Pillars of the World

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  1. Upon awakening, the first thing you see is decay.

    The ceiling looks as if it was about to collapse and every bit of the [CONCEPT] you are in is the very picture of abandonment. [CONCEPT] litter the ground around you, their clothes all but evaporated and their skeletons [CONCEPT]. As you became aware of what you see, [CONCEPT] start to [CONCEPT] words [CONCEPT] [CONCEPT].
    And for the briefest of moments, you realise you have lost everything.
    Then even that thought gets annihilated as you collapse, having forgotten how to stand. You no longer have words, you no longer have a body and you no longer have any knowledge save for distant, blurry, murky memories that have been buried under child-like wonder. You do not understand anything around you, not to mention that your body holds you as if it was a prison, but you start to discover the world as the months go by. At first, you regain control over your limbs, then you explore the halls of this strange place, making up words and explanations for things that you do not understand. You are not alarmed when you come across countless corpses, nor when you see signs that the structure is about to collapse.

    The only thing driving you is the spirit of exploration until you encounter a certain, relatively intact body. Curiously, you touch their forehead with your fingers and suddenly, you are hit with a sense of loss. The memories that have been trying to come forth from the recesses of your mind hit you as unclear visions, as distant images, as ideas, as things that you did not know before. A strange feeling spreads through you, telling you that you used to be so much more than this, that there is a mystery hidden beneath layer upon layer of impregnable security doors, that there is a reason why you need no food, water or rest.

    And when you finally find a balcony that looks onto the outside world...

    You realise that you are a part of a greater whole.

    Welcome to the interest check for Pillars of the World!

    Congratulations if you have made it this far, because this is the section where I share some information about this roleplay. Please keep in mind that this concept is still in development and that this thread is only to check if people would be interested in playing this at all. Therefore, there are only a few things that I can tell you about this roleplay right now, which boil down to the following points.

    What this roleplay is:
    1.) A mystery slash science-fantasy roleplay that hopes to present an intriguing plot and ideas to the players.
    2.) A roleplay that will be filled with unusual concepts and mechanics, taking place in an unconventional world.
    3.) An adventure that places great emphasis on the player as well as the player characters.
    4.) A desolate and dark experience. The world is filled with dangers and the abandoned remains of a past civilization.

    What this roleplay is NOT:
    1.) Newbie-friendly. I usually try to be all-inclusive with my roleplays, but the nature of this one requires players to be able to work with other players and insert themselves into a complicated world.
    2.) Optimistic. Character death is a possibility at this stage in planning, not to mention that the story is not a happy one.
    3.) Obvious and up-front. Not every detail will be spelled out for the players and a great deal will be revealed during the story itself.
    4.) Quick-paced. I would rather you come up with a good post than a quick post.

    And that is it so far. Hopefully, I have managed to catch your interest! I might reveal more details about the story along with the world as I am working on this roleplay, but for now, you can expect a creepy mystery filled with exploration and lots of character interaction. If that sounds like something you would be interested in, please let me know.
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  2. Sounds like it could be interesting. I would definitely need to know more plot wise and character wise.~
  3. I'm certainly willing to know more about this, you've got my attention.
  4. You've got my attention.
    My shameless attention.
  5. My attention has also been caught in this web of intrigue. Never seen anything like this before.
  6. Cool beans.
  7. Apologies for the delays. I am still working on the OOC, but I do not know when I will be done. The world-building and other aspects are going slower than expected.
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