Pick packing picnic!

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  1. It's springtime!

    Yes, I do realize for some of you that it's summer, but I live in Maine so stop bragging :3

    To me, nice weather means more than beaches and sunshine: It means picnics! I'm a major foodie and absolutely love eating outdoors.

    So, I want to know! What are your go-to picnic foods? Personal favorites? Picnic disasters? Any foods to warn others to stay away from when planning their own picnic?

    ....but I hate bugs while I am trying to eat! So I kinda get boned in that respect. >>; Ants, flies, skeeters...

    Um, also get cranky when it's windy and blowing away my napkin. ><

    But I love picnics. 8D

    My favorite picnic food is the traditional finger foods. XD Sandwiches, veggies, fruits... easy, simple, non messy finger foods that you don't need utensils for.
  3. I never had a 'real' picnic before. But I brought sandwiches, crackers, and well juice. Uhh, I tried bringing chocolate before but it melted...so yeah. Maybe no chocolate?
  4. Picnics! Yessss.

    If there is a bbq, or place to start a small fire I love to bbq oysters : ) Small sandwiches are nice, too, or big ones. Beer, lots of beer. Nothing like eating and drinking then passing out for a few hours outside!
  5. T_T Beer... well when I am of age, since I don't like beer. I would prefer liquor. Mmm maybe some Spanish coquito. Yum, I have know the recipe if someone wants to try it.
  6. Ooh I'm interested! Love recipes :3

    One of my favorite memories of when I was but a wee Amp was having little "picnics" with my sister my parent's room. It was awesome. She would make us stuff and we could sit on their big bed and eat and talk and stuff. <3

    I FUCKING LOVE PICNICS THOUGH and I wish that more of my friends were up for spontanious adventures and exploring so that I could do more. I love to cook too so they wouldn't even have to worry about bringing anything but themselves! >:(

    One thing though is I don't really think you have to make your own foods to have a picnic. Just getting something from somewhere new or on the way to your destination & taking the time to eat it slow somewhere casual feels like a picnic to me. To me it's more of picnic = taking time to just sit and enjoy something with good company.
  8. My mother is really big into the whole idea of picnics. Now, I'm not against them, but I'm always so upset by all of the bugs near my food. I am a bit less of a fan of outdoor eating, but it made my mother happy when I was a kid, so I still enjoy picnics with this thought it mind. Sandwiches and chips for food, with sliced apples and carrots in plastic bags. Thermoses of milk and juice, one for each of us to use the lid as a cup and when my siblings entered the picture, there was a little plastic cup that we brought along for them.