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  1. In a futuristic world, ravaged by disorder and chaos, the absence of a higher power brutally handicaps the world we live in. Who knew that something out of our control would ultimately be our downfall? With the death of our planet's gods and protectors, earth has spun into disarray. What remains of civilization now hides in the shadows, afraid of the world around them. Order is a thing of the past, humanity reverting to criminal acts in order to sustain itself. Coming out of this destruction are 4 archeologists who aren't aware of how important they truly are. Each, a descendant of a specific historical civilization. Soon, they will uncover their destiny and be sent on a whirlwind adventure through space and time, trying to ensure the future of their planet.
  2. Eric wiped the sweat from his brow, gently carrying another dusty bone through the blazing sun and into the tent. The small group of 4 archeologists had been on this dig for almost a year now; their only connection with the outside world being an unreliable radio, and the food transport that periodically supplied them with their weekly vittles. It had been almost 1 month since their last supply, and rations were beginning to run low. Through the radio static, stories of terrible anarchy and mass hysteria unraveled and turned into silence. The world around seemed to be falling apart, yet it didn't affect Eric, or his group while they inhabited the desert. Although depressing, it was good to hear what was going on -- even if it made you feel helpless.

    "Everything's going to shit," Eric whispered to himself, as he gingerly set the bone on the fossil table.

    It had been days since the radio had stopped working, completely separating them from the rest of the world. Though Nathaniel had been working hard to fix the radio for quite some time now, he seemed to be getting nowhere. His failed attempts to repair the radio must have been exhausting. So exhausting, in fact, that he had passed out right next to the fossil table earlier in the day. Eric shook his head for a second, picking up one of the empty beer cans that littered the floor and, chucked it at his colleagues head. The can made contact with Nathaniel's left temple, then bounced off into another pile of cans beside him.

    "Hey," Eric began with annoyance in his voice. "Make yourself useful and fix that fucking radio. We got another femur here, looks human."
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  3. Nathaniel jolted awake as an empty beer can came into contact with his head. He heard Eric exclaim "Make yourself useful and fix that fucking radio."
    He slowly sat up in his chair and stated "Well i would fix the Fucking radio but someone is unwilling to go into town to get me parts because he likes to be all alone with his feelings. By the way, you smell like sheep piss."
    Nathaniel took one more look at the radio before he turned it on. The only sound that came from the little machine's speakers was loud white noise or static as other people called it. There was actually nothing wrong with the radio. The problem was with the radio signals. Something was interfering with the signals. It was almost as though someone was broadcasting something on a wave that was larger then the rest. Nathaniel garbed his flask from his inside coat pocket and swiftly drank the remaining liquid.
    "Well i guess The only thing i can do now is find a way to amplify the signal and hear what they are trying to tell us." Nathaniel said to himself as he set to work complacently rebuilding the antenna system.
  4. Eric chuckled to himself as Nathaniel's hurtful remarks were slurred in his direction. He was use to it by now, all the cursing and intelligent remarks the drunk made about him. It was obvious the two weren't fond of each other and never saw eye to eye. However, they both tolerated each other because they each knew the other was good at their job. Nathaniel had eventually stumbled upright in his chair and began to berate Eric.

    "By the way, you smell like sheep piss. Well i guess The only thing i can do now is find a way to amplify the signal and hear what they are trying to tell us."

    Again, Eric found amusement in the older man's ramblings.

    "Why so friendly today, sunshine? Sleep on the right side of the chair?"
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  5. "Are there any beers left or did you guys drink them all?"

