Pick-me-up Tunes!

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  1. What songs do you listen to that put you back in a good mood when you're feeling down?

    No question for me:


  2. Happy bubbly happy bubbly happy.
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  3. Yes I know this was also in the depressing thread.
    But in my opinion this song really does belong in both sections. :P
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  4. Always.


  5. So one of the good things about dubbed anime?

    Custom songs.

    Yay, Kiki's Delivery Service!
  6. Many songs can perform in this capacity, but I'll just go with this one for now:

    Not sure how I forgot about World Order. Shame on me.

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  9. This has its differences from the original, but is overall more "pick-me-up".

    EDIT: I almost forgot about Neil Diamond! How could I?


  10. Nothing puts me in a better mood than this uplifting song.​
  11. I love Amanda lee!
  12. I also find this to be a pick me up tune.

    Though most Clannad fans tend to disagree.


  13. I can work out to this.

  14. The video is half of the requirement. Nothing more glorious has ever been conceived.

    For those moments where shit's rough, but life goes on.

    Almost forgot this little gem.
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    Yay, another Great Big Sea fan.
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  16. Good man.
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  17. This song got me up and active after my shit day yesterday. Just listen to that beat!

  18. Any version of this song!
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