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  1. They had been there for a little while now, just sitting peacefully: Two dolls of about the same size, propped up against each other on a shelf in a local shop. Although they were very similar in height and material, both nearly 8 inches tall, nearly everything about their designs differed to the point where it looked quite deliberate. The one with the nearly-pink hair showed off a happy looking smile to the world, whereas the blue-haired one displayed what could have easily been a sort of pout, just like a tiny, upside-down "v". The outfits on the two were almost completely opposite in concept as well, as the smiling doll's white shirt paired with the light blue jacket and pants contrasted pretty obviously with the bright red vest over the black shirt and pants of the pouting doll.

    The shop owner remembered placing them there not too long ago, even remembered the box they came from with a bunch of other dolls. What seemed to escape understanding, however, was why these two were different from the others. It didn't take very long for it to be forgotten, though, and they were just placed together to wait like the rest of them.
  2. "Gah, she could have told me about the birthday sooner." A young man muttered while rubbing the back of his head with a slightly annoyed expression. His friend, Jez, had told him she wanted something cute for her birthday which was about a few months from now; and the presents had to be cute. Telling a guy he had to find something cute was pretty rich, especially with his appearance. Jet black hair, hardened amber eyes, and a constant scowl made people move out of his way while he walked down the sidewalk and perused through the shops' windows. But the most odd feature was likely how he wore his school uniform's jacket and that it looked that he had a kendo sword strapped against his back.

    That's when he stopped at one of the shops, getting an odd feeling and decided he might as well go in and look around. Pushing the door open he gave the shop owner a curt nod of acknowledgement before disappearing into the aisles but soon stopped upon facing the dolls. His gaze being instantly drawn to the blue and pink haired dolls, he reached out with surprising delicacy, and picked them up as his scowl faded into more of a childlike curiosity. "Huh...I suppose you could call these cute." They were certainly different from all the others around them. With the two dolls in hand the young man walked over to the counter, placing them down before looking at the owner with a soft smile. "I'd like to buy these two."
  3. The shopkeeper looked slightly surprised at the choice, as she had clearly been taken in by the young man's intimidating appearance when he had entered, but soon returned the smile as she relayed the price. In a way, it was kind of a cute-looking situation to her. "Pardon me, but is this a gift, by any chance? I can wrap them for you if you'd like?" She held up a gift bag as she asked, already prepared as she was nearly every time she asked the question to customers. It was just part of the job, after all.
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  4. Nobunaga had been pulling out his wallet from the back pocket of his jeans before the show owner's question caused him to look back at her. "It's that obvious huh?" He chuckled and then nodded his head. "It is and ,thank you, I'd appreciate that." Once he had the billfold out, Nobu pulled out the cash he needed to pay the price before putting it away for later. No doubt it had seemed a little odd a first to see him walking over with two dolls in his hand. "She likes dolls so I figured she'd like these two." The young man offered while placing the money on the counter where she could grab it once she was done.
  5. "No problem! That's really sweet of you, I'm sure she'll love them." The shop owner tied a couple of ribbons around the dolls in neat bows before quickly placing them in the gift bag, making sure that there was some tissue paper there to obscure them from view before tying the handles closed with another ribbon. As soon as everything was in order, she placed the bag on the counter and calculated the change from the amount he had paid. "Here you are. Would you like a receipt?" She inquired with the same smile as she held out the change for him to take.
  6. He certainly hoped Jez would love them, he'd rather not get another 'what's cute and what's not' lecture from her. It would be nice for his brain not to get fried seeing how she possessed an insane speed of talking when it came to cuteness. Which was something, she pointed out, that he neither possessed or had a taste in; these dolls would prove that wrong. Once the bag was tied Nobu picked it up with one hand before taking the change with his other and distributing it into another pocket. "Sure, if it's not too much trouble." He responded with a warm expression.
  7. "Of course!" She printed out the receipt and handed it over, putting away a copy for the shop records. "I hope you have a nice day!"

    Inside the bag, the pouting doll shivered slightly, though not enough to really be noticed from outside the wrappings. Something was definitely different all of a sudden, though exactly what would have to wait for them.
  8. Slipping the receipt into his pocket once it was handed over, he turned away slightly and grinned. "I hope you have a nice one as well." Then he pushed the shop's door open and left.

    It only took about ten minutes to arrive at his home, opening the door he was met by the eerie silence that he had grown accustomed to. "I'm home..." Locking the door behind him once it was closed he walked into the kitchen and placed the bag down on the table before leaning his kendo sword against a wall. "Might as well grab a light snack." Turning his back away from the bag, Nobu opened the fridge door and leaned down to peruse through its contents while humming.
  9. For a few short minutes, the bag just sat on the table peacefully. Eventually, though, a rustling sound could be heard throughout the room as the bag shook from the force of something moving inside. The rustling continued for several seconds before the bag fell over on its side, a faint yelp sounding followed by a couple of slightly growled whispers. "Stupid...Why isn't it opening?"

