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  1. Minibit desires additional piercings with the force of a thousand suns

    But minibit cannot afford new piercings

    So she will settle for awesome pictures of piercings! Your own, or stuff you found on the web, whichever :3
  2. I've wanted a labret piercing since forever.

    But I'm a giant pussy.

    EDIT: Also, really poor.
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  3. I have a similar conflict between wussiness, finances, and really wanting one, but with a tongue stud

    I'm terrified of the healing process, and I've heard it hurts a lot more than getting your ear done

    but I also think it's cute as fuck and just as sexy

    But I'm broke and, again, terrified

    *pulls hair out* THE STRUGGLE IS SO REAL!
  4. It's super sexy. *wenk wonk eyebrow wraggle*

    And yeah, the healing process/pain threshold is ridonk. One of my besties from years ago got her tongue pierced, and she said it was insane. And her healing went wonky, and she developed keloids on her tongue, which is no bueno. It was horrid tending to it while it was healing.

    But don't let that story scare you! Be like Nike: Just Do It!
  5. Lip piercings in general take a while to fully heal. They're picky little bitch babies, especially when it comes to how much you fuck with it and the jewelry used. Tongue piercings heal much faster, though they can get irritated pretty easily depending on how you care for the piercing. Of course, this is based off of my personal experience .-.
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  6. Also, picture stolen from the pic thread because lazy Muna is lazy. Piercings not shown: Right ear cartilage & belly button.

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  7. Here's a Pierce.

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  8. You suck.
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  9. Did you misspell 'shitpost'? <3
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  10. You asked for Piercings.
    I gave you a Pierce.

    Is this not what you desired?
  11. Stop derailing my thread, Gwazi dear, I'm not in the mood <3

  12. I've wanted plugs (or gagues... I'm not sure what they're called), but I is poor, and mom wouldn't approve much (even though I'm an adult), and I'm too much of a Mama's boy.

    I wore fake ones a while back and really liked them, but y'all aint getting a pic.
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  13. Tattoos are superior.
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  14. This is true.
  15. What if it's a Tattoo of a Piercing?

    Or someone took a skin graft, tattoo'd it, and then made that skin graft a piercing?
  16. Not in the mood for your shitpost derailing, guys. Just stay on topic it make your own next time.
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