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  1. Chase had just returned back home to his empty apartment after a long shift at the hospital. He didn’t have time to rest, not yet anyway. House wanted him over at his place during the night. He never said no, he loved the nights he had with House. They never talked about their relationship at work. They acted like boss and employee, nothing more. It weren’t meant to be a secret but they figured the less people that knew the better. House could be in real trouble if the word of them dating spread out. The only persons who knew were Cuddy, Cameron, Foreman and of course Wilson.

    After taken a much needed hot shower he put on the white pants House liked so much. White pants were a pain at the hospital, but now when they were free he could wear as much white as he wanted. He chose a black shirt and for once managed to match the tie to the rest of the outfit. It was all thanks to Cameron, she had decided to help him out with his wardrobe when he showed up at work dressed like he didn’t have the lights on. Chase really knew nothing about colors and clothes.

    He made sure he smelled good, a cologne that reminded him of the ocean. He missed Australia, the beaches, the sun the overall feeling of his home country. But New Jersey was his home now. He belonged here with House and the job he always wanted. He gave one last glance at the mirror before he left the apartment with his coat and a thick cozy scarf. Even if he had lived at the states for a while now he still hadn’t gotten used to the cold. It wasn’t even winter yet, and Chase was already freezing by the thought of going out. He longed until he arrived at House’s place, so he could climb down with his boyfriend in house’s bed.

    Of course his car had broken down the day before. It meant that he was forced to take that 20 minute walk to his boyfriend. It was a quiet evening, the streetlamps were the only thing illuminated New Jersey’s cold streets. He was all alone as he walked down the path he had taken so many times before. He liked walking, and always walked during the summer time, but winter was too damn cold for him. The walk was quite relaxing until he felt someone grab him from behind and drag him into a dark alley. Shocked at what happened he didn’t fight back as much as he liked as the stranger pushed him up a wall. He could see the knife glittering in the moon light. His heart was racing, he could almost hear the blood pumping through his veins. He was scared.
    “I’ve got money in my pocket. It’s not much” Chase tried to sound calm, but in reality he was mortified. Little did he know that the man in front of him wanted something else from him.
  2. Kade could feel the boys pulse accelerate as he pulled him into the alley and pressed him against one of the walls once they were completely engulfed in the shadows. He could feel his firm body beneath him and see the fear in those beautiful blue eyes. This man was everything he was searching for tonight and even better it seemed he had no idea what he had in store for him tonight. "ooh, is that an accent I hear? you just get better and better don't you pretty thing?" he cooed in his city drawl, eyes glinting with lust as his tongue ran over his lips and he pressed his blade against the soft skin on his neck. "I am interested in something far better than money sweet heart," he growled as he moved so his knee pushed between the others legs, his thigh now pressing firmly against Chases crotch. "if you don't scream maybe i'll be gentle on you." his eyes flickered down over the others well dressed body as a smirk curled on his lips. "well maybe not." he pressed the blade harder, drawing just a small amount of blood. "where to start?" he taunted as the tip of the blade slid down the others neck to the collar of his black shirt. "let's see what you've got hidden under all these clothes shall we?"

    ((sorry this is kind of short but I didn't want to go further without allowing your character to react.))
  3. Chase was frozen in fear as he got an idea of what the other man wanted from him. This sorts of things didn't happen to men, not in this way. He didn't even react to the sharp sting of the blade breaking his skin. If he screamed or fought back, he knew it would be worse, but he didn't want to go down without a fight.
    It was hard for him to breath, the scarf around his neck felt too tight around his neck. He was going to die, the man was going to take him, and then kill him. He could see it in front of him, his naked beaten body on the ground, the only piece of article was his yellow scarf hanging loosely around his neck. Only moments ago it had been squeezed tightly around his neck.
    He didn't want to die, not like this. He wanted to wake up from this nightmare before it was to late. Deep down he knew it weren't a dream, this was very much real.