    For a few moments, the sounds stopped and the bag stayed still, only for the paper inside to start rustling again shortly after. "Mmph! Is it still stuck?"
  10. Just as he found some ham, slammed it between some bread, and put it's container back into the fridge he heard the bag rustling. But that had to be impossible, he didn't have any pets to mess with it and none of the windows were open to let in a breeze. After taking a bite he turned towards the table and placed the sandwich down while curiously approaching it and faintly hearing the whispers, causing his curiosity to grew. I must being going insane from stress or something. That thought whirled around but the young man took ahold of the ribbon that kept the bag together and undid it anyway, allowing the fabric to fall against the wood. It was tempting for Nobu to say something but instead he remained silent to see what happened next, a curious light in his amber gaze mixed with some uncertainty. Perhaps the milk he had for lunch had been past its expiration date?
  11. "Eep!"

    After another second of rustling, the doll with the nearly pink hair tumbled out with its eyes closed until it fell face up on the table. Slowly, it opened one brown eye, then the other, until it was staring up at the boy standing by the table. For a moment, it didn't move, just watching with a faint look of surprise on its face. Soon, though, its eyes brightened and the tiny mouth curved into a happy smile like the one it had shown in the shop. "Oh, hi there! Sorry, I didn't know you were still here. I thought you had left already." The voice that came from the small plaything was cheerful and innocent, as if it had no concept of the fact that it wasn't supposed to have been moving or speaking. It spoke as if sneaking off behind its owners back was neither a problem nor a secret, and that there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with it.

    A muffled hiss issued forth from the bag, though the doll on the table didn't appear to take any notice of it. Nor did it seem to care about the faint rustle before the bag fell completely silent again, as if waiting nervously for something.
  12. "What the hell?"

    Surpirinsgly, when the pink haired doll fell from the bag, Nobunaga didn't freak out or quickly run away into his living room. Instead he simply watch with an ever curious gaze and the urge to help the little one up before it was too late. Though his friends did say Nobu was pretty weird himself, always talking about how he could unite Heaven and Earth if he really wanted to try. When it addressed him the young man arched a brow in reply. "Hello, I was about to leave before the bag started moving around." Okay, why on Earth wasn't he freaking out about this? Dolls aren't supposed to be able to move or even talk unless they had a chip and even then it wasn't sentient like this. Then he pulled out one of the chairs and sat down to get a better look and also incase his brain finally registered this impossible fact and wanted to completely shut down. "How excatly are you able to talk and move around?"

    Just after that was asked, he heard the hiss and his attention was returned to the bag where the pink haired doll's counterpart was likely stuck. Giving the one on the table a place Nobu then raised his hand and slid it into the bag and few inches, leaving his palm open. "Come on, I'll pull you out unless you'd rather I tip over the bag and hall you roll out." His tone was a bit teasing but mainly held kindness.
  13. "Oh, then I really messed it up, huh? Sorry, I didn't mean to distract you." The doll continued staring upside-down from his spot on the table until he saw the young man sit down, after which, he turned himself over and sat up himself to get a better look at him one hand to his face in thought at the posed question about his movement. "I dunno." He shrugged before he was moved over. "How do you talk and move?"

    Inside the bag, the blue-haired doll backed away from the hand that appeared, smacking it with his own as it got closer to where e was sitting. "Get back!" He shouted without thinking, not particularly fond of being dragged from his hiding spot. "I'll get out of here on my own when I want to!" Letting out a slight huff and crossing his arms, he waited for the hand to move away before he would even think about leaving the bag. Even though getting out without catching any attention was clearly out of the question at this point, he still decided that he would rather not let this person he didn't know just move him around as he pleased. Never mind the physical state he was currently in.
  14. "Not really. Anyway, you really don't have to apologize for climbing out." He replied while turning his gaze to the pink haired doll with a soft smile. "No harm done." Plus if this hadn't happened then this interesting meeting wouldn't have happened, so Nobu was fine with this whole turn of events. Thinking about it, the young man shrugged as well, "Being taught by our parents, I guess?" He never really thought about it until now.

    "Though I don't think dolls normally have parents nor possess the abilites to move or talk." Nobunaga then added before feeling his hand smacked away and a voice shouting out from the bag. Well, that wasn't really surprising when the size of the young man's hand and the doll were compared to one another. "Alright, alright, no need to bite my head off Tiger." With a chuckle the hand was removed and placed back on the table by its counterpart. "Putting aside this impossibility, I'm Nobunaga." He stated while getting a better look at the only doll visible, "What's your name?" The shop owner didn't say if they had names or not so maybe they didn't have any or she just didn't know about the fact they were sentient.
  15. The brown-eyed doll cocked its head to the side for a moment as it thought about these responses. "Huh. That makes sense, I guess. But maybe we're just special, then!" Hearing the shouts from inside the bag, the small doll turned to look at it and pouted a bit. "He's friendly, don't worry. I'm sure it's just weird after having just woken up."

