of his lips tilted upwards.
  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Elana nodded, a smile still on her face. “Looks like tonight’s menu is Pinecrest’s gourmet spaghetti; a tempting offer I simply can’t resist,” she said and went to grab herself a plate. She returned and sat back down, turning to reply to Dakota, “Yeah, it’s been so long since I’ve seen all of you guys, but it looks like you haven’t changed too much. . .Ah, wait--” Elana paused and jokingly scrutinized the brunette. “By golly! You've grown three more eyebrow hairs since the last time I saw you,” said the redhead light heartedly, putting a forkful of pasta into her mouth. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent] “Hopefully, there shouldn't be too many injuries if they follow my rules. You know, it’s hard being ski patrol, sometimes,” she said in reply to Chi, sighing over dramatically. She tried to make her voice sound as theatrical as possible, “Some of the kids here hate the ski patrol because we enforce the rules, but we just want them to be safe, ya’ know? I mean, I try my best to be 'chill' about it, and, unlike those other members on ski patrol, I’m hip and trendy. I know what’s “in” with youngsters these days. It’s memes, right? Memes and Macklemore, probably,” she said. She was, of course, kidding. Lana was one of the older members on staff (even if she she wasn't the most mature), and although the age gap wasn't very big, it was a thing that she often joked about. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Lana was stuffing down another forkful of spaghetti when she noticed Asbel walk into the building. She waved to him and watched as he [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]actually [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]shook all the snow from his boots[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]. “Wow, what a try-hard,” she said jokingly. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]She chuckled a little at his remark when he sat down, watching as he teased Chi. “Aw, c’mon, Asbel. Can’t a girl eat in peace? You'd make a terrible cameraman, interrupting her eating habits like that," she teased playfully.[/BCOLOR]
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