    His mind didn't fully registered what was happening until he felt the warmth from his scarf being taken away from him. It was really happening, the man was stripping him. He could feel himself being stripped of his warm coat. He was too scared to notice how cold he was feeling. He did nothing to stop it, too afraid of the sharp knife the other man was holding. He knew he should be fighting, but his body weren't listing to him.
    Chase didn't know how many pieces the man over him had managed to strip him of until he finally started to struggling. He was lying on the ground kicking and screaming for the man to get off him. He didn't even know how he got from the wall down to the ground.

    ((It's fun, it actually funnier this way))
  4. The blonde boy seemed frozen with fear, which made removing his scarf, jacket and button up shirt a breeze. "Hmm, you are being very cooperative." He purred as he pulled the smaller male to the ground, straddling his hips so when he did lash out he only really had to worry about his arms. Just like that the fire returned in the petite male, he began to struggle against him, screaming out for him to get off of him. "there is that fire." Kade laughed as he picked up the discarded yellow scarf and made quick work of Chases wrists, tying them together above the younger males head. "Damn you are feisty." he taunted as he began to work on taking Chases pants off, which was a struggle with his legs kicking violently in attempts to free himself from the inevitable. "Damn it kid," he backhanded Chase across the face then pressed the blade of his knife against his neck again. "stop squirming so damn much." he growled, his patience running a bit thin before he yanked his pants and boxers off the rest of the way, leaving him completely bare to him. "there we go." he purred before he began to man handle Chase to turn him over so he was laying face down on the rough alley floor.
  5. Chase weren't a body builder, his body had always been on the on the petit side. But that didn't mean he was weak. He had built some muscles from his avid morning jogs, that House had always teased him about, mostly in the legs. He was flailing blindly as the man over him tried to grip his arms. He didn't make it a easy task tying them together. He had managed to get in a punch at the other man before his hands was tightly secured.

    The Aussie had a lot more power in his legs. Unfortunately the man over him was way stronger than him. It didn't take too long before he could feel the cold ground beneath him. Why hadn't anyone saved him? didn't anyone care?

    There was true horror in Chase's eyes when their eyes met for a short second. The knife was back at his throat again. The blond guy became silent and still. He was afraid, afraid of what this man could do to him. He knew he weren't the one in power. The struggling continued as he felt himself getting manhandled, but he didn't scream this time. He couldn't do anything in this new position. Not with his hand bound over his head.
    "Please, Don't. I promise not to tell anyone" begging was his last option. The blond's whole body was shaking of fear. He didn't want this, he didn't want to die. He could feel the tears already building up behind his eyes, threatening to break lose any second. He knew he was pathetic.
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  6. Kade kept the knife pressed against the back of the others neck as he fumbled with his own belt buckle, needing to get his pants down just enough so he could fuck this cute little Aussie underneath him. When he heard the begging he couldn't help but chuckle softly. "Oh you are just too adorable." he chuckled as he pushed his pants and boxers down around his knee's, his hard thick cock springing free from its fabric prison. "You will tell no one regardless, because if you do tell someone. I will slit your fucking throat and the throat of anyone you care about." He pushed the others legs apart and slid his hand up the back of the others thigh to his perfectly round bottom. "Damn I picked a good one." he groaned as he squeezed the others ass then pulled his hand back and gave it a hard slap. The sound was incredibly satisfying and made him just want to plow into the other. Spitting into his hand he used his own saliva to slick up his cock, since going in dry would be incredibly unpleasant for both of them. Once his length was wet with saliva he pushed the tip between the others ass cheeks and began to tease his tight entrance. He gripped the others hip tight enough to leave a nice bruise then began to push into him, a loud moan escaping his lips as his puckered hole stretched around the head of his cock. "oh god yes." he moaned out as he forced his way inside the smaller male.
  7. Chase let out a weak sound of agony when he felt the thick hard cock being forced inside him. It sounded like a suppressed scream. It didn't feel right, this stranger weren't House. House didn't hurt. He tried to get his hands free, clearly this weren't the first time this man had bound someone. He was trashing a little from the pain, but not enough to get the other man off him. He had already tried a power battle against the bigger man, and lost. Big time.
    It suddenly felt like he was fighting in vain. His attacker had already humiliated him by raping him, he didn't have much left to fight for. He wished the offender would just kill him already. He didn't want to experience this. He wanted a way out.

