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  1. Roleplays that I started but my peoples left me. You got times like that send them my way and I'll play with ya! =3

    Okay so the the first one: I
    a high class vampire finds a mermaid beachs on, well his beach and takes her in. It's set in the medieval times.

    Second: I

    A Siren that has lived many centeries decides to take her hunting to the main lands and finds an unlikely compainion.

    Thrid: I

    A shifter is accused of killing one of his kin and is running from the Hunters, he let himself get caught and sold to a local zoo where an unfortinate zookeeper finds out his secret.

    Forth: I

    A unfeeling and sadistic scientist and a supehuman exsperiment (sorry it doesnt have more detail but this one didnt go far he kind of just 'poofed' when it started to get good TwT)

    (Fifth and Sixth are insest)


    Brothers born from the same mother and father, the older brother, when he hit puberty started to gain a demonic sense. As he cared for his younger brother he didnt want others to have him.

    Sisth: (Yuri)

    Two sisters seperated by their parents divorce reunite years later. The older sister owning a book and coffee shop and the younger in her last years of high school.

  2. I like the first one. :D
  3. I'd be interested in the fourth one. :)
  4. then I shall pm the both of you and we will talk business lol
  5. I like either the fifth or third one
  6. hm, that's a difficult choice XD they're both good choices.....you said fifth first may I assume you like at one better >=3
  7. Actually I like three better lol. :)
  8. Anyone else wish to try one of these or have a rp that was going good and they just ditched you?
  9. Merow?
  10. Hallo! hmmm. interested in number 2 and quite possibly number 6. never done it before but hey, i'll try anything once xD
  11. lol which one do you feel like doing the most =3
  12. WOOT