Picture Posting Quota?

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by luvablelilmonster, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. I tried posting a picture to a thread and I got a box that popped up and said this:

    "error: Exceeds your quota by 190.7 KB. <a<o:p></o:p>href= ”misc.php?do=attachments” target= ”_blank”>Clickhere to view
    your attachments </a>"

    I've tried multiple times, but every picture I try to post in any thread pops up with the same box! (Well, of course with different numbers of KB...)

    What is this all about? It kinda ticks me off... Makes me hate my computer and (Iwaku god please forgive me) this site. (ONLY FOR LIKE HALF A MILLISECOND!)

    Explanations, anyone?
  2. It means you have met your limit. You need to clear out some attachments. If you go up to 'settings' then scroll down a little there will be a link that says 'attachments' on the left. You need to click that and delete some of those pictures to clear up space.

    A good way to keep space open is using the 'img' code:

  3. Celest is correct!

    Every member has a limit on how many attachments/pictures they can have uploaded to Iwaku. We only have so much space on the server, so we have to balance it out. 8D
  4. I hath fixed-eth it! Gracias!