Picture Challenge: Horror 2


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NOTE: Feel free to respond to this challenge at any time; new additions are always welcome. Should you use some of the concepts and ideas posted in this challenge, please give some credit to whoever came up with the original idea. For more information, CLICK HERE.

CATEGORY: This week, the category is HORROR.

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Next week's category will be FANTASY.


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You don't know why. You never took much of an interest in the reefs or what they found there, but now they're in your dreams every night, that ring of... people? Statues? Something else? But you hear the water churning and pulsing around you, the sound you can hear in your bones, the water closing in on your chest, choking out your breath, and all the while they just stand there!


they are watching you the people that made us they watch from a far but so close.
"I know how you are" J looked around her room when she heard that. she srugges like that was nothing. She changed out of her school unaform ad into sme out door chrothing. she runs out of her house just to get.....

J awake to the sound of the wind blowing and the water crashing "where am I" She lookes around she notice no water around or falt wind all she saw was fog and long grass. "whats going on" s start to run but it feels like she runing in curles. but then she sees people coming out of the fog she smiled andsaid "thank god" she start to run up to tham but then notice they didnt have faces she srted to scream onemof thm grabbed her and tied er with something she screamed and screeamed. they start to siround her and sings a song she didnt understnd but s started to change she was changing into............

"I'm sorry for your lost"