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10 years since the Nuclear Rain.

2 years since Estragon... the only other super-bunker known to have survived the fallout... ceased transmissions.

7 days since our rescue mission began...


Ezekiel, a carrier-size tank constructed here in the depths of the Vladimir Bunker, will be our home for the months ahead.

Our mission: to cross the wasteland and learn the fate of the Second Bunker.


Volunteers have been called for and trained to survive the natural perils and unnatural terrors of the Surface. To this end the tank has been fitted with weapons, auxiliary vehicles, science and medical facilities - even space for rest and recreation.

If anyone in Estragon survives, we are to bring them back. For 8 years we have found hope from knowing that our sister shelter is out there.


We cannot accept that we are alone. We will not accept it.
Name: (Not everyone on the tank is miltary, so don't worry too much about rank.)

Appearance: (Image preferred.)

Job on the Ezekiel: (Examples: driver, gunner, doctor, science liaison, aid worker, chaplain, recon scout, survivalist, stowaway, etc.)

Reputation: (How do the other crew members know you? What do they think of you?)

Training: (You have been given specific training for the mission. It can be anything from martial arts to jet-piloting, as long as it's plausible.)

Why this mission? (Examples: you have a friend/loved one in the Estragon Bunker, you've been called by God, you're going stir-crazy in Vladimir, you helped build the Ezekiel Tank, you sneaked onboard, etc.)

Religious? (The majority of survivors in the Vladimir Bunker are religious, which explains why they went underground before the Apocalypse in the first place. The main religion is Falkonism, which combines the older faiths and emphasizes the values of self-discipline and individual strength. Please explain how much you buy into this religion.)

Vehicle: (The Ezekiel carries a convoy of recon vehicles, customised cars, mechs and aircraft which can be launched to support the main tank. If you like, you can have one of these as your personal machine. Please describe it and include an image if possible.)

Surface Horror: (In addition to your character, please describe something that we will encounter on the Surface. This could be a hazardous location, a mutant species, a supernatural enemy, a mutated super-beast, zombies, vampires, biker gangs - anything you can imagine. I want to work with all of you to develop the wasteland we're travelling through.)
ARCHIVE 1: Crew and Compliment of the Ezekiel​


<table><tr><td width=150 align="top">Wakefield</td><td width=150 align="top">Metris</td><td width=150 align="top">Sandy</td><td width=150 align="top">Sabrina</td><tr><td width=150 align="top">A pedantic, by-the-book counsellor given charge of the mission.</td><td width=150 align="top">A brash, impulsive stowaway who attracts all kinds of trouble.</td><td width=150 align="top">A sharp-shooting and sharp-talking gunship pilot.</td><td width=150 align="top">A quirky loner with a passion for photogaphy.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td width=150 align="top">Gregor</td><td width=150 align="top">Gabriel</td><td width=150 align="top">Nick</td><td width=150 align="top">Lt. Moro</td><tr><td width=150 align="top">Surface expert and resident hardass who gets the job done.</td><td width=150 align="top">The Ezekiel's weapons expert and a man without faith.</td><td width=150 align="top">The mission doctor, dedicated and unshakeable.</td><td width=150 align="top">The crew's flying ace and lieutenant of security.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td width=150 align="top">Drauglaw</td><td width=150 align="top">Corporal Faerich</td><td width=150 align="top">Sergeant D'Andrea</td><td width=150 align="top">Alastor Westerlin</td><tr><td width=150 align="top">A stealth and recon scout who's a terminal loner</td><td width=150 align="top">The Ezekiel's top tank driver, utterly dedicated to his job.</td><td width=150 align="top">A hero of Vladimir, soldier and celebrity.</td><td width=150 align="top">A smooth-talking Head Mechanic and Programmer with questionable motivations </td></tr></table>​
ARCHIVE 2: Known Surface Hazards and Lifeforms​
ARCHIVE 3: The Story So Far...​
Name: Adam Wakefield - "Waker"


Job on the Ezekiel: Mission Leader. Counsellor.

