EXERCISE Picture challenge #14: Different worlds

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  1. INFO: They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. How many can you find?

    Each week a new image will be posted, and your challenge will be to write whatever the image inspires you to write. It can be anything as long as it relates to the picture. A plot, a scene, a short story, a poem, a character, etc. You can write as much or as little as you wish. It's not the length that matters, it's what you put into it. There is no time limit to these challenges, so feel free to jump in at any time.

  2. It was simply a glance at first, a shy curiosity both creatures had towards the other strange, new life they'd found. Aware of the warnings and myths surrounding the other, they were torn between fear and a need to study closer. Both caved in though, to their childish wonder, creeping ever closer to the weak boundary of the water's surface that separated them from one another. Upon nearing it both creatures stilled, taking the other in with thirst and a need to remember.

    In his eyes, she was more gorgeous than the tales did justice or even tried to mention. Pale blue skin and hair gently waving in a current only the strands gave away, she was beautiful from the tips of pointed ears down to the tentacles that spread from her where he had legs. Truly he was raised to believe the creatures of water were of sharp tooth and lethal sting with beady eyes and cold glares, yet she seemed so gentle and equally as shy and scared as he. She seemed almost exactly like him. She certainly was not the monstrous creature he grew up imagining...

    She was surprised as well. All her life she was told the creatures of land only wished to hunt that of water's life for food and prize, and yet he simply gave her a gentle look of curiosity as he hovered only inches above the edge of her home. From here she admired the scruff of his face and the sharpness of his jaw, more defined than any men she'd seen in her underwater home. He even wore a band of gold around his head, matching her own decoration. He was indeed something she found pleasant to look at, but soon this was not even enough to feed her hungering curiosity.

    Both looked shocked as her hand broke the surface, for the first time having air on her skin as she reached out to him above her. Gently, ever so gently her hand found the rough surface of his scruffy cheek, but the man leaned into it enough to assure her the contact was not unwelcome. They froze in this position too, and with her hand on his cheek and a new awareness, the two silently contemplated what action was to come next...
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  3. "Take what you can, my love, and flee!"

    Her people were dying, dying from the clan that denied them freedom and sustenance for their own selfish gain. Maia waited by the water where she was born, her legs aching from the spell used to travel on land. She waited, an waited, and waited some more for the one who would help her. Finally, he emerged. Her one true love, an octopus kin that carried a sack of precious gems and golden trinkets with him for today. He set the sack down and looked into her eyes.

    "Must I go? I can stay-" He shook his head and cupped her face.

    "No, you must flee, my love," he said in a deep gravelly voice, "Take these with you. It will help you on your journey on land. Have you your things?" She nodded, face saddened but tears long gone after so much suffering within her clan.

    "Shh, it'll be alright my love," he murmured, heaving himself up to give her a kiss, "Now go, quickly! Before my father sends his guards!" The prince then sank back into the ocean. Maia watched sadly for a few more moments before taking the sack and her belongings, running away from the place she used to call home, her ocean.
    Short piece is short, but idc. The picture made me wonder what would happen if the girl was trying to flee somewhere, so this was born. Hope you enjoy!​
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  4. The water was as clear as ever, and even he approached I could see the expression on his face. Sadness, resignation, eyes telling what I had known even before he opened his mouth to speak.

    "I cannot come here any longer, Athaang." My beloved Saul looked to me, eyes bright with held back tears as he tried to keep his expression indifferent now that I was looking at him. "I am to marry now and can no longer associate with your kind..." His voice faltered as I pressed a cold and wet hand gently against the side of his face.

    "Saul, I think we both knew this day was to come." My own lips turned only the slightest bit as I forced myself to smile. "Know that I will never forget you."

    There was a moment or silence. Then, just as I was about to turn and swim away, I felt his arm on my wrist, holding my hand in place. "Know that I love you Athaang. If it was my choice..."

    I pulled my hand away from his face and his grip. Being strong was easy when dependent on my body and limbs. My heart however was another matter. "Farewell, Saul."

  5. As per the challenge set before me, I will try my best to use a randomly generated character to fit these exercises. As such, here is mine:


    Mara Sweet tilted her head, watching the two lovers during their "clandestine" meeting. They cooed at each other--words that made her want to kick them both in the shins. Although, she supposed one of them didn't technically have shins. What a strange thought. She'd never had the opportunity to kick a tentacle before. Always a first for everything. Cracking her knuckles, she began limping towards the couple, noting especially the signet ring on the young man's finger. The young lord had made a grave mistake coming here today.

