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  1. Hey hey! Thank you for clicking my thread!

    Soooo, this thread might be a little bit different than you’re used to. There will be no pairings, no long list of expectations and instead of introducing myself I will introduce you to my four favourite roleplaying-characters, all eager for a new roleplaying-buddy. After that there will be a few plots/settings to get us started!

    All of these characters are very flexible and can be used for multiple kinds of genres (also non-fantasy!)/role plays and almost infinitive pairing possibilities! According to the roleplay they might be able to use magic or have a certain combat style, or both or neither of them.

    Yanaike: She is a smart little influencable girl. She can often act quite randomly, which makes her seem rather childish. Nevertheless she hates to be treated like a child. She has a free mind and doesn’t care about material possessions. Her father died in front of her eyes in a war. And during a chemical experiment she gained some bizarre animal characteristics.
    Symmin: Even though he is able to quickly adept to any kind of new situation, he will never really be part of any group. People who get to know him might describe him as an ‘outsider’ or as a mysterious but sensitive boy. Maybe they will even call him lonely. His past is unknown, even to his best friends. Rumours say that he came from another dimension, but no-one is able to confirm that.
    Goyops: Rules, structure and order are very important to him. He is strong and stubborn. You better not mess with Goyops, or else he will lose his temper and his evil past will pop out. He can be very trustable and whenever he makes a promise he keeps to it. His mind is closed and he will probably never admit openly he is struggling in love, unsure whether he loves boys or girls.
    Ailyna: The popular self-conscious chick that everyone knows. Young, good looking and incredibly popular. Boys are always eager to help her, only to get a share of the love she has to offer, while girls are often found very jealous. She is pretty competitive, has lots of ambitions and a cheerful attitude that she loves to pass over on her friends. She seems perfect, or isn’t she?

    Remember, those four characters are very flexible! Their introduction is more a vague outline of who they are, but they can be adjusted according to the roleplay! If you don’t like them, they will be sad, but don’t fear! I can always try to come up with new characters or use some of my less-favourite roleplaying characters.

    Time for some plots and settings! Most of them are quite open, so I’ll need some RP-input from you as well.

    Things change: A slice of life story in which a shy little girl goes to college/university, leaving her best friend (maybe boyfriend) behind at high-school. The shy girl moves into a new student home and gets lots of attention of the boys living there. At first she doesn’t know what to do with the attention, but she slowly changes into a more party-animal kind of girl. One of us will play the girl and the other one plays either the old best friend, a new best friend or both.
    Metropolis: Not really a plot, but a setting this time. Often I found my RP-stories to take place in the wide open field. This RP-story will take place in a modern-day, or slightly future-kind of metropolis. Besides that there will be infinitive possibilities: skyscrapers, subway systems, secret labyrinth style alleyways, gangs, school, the central park in the middle of the city, you name it! If you like we can even mix it with some modern-day fantasy.
    In Quest for Knowledge: When teenage wizards turn in to young-adults, they move out in small groups on an epic quest to search for arch mage [insert powerful-sounding name here] to become his pupils. They’ll travel though giant deserts, poisonous jungles, and sky-high mountain ranges keeping themselves alive by survival-instinct and magic. Even though the people in the group depend on each other, they also realise that the arch mage only accept just a few pupils and the closer they get, the more competitive the young wizards get. The group can consist of two people, but also more than two people in which case the other characters will either be doubled by us, played as side characters or we can search for more people and make this a group RP.
    Just two of us: Pop! Everyone is gone! The whole planet is empty. No more humans, only animals nature and traces of what was once a great civilization. Or not? Two people have survived and have found themselves being the only humans left on the planet. And it seemed they’ve stopped aging and became immortal somehow. What will they do? Will they team up together or will they fight each other in a senseless battle.
    Breaking the third wall: This is an experiment I would love to try one time. In this RP-story one of our characters or both of them realise how they’re not real, but just an idea in someone’s head. What if one of those characters even gained the power to alter their ‘reality’? And even crazier. How will YOU, the writer, react to one of your characters suddenly becoming so ‘real’.

    If you made it this far, you’re probably interested in one of my characters, one of my plots/settings or maybe multiple of them. Don’t hesitate to send me a PM or reply below! See ya! ;)
  2. I am very interested in just the two of us and In a quest for knowledge they seem like they would be so much fun.
  3. Okay, I'll send ya a PM!
  4. I'm still searching! :D
  5. The Things Change idea sounds really interesting ^-^ Willing to play the old best friend (male.)
  6. Okay, I'll send you a PM! :)
  7. I like the idea of a Metropolis setting. Maybe a RP about that with like furry/anthros? of course it wont be purely about sex or anything but i figured having something different from humans for once would be fun.
  8. Hmm... I think I'll go with my character Yanaike then? She has a monkey-like tail but apart from that she's a regular human. Is that fine by you? Send me a PM if you're still interested ;)
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