Reputation: Somewhat distrusted since his main job is to run psychological evaluations on the crew. However, he has excelled in his combat training and this has helped him earn the respect of those he works with. Nevertheless, he is sometimes seen as a cold observer to events.

Training: Psychological techniques for crew control. Full training in auxiliary vehicle piloting. Sword and pistol training. Religious dogma.

Why this mission? One of Command's main concerns was the psychological well-being of the crew during their exposure to the Surface. Wakefield was offered the mission because he was the youngest cleric of the Vladimir Command with formal training in psychiatry and religious dogma. He was also a very fast learner, which allowed him to take onboard the survival and combat training. For his own part, Wakefield believes it is his fate to lead the crew of the Ezekiel and bring home the families and resources of the Estragon Bunker.

Religious? Wakefield is a strict adherent to the faith. He does not preach, but is utterly sure of his own moral strength and will not be easily persuaded to cut corners. He does things by the book and is not afraid to make uncomfortable decisions.

Vehicle: Merky
A recon vehicle used primarily for communication, detection and data gathering. Not the fastest nor most armoured vehicle in the hangar, but one of the best for scouting.

The Merky can seat two people, with a third crammed in the back if necessary. It has a rifle stowed in the back seat as well as full survival kit. It's not too good off-road, but in the right conditions can top 100mph. Waker keeps the car in impeccable condition and anyone who wants to borrow it will have to make sure it is spotless when they return it.

Surface Horror: Stragglers

One of the more commonly seen creatures on the Surface - not quite zombie, mutant nor skeleton, but somewhere inbetween. They were first encountered about five years after the Rain, when several of the smaller bunkers still in contact with Vladimir were overrun by hordes of unidentified savages. Only Vladimir and Estragon were able to hold out against the Stragglers, and so many believe that these creatures are now behind the loss of transmissions from Estragon.

Some believe them to be mutated humans from the backwater regions that survived the nuclear inferno.

But they have nothing of humanity left in them.

Fast, organised, and armed with basic blades and rifles, they will use whatever opportunity they can to overwhelm the Ezekiel, strip its parts and devour its crew.

They have dozens of settlements scattered through the wasteland and exist in a brutal tribal system where cannibalism is rife.

Metris LaCroix

Job on the Ezekiel:
Stowaway. Cartographer. Survivalist.

Reputation: Probably responsible for 90% of the pranks and strange happenings on the Ezekiel. To the crew, she is an eccentric, surprisingly brilliant, upbeat teenage girl-which is both refreshing and exhausting. Though she is mature for her age, Metris is not immune to bouts of impetuousness and angst. She possesses a strong sense of what is right and wrong, and is not afraid to tell you so. Quirks aside, Metris is quite capable and loyal- a good companion to have in the field. Keep an eye on this one, though. Her curiosity to explore new findings on the surface sometimes overrides her better judgment. She also has a habit of 'adopting' strange creatures.

Orphaned at a young age, Metris was raised by her grandfather- a renowned explorer and mapmaker. Naturally, he taught her everything he knew about tracking, geography, and surviving the harsh Surface environment, before his death. He also instilled in her a familiarity in the different flora and fauna of the surface. She carries his journal, full of notes and sketches from the field, as supplemental information. Naturally athletic and flexible, Metris picked up hand to hand training fairly quickly. She is capable of defending herself in most situations, but she is no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Why this mission?
The moment she heard of the Estragon mission, Metris jumped at the chance to complete her grandfather's work to accurately map the surface. She lied about her age in order to enlist. She made it through basic training before being discovered and discharged. Not one to give up easily, Metris spent the remainder of her inheritance on a forged staff I.D., and bribing a crew member to smuggle herself and her equipment aboard with the cargo.

Maps, Grandfather's journal, compass, utility knife, tools, stolen janitor's uniform, knapsack

Religious? Though Metris observes the practices and tenets of Falkonism, she's not exactly what one could call devout. She's too young and flighty to put much thought into matters of the immaterial, but perhaps a few near-death experiences on this mission will change that.

None at the present.

Surface Horror:
Stay tuned for biker gangs and radiation poisoning.

