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    This is the Iwaku Picture Thread! Post up a few real life pictures of YOU and only YOU for other members to see and comment on! This thread is a poster wall for seeing your faces.

    How To Upload Pictures

    - Use Your Profile Album!
    - Use the Post Attachments
    - OR use a site like Photobucket!

    IMG Code: [noparse][​IMG][/noparse]


    - If you want to post A LOT of pictures or pictures of stuff from events or people that are not just you, post your own new topic in General so people can comment and chat about it!

    - If you're sharing your photography, post a new topic in Art & Writing to showcase your newest work!
  2. Here!:

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    This is from the left:
    Me, Darkness and a former member just before a show in Venezuela. When I got down there, first thing happened was that the natives stole all my shit and I had to borrow Darky's Rockband-drumset. Not nearly as good as my original set, but it worked out well. Everything sounds like shit in the black metal-scene anyway, you know.

    Ok :bananaman:, heres my real pic:

  3. Meep! Already posted this, but for the sake of the 4.0, here it is again. ^_^
    Once I get a few more, I may just make my own Miru Picture Thread...Huh, that makes me sound conceited or something...
  4. I straighten my hair :D Taken from my horrible webcam

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  5. Whoever is feeling bravest? I sort of figured that these are mainly introduction posts
  6. [​IMG]

    Codename: Beachhead/Beach Head
    Origin: Auburn, Alabama, United States
    Name: Wayne R Sneeden
    Race: Human
    Faction: SHIELD through the GI JOE branch

    Meticulous, patient, and strong-willed. Additionally, Sneeden is very intelligent, being the Valedictorian of his high school class.

    Beachhead doesn't usually get mad because he thinks that is a waste of energy, what he does is get even (and he is very good at that).

    The only thing that irritates him among his comrades is when they don't try their hardest to get the job done. Nothing irks Beachead like apathy. (Information source came from Comic Vine.)

    Wayne R Sneeden was born into abject poverty, living in Auburn, Alabama. For much of his youth, he was bullied due to his low economic-status. However, rather than letting this wear him down, Wayne devoted himself to rising above and beyond his environment, to be the best he could possibly be. Ultimately, Wayne became the star of his high school, in both athletics and academia.

    Beachhead is the ultimate Army Ranger. He is trained in ALL forms of combat and weapons. But his favorite thing is explosives. He is able to build or take apart an explosive device of any size.

    Beachhead was a lane instructor at the Ranger Schooling Fort Benning and an Observer/Adviser at the Covert Ops School in Central America. (Information source from Comic Vine)

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 3
    Energy Projection: 1
    Fighting Ability: 5
    Total Points: 17

    Power Level: Street Level

    Comic book source: IDW Publishing​
  7. @Petricus Euryale

    Are we going to have a posting order? Or how would you prefer we do this?
  8. So many guys!
    Tuxedo is a cutiepie. c_c
    Orohic, that's nice. I'll refrain from mocking about underaged Chinese girls for now.
    Miku looks grumpy in that picture.
    Torsty, the look is irresistible.

    And now, for the sake of 4.0...
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  9. Dammit, don't spoil House of M!!
  10. I think it is all 3.
  11. do you just sit still staring at a wall for hours before suddenly feeling tired
  12. I like. Will try to think on a reply, but won't be able to post until later tomorrow.
  13. "I hate when you two put others beneath you."
  14. She look around in confusion, "Uh.. is there a centaur in here somewhere?"
  15. Astaroth held her hand as he flew up.
  16. Connor smiled slightly as Aya took his offered arm, glad that an embarrassing situation where he was left looking like a fool had been avoided. "Let's go see what new weapons they have made overnight." For that was truly how it felt. It had been explained to him that he had been caught in some stray bit of magic so powerful that his bronze magic could not quickly dissipate it and time itself bent around it. It all sounded rather complicated, though, so he just nodded along and pretended to listen. All he knew for certain, was that everything was not as it had been the day before. But now, several weeks later, he figured he was adapting pretty well.

    "I know how it feels to go without your blade any length of time. I remember when my sword was taken from me, and my horse locked in the stables. And to make it all worse, I was forced to work with the Monks. Their duty is just as valuable as a Knight's, but by the Lady is it a boring task, re-writing entire books, cleaning shelves, replacing mouse traps. Several months my master forced me to the task, and for several months my fingers were stained black with ink and smelled of dead mice. But I did learn many things that I had taken for granted, so I will give him that. Oh, excuse me, my tongue ran away from me."

    He silenced himself and turned a little red at the realization that he had let that happen, but hopefully the collar of his armor would somewhat hide it. And if worse came to worse he could stick his helmet, which was tucked under one arm, and be done with it. Luckily the attention was taken away by the massive half ogre deciding to wrestle with the Templar members, followed by the demonstration of the weapons. "Maybe I would like to try some of those." he muttered to himself as the demonstration continued. Once it was finished he walked up to one of the men and said "May I?" With the gun in his hand and how to safely use it, he lazily pointed it in the direction of the dummy and pulled the trigger. The stock rammed into his armored shoulder, causing a massive clang, and the shock of it kicked the gun from his hands, not to mention he missed. "In the name of the Lady, what was that!?" He practically shouted as he looked at the now motionless gun like it was a venomous viper.
  17. "So they took her but not me.." Anya close her eyes and lean in his chest, "No one ever wanted me.. not heaven, not my mother..."
  18. I think I'm just going to blast 4.0 with pics of me. XD

    Here's some of me at a recent dinner party.



    Pic of me blowing bubbles at a picnic. ^_^

  19. my "what are you topless?! O.O" pic that i'm sure some of you remember:

    a more recent pic with blue eyes of doom!
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