    It hurt, it hurt a lot. Each trust only grew more painful than the other. The ground was cold, it weren't comforting him through this horrible event. Chase could feel his heart race. Everything felt surreal. The smell of sex and blood filled the air around them, surrounding them inside their confined bubble that only excited of rapist and victim. He could almost taste the blood in the air. Chase body was destroyed.

    He could feel tears running down his cheek. The salty taste of his own tears grounded him for a moment. He didn't notice that he was crying until now. What was House going to think of him? He didn't fight against his rapist. He was just lying there, taking it as he wished he was dead.

    Chase just laid there, limp under Kade. He didn't make a sound unless the rapist hurt him enough to force it out of him. He barely reacted to the threats, he didn't want to tell anyone. They would think he deserved this because of his weakness. Men didn't get raped. Chase was broken, this had continued for too long. It felt like his mind has shattered into a thousand pieces.

    His eyes was focusing on the wall in front of him. There was a picture drawn of an angel in front of him. The only comfort he could get. He had been praying out loud in the beginning, but it only urge him to be more brutal.
  8. Reaching up Kade tangled his hand in the others hair and yanked hard whenever he heard him getting too loud, even though those sounds were a total turn on to him and he wished that he could make him scream and cry out for mercy; but, alas, there were people not very far away and they would not ignore more than one scream. This however was only a small price to pay because right now the feeling of his tight walls rubbing against his hard thick cock was enough to make him see stars. "Oh god, you are so tight." he grunted as he pushed into the other rough and hard, wanting to make it so whenever he sat down for the next few days he was reminded of what happened here.
    Leaning forward he bit and sucked on the others shoulder and neck, leaving marks on his body for everyone to see, so everyone knows that someone had been with him even if they don't know that it was forced. He could feel himself reaching his tipping point, a hot tight sensation forming in the pit of his stomach as he began to thrust into the other harder and faster. Moving his hand from his hair he gripped his hips so he could push in deeper and put more power behind each thrust. "fuck!" he groaned as he buried himself deep inside of the other and began to fill him up with his cum. "ooh." he moaned, his head tilting back and eyes closing as he rode out his orgasm. "Shit that was good." he panted as he ran his hand up the others side in an almost loving manner.
    "Wish i could take you home with me, i would use this perfect body as often as i could.' he practically purred as he slowly pulled out of Chases abused bottom, watching as his cum and a little bit of blood trickled out of his stretched hole. "I hate to dash but," he smacked his bottom hard enough to leave a mark. "I have places to be and people to see." he slowly rose to his feet and pulled up his pants, looking down at Chase with a cruel smirk. "C'yah kid." he zipped up his jeans and casually walked out of the alley as if nothing had happened, leaving Chase to clean himself up.
  9. Chase was frozen in fear, didn't even dared to move a limb. He didn't seem to comprehend what his attacker said to him. It felt so far away, like he weren't talking to him. It took him a while to realize he was alone, the rapist was nowhere to be seen. For how long had he just been lying there? He was in too much pain to think clearly.

    He didn't think he would survive this, he had been sure that the attacker would murder him and then leave him in the alley way. He had been certain that he would never see his lover again. But then again, Kade maybe did succeed in killing him. He had never felt less alive before. He felt like dead person walking.

    It took the blond a while to stand up. Every limb in his body screamed in protest. Every step he took was an effort. It was a struggle to get home, back to safety. The sun was starting to raise. Everything was still peaceful and quite.
    Thankfully no one was out during this time at this part of New Jersey. They would probably send him to the hospital. It was the last place Chase wanted to be. All he wanted was to take a long shower to erase every particle of Kade from him. He wanted to forget all about it. That wouldn't happen if someone took him to a hospital. He would be forced to remember, forced to talk about it. The nurses would pretend to care, but he knew they would be judging him. Men didn't get raped, he was weak.