Surface Wonder: Thunder whales. Inhabit the vast deserts, their bodies emit a charge into the air which causes electrical storms to surround their pods. Not much is known about the enormous creatures: they are peaceful, unless your vessel is caught in their pod. Ambergris has super healing abilities. Explorers believe hearing their song is good luck-from a safe distance, of course.

Joining. This has to be the fifth time I've broken the "I am too filled up with RPs to join another".

Name: Sabrina Lit


Job on the Ezekiel: Photographer and Chronicler

Reputation: Seen as annoying and bratty at times. Other times, she's known for her ability to twist a situation to her advantage. She's shrewd, but vapid. Though she's not entirely void of braincells, it's still seen as a good idea to not make too many ties to her, seeing as she knowingly puts herself on the outside of situations. There's also the fact that she's usually too busy clicking off pictures for anyone to talk to her.

Training: She was given training on how to use guns and knives, with hand-to-hand as a follow up. She's not exceptionally skilled at either, and her balance and aim is enough to make some of the other personnel cringe, but it was just enough so that she wouldn't be a burden, should something come up.

Why this mission?: She's determined to show everyone what they haven't seen. Open people's eyes to what is above ground, the good and the bad. She has been enlisted to take pictures that would inspire faith and strength in people's beliefs, but she has also been employed to take pictures of the reality of the situation. Every little grimy detail. Though, that last part isn't widely known. She isn't one to think that her shit doesn't stink, but at the same time, she believes what she's in it for, is good for everyone.

Religious?: She's religiously lethargic. She says she's religious without any intent to learn about it, she doesn't practice what she calls her beliefs, and is notorious for not getting along swimingly with others in the faith.

Snap Shot is a bike that's programmed with a two big cameras on the front and the back of the bike, that are set off with buttons on the handlebars. It's a fast little bugger, but runs into more trouble than Sabrina herself. Something on it always breaks, except for the cameras, which are the only things that she actually cares about. They're able to take clear pictures even if she is speeding beyond what the bike can handle.

It's known for the sound of it's odd silence.

No matter how fast she goes, the bike doesn't even purr.

Surface Horror:
GHOST SPIDERS: Easily able to camouflage themselves among its surroundings, almost impossible to spot, save for the inability to hide its stripes or eyes. Though even they can seem inconspicuous. However, they are easily defeated.

It's if you run into more than three. That's when you might have some problems.

Name: Sandor 'Sandy' Pyrker


Job on the Ezekiel: Vehicle Pilot. Soldier.

Reputation: As one of the few pilots trained in piloting aircraft with experience in the field, he has a small reputation among the upper command of the Ezekiel. Among the other soldiers and personnel of the Ezekiel, Sandor is known for his ability to work under pressure. Though he often channels the stresses of his job through running commentary or smart-alec remarks. He has a more widely known reputation as being one of the better shots in or out of the cockpit. Sandor is also known as being oddly outspoken against both diehard proponents and opponents of religious beliefs, which puts him at odds with members both parties.

Training: VTOL training, Basic Land Navigation, Expert Firearms Training, Basic Unarmed Training, and Basic Maintenance.

Why this mission? Sandor volunteered as he saw it as an opportunity to get out of Vladimir. He felt it would be a nice change of pace from the daily drudgery in the super-bunker, and hiding away behind the walls and blast doors from the next mutant attack. His field experience as an aircraft pilot and relatively clear record as a soldier got him past the review process, which would have otherwise denied him on religious grounds.

Religious? Yes... to a degree. Sandor doesn't want to let his faith strictly inhibit or guide his actions and decisions. Thus he does not follow religion to the book letter by letter. As already stated, Sandor has a certain open conflict with fanatics on both sides of religion, and his views can conflict with others.

Vehicle: Dragonfly Gunship

Small, light, one seat, VTOL aircraft with a large gun. It does have a small cargo bay that could be used to carry extra equipment or another person (uncomfortably). Useful for protecting the Ezekiel and short scouting missions (longer souting missions would require extra fuel to be stored in the cargo bay).

Surface Horror: Vargr


Some doggies stayed normal after the bombs fell. Others became lean and scavenged to survive.

