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  1. I'm PigIron, how's it going.
    I've been writing for 7, 8 years, and like to think I'm half-decent at it.
    Right now I don't have much going on, but shoot me a message, and maybe we can make something cool.
    I'm down for whatever, Fantasy, sci-fi, weird, pseudo-intellectual BS, it's all good.
    As long as you're cool and have a chill writing style, I think we can be friends.
  2. Well welcome! I'm Wildpelt of Shadowclan, warrior turned medicine cat!
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  3. Heh, cute.
    What do you play, Wildpelt?
  4. Oh most things! I'll do sex to Yoai to Romace to Dragons to Fantasy to Twisted pasts to Dark plots and Torture and All things you can think of!
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  5. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate! I'm not really into sex, yaoi or romance all that much, but if you like that sorta stuff, more power to ya.
  6. I also do adventure, but it must be carefully done.
  7. Adventure's a tough path to walk, to be sure.
    you have to juggle the drive of the plot to make sure the players have a reason to post for their characters, and the pace of the roleplay as a whole to make sure no-one's left behind.
  8. What about you?
  9. Me? Oh, all sorts. Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror, I'm also a big fan of stuff that's different or out of the ordinary. You know, stuff with a hook or maybe a gimmick.
    I like Role plays that makes me smile at the possibilities the world provides.
    I'm also thinking about making my own little RP, just to test the waters.
  10. I would suggest that!"
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  11. Great stuff, I'm typing it up as we speak actually.
    Hopefully it gets a little attention.
  12. It will! They always do!
  13. Welcome to Iwaku Piglron ^^
    Hope you begin a wondrous story, just be patient, people here are a bit slow and lazy sometimes ;)
  14. Thanks, Windstorm, I hope I can contribute something fun to the community.
    What do you write, Windstorm?
  15. What I write huh?
    Stories ;) fantasy/sci-fi and derives between ^^
    Any idea I feel like elaborating for myself xD
  16. Sounds good, I actually had a little look, and threw down a note where I saw something I liked.
    I think we might have similar interests.
  17. Howdy PigIron! :D Here is a more official welcome to the community!
  18. Welcome to Iwaku, PigIron
  19. thanks for the warm welcome!

    Cheers Seth, already fitting in nicely. May I ask what kind of RP you're into?
  20. I usually do fantasy based rp, but I have also done quite a bit of modern rp as well.

    I have yet to really do a sci-fi setting. I came close once, almost had a Firefly inspired rp in a place I used to go to years ago.
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