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  1. Pick A Card

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Congratulations! You and three lucky friends have been invited to play a special, little game called “Pick A Card”! A magnificent prize is in store for anyone who can successfully win the game.

    “Pick A Card” is an easy game to play. At the beginning of each of the thirteen rounds, four cards from a single deck will be randomly distributed amongst you and your friends. The catch is that three of the cards match in some way, whether it be by number or suit, while one card doesn’t match at all. To win the round, you simply have to come to an agreement on whose card is different. At the end of each round, the cards that were used for that round are burned, thus reducing the number of remaining cards. The main goal of “Pick A Card” is to determine which card I, the Card Master, have in my possession before the end of the last round. Simple, right?

    Before you fill out the form, however, be sure that you read and understand the following rules:
    1. You may never reveal your card to your friends, even accidentally.
    2. You will be permitted to give hints as to the number and suit of your card, but your hints may not directly give this information away (ex: holding up three fingers to reveal the number is forbidden, but comparing the core of a machine to a heart is permissible).
    3. You cannot acknowledge correct answers when giving your hints. Such action will count as directly revealing your card's number or suit, and will be punishable.
    4. You have one hour to come to a unanimous consensus as to whose card doesn’t match the others.
    5. An incorrect guess will result in the death of the person whose card doesn’t match. A dead player does not receive a card, and the game continues with three players.
    6. You are permitted to guess which card is in my possession before the last round, but it must be a unanimous consensus.
    7. If you fail two rounds, or if you fail to correctly guess my card, you lose the game.

    Any breach of the above rules is punishable.

    If you have read and understand these rules, and still wish to play, simply fill out the form below! The game will start as soon as everyone has completed the form. Have fun!

    ♠Player Form♠

    (Image: Preferably art)

    Full Name: (This includes your middle name!)
    Gender: (Look in your pants.)
    Age: (How long have you lived?)
    Date of Birth: (When’s your birthday?)
    Relationships: (How do you feel about your friends? No lying.)

    I, (Insert your full name here), on this date of February 13th, 2020, have read and understood the rules, and hereby pick a card.

    ♥End Player Form♦

    The Card Master

    Roleplay Information & Rules

    Hello, fellow roleplays, and welcome to yet another Sakana Production. I hope you enjoyed the introduction.

    This is a survival game-esque roleplay that, as you may have guessed, carries the potential for character death. The premise was explained in the introduction, but to sort of summarize things, four friends are invited to play a game called “Pick A Card”, which is a thirteen round game where each round consists of four cards being distributed amongst the friends. Three of them match, either by number or suit, and one doesn’t. The goal of each round is to use hints to determine which friend’s card doesn’t match. The decision has to be unanimous, meaning that everyone, including the friend whose card doesn’t match, have to agree on the same friend. If they guess incorrectly, the friend whose card doesn’t match dies. If they guess correctly, the game advances to the next round. Because the game can’t be played with only two people, the group can only be wrong once, and the game gets harder once it’s down to three friends.

    The main goal of the game is to correctly guess which card the Card Master has in their possession. This is done by taking into account the cards that’ve already been used, and the knowledge of what cards are still in play. The tricky part is that your friends’ cards are never revealed. The only cards that you’ll know for certain have been used are the ones you yourself have been dealt. As such, roleplayers who participate in this game will have to rely on their own reasoning skills to deduce which cards have and haven’t been used, based on IC hints.

    At the start of each round, I will PM each participant which card they’ve been dealt. Through these PMs, we can brainstorm ways to come up with hints that your character can use IC. However, you should refrain from hints that will seem out of character. Likewise, you should PM me if you’re unsure if a certain hint breaks rule #2). I plan on being pretty lenient on this, so as not to limit the permissible hints too much. Once your characters have come to a unanimous consensus, the friend with the card that doesn’t match is revealed, and the round ends accordingly. During a round, each post cycle takes up five minutes of round time, meaning there will be a maximum of 12 post cycles per round. If a unanimous consensus is reached before the allotted number of post cycles is up, the round will end accordingly.

    So long as everyone is in agreement, you can guess the Card Master’s card before the final round, if you so please. This is strongly advised against, however, as it will be very difficult to guess the Card Master’s card in the early stages of the game.

    All that being said, the last thing to get out of the way is the rules for you, the roleplayers.
    1. Follow all Iwaku rules, obviously.
    2. Posting level is advanced / adept, and expected response length is at least one paragraph each.
    3. Abuse of OOC knowledge is forbidden. Participants should not share what their card was with the other participants, as it will take away from the interactivity of the roleplay.
    4. To avoid this thing dying shortly after it starts, I’m looking for people who can reply at least once every two days. That being said, I understand things come up. Just give me a heads up.
    5. IC drama is fine (and almost inevitable), but OOC drama should be avoided.
    6. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to do something (ex: giving out permissible hints), please, PLEASE PM me. I want these characters to make it to the end as much as you all do (unless you’re all a bunch of sadists, which is also fine).
    7. Be a good sport. Character death is a possibility here. If yours dies, just remember that there’s always next time. This is a roleplay that can easily be played again once this iteration is over.
    8. Have fun! If you aren’t having fun, it means I’m doing something wrong. PM me so I can fix it.

    All that out of the way…

    Pick a card. Any card!
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  2. ?
  3. No, no, I was just shocked to see another one pop-up. ^^; is all.
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  4. I have many ideas in my cranium. Just let it be put to rest, haha.
  5. Don't say that.
    This looks really interesting btw, but I've got 13 RP's and I'm dying. TT ^TT) Some other time mayhaps...
  6. It's not the type that appeals these days.
  7. Everyone wants slice of life these days. :/
  8. Nobody wants their precious characters to suffer and die. :(
  9. I love torturing my characters. /shot
    But I'm filled. TT ^ TT)

    Don't you know anyone interested?
  10. Not 4 people. I figure people will see this and come. Maybe I need to be more active.
  11. Bringing the whole gang.
  12. "During a round, each post cycle takes up five minutes of round time, meaning there will be a maximum of 12 post cycles per round. "

    Ah, finally a GM who explains how time will work in their game instead of an RP with 50 posts only spanning the time of a single minute. xD I'm interested! I'll get up a character sheet later today. :)
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  13. This roleplay is designed to heavily reflect the choices of the role players themselves, so making a note of how much time a post cycle makes up is pretty important. Glad you like it though!

    Invite your friends. Please. :sadface:
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  14. He actually did it!
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  15. Say whaaaat

    This is super interesting! Is it okay to make a character later tonight or tomorrow morning?
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  16. I'm only looking for four people max, so it's fine whenever. Thanks for your interest. :')
  17. Awesome!

    Quick question, when you say art, do you mean anime-style art or just any style? ^~^
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