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  1. Hello! I got sucked into the world of Manga. _-_

    Anyways I am looking for a group! I like romance rps with adventure, heroes, and survival (I usually die though XD).
    Sorry I just can't do Horror, I have yet to master talking about creeping things and not making it sound like a joke.

    I play both male and female genders, also I play inhuman characters as well.

    I can write detailed or casual -I tend to write on the longer side.

    Now that you've read this, give me a chance.

    "Please, oh please, pick me?"
  2. You said that you like romance RP's -- does this mean that you are exclusively looking for romance RP's, or would you be open to other genres?
  3. No, I'm open to other genres. Just not Horror, I suck at that one -_-
  4. Mmm, alright then. In that case, I have Fandomstuck: Fandom Square, which is sort of like a crossover RP, except it focuses on personifications of entire fandoms as opposed to specific canon characters. It's a bit hard to explain, but the OP has more info if you're interested. This RP's been going on for a while now, but it's always open to new players.

    I also have Altera Arcana, which is a high-fantasy RP that has a lot more of the "adventure" and "heroes" that you're looking for! I put a ton of worldbuilding into it, though, so I hope you're ok with reading a lot of info. o_o In any case, I haven't started the IC for this RP yet, so now's the perfect time to jump in!
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Thread Status:
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