And some creatures changed…

Vargrs are simply, large, strong, agile, intelligent, big bad wolves that learned and evolved to climb toward the top of the food chain. They often move in packs and prefer to hunt at night. Anyone that travels the wasteland learns to either build a large fire, lock their doors tightly, or to simply hide when vargrs are around.

Though if someone could climb a tall tree (rare in the wasteland) that might work as well, depending on how long one was willing to wait up there…



Bleah, really out of shape on making char. sheets...

Lettme kno' if anything needs fixed or changed.

We have passed the Woodrat Test... o__o

Didn't realize there was a Woodrat Test...

Name: Gregor Kalesh


Job on the Ezekiel: Heavy weapon's specialist, soldier.

Reputation: Gregor has made a reputation for himself for his varies scavenging crusades out into the Waste. It would seem only natural for his profile to have been selected for the mission as he's seen some of the worst the Waste has to offer, and survived time, and time again. He never gives up, and shows the value for human life, though knows when such values are far outweighed by the greater goods. He is gentle, but hard, and fair, yet cruel when the time requires of it. Ultimately, he's the kind of man that's entrusted with an assignment when it needs to be done, with no excuses.

Training: Survival Training, Heavy Weapons Training, Firearms Training, Expert CQC Training, Mech Piloting, and Powersuit Training.

Why this mission?: Gregor's spent the years after the Nuclear Rain scavenging the Waste for various pieces of precious salvage in order to keep what little was left up and running. When word of Estragon's ceased transmission was made public knowledge, he felt it part of his duty to the rest of the survivors to rescue their fellow survivors, or at least bring them some peace if the worst had come to pass.

Religious?: Even before the Rain, Gregor had little reason for faith, and still to this day has no desire to believe in it. He's tolerant of the practices of others, but believes that the only thing that's for certain is that there is no certainty in life.

Vehicle: 4311 Ground Hammer
The 4311 Ground Hammer is an artillery support Mecha fitted with four large long barreled artillery cannons along it's top, and shoulders, and is also fitted with two large machine gun pods for arms, that expel armor piercing rounds, or explosive shells, though only one ammo type can be fitted at a time, as modifications must be made prior to it's arming. Though it's quite large, this Particular 4311 has been fitted with leg boosters allowing it to roll on track type wheels that are fitted into the sides of the Mecha's feet granting it the ability to walk, and dash.

Surface Horror: Fire Fountains

Fire Fountains are portions of the Waste where pockets of extremely volatile gasses have managed to escape from under the earth's crust, and upon making contact with oxygen under high pressures, ignite into fountains of flames. Generally Fire Fountains can be noticed in addition to several others that are going off at the same time in what is commonly called a "Fire Field" however they have been known to spout up at random in parts of the waste. They are noted to give warning by a high pitched hiss, and the smell of Ozone before erupting, and once they do, they tend to dissipate quickly, though they can go for quite an extended time is sufficient gas has built up. With their random occurrences, there exact locations are almost impossible to tell, but portions of the Waste have been known to frequently hide them, and this has given rise to the term "Fire Field."
Hey guys, I just joined today, and posted in member central... But I'm bored out of my mind, so I thought that I'd jump right in and introduce myself with a little character creation. ^^

Name: Gabriel Pierce

<img src="http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i330/mmmitspaul/iwaku2.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

Job on the Ezekiel: Long-Range Weapons Calibration Specialist/Operator

Reputation: The military officers on board recognize and respect his abilities on name alone. Being the son of one of the most decorated colonels since before the fallout forced humanity underground, he started receiving basic military training from the moment he was able to hold a pistol. His father had set him on a soldiers bearing from the moment that he was born.
The other passengers opinions of him differ mostly depending on their religious beliefs. Gabriel lost his family and everything that he held dear to him in the fallout... Along with his faith. He's quick tempered towards those who preach their beliefs in a higher power. And just as quick to tell them why their beliefs are fallacies.

Training: Born and raised a Military brat, he received basic training in tactical hand-to-hand combat, edged weapons and artillery operation.
Gabriel's training focus however was Long-Ranged Weaponry and he's served for three years as a military sniper on active duty.

