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Alright, I know how to get pictures up in posts but I'm having a problem with them. When I try to do it from the URL a little popup appears that says undefined and when I try to put them on from my computer they come out small than I would like.

A solution would be great and much loved!
I have a hard time understanding what you mean. XD

What do you mean by "try to do it from the url"

And "doing it from the computer".

If the picture is coming our SMALLER than it's suppose to, are you uploading the picture somewhere in particular? That might be auto-shrinking the pic?
okay I meant upload for each of those, I was having a blond moment and couldn't think of the word so I just put that. And all I am doing is inserting it into a post in a spoiler tab...thingy.
You're not having any issues with the image tag yourself, right? The picture is showing up in the posts, it's just displaying too small?
not really, the only problem I have with teh tag is when I try to upload from the internet a pop up appears that says undefined, it only appears small when I upload from my computer.
Hmm, okay... Are you uploading from the Albums here on Iwaku, or to the attachments?

Ooor are you using a different site (like photobucket) to upload the image to first?

And can you show me an example? XD like posting here in the thread what you get stuck with doing...
well when I tried putting on my photo it actually made it an attachment. As for the site I just use google images and got to the page where it is just the picture at full size. I'm not using the albums on Iwaku, I'm trying to just use my own pictures...and I'm not really sure who to show you it...also, just to add quickly, if you can show me how to get rid of attachments that would also be awesome.
AH, I meant uploading your own pictures to the Iwaku Albums, not using other peeps pics in the albums. XD

I thiiink your problem with google images might be because some websites don't allow linking from their site. So when you try to post the picture, it'll say the url is wrong, or won't show up, etc. So you would have to save the picture and upload it to a site that allows img link. (Which is what our Iwaku Albums are for! Or photobucket!)

And to delete an attachment from a post, you need to Edit the Post in Advanced Mode and scroll down where it has the attachments listed. Then you just delete from there.
Alright, Here's the thing with the attachments. I don't have them listed in my post I think, I can't see them there anyway....but they are still there, in a small section below my post.
Click Edit Post -> Click Go Advanced -> Scroll Down to Manage Attachments -> Click That and it -should- give you a popup box where you see the uploading boxes. If you scroll down, it''l show the attachments with a button that says "remove".
Awesome! thanks, now do you mind directing me to the Iwaku album? 83
Community Link (Up there under the navbar) -> "My Albums"
Thank You~ 8D