    Chase didn't feel secure when he came home. He felt more exposed than ever. Nothing was safe, nothing would ever be safe again. Briefly he wondered if House even realized that he hadn't shown up last night. But he didn't check his phone for any missed calls. Who was he kidding, House really didn't cared about him anyway. Of course the older man wouldn't worry. He would just believe that he picked up an extra shift at the hospital again.

    He worked on auto pilot. Getting every single piece of article he had on the ground, his scarf laid forgotten in the alley way. He never wanted to see it again. He never wanted to see any of the clothes again. He threw every single piece of garment into the trash can. He would burn it all later.

    The Aussie had been standing in the shower for hours. The water had since long turned cold. He scrubbed every inch of his body raw. He was just sitting on the floor, letting the cold water fall on his broken body.
    It was hard to keep the memories away. His mind was walking down on memory lane. He was back in the alley with Kade again, screaming for him to stop.

    Chase didn't show up for work that day. He weren't picking up his phone either. They all came to voice mail. The Aussie had never once missed a work day. It was House who was forced to send him home if he was too sick to work. If he ever missed a call or a page he all ways returned it a few minutes later. It wasn't like him to get off the grid like this.
  10. House paced around his apartment, eyebrows furrowed together and hands clenching at his side. It wasn't like Chase to be late, let alone to ignore his phone calls! His anxiety was soaring and he wanted nothing more than to rush over to the others place but he wasn't about to be that kind of boyfriend. After awhile he called James to see if Chase was still at the Hospital.
    "Yeah no sorry House, he left hours ago." James said on the other line, causing House to have to suppress a growl of frustration.
    "yeah ok thanks." he hung up before James could get another word in then tossed his phone on the couch. there was no point in trying to make sense of this, it was a wonder why Chase was with him anyways, maybe he just got tired of him.
    With a small frown etched onto his features he hobbled his way to the bathroom where he grabbed his meds and popped a couple pills into his hand, downing them in one go. Now he knew he wasn't supposed to mix alcohol and vicodin but right now he was seriously in the mood for a glass of whiskey and House wasn't very good with self control.
    So he sat down for the night in front of his TV with a glass of whiskey and a nice Vicodin high. The next day he woke up a bit late, but honestly no one would be surprised that he was late, it wasn't exactly an uncommon occurrence.
    He changed into a dark blue button up and a pair of blue jeans, then snatched his cane from where it was leaning against his bed. His phone rang but he ignored it, figuring it was Cuddy or Wilson trying to contact him and tell him to get his ass into work. Slipping on his tennis shoes and grabbing his leather jacket, he left his apartment and went down to his bike.
    The trip to the Hospital wasn't too long, and the hum of his bike made it easy to ignore the thoughts that were racing around in his head. However when he parked in his spot and the engine died down he was reminded that he had to face Chase today. Maybe he could fire him? No, Cuddy would never allow that. With a sigh he unlatched his Cane from the side of his bike then began to hobble his way inside, where Wilson caught sight of him and stomped over.
    "It's about damn time you got here, we are extremely behind Chase didn't show up today and you were MIA for the first three hours! i've been having to work extra hours at the clinic because of you." Wilson snapped in frustration before shoving a few files into Houses chest. "These are your patients that i have been taking care of." House blinked in confusion, trying to process what he just heard.
    "Wait...Chase didn't come in today?" he asked curiously with a frown.
    "yeah and he won't answer any calls, we figured you finally made him go insane-"
    Before Wilson could say another word, House was turning on his heels and leaving the way he came, tossing the files at a patient who was sitting in one of the waiting chairs. "gotta go." was all he said as he left.
  11. Chase had settled himself in his armchair. He had moved it from it's place beside the couch to the corner of the room. To a spot where he faced the front door, but still in an angle so he saw the window.
    Nothing could sneak up on him, he could see everything from his armchair. He reacted on every movement, to every little bird that decided to rest on his windowsill.