Why this mission? Gabriel was assigned to this mission as the "best of the best" in his field, but accepted it to see what hell the world has become. He has nothing left to live for but his work... And to discover, undeniably weather or not those religious bastards are right.

The opposite of religious... He's completely forsaken the faith... And all of it's followers for that matter.

<img src="http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i330/mmmitspaul/BlitzMech.png" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
Gabe's artillery training specialized on the Custom Ranged Artillery Battlemech XJS (C.R.A.B.)
This vehicles lack of wheels and leg attachments make it capable of operating in almost any terrain and climbing up obstacles.
It's equipped with two long ranged "bunker-buster" grenade launchers for maximum damage, but has minimal short ranged defenses.

Surface Horror:
<img src="http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i330/mmmitspaul/abstract_angel_hell_fire.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">
"God's Wrath" or "Arch Angles", demonic beasts spawned forth from the nuclear apocalypse, highly intelligent and wicked, bent on devouring all life aside from their own.
You could really differentiate with their description because of their supernatural aspect, they can appear as beautiful celestial beings, or beasts spawned from the very pits of hell.

[first post on here so let me know what you guys think ^^]
Name: Doctor Nicolas.Scott.Carraway



Job on the Ezekiel: Chief Medical Officer

Reputation: Nick is the definition of level-headed. Although his experience with death, that of his patients and of his wife has hardened his once tender exterior, his caring nature and gentlness isn't buried too deeply. He has an outstanding bedside manner and his concern for his patients is one of his many good qualities. He is a top notch surgeon and is incredible with diognosis. Among his peers he would be considered the perfect doctor, however his constant attachment to his patients is a fault in is own eyes.

Training: On top of his Medical education, upon volunteering for his new position onboard the Ezekiel, he recieved combat training. However, lacking almost completely in that field, his skills in a fight would be down to pure basic instinct and gut. His hatred for guns stands in the way of any real education in their mechanics. The only knife he's ever held outside of his basic training was either in a kitchen or on a surgical table.

Why this mission?: The main reason behind it was his lack of faith in the Junior Medical staff who had already volunteered, many of which had been interns under his wing. The other reasons were simple logic. He desired to find out what had happened to the sister colony and the missions risk left a self-imposed burden on his shoulders, as Chief of Medicine he felt it almost a duty. His administation as Chief Medical Officer back home was temporarily passed to his Nick's daughter, Alison.

Religious?: Nick is an Agnostic. His search for an answer ended years ago after the death of his wife, Marilyn. Over the years he has experienced miracles, certainly. He's seen men and women who were certain to die, live on with happy lives. However, he has also seen the face of children turn pale and cold and lifeless, had hundreds die on his operating table. God had never helped with any of that.

Vehicle: None

Surface Horror: Canibals...just...ju-...eugh.
Name: Lieutennant Alexander Moro
Appearance: Link

Job on the Ezekiel: Matthew is the most experienced pilot on the Ezekiel. He flies more missions than any other pilot on board. He has experience in every aspect of aerial combat.

Reputation: Matthew is known as the best. No other pilot has nearly as much respect. This is most likely due to the fact he is the only pilot that is not in the least bit sense cocky.

Training: Matthew has had extensive aerial combat training, he also has been trained in ground combat, and survival tecniques. Matthew is also a skilled martial artist

Why this mission? Matthew was almost ensured to go on the ezekiel. His skill as a pilot, and experience made him an obvious choice. He feels he needs to go because he can do the most good this way.

Religious? Matthew is extremly religeous. he tends to keep his beliefs to himself though

Vehicle: ASX 13

(I couldn't get the picture into the post but here is a link to it)
The ASX 13 is a multi purpose combat aircraft, designed to take on the roles of any other combat aircraft. (Air superiority, ground support, light bomber, etc.) Armed with two 20 MM machine guns, one 30 MM vulcan gun, and a variety of other weapons that can be armed based on what role it will play.
Surface Horror: Gargoyle
Again I couldn't get the picture her, so here is another linkThe Gargoyle, is a horrible creature. they fly in swarms that can sometimes number in the thousands. (Swarms of twenty to fifty are the most common though.) Gargoyles are usually twelve to fifteen feet tall and weigh around twohundred and fifty pounds. They are extremly good at flying, they are quick and intelligent. Gargoyles have very sharp talons, that have a strong grip. One of their favorite tactics is to fly directly above thewir prey, and dive down, sometimes at hundreds of miles an hour, and land on their prey. They then fly off with whatever they can grab


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sorry about the late char. sheet, just recently found this gem, and while waiting for the other 2 rp's to get through ive decided to commit to this one also...
Name: Corporal Faerich G.


