Picture Challenge #1: Demonic Protector

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  1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Which ones can you find?

    Use this image to write a little something. Be it a small story or a character sheet, all entries are accepted. Choose one of the pictures and go from there. Please let me know which image you based it from at the beginning of your entry.

    Image 1 (open)

    Image 2 (open)
  2. I based this off of image two:

    He didn't know how long it had been, since the girl's father had first summoned him up from the pits of Hell, calling him forth to protect the child from all those who would do her harm. In fact, he had never been quite sure why anyone would want to harm the child in the first place. All he knew was that she had been sleeping for as long as he had been here--be it months or decades, it made no difference to him--and that there was something undoubtedly special about her.

    It wasn't her white hair, though that certainly had caught his notice from the first moment he'd laid eyes on her; from what he had seen of the many soldiers, nobility, and the like that wandered the castle's halls, none of them looked quite like the girl--not even her mother and father. No, what had first alerted him to her--uniqueness--was the way she seemed to shine with an otherworldly radiance; like a beacon in the black of night.

    At some point, the contract that had been made between him and the girl's father had ceased to be the only reason he stood guard over the girl, night and day. Over the countless days that had passed, he'd grown to care for her as his own. So fragile, so filled with innocence and purity--his heart ached whenever his gaze fell upon her, reminding him of what he could never be, of what he would never have.

    Still, he would let no other defile her, body or soul; and so he watched her, weapon in hand, wings unfurled, awaiting the day someone dared to step forward--for when that day came, he would gladly give his life for hers.
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  3. Using picture one as my inspiration, along with the Vocaloid song The Last Queen!

    The Last Queen
    They say that long ago, there lived a vain queen, beloved by everyone. She had everything anyone could possibly want, fame, fortune, caring parents, a loving husband, a sweet child that listened to her every whim. But the queen was not content, for she could not cheat death. She knew she couldn't at this rate, having seen death claim her father which allowed her husband to rule the throne. She could see the growing wrinkles on her skin, the strand of white hair that fell over her normally pink locks, and she was afraid. She didn't want to die, she didn't want eternal slumber.

    Then she heard of a power to gain immortality through children's fairytales and dark whispers. All she had to do was go to the temple to the west and pray to the forgotten god for his power. She rode westward, away from her beloved kingdom and towards the forbidden lands. When she arrived at the temple, dark shadows graced its features and she found herself shivering. The place was evil, there was no denying that. But she persisted and prayed to the forgotten god to give her immortality. A door opened up for her and the guardian, some monster she could not identify, beckoned for her to step through. The queen obliged.

    No one knows what happened to the queen except that she went missing and her husband and son were left to mourn for her disappearance. But I know. Yes, I am the Guardian of Darkness and my beloved Queen lies her, waiting for the day she can be let out of her. She was granted immortality, for time here in the sea of negatron is limitless. But in it she lost everything, her kingdom, her family, her heart. She used to weep, you know, mourning for her kingdom when I showed her that it crumbled to ashes and that a small town is what replaced her home, the castle. But not anymore, she is without emotions and words now, ever silent, just staring into the void, into the sea.

    Now, dear traveler, I have warned you with this tale. Will you come for immortality or will you turn away and face death? ...Oh? You want to save the Queen of Darkness? Very well then, take my hand and open the door.​
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  4. This is for Picture 1:

    "I hate you! You ruin everything!"

    Alene cried into her hands. Well, it was more like scream and wail into her hands. She'd always been an ugly crier. Chaeoton always had trouble keeping his temper in check when Alene shrieked like a six-year old.

    "Oh come on, it wasn't even that bad. So he's got a few lacerations here and there, he'll live! Nothing's rui-"

    Alene wailed louder. The princess was a few ticks away from rolling on the ground kicking and screaming. She already had the screaming part down. Chaeton's job had just cost her the most valuable thing her bratty mind could conceive.

    "I-I-If you had just LET him, he would have taken me to the Icehold Ball! THE ICEHOLD BALL!!!!! IT WOULD'VE BEEN PERFEEECT!!! HE WAS SO HOT TOO AND YOU KILLED HIM!!"

    "Severely injured, Alene. I severely injured him, there's a difference. I already told you! He'll. Live. I mean he's gonna have some pretty bad depth perception and I don't know if that speech impediment will ever go away, but at least he's alive!"

    This didn't help. Chaeton wasn't very good at consoling screaming princesses. Teen angst wasn't in the job description.

    "A-A-And we would've been married, and I would've been a queen, and I would've have been so beautiful, and I-I-I-"

    "He was from a necromancy cult! The only reason he was going to take you to that stupid dance was because he wanted to thrall you for a ritual or something! That's why I attacked!"

    Alene tilted her head back and shrieked into Chaeton's face. At this point, snot had joined the tears running down her face. As stated before, Alene was a hideous crier. Chaeton would wrinkle his face, but with a jaw that extends almost literally from ear to ear, the best he do was frown harder.

    "Stop it, Alene. It's your fault we're here. If you hadn't made a scene after I did my job and saved your life, your dad wouldn't have overreacted and sent us here!"

    "He overreacted because you KILLED MY DAAAATE!!!"

    There was an awkward moment of silence while princess and protector stared at each other's faces. The snot and tears made Alene's face somewhat reflective in the light of the weird magic moon... thingy.

    Alene whimpered, "I hope my dad fires you."

    "I hope your dad fires me too."

    For whatever reason conceivable, Alene started wailing again. Those last few ticks were crossed off and Alene slid off her and lay face down on one of the many floating stones that made up their time-out prison. The kicking and fist pounding commenced.


    Chaeton lost his patience. Well, he'd lost it a long time ago, but now he let it show.

    "Well maybe I want to go back to my stupid realm! Maybe I'll leave right now!"



    Chaeton turned around. Then he turned around again, back where he started.

    "I can't leave, your father's imprisoned us in the Aether until we think about what we've done."

    Alene kicked and screamed harder.
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