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    This is the Iwaku Picture Thread! Post up a few real life pictures of YOU and only YOU for other members to see and comment on! This thread is a poster wall for seeing your faces.

    How To Upload Pictures

    - Use Your Profile Album!
    - Use the Post Attachments
    - OR use a site like Photobucket!

    IMG Code: [noparse][​IMG][/noparse]


    - If you want to post A LOT of pictures or pictures of stuff from events or people that are not just you, post your own new topic in General so people can comment and chat about it!

    - If you're sharing your photography, post a new topic in Art & Writing to showcase your newest work!
  2. This is an accurate picture.
  3. I got a new piercing--a Monroe--and a haircut, so I took some pics.

    Show Spoiler

    >>; Am I STILL cute? Ugh, I try so hard to be a badass but it never seems to work. I always look stupid or cute...or both... *sulk*
  4. You're the sexiest creature on the planet, Floofy. <3
    And Amp, it's... just as I had pictured!
  5. October Knight says:

    Up The Irons!! (Large pic cause this shirt kicks ass)
    View attachment 1878

    Waiting for posts looking at the cbox. Man, i should go outside or something look at all that sun coming in through the window.
    View attachment 1879

    AND, Look at the Hair and the Becks beer mirror, NOT the mess! Yes, I am happy cause after shaving my head it feels good to have hair again.

    View attachment 1880
  6. Reckless youth today! Badassry failed, I'm not mad, just very very dissapointed!
  7. LOL Koori = Amp

    Also, you look adorable, Andicane. <3
  8. Hey, I wasn't reckless! I gave this piercing a lot of thought before getting it. D;

    Fank you Kitti and Seiji. <3

    Octoberrrrr: you'rehawt.
  9. Sei, why is that funny? **confused**
    Zy is disappointed? o_o;
    And, October, I second Fluffy's assessment.
  10. Because Koori and Amp are two separate people, and I like laughing at her. This is definitely a moment where you laugh at her.

    (s'okay, btw-- I've known her for over 10 years. She laughs at me, too. Constantly. Eugh.)
  11. Really? Huh, I thought they were the same. Halloween even screws me up...
    So, sorry Koo. I guess I will acknowledge you as a different person.
    Or call you Amp 2.0.
    Both options ARE tempting.
  12. Floofeh is a cute badass. There. 'Nuff said.

    And, Seiji, trust me, we all laugh at you.
  13. What kind of Brownies are they seiji?
  14. [​IMG]
    I like what I was wearing!

    Also, WORKING OUT IS FUN. But not when your feet are very easy to hurt.

  15. Chocolate chunk brownies. Awesome.

    And that outfit is really cute, Julez!

  16. [video=youtube;_gO9dZ69Qhk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_gO9dZ69Qhk[/video]

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