This is worn when not in his combat gear

Job on the Ezekiel: Tank Driver

Both his parents died in the nuclear fallout when he was very young, as such he grew up without proper parenting leaving him kinda social, not by much. Not well known except to the ones he works with. He leads a Squad of 3 other mammoth tanks into battle. Due to a combat incident he lost use of his left eye, this has not held him back because of the patch he wears has advanced sensors that restore his Depth perception.
When not inspecting his vehicle in the vehicle bay he can be found in the Virtual reality sims. testing himself and his Squadmates there, or in his quarters sleeping, taking his meal there, or reading training manuals.

Training: Mammoth Tank Driver/Leader

Why this mission? Figures if he was gonna die, might as well do it in combat. Also he heard of a Prototype weapon that had been built for the mammoth tanks explicitly, and he wanted to be the first squad to get em.

Religious? He does believe, however he doesnt worship it.


Each Mammoth tank requires 2 people to operate, 1 turret operator and one driver, if one of the 2 gunners or drivers are taken out the other person still alive can set the turret on ai guidance, while still driving the tank home.

From the cnc wiki: Mammoth Tanks are armed with 2 powerful cannons and 2 rocket pods, making them highly effective against all medium vehicles and aerial enemies. The Mammoth Tank is equipped with Heavy-type armour, which is very resilient against nearly all attacks, but is vulnerable to Laser attacks. Mammoth Tanks are equipped with a Taunt Laser that forces enemy units to attack the Mammoth Tank, allowing it to draw fire away from more vulnerable units.
The Mammoth Tank could be airlifted in, however it would take a large plane/heli? (something like an OX transport) which can carry a more than 30 tons.
The Mammoth Tank is also very slow, yet because of it's tracks can still climb hills.
Because Faerich knows his tank well enough he's able to get it up to a higher speed than his other squadmates.

Surface Horror: Eticloids: Medium sized carnivorous plants that when they sense an object approaching they lay out vine-like tentacles that when stepped on/near wrap themselves around the target and emit a dangerous electrical shock.
Name: Drauglhaw



Imagine with black hair a black half mask and hazel eyes. He wears all black cargo pants, soft leather boots, leather trench coat, and shirt when not on duty.

Job on Ezekiel: Black ops Recon Scout.

Reputation: Renown for his unorthodox tactics and his combat skills. He is respected by most for his ablities but has little relationship with those outside his unit. He prefers to remain silent but when he feels like it or it is absolutely necessary he will speak. He spends most his day scouting for the group, training, reading, or wandering around the Carrier tank.

Training: Expert in all weapons, stealth, scouting, and combat training. An excellent mech pilot. Survival Training, with some medical training.

Why this Mission: He was Volunteered by Command, and he wanted to go anyway he needs to find his old childhood friend in the Estragon bunker.

Religious: Not in Falkonism, but he is religious and doesn't press his view on others. He is an Isolationist Christian who may combine several other forms of Christianity into his personal christian views but prefers solitary worship to en mass worship.


This is the Model 827 Recon mech. It can be equipped with multiple weapons, has a cloaking generator, and nano filament armor.

Surface Horror:

Shades they may look human but they are far from it. They are super human demons that suck the energy out of you and can tear apart most soldiers in there way.

(hope this is good let me know if you want me to adjust some stuff.)
Name: Lucas D'andrea


Job on the Ezekiel: All-around solider. Lucas specialises in tracking and long-range weapons(sniper).

