Picture Challenge: Spies/Espionage

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  1. NOTE: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words; this challenge aims to see how many words our members can tell from a picture. Each week an image relating to a certain genre shall be posted, and members are challenged to see what sort of plot, character or idea can be developed from it.

    You can post as much or as little as you want to; post the short story the image inspired, or post the quick idea for a plot that it gave you. Quantity is not what this is about; this challenge is all about trying to inspire you to get ideas for genres you may not previously have had any interest in.

    There is no time limit on these challenges; feel free to get involved whenever you like.

    CATEGORY: This week, the category is SPIES/ESPIONAGE.
    And so without further interruptions...

    ...here is this week's image (open)

    Next week's category will be ZOMBIES.
  2. ~One Week Ago

    Two agents were dispatched to investigate the most recent threat of the Cold War. Rumors had been spread that a certain high ranking official of the Soviet military was becoming impatient with Khrushchev and was constantly encouraging the use of nuclear weapons to force the United States into submission. Intelligence had informed these two agents that he had acquired nuclear launch codes and an agent was supposed to be passing them on to a subordinate of the official at noon. The mission was simple. Intercept the Soviet agent before the subordinate arrives at noon.

    The two agents will be referred to as Agent X and Agent Y. Their relationship extended further than their line of work and all the way into the bedroom that the two would stay in during the night before their mission. This was seen as unprofessional and very dangerous, and if intelligence were to catch wind of this, then the two were surely to be dismissed from their positions. Anyways, Agent X began her lunch in the hotel restaurant where the transaction was to occur. She was the spotter for the mission. Looking out for the target and anything that would be considered unusual. 11:50 passed and the target came into her sight. "The bullseye has been spotted," she informed her partner. Agent Y headed down from his position when he received a second message. "Wait! We have a problem. The subordinate is here as well. He is early..."

    This was unusual. They should be aware that there is a possibility of a spy keeping an eye of them. The arranged time to meet was noon and surely they would spend every minute up until that time to search the place and make sure it is safe. Which means either they were acting foolishly, or they felt safe. A scenario shot through his mind. A public murder causing disruption in the restaurant that the targets would take advantage of to discreetly hand over the briefcase containing the nuclear launch codes. The moment this passed through his consciousness, he spoke. "Agent X, look out!"

    ~30 minutes earlier

    He couldn't get the image out of his mind. Agent X had turned around when Agent Y had spoken to find herself staring down the barrel of gun that would end her life not even a second later. Agent Y was a bit more fortunate. He had been found as well, but he was quick enough to take care of his assailant and flee the scene. He had spent the past week keeping an eye on whoever had those nuclear launch codes. Waiting for the Soviets to act so that he could make his move. That time was now. He was no longer an agent, though. He was assumed to be dead or captured. This is the only way he would have even been able to go on this mission, for this mission was longer a mission for that of national security. He was out for revenge.

    He had broken into the facility where the nuclear launch codes were being used. How much time did he have left until the countdown would reach zero? He didn't know. It didn't matter. He made his way through the facility. He went from room to room, searching. Yet every room was empty. Time was eating away. Ten minutes had passed. Twenty minutes had passed. He opened one more door. This one was not empty though. It had a lone soldier in it who spotted him and the two locked eyes. Y fired first, but the soldier had already ducked to the ground to take cover. The soldier drew his pistol and fired a couple of shots. Y dove for cover but one bullet landed on his right arm, his dominant arm. He dropped his gun as the soldier began to rush at him. Y had a back up, though. He grabbed a throwing knife in his jacked. However, he was not accustom to throwing with his left hand. Sure enough, though, the knife hit its mark, the throat of the soldier. Y forced himself to get up and picked up his gun. There were only a couple of more rooms to check.


    It was the first one he checked. There were three people in the room. He shot the guy sitting in the chair first. The other two turned around. The man on the right got a bullet in his left eye. That left one. He found himself face to face with the man who was the cause of his mission. The one who wanted the nuclear launch codes that caused the death of Agent X. The timer on the launch had forty five seconds left. What will he do?

    (Eh, got a bit lazy. Started losing motivation about a third of the way through it and just wanted to finish it XD)
  3. "Move away from the panel." The man could only watch as the man he trusted pointed a gun at his head. "I refuse, Alex if we don't stop them the missiles will kill everyone within a million miles of the east coast!" He yelled at his once good friend. "That's the point you moron. With all America dead there'll be no one left to oppose the grand law. Rulers will fall, nations will crumble, and the people will finally know there place as servants to the general Salizare." His breath caught in his throat. "I can't let that happen." In an instant he sealed his fate, pressing down on the large abort button and causing ever missile to explode where it was, deep in space. A bang rung threw the air and he found himself face down, blood seeping from his chest. "Guess I won't be home for dinner." He whispered before closing his eyes for the last time and listening to the door as solders stormed in, arresting Alex, then everything was gone.