EXERCISE Picture challenge #9: Loneliness

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  1. INFO: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. How many can you find?

    Each week a new image will be posted, and your challenge will be to write whatever the image inspires you to write. It can be anything as long as it relates to the picture. A plot, a scene, a short story, a poem, a character, etc. You can write as much or as little as you wish. It's not the length that matters, it's what you put into it. There is no time limit to these challenges, so feel free to jump in at any time.

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  2. "I remember the songs you played for me, in that oh so sweet melody." Her hand graced the skull resting at the piano, a longing sigh escaped her lips. "Why did Death have to take you away from me?" For the skeleton once was Music, able to play the most beautiful songs for any occasion and his favorite occasion had been playing music as Night awoke to dance and litter the sky with stars. He could play for endless hours and endless days just for her, just to see the beauty she created that was the night sky. And she loved to hear the beautiful music he could create, especially since every time it was a different tune. There was no doubt that the two were in love and it showed. Everyone else had been happy... All except Death. He wanted her all to himself, for she was the love of his life. Day was far too bright and most feared his gift of taking life away. And if he couldn't have her, she could have no one either. It was only fair to him.

    "Your beautiful songs, your beautiful voice...All taken away from me. If only you could see the sky one more time and I could hear you once more..." Instead of the beautiful twinkling stars that painted the sky before, it was dark. And as a single tear fell from her cheek, the sounds of a storm raged behind her. It was a deadly sound. The type of sound that warned people to stay indoors as it passed. She touched the skeleton one last time. "But jealousy...What a cruel, cruel emotion...Even the gods fall into its dangerous traps." Soon, the wind shifted and the skeleton turned to dust. She knew that a reincarnation would occur soon enough, but that one would know nothing of the love shared before.

    "I've heard humans say music is the medicine of the breaking heart*...but what if the music I had is now gone?" It was time for her to depart. Soon it would be Day's turn to shine and brighten the sky or grieve for the loss of a friend. Who knew.

    As the storm began to fade, so did Night, taking her satchel of stars with her...

    *Quote by Leigh Hunt*
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  3. Such a lovely tune, like the emerald blue of Ganymede drifting over the Jupiter horizon. So long had it been we were sent adrift through the darkness of space. You and I, lovers of a different kind or maybe a different tune. I asked that you would play for me and so you did. Like a never ending film did you continue until life ceased and on you went. It was the essence of ages which you would sew in your keys. Separated from the realm where we would look upon the main street and hear the separate songs being sung by those drifting souls. We were once as they were, drifting with no sense of direction. Yet here you play as you did then and do now.

    But now you hit a key which shot my mind across the star flung skies. Naked and screaming through the void did I feel my skin scrawl and every orifice squeeze shut. I did not want to see. I wished for the illusion of such beauty to remain a bit longer, oh just a bit longer and yet I am weeping. Tears do not flow as they once did, as I have shed all that which once felt your warmth in my possessive heart. I see you play again and again, becoming like the key; polished as ivory yet an age settles into your frame. I reach out and the world becomes whole again and you still play, separate from your song which I ceased too long ago.

    Outside souls still drift. Separate songs ridden with agony and ash. The illusion covered us all as I had seen too long ago. But please my dear, continue with the strokes of joy your brittle fingers bring my disjointed soul. Though my body laced with disease and heart full of sorrow, the mirror lies to me and I accept. So beautiful, so ripe and young. Romanced by the heartstrings of a piano and it's maker. I cannot see the maker anymore, only the frame and dust surrounding and illusionary beauty.
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  4. I heard the faint sound of a piano being played in the distance, not quite sure of what the melody is. I was never a master musician, knowing the difference between an E flat and E natural. Each note blends together, each note not being able to he diverse from the rest like the humans that we are- or used to be. The song sounds like the sudden warmth in a cold, cold land. The slight breeze brushes against my bare shoulder as my ears seem to lead the rest of my body to this wonderful sound of mystery. One foot in front of the other until I reach this landmark of non physical enjoyment is my goal. Goals: Thing you reach to complete before you no longer have the ability to complete them. I had goals. We all did.

    My feet step upon the cold, broken marble that has been placed where the earth soil would be. I see something in the distance- it just looks like a blob of black. The mere brittleness of my body seems to be taken over by a force that has been here the whole time- just not noticed. I brush my cold hands against the satin of my newly made dress, the last one anyone would ever make for me. The closer I get, the clearer the image that is bestowed before me gets. The item seems to allude to a piano, looking like one and playing a musical piece that has the tempo and pitch of a piano forte.

    Then I notice who is playing it. He turns his bony head and whispers something that is hard to make out, but I know it goes along with the song that I now know. He muttered something.

    "I told ya I would be back for you... but it turns out you came for me."
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  5. Play me a song, O love,
    Of times long past.
    Remind me of the light,
    With the soft notes of the keys.

    Alas, you can no longer,
    Your fingers can move no more,
    But I can wish and hope and pray,
    That I can hear your song again someday.
  6. She sat upon the piano waiting expectantly. The breath frozen in her lungs hoping that he would return, knowing that if it were possible he would. The Gods it seemed were against them, as they had separated them with this curse. But she waited anyway, and hoped for just that fleeting glimpse.

    And there he was just as she remembered him, tall and strong and so handsome it made her heart ache. But the instant she beheld him he faded to just the skeleton within and moved to the piano to sit. He rested his arm along the top of it and played a simple melody, one they both cherished so long ago.

    "Thank you for coming," she said softly, "I know it pains you to do so."

    He looked up and saw her as she saw him, just bones and nothing more and he shuddered. "The cruelty of this curse is more crushing with time. I am not sure I can continue...to see you like this."

    She frowned, "Forgive me my love. I cannot cause you pain. I will come no more...but please...play out song one more time."

    He did so but he could not look at her. When he finished and finally looked up she was gone, and his heart broke again.