Picture Challenge #2: Natural Beauty

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    We all like to think our characters will be pinnacles of beauty, born fresh without flaws from the minds we own, conjuring these human puppets with our imagination. However, with natural beauty, comes flaws, as every person in the world has. In the form of a small plot post, describe who this woman is, why she is where she is, and how she is a flawed individual, along with anything else you can come up with!​
  2. Queen Elena Esmerald Varnah, best known in other lands as The Queen of No Kingdom. It was the fault of her own hands, words, and family that her kingdom came to an end, burned away by wars she herself began on selfish whims and heated moments. Grudges were her flaw, the opposition to her beauty, but this flaw proved to be more than just a negative point.

    These grudges once were small conflicts with the nobles of other lands, jokes with her as the punch line that her literal mind took too far and used as fuel to grow into grudges against other kingdoms as a whole. Perhaps a tease at the unusual gold glow of her hair, or the slow rate at which her womanly curves came to decorate her. Regardless of the intent the jokes began with and the gentle laughs that were the product, these grudges grew and boiled over time, and with each day the then-princess grew more and more detached from what was around her as insanity crept under the disguise of peace she upkeep.

    Hate tainted her beneath the sweet face, and her soft and spineless parents did as their little one asked without thought of the results, ultimately leaving behind a ruined land of waste that was flattened by wars that never needed to come to life. If only they'd had a son, a child to whom the otherwise strong king and queen could have refused wishes from...

    The kingdom to the north started the destruction of the otherwise peaceful and prosperous land, first robbing the princess's homelands of their livestock and transportation. The westerners came though and ruined crops, also being the first to directly take the lives of countless innocent villagers who stood in the way. The eastern armies dealt a final blow, storming the weakened country after another wild threat and burned it flat, leaving ashes and few survivors to tell the tale of smoke and heat.

    One such survivor was the teenage princess herself, who had hidden herself away and managed by luck to evade the burning of her home. Along with her was a young kitten, whom now is one of the woman's only companions. The two are nearly a legend, a whispered tale in other kingdoms meant to be a new story to warn of hate and anger where it is not due.

    In her adult life, the kingdom-less queen wanders the forests that once were her land, her cat at her side as she is left to think of just where she went wrong... Without a hint of grief or remorse, of course.
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