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Which destroys the other in gladiatoral combat? PIE, or CAKE?

  1. PIE

  2. CAKE

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  2. Cake! All the way!
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  3. Cake is for children. Real men eat pie.
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  4. Pie. Apple pie especialy.
  5. Cake. I have not had a single pie that taste good >.< and I have a family that LOVES pie DX so many pies my mouth was violated by with "you may like this one :D"
  6. Cake, simply because there are only a couple kinds of pie I like but many types of cake I like.
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  7. I don't like most cake, and I don't like most pie.

    So I had to narrow this down to:

    Ice Cream Cake VS Meat Pie

    And the Ice Cream Cake wins.
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  8. Cake inferior. Pie superior.
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  9. I can eat more of a pie than I can of a cake. Plus pies have more variety. It's easier to make a savory pie, they're easier to move around, if made correctly they're not as messy, and the flaky pastry is yummmmm.

    Plus I don't have to worry about being tricked by fondant. Ewww.
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  10. Death by Chocolate Cake. Apple Pie.

    Apple Pie wins.
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  11. Cake is the food of luxury, of sophistication and class. It is an art, and the truly great cakes must be sculpted and created by the hands of an artist, someone who faithfully recognizes the beauty and delicate magnificence of the dessert before them. A real cake is the food of the gods, historically appreciated only by those of refined taste and finesse. In today's culture, the purity, the perfection of cake has been soiled by the filth of mass-production, their brutish, childlike hands mashing this sweet rosebud of sugar and cream. It has contaminated the image of cake, tricking those who do not know any better into believing that there is an alternative that even comes close: cake's lesser, inferior brother, pie.

    Pie is barbaric in comparison to cake. Ah, it may be enjoyable upon the palette, but alas! It lacks the same level of presentation, and limits the creativity and genius that cake opens the door to. Though many poor, confused souls appear to love it, it does not change the fact that cake is the true king of dessert, the emperor of sweets, a god amongst mere pastries.
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  12. Lol this is interesting, so far a total draw betwen the two!
  13. IS THIS EVEN A FUCKING QUESTION, PIE OBVIOUSLY Uh, I mean, it's a... hard choice... but I'd say pie.

    There's nothing better than breaking into the crust of a pie, and watching the contents ooze out. I might be a bit biased because my favourite food of all time is chicken & mushroom pie - that with a bit of gravy on the side is fookin' fantastic. Cake just doesn't feel as satisfying to eat - as most of the time, you've got one solid, crumbly mass, and I really hate it when food sticks to the roof of your mouth. Cake generally seems to do that, and whilst I love cake, I find it a bit uncomfortable to eat.

    Pie, however, is true & honest food. Shaped by the hands of a strong heart; when you're presented with pie, you know that today will be a good day. Whether sweet or savoury, pie is an extremely diverse dish that can be from a simple thing to an ultimate display of culinary expertise. Whilst some things can be said the same for cake, pie seems to offer a more different experience with each variant of pie, whilst different types of cake just seem to have the same... y'know, 'cake', flavour to them, if you know what I mean.

    Cake tries to be all this by bigging itself up with whipped cream, fruit, and other sweet treats, but deep inside, it knows that pie is the true ruler. An honest ruler, that doesn't try to make a show of itself, and delivers the ultimate culinary experience with its mere simplicity.

    *Salutes pie.* Thank you, pie, for being there for me where cake cannot. You are the true master, and do not let anyone tell you differently.
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  14. Same here!
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  15. Pie because I like fruit and pie treats them right. Cake however...
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  16. Nooo come on pie, kill the evil cake! Dont fall behind!
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  17. Bless the PIEous, oh Dessert God, and silence the CAKEophanous fiends!

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  18. Pie. So many options, so much win.
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  19. I adore how brutally poetic this is!!

    pie still betta doe
  20. You can sculpt sex organs and boobies out of cake. +1 to cake.
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