Picture Challenge #43: Traveling


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INFO: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. How many can you find?

Each week a new image will be posted, and your challenge will be to write whatever the image inspires you to write. It can be anything as long as it relates to the picture. A plot, a scene, a short story, a poem, a character, etc. You can write as much or as little as you wish. It's not the length that matters, it's what you put into it. There is no time limit to these challenges, so feel free to jump in at any time.



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Cold. So cold. The thought kept pushing through Kar's mind as he blew gently on the fire that held little warmth or comfort. He shivered within the sleeves of his coat and looked around him. He had no clue where they were going and as he glanced at Kara, his beloved sister that looked so much like their mother, he wondered about turning back. The world belonged to Winter now and he despised the cold with everything he had. His dark eyes tried to peer through the sheets of falling snow but it was useless. He heaved a sigh watching his breath stream out in a coil of smoke curling then disappearing once it got closer to the weak flame he had built. Thank goodness for the griffin that he had found. And a tame one at that. Hardly ever saw one of those around these parts and yet his sister was keeping warmth with its feathers. Many times Kara had tried to get him to climb up so she could walk but he refused and kept her on the creatures back.

"How much longer?" She asked through chattering teeth. His heart lurched at the sound of her discomfort. He hated that she had come along and though it best that she remain with their youngest brother, who had fallen ill. That was the whole reason they were trying to find this person. A Shaman or Witch or whatever he was. Was he (or she) even human? Kar didn't know and honestly didn't want to find out but the local medicine woman had already done everything she could and nothing had helped their brother to be well. That was when they were told that someone who lived in these woods could help them.

"I'm not sure Kara." he said gently blowing on the fire again. It had reduced to smoldering sticks and he swore knowing the wind would carry it away from his sister delicate ears. Cold winds nipped at he exposed skin of his nose. He wanted to rest. To curl up in he snow and sleep for a long time. But as he stood and grabbed the harness of the griffin he knew no rest would come to him until he found this being. This so called healer who lived somewhere in these woods. A gentle tug of the reins and the griffin walked on with a few clucks and a squawk.

Is it getting colder? He wondered faintly. Just as that thought drifted from his mind, there. A light of sorts. it seemed so far away but he felt sparks of hope and new determination drove him on. "Come on, this way." he told the creature. it dipped its head to avoid low slung branches stiff with ice and made sure to shield the girl on its back with is wing. Kar had wondered why they couldn't have just flown their way here.

"Because griffins cant fly in extreme weather," Kara had explained. Apparently she had done some reading somewhere. Closer and closer to the light they came and as they neared, a hut that seemed to have been built onto the side of some trees clustered together sat alone looking every bit as inviting and just as foreboding. If such a thing made sense. Kar stopped to take in the sight before them then turned to Kara. "I will go in first. If anything happens I want you to fly this thing out of here until its wings freeze off, understand?" Kara simply nodded knowing it was useless to argue with him. He let go of the reins and shuffled forward though the rising snow. He didn't know what to expect with this meeting and tried to brace himself for anything.
He reached the door that was just a sheet covering the entrance and slowly pulled it back. He peeked in letting his eyes adjust. "H-hello...?" he called out. it was a while before anything responded.

"If you don't leave right now I'll cu you to pieces and leave you for the wolves!" came the cold reply. He was startled into pulling back from the door but then reminded himself of why he was here. He straightened himself and defiantly moved into the hut knowing this action would probably be his last.
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(Thought i would go with a poem this time!)

Light up, Light Far...

Since the wars that took our land

And filled them with the joys of snow

But soon more and more snow appeared

And forced us into the warmth of our homes

Light up, Light Far...

We soon escaped our homes...And into warm Villages

Things were calm and happy

But soon...We ran out of things the kept us happy

What we eat, what we drink...They soon disappeared in this harsh world

And the happy villagers soon became bitter

Light up, Light Far...

One villager named Mavis

Left to find hope

But as days turned to months, and months turned to Years

We lost hope when she never returned

And one by one each villager left the village to find hope like Mavis

But like her they never returned

Light up, Light Far...

As the remaining villagers were in a panic

I chose myself to venture out to the harsh lands

To find some food, water at least...To give what this village lost


Light up, Light Far....And it did.

My light from the fire...

That was created by sticks...

Caught sight of a mysterious...Yet interested Woman...

She found me lied near, my imperfect fire...

She sat on the back, of a colourful griffin of all animals...

She told me of a place...Where life was happy...

A place where humans like her and I, can live a happy life.

Without any thought I accepted her offer and sat beside her..

And we took off into the sky to this new land...

As we flew I asked her name...

And she said with a wonderful voice...



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Snow fell down in gentle wisps,
And the fire did glow blue,
As the happy couple,
Named their Griffin 'Drew'.

Drew was a silly one,
He pounced, pranced, and played,
But he could be fierce,
And on many wicked ones he preyed.

That just meant they were safe,
Lying out there in the snow,
They stared up at cloudy skies,
And their eyelids dipped down slow.
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David started the fire as his sister stayed safely with the griffin for warmth. If he could get this going, the three of them would be able to benefit for the night and keep the wolves away for one more night. they'd been running for three days now, but he didn't feel safe yet. They were still following, he felt it deep inside. They would not rest until they had his sister back, and he could not allow that to happen.

The fire roared to life, due to his tender ministrations. Daniella slid off the griffin's back and knelt with him by the fire. Her hands held out to its warmth with a tender smile.

David began pushing the snow aside so that they could sit on the ground beneath and so that the piled snow could spare them from the wind that seemed to rage its worst each night. He made a large space for the griffin who hunkered down with them and covered the two with a wing and then tucked its head down to rest.

He gave the last of the meat to the griffin before she slept and broke the last loaf of bread between the two of them. "I should have brought more food...I'm sorry."

"Don't be...we are alive and safely away. Our friend here will see us to safety. Do not worry so."

If only he could believe it. He knew the griffin was strong and would take them where they needed to go, but in the cold her wings had become damaged. Still they were able to travel faster with her than they could on their own, so he was grateful. He could only hope those who pursued were taking time to rest as well.