Picture Thread 6.0!

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    This is the Iwaku Picture Thread! Post up a few real life pictures of YOU and only YOU for other members to see and comment on! This thread is a poster wall for seeing your faces.

    How To Upload Pictures

    - Use Your Profile Album!
    - Use the Post Attachments
    - OR use a site like Photobucket!

    IMG Code: [noparse][​IMG][/noparse]


    - If you want to post A LOT of pictures or pictures of stuff from events or people that are not just you, post your own new topic in General so people can comment and chat about it!

    - If you're sharing your photography, post a new topic in Art & Writing to showcase your newest work!
  2. Mynona Kitty all grown up and... in a box!

    Strelok being adorably fat and asleep.

    Diana and her Childhood bestie. :D

    Gibs looking badass in the snowstorm we had!

    Isabella knee-deep in snow with a bottle of vodka and his communist flag!
  3. when doesn't izzy have vodka.
  4. Loveless decides to be generous before she leaves. >_>

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  5. Hair progression! Did a comparison to see how much grew back after I had to saw off my mane in January.

    That was a cold winter. You can tell because I am obviously clinging to the oven for warmth.


    What the fuck is that tickling my neck? o_O
  6. populating with filth

  7. Some pics from a photoshoot I had in October.


    And a more current picture:


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  8. Cute, Patty! I loves your hair owo
  9. Eww (open)

    Edited so you're spared sight of my cleavage. >__> I just liked how the close up of my face looked, so I thought I'd share. I didn't go to sleep until 4 AM, so I took pics and played dress up. Probably the girliest thing I've done in forever.
    But you're beautiful, hubbu. <3
  11. Rawr i has a few.
    me with blonde.jpg
  12. Pretty as always, Fluff. I like your collar.
  13. Laharl! You're adorable! *Snugs*
  14. There is a disturbing lag of slick looking guys wearing fedoras in this thread.



    And now there is not!

    I love my new fedora very much.
  15. owo Fedora want! Chaos looks awesome :3

  16. QFT.
  17. [​IMG]

    I'm a kitty, meow.
  18. I will be vain! i had my hair done today so I took pictures! I looove being a red head again! <3

    ME (open)

  19. Very pretty, Toria. And I love your boo--uh... your bangs. :D
  20. Honestly, Peter, I didn't even noticed my cleavage! XD Buut thank you for the compliment~ ^^