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  1. Right, this seems more for Iwaku than DA, so I'm gonna post it here. That and It's webcam vision at the moment, and I can't post to DA til I've got hold of a decent camera to close-up. Hopefully it's decent enough quality for you :3

  2. Nice shading.

    Also, get a scanner.
  3. I know I need a scanner... I had one, but it's not compatiable with my new lappy. Besides, that's A3, and I'm not about to get a scanner that size. Too expensive. Maybe pressie for birthday or christmas or something. If I were still allowed in the Art department at college I'da used theirs.

  4. Good job on the facial structure :)
  5. Wow Ela, you got mad skill.
  6. i really like that a lot. :D
  7. Tried Octobubble this time. Again, webcam vision. Yay, le suck. Also no mouth because I apparnetly can't draw them for the life of me now.

  8. Senji! XD I can see the erased mouth~ :3

    Looks good though! ^_^ I like that you put the beanie on >:3 And wewt, facial hair!
  9. Wow, that is amazing...much talent.

    lmao, I think there are a few people that wish I didn't have a mouth too > <
  10. The rest of us Find you highly entertaining.