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  1. do you have any unnatural holes in your body? Where at and what's in them? Pics if appropriate!

    I've got seven in my left ear (none in my right) planning on three more and possibly some studs if there's room!

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  2. I have two in each earlobe. However, I probably have to get them redone...
  3. I had one of my earlobes (I think the left one) pierced when I was like 13, but then I decided I actually didn't want to wear things on my ear and it healed shut. Does that count? :lol:

  4. I have holes in my body

    Just not pierced ones

    I guess piercings look good on girls?
  5. I want my lip done. My ears aren't even done though.
  6. I have my lip, bellybutton, and ear cartilage pierced. I've had more in the past, but those are the only ones I keep in.
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  7. I never really got the appeal of piercings. I mean, poking metal through various parts of your body just for looks? That seems weird if ya ask me.

    Of course I have nothing against people with piercings, I just wouldn't get one myself.
  8. No piercings, just tats. Funny thing is I hate needles with a passion and that's why I could never get a piercing. Something about tattoos though, not a problem.
  9. Never had a piercing. Not even my ears. But I love the look of them. If I had a higher pain tolerance, would probably get some done.
  10. Amazingly, when I got my first ear piercing done, I thought I wouldn't be able to handle it. It was pretty funny afterwards when I didn't even realize the process was over. No pain, no nothing. Just a girl who's crying because she's happy. That cork and needle really did wonders.
  11. It can look great on guys aswell. Like with everything, its how and where and what style you wear it with. Back when I was trying to hard to be alternate, I had a industrial style piercing, aka a rod in my right ear. Rods are neat becouse you can have them be things like a note or a arrow or other more intricate things. IT can look really nice on the right person :Sadly for me, my ear is to sensitive and not really constructed in a optimal way for piercings. SO I had to remove it when I was 20
  12. @Minibit, how long did it take you to collect all of those ear piercings? What is your favorite combination of earrings/studs to wear in them?

    I love piercings, and I would love to get more, but I don't think I can. I already have my ear lobes double pierced, and I've realized that I actually have a really hard time wearing earrings in them. Even hypoallergenic earrings make my lobes feel a little sore if I wear them too long. Solid metal ones cause the least irritation, but it's really hard for me to find ones that are affordable that I like. I think my skin is just too sensitive for the added weight or something. It sucks because I've always liked anti-eyebrows, and I really like industrials, but I'm not willing to risk the scars if I can't even really get the use out of them that I'd want.
  13. I got the first one (which is now third from the top) about four years ago and was happy with it. I added the next one down a couple years later, then two more the next, two more last summer, and two more last week! I've always only had the rings, but I might change out the beads if I get bored. I want to see if I can get three studs in decreasing side on my helix near my head, but I'm doubtful if it's be worth it because they wouldn't be very visible.

    Do you usually wear big/heavy earrings? Those can cause strain in ears that aren't used to them. If you still want to experiment with your ears you could try stretchers! They're available in different materials. You can also get tested for metal allergies so you know specifically what's irritating you (I have a nickel allergy, but all mine are surgical steel)
  14. @Minibit, the decreasing studs on your helix would be really pretty!

    Nope. Even tiny, light studs irritate my ears. My favorite earrings are always the really light ones, and I have to take them out the instant I'm home and not going anywhere. I've found that if my studs or dangling earrings are heavier, I tend to just avoid wearing them at all. It's not even a conscious choice. I just don't reach for them. My favorite pieces of jewelry are always really delicate and small/dainty things which almost never have real weight to them, and I'm the same way with earrings.

    I don't know that I can do stretchers. I got my ears pierced with a piercing gun instead of hollow-point needles (I really wish I'd known the importance of not using piercing guns before going to Claire's as a kiddo, damnit), so I have keloid build up, and I think I might just mess up my ears worse if I tried stretching them.I might try getting tested once I get medical insurance, but I can't currently afford it. =\
  15. Belly-button piercings on girls is somewhere between fucking hot and adorable. Not sure which.

    I have no piercings. Have a few holes though.

    Two are for noise and the other is for entertainment.
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  16. I've got five studs in each ear and my right Helix done. I've had my tongue done but had to take it out.
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  17. I have a bit of a keloid, too. The piercer recommended cortezone cream, which I've been applying; I'll let you know if it helps!
  18. Just like what Hellis said, they look good on guys as well. But, don't have too much of them. I say that, because piercings can go wrong as much as getting a tattoo or a body modification. There is a rise of infections, tearing off of your selected body part(s), and many other side effects.

    Of course, I am not telling you to get one. I think tattoo, body mods, and piercings are like a form of art. Just be careful and safe about who you're getting them from. And please look up and choice what you want before you get them; because, you could end up with one that you don't want. That goes from all of you as well.

    One more thing, don't get anything that's cheap without looking into it. Most likely that it might be bad and there is a risk of infections, etc.

    Here are some examples of good tattoo, body mod, and piercing:

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  19. Please, do. I have tons of cortisone cream on hand, always, because of my eczema.
  20. You can stretch still. A piercer may say he or she has to repierce the area but the scar tissue will not be detrimental. I had the exact same experience already. My old piercing in my left ear did not rip until I stretched to fourteen millimeters. That was even with it right next to the new piercing hole.

    Idk if you are irritated by alleric reaction or not but the top metal that quality jewelry is made out for piercing merchandisers is titanium. Or teflon, the plastic like material. Or silicone, the medical grade kind (the same as sex toys.) Or the organics, made of shell, bone, rosewood, teak, coconut, and much more. These one stink the less when stretching. In Germany we have a cream we used called braunovidon, that helps all skin types from infection or rejecting the jewelery. It helped my lips, my ears, and all piercings except microdermals from rejection in all of our customers


    Eskimo piercing, 14mm 24k gold sprayed tunnels. I hope to stretch to 18mm by the end of this year, because our piercer has beautiful jeweler for these sizes And I am ready to go bigger!
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