Reputation: With like most of the other militair personel on board, Lucas is somewhat of a celebrity within his own niche of expertise. Even still in his mid-thirties he's seen as highly experienced on the battlefield. It's a known fact that he's somewhat of a loose cannon, often ending up causing controversies, fighting his own commanders. He's regarded as the fanatical religious type. His image among the common people in Vladimir is heroic and romanticized.

Training: Long-rage weapon training, Krav Maga, tracking training(lulz?), most survivalist training acquired through his own adventures.

Why this mission? Lucas joins any risky mission he gets the word of in the name of God. As he's always ended up in conflict with the latest companies he's been in, he's found himself being tossed around anywhere he is needed. He believes only he and the likes of him can take the human race out of their current dismal existence. From what Lucas has been told of the world before they went underground, it was a much better place before all the doubters and non-believers took more and more control over the influence of the masses. On a last note, Lucas heard from a friend that his last living brother's company were stationed in Estragon. He hasn't given up hope to bring him home to the family.

Religious? As the eldest son of a high-ranking member within the Falkonist religion, Lucas was brought up thinking that their belief in God was the only last reason that the human race still was granted life on earth. God is Love. When he chose to take on a career in the military his devotion to wards his religion only increased. Lucas prayes five times a day and fasts annually in empathy(?) of the poor. Lucas turned to God more often as notes of his dead brothers kept coming in, five of six are confirmed dead.
It is important to make it clear that Lucas has only caused trouble for his officers when they have shown disrespect to wards his beliefs. Lucas does not consider himself a missionary and only thinks non-believers will see the light through finding God's blessing on their own, Gabriel is a rare expection.

Vehicle: None. While he acknowledges that vechiles is a good tool for forces as a whole, it is his belief that they weaken the individual.

Surface Horror:
Black Sheep

Black sheep are sheep who are believed to have adapted to the harsh wastelands and developed a taste for blood. They travel in packs of several hundreds, but usually round up hunting-packs of a dozen. Black sheep will not stop attacking their prey until they are killed.



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Name: Alastor Westerlin"West"


Job on the Ezekiel: Lead Engineer/Technician. Former Reconnaissance and Assassination Captain

Reputation: Alastor's usual demeanor is always polite and respectful, but those who spend much time with him find the attitude unsettling. As it stands, Alastor seems incapable of being flustered or angered, always calm and in control. Still, he knows The Ezekiel better than any man on it and he could never be called lazy or unreliable. Psychologically his reports indicate three items of interest. The first is a suspected anti-social personality disorder, or at least some sort of inability to fully understand emotions as most people do. It has been indicated this does not effect his ability in the field, and further psychological examination is to be conducted by the Ezekiel's Counselor for a more thorough diagnosis. Second is the extreme aversion to dogs, classified loosely as an extreme phobia. Third is Night Terrors and a difficulty to complete deep sleep rejuvenation. Medication has been given to correct this problem, but if deprived or otherwise altered in dosage, severe psychological trauma can be induced if Alastor is to fall into deep sleep.

Training: Full training in all main and auxiliary systems within the Ezekiel including core programming and mainframe maintenance. Extensive training in swords, daggers, guns, and hand to hand combat including immense prowess in stealth and reconnaissance tactics. Full training in some mech models and some land/sky based vehicles. Survival and tracking.

Why this mission? Command sanctioned the reassignment of Westerlin after Lead Mechanic Hondai Ozark suffered a fatal heart attack while working on the Ezekiel. As a primary consultant in the construction and subsequent programming, Westerlin was the only other mechanic with enough experience to ensure a thorough knowledge of Ezekiel's systems. His psychological profile held some confirms, but training a new lead mechanic with such knowledge of both the mechanics and programming aspects would have taken far longer than Command was willing to allow. Removed from the Surface Reconnaissance team, Westerlin was assigned to the Ezekiel under Wakefield. With close connection to a particularly shady merchant by the name of Donnovan Turlington, some have begun to wonder if perhaps Westerlin has an ulterior purpose for journeying on the Ezekiel.