    Rose sashayed into the room, a heavenly scent following her. She pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear and sighed dramatically, moving to the fossil table. "It's too hot today." She enjoyed everything about digging and the desert, but would rather work somewhere that provided showers. They'd been digging for who knows how long, and her hair was beginning to show it. Her hand brushed over the bone without touching it, and her brows furrowed, deep in thought. "Hmm, you're right, Eric. Looks like a femur of an adult human. Male, I suppose."
  6. Lucy laughed a little at the banter between the two men, sweat beading down her forehead. "Easy, ladies, you're both pretty." Shooting glances between both the men, she positioned herself to stand beside Rose, who already invested herself into inspecting a femur bone Eric found. Lucy raised a brow. "Who would be out here?" she wondered, then cracked a smile. "Besides us, anyway." Using her arm to wipe the sweat from her face, she shifted her weight to one leg, crossed her arms, and eyed the bone with something akin to leery curiosity.
  7. Nathaniel interrupted Eric, "Actually it is a female femur. The average female femur is about 17 to 18 inches long and has a diameter of about one inch. This femur is 16.78 inches long and has a diameter of .87 inches. Also Eric, I woke up and saw your half-assed attempt for a beard. When you are as drunk as me anything is the right side, stubs. And as for you Lucy, thank you for the complement. You are looking as gorgeous today as ever.
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  8. The interruption made Eric a tad bit upset, but he knew he couldn't show it. If he did, he'd feed into Nathaniel's ego -- no, he wasn't gonna give him the satisfaction.

    "Also Eric, I woke up and saw your half-assed attempt for a beard. When you are as drunk as me anything is the right side, stubs."

    With this, Eric chuckled aloud, a hint of bitterness showing in his voice. Eric took a step closer to the drunk, sarcastic smile across his face.

    "Better then having a bird's nest hanging off your face, Gandalf." He then turned his attention to the girls behind him. "I'm not sure why there are so many human remains here. If I had my guess, I'd say it was a burial ground. However, at this point, it's just speculation."
  9. "Where would we be without these two fountains of knowledge," Rose said, smirking at Lucy. "I see now it's a female, and if we've stumbled upon a burial ground we can't be far from ruins, can we?"
  10. Nathaniel sat there observing his new radio antenna. The static had decreased a little bit but it was still there.
    "Better then having a bird's nest hanging off your face, Gandalf."
    "Thanks for the complement but my beard is not quite that magnificent," Nathaniel said as he began to stroke his beard.
    While running his fingers through his soft beard he accidentally elbowed the radio, knocking it off the table. As soon as it hit the ground the static became louder then it had ever been before.
    "God damn it!" Nathaniel exclaimed. In his mind he knew that it was his fault but he could not help getting mad at Eric. He picked up the radio and the static had all together stopped. The radio was still on but it had stopped. Nathaniel turned to face the group with shock on his face and the static had started again.
    The radio must be fixed on the radio wave. Maybe i can use the radio like a sensor.
    Nathaniel then began to wonder through the the dig sight trying to find the origin of the strong radio wave.
  11. As the radio made contact with the ground, a loud and disrupting static rang out into the world. Eric briefly grabbed his head in pain. The noise was so loud, it gave him a slight headache. Finally, Nathaniel found his way to the radio and picked it up, briefly halting the heinous tone. After a few seconds of examining the electronic, the older man's face seemed to light up, and just like that, he was off into the desert.

    "What does that drunk think he's doing now, randomly roaming off into the distance. I think we should follow him, he'll hurt himself otherwise."

    With that, Eric caught up with Nathaniel and began to closely follow him.

    "What are you doing?" Eric asked his colleague.
  12. In response to Nathaniel's compliment, she threw a gesture to the sweat on her face and grinned. "Oh, I'm sure the weather's just doing wonders for me," she jeered, chuckling, "But thanks." Lucy smirked at Rose's comment, then nudged her arm with a little nod of agreement.

    The loud crunching of white noise made her wince when the radio smacked the ground, the noise unpleasant enough to make her face scrunch up and teeth grind. It wasn't long before Nathaniel took off and Eric trailed after him. Lucy shook her head, looking over to Rose. "Do we dare follow?" she asked, then tipped her chin to a cooler. "Or see if they left us any drinks?"

