Picture Challenge: Modern Fantasy 1

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NOTE: Feel free to respond to this challenge at any time; new additions are always welcome. Should you use some of the concepts and ideas posted in this challenge, please give some credit to whoever came up with the original idea. For more information, CLICK HERE.

CATEGORY: This week, the category is MODERN FANTASY.

And so without further interruptions...


Next week's category will be HORROR.


...The pure awesomeness has blown my mind.

And given me an idea.

This is Christine Hoppman from Channel Five news with an urgent news update. Due to a massive surge of unknown energy origionateing in the African Continent, the major American monument, Mount. Rushmore, has suddenly raised itself, becoming a kind of humanoid figure. People in a thirty mile radius are advised to evacuate as the government deals with this startleing event.

There will be more updates on this story in the hour.