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They say that a picture tells a thousand words; our Picture Challenges see how many words our members can tell from one image. Given a random picture or piece of art selected from a different category at random (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Medieval etc.), members are challenged to come up with a character or story concept derived from the image. The concepts can be serious and heavily-planned out, or they can be light-hearted and silly; it is entirely up to the member. The point is to see what you can interpret and develop from an image. Don't be afraid to jump outside the box with your ideas; this is an exercise in creativity.

It's never too late to do any of the challenges; you are very welcome to go back and try the older challenges as well as the new ones. Feel free to take ideas and concepts from this challenge and put them into your own roleplays; all we ask is that you give some credit to whoever came up with the idea.

Picture Challenges are conducted in two ways:

Once a week a Picture Challenge in posted in the Iwaku Community blog by a staff member.

On slow nights, a staff might run a "game" version of Picture Challenge. Then post the archives/results up in the blog.


NOTE: Feel free to respond to this challenge at any time; new additions are always welcome. Should you use some of the concepts and ideas posted in this challenge, please give some credit to whoever came up with the original idea.

CATEGORY: This week, the category is FANTASY.

And so without further interruptions...


Next week's category will be SCI-FI.


There is a world of old where humans were a dying breed. It is a mystical place of rich scenery and beautiful skylines. Creatures of mythical nature roam freely and are well known in the lands they call Primoria. Humans were once a strong and proud race revered by most and harnessing the power over both magic and technology, but something upset the balance of nature and humans slowly began to fall. Unable to keep up with this natural genocide, they became a dying race, but some managed to survive and grow strong. Their rarity has lead them to either be held in a god-like status or as high-end trading material. Either way there are those who pity the fall of humans and wish to help them. At the same time there are those who point out the follies of the human race and would much rather be rid of them all together (or keep them in minimal servitude). This controversy has continued for many years and wars have been fought to preserve or kill and they rage on strongly to this day.

There is a prophecy that a young human child shall rise to become the savior of the human race and bring balance to the disrupted flow of the world or Primoria starting an age of Golden Peace after all the years of war and destruction. It is vital to the survival of Primoria that this human child be protected and guided in her quest to gain knowledge and power to free and save the lands. If she is prevented from doing so, dark times shall befall Primoria as the end of human civilization shall mean the end for all.

~~present day~~

Battle had been raging on for days as the two sides clashed against one another. Belzar stood atop the rocky terrain watching the battle unfold, his red cape fluttering in the warm winds of war. "Sir what are your orders?" a young solider asked. Belzar turned with a deep growl resting in his throat, "prepare all men we cannot let them overtake the bridge!" he shouted as the men were gathered and prepared to march in and help their comrades. Belzar was a wolf anthro born of the Katimari tribe, a fierce warrior tribe who prided themselves on their strength and bravery in the heart of battle. Dedicated individuals, once they set their minds to something they would follow through and fulfill their goals at any costs (even their own lives). His tribe had sided with those who fought to help fulfill the prophecy set forth by the grand oracle. As the battles raged on Belzar rose through the ranks of his tribe and proved himself a dedicated and strong leader.

As the battle commenced his men charged forward as Belzar threw himself into the heart of the battle. Using his feral instincts he certain was quite the force to deal with, standing an intimidating 8 foot tall with a wide (and strong/well built) girth. As his men fought the battle began to spread. He found himself wandering the ridges of the mountainous area near the bridge. As he fought he felt compelled to move in this direction, and soon his ears picked up on a soft cry for help. Hurrying there was a group of the enemies surrounding a small individual. As he drew near he noticed that the individual was a young girl with hair white as the sprinkling of snow. For an instant he drew his breath and every fiber in his being seemed to tell him that she was the one. His eyes widened as he gripped his sword and charged forward thrashing at the enemy who has set their pet wolves upon the scared girl. The battle was fierce but in the end Belzar was victorious. Sheathing his blade he panted as he looked at the girl, an arrow stuck in his back but he ignored it.

"Th...thank you" the young girl said softly and realized that he was hurt, a worried expression befell her young face as she moved toward Belzar. He fell to his knees as the girl supported him, her hands moved to his wounds and a warmth began to radiate through his body. "w..who are you?" he said breathing heavily. The girl gave a soft smile as she looked up to him, "I am Amiel. I was told in a dream to come here and that my guardian would come and save me." Amiel looked up at Belzar as he seemed to slowly connect dots. It had to be her. She had to be the one. From that moment he vowed to protect her with his life either way. And so it began, the journey of a chosen girl and her guardian in hopes of saving a world slowly slipping into darkness.

((not great but it's the general gist of what went briefly through my mind ^^ I could go one probably but i'll stop there))