    He smiled back up at Nobunaga. "I'm Kido! Felice's still in the bag...um..." Crawling over to the bag, the small doll pushed the top of it to look inside. "Felice! You have to come out and introduce yourself. It's rude not to!" A few grumbles later, the second doll crawled out of the bag as well and stood up straight on the tabletop crossing his arms again and looking away with a small scowl. "You already heard my name. Don't you dare start with me on the meaning."

    While the blue-haired doll was speaking, Kido walked over beside him and started looking between him and the tall human, as if he was finding something rather amusing about the two.
  16. Nobu leaned back in the chair and nodded while rubbing the back of his neck with a hand. "Huh. I guess that could work, you two certainly are something." Chuckling, the young man lowered his hand back down to the table before an amused sound escaped his lips. "He definitely seems like a breath of fresh air all right. Perhaps he sleep a little more."

    "Kido? Well, nice to meet you Kido." Nobunaga smiled back at the pink-haired boll before it climbed up the back. No doubt he was checking up on the other. Once the second emerged Nobu leaned down slightly to once again get a better look with a slight teasing smirk at Felice's reply and the way he was standing. "You know... telling someone not to do something makes them really want to do it; especially if they're a curious type of person like myself."

    "But I won't." Keeping the teasing smirk he gently patted Felice's head before sitting back up with an amused expression. No doubt the doll wasn't going to be happy. "Now why excatly were you two trying to sneak away?"
  17. The blue-haired doll sent a look of disdain to the much taller boy. "Well then, hopefully you already know how natural selection works. Oi, non mi tocca!" Angrily, he swatted at the hand on his head with a slight growl before retreating to the other side of the table. "This is exactly why we'd try to sneak away. It's hard enough doing our jobs without this kind of crap to deal with! Just our luck that you wouldn't put the bag away first!"

    Snapped out of his observation of the other two by his companion's shouting again, Kido turned to the irritated doll in an oblivious excitement. "Felice! Did you know? Your eyes are kinda similar! You two kinda match!" He bounced happily in place and tugged at the ribbon that had been tied around him before as he looked back up at Nobunaga. "It's nice to meet you, too! Hey, can I keep this ribbon? It's kind of nice. And it matches Felice's."
  18. Chuckling the amber-eyed man chuckled and waved his hand dismissively as the blue-haired doll talked. "Yes, I know full well how natural selection works; and it seems the genes for ferocity have thrived in you. Le mie scuse, piccola tigre." It seemed having Jez teach him a little Italian was worth the time. But soon his teasing gave away to curiosity as he leaned his cheek on a palm, "And what exactly is your job, if I might ask, piccola tigre?"

    But at Kido's voice, his attention turned to the smaller doll who was obviously excited about something and it made him smile. "They are?" Head cocking slightly the man leaned in to get a slightly closer look while also keeping some distance between himself and Felice. "It seems they do hold a bit of a resemblance." Satisfied with the discovery Nobunaga then sat back in his original spot before giving the doll addressing him a warm smile. "Of course you can keep the ribbon, it suits you and I don't plan on wearing it." He laughed softly.

  19. "Don't compare me to him like that! That's not a comparison you make with someone you just met, you know that! Especially if it's not true!" The amber-eyed doll wasn't shouting so much as just grumbling loudly at his companion, but he returned his glare right back to the much larger boy quickly. "As for you and your question: That," he huffed, "is on a need-to-know basis, and you don't need to know!" He turned to the edge of the table and considered the distance to the floor. "We can't just have everyone in on this mess, that's dangerous."

    Kido seemed to take note of the chastising, but still seemed to be unbothered by it. "Alright, I'll save it for later, then. Maybe after we find the things." Turning back to Nobunaga as well, he picked up the ribbon that had previously held the bag closed. "Well, there's still this one if you want one, too. That way, we'll all match!"
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  20. The blue-haired doll was very feisty wasn't he, but that just made it more amusing. "I'd wager it is true." The amber-eyed human had an amused smirk at the doll's response and rolled his eyes slightly while he scolded Kido, this was cute to watch, then the glare turned to him and his eyes sparkled mischievously. "I would say I need to know," He leaned forward as Felice turned away, "since your currently under my room and serving as my guests. It would be wise for me to know what exactly I'm getting myself into by being around or even talking to you two. And believe me, I can easily take care of myself."

    Returning to his normal position he looked curious at Kido for a moment, things? What things was the little pink-haired doll talking about? But that was quickly pushed to the back of his mind now as Kido addressed him and Nobu looked at the doll and then the ribbon. "I don't see why not." Reaching out he took ahold of the ribbon then tied it around it right hand's wrist, with a smile. "There, thank you Kido."
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