Picture Challenge: Superhumans

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  1. NOTE: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words; this challenge aims to see how many words our members can tell from a picture. Each week an image relating to a certain genre shall be posted, and members are challenged to see what sort of plot, character or idea can be developed from it.

    You can post as much or as little as you want to; post the short story the image inspired, or post the quick idea for a plot that it gave you. Quantity is not what this is about; this challenge is all about trying to inspire you to get ideas for genres you may not previously have had any interest in.

    There is no time limit on these challenges; feel free to get involved whenever you like.

    CATEGORY: This week, the category is SUPERHUMANS.
    And so without further interruptions...

    ...here is this week's image (open)

    Next week's category will be SPIES/ESPIONAGE.
  2. Gotta keep moving, gotta keep focused as he leapt from the previous building to the next. There was no time to stop to even take a breather, not that he needed one. His eyes took notice to a ventilation system closing in distance to him, perfect,while smirking to himself. Halting for just a brief moment to take hold of the vent, ripping the circuits apart completely causing sparks to scatter everywhere. Hoisting it over his head, it would seem that they called aerial support on him, oh how the game was becoming more thrilling.

    "Stop where you are! Surrender yourself now!" The speakers ringing from the helicopter to the unnatural being. He didn't move for a moment, but he began to chuckle. "I can't do that Cops, that would make this just a tad easier than it's supposed to ..BE!" hurling the vent at the helicopter, purposely missing it. However while their attention was turned. They looked to see that it was just a diversion! He actually was leaping to the helicopter. Shattering the window of the cockpit, he peered in, lifting his arm up only to thrust it into the main controls. "Just borrowing this, hope you mind." Bringing himself out of the cockpit and leaping back to the building. As he landed his sights turned to the descending helicopter as it crashed into one of the town's power plants. The explosion stretching a few blocks, people running everywhere, screaming at the top of his lungs. He was pleased with his work, but it wasn't over just yet. This was more blood-pumping then an intense game of chess for him.

    "We're going to need some heavy firepower..Target has thwarted every attempt. We desperately need backup and we need it now." Was what one of the last remaining officers called in by radio before letting go to put pressure on his wound around the lower part of his body. He slid down against the beaten up police mobile, biting his lip trying to take his mind off the pain. This town has had it's course of crime and such, but this was one criminal that was too great. his strength and intelligence combined equaled a majority of the town. But why? What was his entire reasoning behind all this chaos? Such superiority should be fighting for the good..And even if criminals could pay him, wouldn't he just rule over all of them anyway?..This was a mystery in it's own madness.
  3. PLOT:

    A hero is somehow mistaken for a villain after he is caught in the enemies hand. The enemy sends false videos and images of the 'hero' destroying properties and killing people. But all it is, is an imposer behind a mask. Now the government is after the real one but he has to prove that he is not what the people believe him to be. The object is to clear his name and to find out why the enemy set him up.