Religious? Alastor was raised in the strict adherence to Falkonism and thus knows its tenants and practices. He deeply respects personal accomplishment and strength, perhaps even to a religious zealotry, but does not hold it as a standard. He cannot suffer anyone without function or not performing at their greatest ability and is rather harsh to those he believes are not fully pulling their weight.

Vehicle: S.P.I.D.R
Specialized Performance and Internal Directive Robot. Over two hundred of these little devices roam the ship from top to bottom recording any minute change to core systems, hull integrity, and internal damages. Moving quite fast, each is outfitted with three laser cutters installed beneath the base of the body and eight 'lens' button cameras on the front. They are capable of simple maintenance function and other non-complex commands. The beauty of the system is that each spider is linked wirelessly to a central hub where all data is routed. It is nearly impossible to hack one machine with any degree of success unless tampering with the central S.P.I.D.R hub which is located in Grant's room.
Vehicle: Spider Mech
A personal gift from his family, the Spider Mecha is a pioneered marvel in its design. Initially used as a service mech to provide fast response and the ability to quickly traverse the exoskeleton of a larger ship, this model has been improved and turned into a war machine. Apart from this picture, two sets of auxiliary legs have been added to the side, a highly resilent cockpit over the open seating. The legs have been fitted with short-range boosters to allow for leaps and strides and this particular mech boasts the greatest mobility of any mech in its class. While its weapons are meager (Two high powered laser cutters, one mid range machine gun, and Steel alloy claws for cutting and traversing even the most difficult terrain), the Spider Mecha was never meant to be a full combat model. While it is incredibly fast and versatile, it isn't made to take damage and high powered weapons or substantial weight or force can crack its frame and compromise the legs. This particular model is build with a camouflage cloaking field, a radar scrambler, and extra fuel pods for extended forays.
Surface Horror: The Splice

The Splice is a haphazard name given to one of the most dangerous horrors the Wasteland has to offer. Literally an expanding biomass, the organism infects other biotic life and repurposes their organic material to continue growth. Some believe these monsters are controlled by a hive mind, an overall will with a limited sentience, but none can prove it. Protocol suggests immolating any and all traces of the main biomass and to avoid any and all contact with the organism itself. If any of the repurposed DNA enters another life form's system, it repurposes that victim slowly from the inside out, creating a deadly sleeper agent among friends for the living virus to spread farther. Many horror stories exist of isolated patrols succumbing to The Splice and the horror of reconnaissance teams sent to find them. The creatures created by this organism plague tend to vaguely resemble what they used to in life, save with modifications to improve a harvest yield. As of yet, no known remedy can successfully remove the biohazard from a living being although research is ongoing. There is an outstanding reward to capture one of these monsters and bring it back alive for research. Medical officers are well acquainted with the common symptoms of infection and are advised to quarantine anyone showing the following symptoms.
-Extreme Light Sensitivity
-Skin Discoloration
-Psychosis, psychotic episodes
-Increased appetite for raw meat
Surface Horror: Echoes

When the cataclysm struck, life ended in rough, violent, abruptness. For those left alive in the Wasteland however, death was slow and gruesome. Echoes are loosely defined as an energy phenomenon, human emotion strong enough to permanently stain the area. Often manifesting when in the presence of strong emotion, these ghastly visions complete the final tasks they performed in life, lamenting or screaming their last again and again. It is speculated they are responsible for the nearly constant barrage of yells, gunfire, and screaming heard over certain parts of the Waste, Echoes mimicking battles long over. Rarely has an Echo showed any sign of sentience, if ever, and any reports otherwise have been deemed superstition and nothing more. In reality, some of these energy-forms are all too sentient, a warped fragment of human desperation combined with something…else. They tend to follow ships and other devices with strong power cores, feeding off the latent energy. They can cause severe mental duress to crew, especially in great numbers, but do not seem to be able to harm anyone physically. However, it is speculated by some that particularly violent or hungry Echoes can harvest heat from the human body to the point of hypothermia and even death…there simply has been no recorded case of it to date…but superstitious visitors to the surface carry items of their faith…just in case.
*Kills everyone like a pint-sized, smelly ninja.*

*Looks at Torsty's bio.*

EDIT: *Realizes the potential.*