EXERCISE Picture challenge #26: Loss

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  1. INFO: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. How many can you find?

    Each week a new image will be posted, and your challenge will be to write whatever the image inspires you to write. It can be anything as long as it relates to the picture. A plot, a scene, a short story, a poem, a character, etc. You can write as much or as little as you wish. It's not the length that matters, it's what you put into it. There is no time limit to these challenges, so feel free to jump in at any time.

  2. Broken Muzzle, Sprained paw
    Bloody Lip, and Broken Jaw
    High pitched whine to match high patch cry
    Words as painful as a lullaby

    Goodnight little pup
    the ravens are here
    Goodnight little pup
    you have nothing to fear
    the time has come
    it is time for you to go
    Goodnight Little Pup
    No More Sorrow
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  3. "Pssst... do you think it's working?"

    "Yeah, I think it is. These birdbrains fell for some liquid ketchup and a heart-wrenching pose. Wait wait wait, let me look up at the sky with a dying face. Aaah, that's it."

    "Nice one, pup, we're gonna have some crow meat tonight. Been starving for days, bud."
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  4. He had grown numb.

    He was surrounded by death. He always had been so this was no different to him. Whether it was his abusive father murdering his mother before drinking himself to death or another homeless boy he had grown acquainted with passing from a cold, he knew it would always come. He was surrounded by death, but he was never alone. He had a friend who been subject to everything he had ever since they were both young. His friend had been subject to the same abuse by their father, the same starvation of being homeless, the same cold nights. They had always been together, but not for much longer.

    He couldn’t look at his friend as he held him, feeling death coming ever closer. He could see them all. Everyone he had witnessed dying was now flying around him. Their wings flapping with tar feathers that would soon consume his friend. They called out to his friend, telling him to join them. He could feel his friend slowly growing colder. His friend that had always been the provider of warmth during the chilling hours of darkness they had spent together. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t process what was happening. He never had been able to grasp the concept of death. Then again, he never truly knew what it felt like to be alive.

    Why did this have to happen though? He had done nothing wrong, but someone had thought that his friend speaking made him vicious, made him dangerous. His friend was only trying to defend himself, but instead had been punctured by the threatened man much bigger than either of them.

    He could feel his friend drifting away. The life seeping from the light they were bathed in and into the shadows surrounding them. He thought he had to be there for his friend, but it was really his friend that was there for him. His friend kept his head held as high as he could. His friend did not fear death, only what would happen to him after his friend was gone. He could not even recognize his friend by touch anymore. The strength and warmth was now completely gone and instead all he felt was the same coldness of the cold, wet ground beneath him.

    And like that, his friend was gone. He could no longer feel him in his arms, but instead could see him fly away with all the other losses in his life. His friend’s beautiful gray body was now black and downy. He watched as his friend flew further and further away. He did not miss him, for he knew he would see him again when he was faced with yet another death. It had only become natural to him. He could not bring himself to move yet. His body still paralyzed by what had happened. He was scared. He did not know what to do without his friend. He had accepted death as part of his life, but he had hoped this would never happen. This was his one true fear.

    He was alone.
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