    As soon as she stepped into view, the sea woman gasped, pointing and letting out a strange sound meant to scare off predators. It was a rather weak defense mechanism, given that Mara wasn't a shark. The lord scrambled to his feet, drawing his rapier with as much gusto as he could muster. He took in her appearance, noting the more obvious bits first. The cloth wrapped around her eye, hiding the hideous scar that marred her otherwise "pleasant" features. The metal hand poking out of her left sleeve. And, of course, her limp--courtesy of her right leg being shorter than her left.

    "What do you want?" he barked, standing tall with the authority of the king's nobility. Mara laughed.

    "You've got three options, my lord. Pay me for my silence or watch your lady fish..." She drew a finger across her neck, a wicked grin across her face. The young lord, of course, took high offense at both options. After all, he had been trained from birth in manners of war and fighting. His rapier wasn't just for show! This bitch didn't know who she was dealing with!

    Without a care for decorum, he attacked, striking for the intruder's weak side. Unfortunately, there was no side to strike, as Mara was no longer standing there. With speed that was simply unnatural, she moved to the sea woman, a dagger glinting before being pressed against her throat. The woman thrashed, tentacles reaching to strangle her attacker. It was no use, however, as some unknown force held them back.

    The young lord gaped, real fear turning his usually tan features starkly pale. He fell to his knees, already forming the words to beg for his love's life. Mara smiled. "That wasn't so hard, now was it? Let's see...I'll take your shirt and jacket, your lovely leather boots, and all the gold you have on you. I know you've got enough to carry peasants over for months. Hurry up now...your lady fish is starting to irritate me with her squalling."

    "I have a name, you bitch!" The sea woman snapped, her eyes flashing angrily. Mara waved her dagger in disinterest. She couldn't care less about their names or anything else. She just wanted her payment. When she had arrived in the nearby town and heard rumors about the lord's relationship with a sea woman, Mara knew she'd found an opportunity for some good ale money. Of course, it had all depended on whether the rumors were true, as peasantfolk were quite prone to making up wild stories to make their mundane lives more interesting. What luck that the bastards at the tavern had actually been telling the truth!

    The lord threw the items at her, now shirtless and barefoot. Mara shamelessly took a moment to admire him, smirking in approval even though he glowered rather murderously at her. Chuckling, she removed the dagger from the sea woman's throat, picking up the items with surprising quickness for someone who had seemed to be limping before. With a mock salute and a laugh, she was gone before the lord could even raise his rapier once again.

    When the young lord later inquired at the town about the strange woman with a limp and a cloth over her eye, no one seemed to remember her.​
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  6. She saw him there by the water's edge. Creeping closer under the cover of the glistening water, she came near enough to see the sadness in his eyes. Her normal inclination toward land dwellers was to kill them on sight, but this one seemed to be distressed. She moved a red tentacle above the water to make enough noise to alert him to her presence.

    He turned and saw her and moved closer to look into the glassy surface of the water. He was surprised when a human-like hand reached up from the water and touched his face. Wrapping his fingers around her wrist he lowered his face and spoke, "Please kill me...drag me into the deep to sleep at peace."

    Her brows furrowed, and though that would be exactly what she would do normally, this one asking for it made her pause. "But why?"

    "There is nothing left for me...all is lost and I have no one to blame but myself. No one will care if I am gone...please help me."

    She pulled him into the water and wrapped her tentacles around his body but instead of crushing him she kissed him and he would feel a sudden stab to his side where she bit him. The kiss would become deeper and he would feel light for a moment before his body would begin to change and more arms and legs would begin to grow from his hips and torso. Suddenly he would awaken as if from a dream and realize that he was now like her.

    "So now you have died.." she said with a soft smile, "To your old life...follow me into your new one."
  7. There is a legend that has been told, a legend of a woman with the legs of an octopus, a woman of astounding beauty, who could grant you three wishes if you could just convince her. Most people never believed it to be true, just as they scoffed at the ideas of sirens and the Kraken. What they didn't know, however, was that this woman was one and all of these legends.

    She would tangle ships in her legs and slow them down in misty areas, and sing to them until the sailors were driven mad with lust and leaped from the side of the ship. Other times, she would simply crush the ship to bits and pick off those she wished to keep to herself.

    This woman was cruel and unforgiving. She would drag the men to the deepest depths of the ocean and feast on their flesh before returning to her lagoon to sleep.

    And if one should come along with a request...she would lure them closer and closer to her, make them feel safe...and eat them as soon as she could get a good grip on them to drag them into the water. This man, however...he was different, and when she grabbed his wrist and dragged him down into her lagoon, he was ready. He took out a dagger and sliced into the legs holding him. She shrieked in pain and let him go, but despite his advantage of her distraction, he did not kill her.

    Instead, he pulled himself from the water and pointed the bloody knife at her as she nursed her injured legs. "That was for my brother. Consider it a warning."

    She glared after him as he left, but she heeded the warning and abandoned her lagoon for the allure of the open sea. Destroying ships was much more fun, anyway.