    The Aussie looked horrible. He was in a serious need of sleep, but he couldn't bring himself to close his eyes. Kade and what his rapist had done was the only thing on the blond man's mind. He could remember ever little damn detail about it, how it hurt, how it smelled, the cold, the fear, the pain... The never ending pain. He was in pain, terrified, so much pain!
    The blond was just staring out in nothingness, as his mind revisited the horrible memory.

    Picking out clean clothes had been hard. Chase didn't want to be naked, he never wanted to be naked again, still he didn't want anything that constricted around his body. It reminded him of the scarf that was tightly tied around his wrists and Kades disgusting fingers cradling his body. Almost all his clothes could be ruled out. He only gave Houses clothes in his wardrobe one glance. Yeah, they were bigger, they wouldn't constrict around his body, but he still couldn't make himself touch them, let alone wear them. They filled the little Aussie with what he remembered as guilt... And sorrow.
    House... Kade had destroyed his relationship with his boyfriend. There was no way it could go back to like it was before all this. He was broken, destroyed, shattered in to pieces. House didn't deserve an emotional train wreck. The scent of his boyfriend just reminded him of what he could have had with the man he loved. Now he knew that dream would be impossible. He would never again let anyone touch him.

    In the end he had ended up in one of his grey hoodies and a pair of jogging pants. It was the clothes Chase usually jogged during the mornings in. His room was a mess, he felt no desire to fold his clothes neatly like he always did. He just let them all lay on the floor.
    Chase had turned off his phone, he had found the buzzing annoying, and he knew he wouldn't answer it anyway. House had the key to his apartment, he could let himself inside if he felt like it. Knowing his lover the older man would be at home sulking because he never turned up. House didn't care about him, not really. All he was to the gorgeous man was a sex toy. He had always known it, but he still let himself believe they were something more. House would break up with him after this. He didn't know if he himself wanted that. What could House do anway? Their relationship were screwed.

    He was still scared, terrified that Kade would find his apartment and rape him again. He held the blanked he had wrapped around his body harder to protect himself, both from the cold and the believed threat.
    Chase didn't like the constricting feeling at all, but he was still an Aussie, and he was still in New Jersey. Little Aussies always froze during winters in New Jersey.
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  12. House got on his bike and went racing towards Chases house, not caring that his phone was now ringing off the hook and that Cuddie was going to be extremely pissed at him. but then again when did he not do something to piss her off? It didn't take long until he was parking out front of apartment building. His car was still there so that meant there was a high chance that the Aussie was inside. grabbing his cane he quickly hobbled his way up the steps and into the building, digging through his pocket to pull out his keychain which held his own apartment key and Chases. He hit the elevator key with his cane then waited impatiently as the numbers slowly climbed. i swear if he isn't very very sick or dead i'm gonna beat him with my cane. He thought to himself as the Elevator softly dinged and the doors slid open.
    When he reached Chases apartment door House couldn't help but falter slightly, maybe chase was just trying to put some space between them.. well then he should of told me damn it. Without any more thought of Chases privacy he unlocked the door and pushed it open, freezing the moment he saw the blonde huddled in the corner. "jesus..." he mumbled as he slowly closed the door behind him. "Chase what.. what happened?" he asked in a surprisingly soft voice as he hung his cane up on the coat rack and walked over to Chase, crouching down in front of him despite the protest from his aching knee. He didn't dare touch the other, because he was already recognizing all the signs of trauma and shock. he couldn't be one hundred percent sure but he was pretty damn positive that someone had raped Chase because he was exhibiting all of the signs. "Alright, have you eaten or drank anything since last night?" he asked, going full doctor mode now since emotions were jot exactly something he was good at.
  13. Chase's normally heathy sun kissed face was now pale. He looked horrible, like he hadn't slept in ages. He was dehydrated and hadn't eaten anything since lunch the previous day. They had planned on grabbing something together, so he didn't want to spoil his appetite before his evening with his lover.

    The Aussie didn't react to what the older man said to him. He was staring at the wall in front of him him. Too deep down in his own mind to acknowledge his boss who actually seemed to care. The blond was shaking. He weren't shaking because of the cold, he was obviously experiencing the attack all over again.