    (Sorry if this post seems choppy, hah. I'm super tired and just watched a horror movie, BUT, I felt I should get a reply up. c:)
  13. As Nathaniel began to play the game of hot and cold with the radio Eric quickly ran up to catch him.
    "What are you doing?" Eric asked him.
    Nathaniel had to admit that he was slightly annoyed that Eric was questioning him but he just chalked it up to Eric ether being naive or just plain judgmental. None of the less, he felt that Eric at least deserved some sort of explanation as to what was going on. Nathaniel took a drink the began to describe the anomaly that he had discovered.
    "Well you see, when i was working on the radio in the tent, I noticed that the problem was not actually with the radio. The real problem is that there was something that interfered with the normal radio waves. I initially thought that there was a signal that was more powerful then the rest but as I continued to tinker with the antenna to the radio i realized that the signal was actually a unique signal of its own. I then proceeded to modify the radio to pick up that one signal. I thought that when I calibrated it there would just be a message in a constant loop. It was only when i dropped he radio and picked it up again I realized that the signal was not a radio wave. It is some sort of electric wave that is being emitted as a result of some sort of powerful energy source. Both radio waves and electronic waves are measured in hertz and so if they are both the same strength they interfere with each other. That is why cell phones mess up air plain flights. So I basically turned the radio into an electronic wave sensor and I am trying to find the source of the waves."
    Hopefully that explanation will suffice. Nathaniel thought as he continued on his journey.
  14. The noise made Rose raise her hands to her ears and crouch down as if se was being attacked. When it was done she stood up and turned to the rest of the team.

    Rose smirked at Lucy and nodded to the drinks. "Why don't we grab a few and follow the boys," she said, looking to where the others had gone.
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  15. Nathaniel continued to wonder through the dig sight trying to find the source of the strange static that had been toying with his radio for the past couple days. He and Erik were now at the edge of the dig sight and before them stood a solid rock wall that was a little bigger then there tent. The wall looked as though someone had taken a huge chisel and carved away at the stone to form a flat surface. Nathaniel had seen things like this at other dig sights but nothing compared to this immaculate work. The wall had four large figures painted on them with twisting tendrils of all colors running throughout the art. The paint was not even a little faded. It appeared as though it had just been done yesterday. There were some colors on the wall he could not even name. It was as though some supernatural being not only invented new colors but came down to this place and painted this wall with their own hand. Nathaniel could get lost in it all and stare at this wall for hours. It had a calming effect on him that was almost trance like. Then his attention Snapped back to reality and the sound of the radio, which was almost deafening now. Nathaniel turned off the radio and set it on the ground. He needed to examine this wall more. He noticed that at the base of each figure there was some sort of symbol gently carved into the stone. From right to left he began to dust off the carvings so that he could examine them closer. When he got to the far right one a strange feeling had overtaken him. It was like he had seen this before but there was more than that. Something inside him told him that this Symbol belonged to him. This symbol was his and his alone. He found himself staring at the lines and it fascinated him the way they all seemed to melt together. The symbol depicted two eyes that perfectly overlapped one another in a cross so that the iris and pupal were one. From the corners of the cross wavy lines jetted out to collide with the perfect circle that also molded with the ends of the two eyes. There were no flaws on it what so ever. Nathaniel felt compelled to place his palm over it and as he did a blinding green light erupted from his hand and a searing pain went through his body. The pain was almost comparable the time he worked on a transformer for a tesla coil when he was ten and electrocuted himself. Nathaniel jumped back from the wall with a yell and began to curse everything under the sun. When he looked at his hand there was no damage. His hand looked the way it had before he had begun to wipe at the wall. It was even cleaner than the rest of his body. The worst part though was that he was no longer drunk and he had finished off his flask before he had even got here. He had turned to Erik and said “We are going to wait for the fucking girls. Don’t touch that fucking wall unless you want to fry the shit out of yourself. Wait, maybe you should do that; you might actually become tolerable if you become brain dead.”
    If I am lucky the girls might actually bring some alcohol with them. I know they just love to get into my stash.
    Nathaniel began to pace around the wall complaining and cursing everything his eyes laid sight on. Nothing was safe from his discrimination, especially Erik.
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