    His eyes were bloodshot. He had been crying. Now he looked emotionless. He weren't taking care of himself. Ignoring his body's call for food and water. The Aussie didn't feel the need to take care of himself anymore. He didn't care about himself. He wished he was dead, that Kade had killed him.

    "Wish i could take you home with me, i would use this perfect body as often as i could." Kade's words echoed in his head. Chase breath was speeding up. He was hyperventilating, fighting off the covers that was hugging his thin frame.
    "No, get off me! Please don't! I won't tell anyone! God No! No!" Chase screamed on top of his lungs.

    The signs of rape were staggering. Not only was he behaving like a rape victim, Chase's hoodie couldn't hide all of Kade's marks. His wrist were blue from the fight against the restrains, love bites could be seen on his neck. A nice bruise was forming on the blond's pretty face from when he hit the floor. Chase was destroyed both mentally and physically.
  14. House immediately stepped back as Chase began to scream and thrash about, knowing that if he tried to touch or hold him down that it could actually end up hurting him. "Chase please, please it's me House. No one is going to hurt you i promise." he called out to him softly as he crouched down a foot or two away from him, wondering if it would be beneficial to just grab him and hold him at this point.
    "baby please, i'm here no one is going to hurt you i promise." he slowly moved forward and pulled the covers away from the other so he would no longer be trying to fight them off of him like they were trying to hold him down. House was certainly not use to this type of behavior from both Chase and himself, he was known for being rather heartless but seeing someone he genuinely cared about like this was shaking him in a way that he never wanted to feel.
    "Can i hold you?" he asked softly, not doing anything to Chase without his permission first, he did not want him not trusting because he decided to touch him when he didn't want to be touched. "Or atleast get you something to drink and eat?" he didn't know if his words would even penetrate through the shock that his boyfriend currently was in but there was no way he was giving up, House was known for his stubbornness and it got him to of many bad situations.
  15. Chase was withdrawing from reality. He was just observing the wall in front of him, ignoring House for the first time as they had known each other. The Aussie was usually an easy wombat to deal with. He kept their relationship as functional as he could. Never holding it against House for too long if he did something stupid. He even let the older man touch him as he pleased, everywhere except for at work. Chase loved the small smacks his boyfriend could give his buttocks whenever he walked past the limp seated man during their evenings together. They had sex nearly everywhere House's leg allowed them in the apartment, including up against the window. The armchair Chase was currently hovering in was a popular spot. The blond man had done everything from giving his boss a great Aussie kiss, to straddle the older man and rode him hard as they both liked it. The young Australian was the perfect little sex beast for the dirty old man.

    That beautifully energetic Chase was gone. The Chase sitting in front of House was just the shell of a broken man that he once was. He barley reacted to what House said, it was hard to force him to drink water, he didn't even touch food. Water was the only thing he accepted. He refused to leave the armchair for bed, wouldn't even close his eyes for more than a second. He was in a serious need of some sleep.
    The Aussie hadn't even allowed House to touch him in the beginning. There was no way he could handle a hospital. How could he let strangers touch him, when House couldn't.

    He gave House a distant nod as he let the older man embrace him. The small man didn't return the hug. He was just sitting there, letting the older man hold him as he withdrew back in his own mind again.

    It weren't until the next day that the shattered man accepted what his lover offered him. A turkey sandwich and a cup if soy milk. He chewed it slowly as he was passing the time with his current favorite occupation, staring at the wall in front of him. He hadn't even passed a glance at the man who took care of him.
    Tears was building up behind his eyes. This was the first signs of emotions Chase had shown expect for fear. The exhausted man actually turned towards House and wrapped his arms around the larger body. Tightly, as if he was afraid House would leave him if he let go.
    "It hurts. He wouldn't stop" Was the first thing he said. The smaller man was sobbing hysterically in his boyfriends arms. The fragile man was shaking uncontrollably. Even if he was a mess, this was still a step forward. He was interacting with House instead of withdrawing in to himself.
    "Greg, make it stop. I can't take it"
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